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Some of the things I've done.
What can I say, but that I'm a 40 year old bi-sexual man, who was raised around money and now I make very good money being a business owner in finance.

I'm an admitted arrogant, cocky individual who gets off on being a man, a dominant man. It makes my cock hard to be a bit of a prick. I enjoy having my way, being heard, obeyed and using money to ensure I get what I want. I could give a shit what others think of this.

Many times I have driven through the downtown area and Polk area here in Frisco where I will pick up a whore or a hustler, whatever I'm in the mood for. I talk with them, inform them right off that I am very glad to fork out several hundred to a thousand so that I may take them somewhere out of the way and rape them, sodomize them and use them. Some freak out and some go for it, although aren't aware of what is in store until they're going through it.

I do take them somewhere remote (it's night usually) and I will smack them around, force them to suck my cock and I fuck their throat to gagging. I then proceed to rape their cunt, or go right for the ass. It gets me off more when I feel the resistance and when I know it hurts going into their asshole. Making it bleed is ultimate for me. Sodomizing the straight but gay for pay hustlers is very pleasing to me because I thrust into them hard and grin from being a prick.

I have had my mother suck my cock when I visit sometimes on weekends and my stepfather is away. I get her drunk and then sit back and instruct her to give me head. I like to hold her head down and control her.

I also have gotten my stepfather drunk and sodomized him one night in the garage at their house. Even in my late teens and early twenties I walked around in briefs with a boner for them to see.

My secretary at my office is also a whore and I knew her well before offering her this job and told her flat out that I expected oral copulation regularly in my office.

I now have a fiance and we live together, but she is clueless. I enjoy cheating.

I am also a satanist and I enjoy going to a church confessional to tell the priest all of the nasty sexual things I have done and then I masturbate a the same time and ejaculate onto a bible.

But I have done plenty more which I have yet to tell about. I also enjoy even more taboo sex, necrophilia and anything extreme.

Bottom male whores are always of interest to me who want to be used and abused by a cocky motherfucker......

I held her buttocks apart,seperating them until they were squashed out
like two balloons. I guided my prick at her opening until the
thick,purple head of my monstrous pulsing cock was pushing against the
small,brown ringed hole. My hands gripped her thighs and waist and pulled
her back onto me ,tearing at her tight,tender flesh as I jammed my staff
into her until it stuck.
"Aaaaaaaauuuuuugh!" She screamed,feeling her skin give way to accomondate
my giant organ. She felt like she would faint from the pain and she
buried her face in her arms and closed her eyes!

I snickered and jammed my cock into her asshole,slowly forcing her
wrinkled anal opening to part,forcing it to take his thick,knobby

The pain was excruciating as her little hole was forced wider and wider as
my plum sized head spread it apart as it sank into her.She felt like her
butt was being split apart and still the head spread her farther apart.
"Oh god! oh god! No! NOOooooo!"

Her mind was overwhelmed with horror as she felt my organ forcing it's
way into her rectum.She trembled and shook and tried to twist away,but I
held her easily in place,my hands gripping her flanks as the evil,filthy
tool was forced deeper and deeper into her anus.

Tears were streaming down Amy's face and she could hardly catch her breath
because of the agonizing pain. I pulled at her buttocks again,shoving
further and further into her constricting channel. Her tight wall of flesh
gave way and I could feel it's tightness clamp around my throbbing
prick. I stopped, so that he could adjust to the pressure,then jabbed
into her again.

I could see my erect shaft disappear between her
firm,buttock cheeks. Her face was contorted in agony and pain and
humiliation and shame. She wanted to die,she couldn't stand it any longer.
I was almost fully embedded in her anus. My hands gripped her pelvis and
pulled her fully back onto me. I had never felt anything so tight in my
life,and that along with the knowledge that she was suffering,caused me
to drive in deeper with my monster cock.

My cock sank deeper,spiking into her guts as the hysterical girl screamed
and writhed desperately. All her efforts were for naught,however,as the
cock thrust in sharply and buried itself in her tight,round little ass.
I sawed into her,his lips curled back over my teeth as I enjoyed the
tightness of her back passage.

Her stomach ached and churned as I pulled my huge rod out almost to the
end,then tore at her skin once more,as I rammed my hot,thick cock back
into her tiny anus. My testicles bounced against the back of her thighs,
as I buried my manhood to the very hilt,so that her buttocks were flat
against my hips.

She felt my hips against her skin and his round,hairy balls against the
underside of her buttocks,my long cock was way up inside her asshole. The
ideal sickened and horrified her. She could feel the hard nose of it
pressing against her very stomach! It ached,cramps rippled through her
guts as he twisted and jerked it around inside her.

"Noooo; Nooooo!" She screamed,her mind blasted by horror and denial,as my
cock began to pump in her bowels. No! She couldn't bear it! She couldn't
live through it!

My cock pumped inside her again and again,sliding back and forth,leaving
a trail of burning pain as it tore back and forth through her horribly
distended sphincter muscle. She sobbed piteously as her little,round
asshole was raped,sure that she was as filthy and degraded as any human
being ever had been.

She could feel my big male organ's movements inside her,could feel it
sliding back and forth,up and down,in and out,spearing her
bowels,pulverizing her guts around it.

My cock pumped harder and faster,and the pain mounted,but she only
whimpered in misery,no longer trying to escape,knowing she couldn't.
Knowing that she could do nothing as I evilly sodomized her. She had
long feared rape but sodomy wasn't something she had ever really thought
about. Only the lewdest of degenerates would contemplate something so
disgusting and perverse.

Now she knelt on the floor while I raped her asshole,while a big
male organ pumped inside her bowels,getting ready to spew out it's
sperm,to fill her guts with it's sticky whiteness. If she could have
willed herself out of existence,she would have done it then and there.
Instead she only moaned as my big cock pounded into her,as my hands
stroked and squeezed and fondled her body,as my hips hammered against her
behind. Then I went into overdrive,and her entire body shook as I jerked
her back to meet my savage thrusts. Her asshole felt ripped and torn,and
she could feel the wetness of her own blood as it welled up around my
rampaging member.

She sobbed uncontrollably as her body was rifled,her back passage cruely
deflowered,relentlessly penetrated.

My cock pistoned steadily,evenly,in and out of her asshole as she sobbed
in misery and pain. My hands slid up and down her body. I pushed my
hands under her chest and squeezed her tiny,bruised boobs,my fingers
digging into the abused nubbins.

I mashed my fingers into her tits and pulled her back against me. She
continued to weep and moan as I slid my lips down on her throat and
began to lick and suck on the nape of her neck.

My fingers kneaded her small tits roughly,mashing them around in
circles,pulling and jerking on her nipples,stretching them out farther and
farther from her chest.

I continued to thrust my cock up into her bowels,driving it almost
straight up into her chest,as she moaned and sobbed and begged me to

I mashed my balls up into her soft buttocks,grinding himself against
her. I humped up into her with faster motions,using short,sharp little
thrusts to punch my cockknob against the very deepest part of her
asshole,spearing into her intestines as I pierced her belly.
She grunted repeatedly in response,gasping and moaning as she was punched
in the guts, from the inside.

Great,gripping cramps knotted her belly as the fullness of my cock expanded in
her rectum,forcing her bowels and guts to separate before it.

I reached up and grabbed a thick mass of her tangled,sweat soaked brown
hair,then twisted her head around cruelly,mashing my lips down on hers to
silence her cries of pain. I forced my tongue into her mouth as I
rutted against her ass cheeks and twisted her tit flesh.

She cried out in pain as I forced her head way back and spiked my cock
deep into her belly with unrestrained violence,my mammoth prong was a
blur as it rammed up into her again and again,reaming out her
tortured,aching little bung hole.

I bit down on her throat,tasting blood,then sucked on it as I felt my
balls blowing. I cried out,the sound muffled by her flesh,as my cock
erupted. A massive flood of thick,hot jizzm jetted up into her round,rectal
chamber,giving her a sperm enema.

'Oooh yes!" I gasped as I jerked and jerked into her,filling
her,defiling her,punishing her.

Sparks flashed in front of the girl's eyes as more of my
cock-cream filled her shitter. Endless wads of a steaming jizz load shot
into Amy's bowels. Ropey strings of cum that overflowed her anus and
started to dribble out.

"Fuck yeah!" I crowed,as the last blast of jism greased her guts.

"There you go little girl," I sighed, "It felt like I pumped a gallon of
jism up your asshole."

I let go of her hair,and let her slump down,shivering and whimpering. I
pumped a few more times in her asshole,my cock softening very quickly
after that massive blast.

Then I slid my blood and shit stained cock out of her and patted her
filled behind.

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2013-03-29 15:57:41
That is disgusting iv never read anything more disturbing think some one needs to fuck ur cunt off an ass like that fucking freak

Crystal CherryReport

2012-01-03 00:22:38
I could take you, I could take everything you would do to me, and I would be fully sober, no poppers, no alcohol, nothing. Pure rape, pure PAIN! LOVE IT!

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2011-10-25 23:33:43
this is good can u be my bf?

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2011-09-15 00:59:37
To Professional Rapist. Sir why have you not posted sense 2009-01-01. You sir are a SICK, SICK, Sick mother fucker. I respect that and wish you would write more of your sick ramblings about rape, abuse and incest. All favorites of mine, wrap them all together with some protitution and you get nothing but a win, win storie. Some daddy or stepdaddy raping, abusing and pimping out his underage slut daughter. Now theat is HOT and makes my cock throb and shoot a gallon of cum for 6 feet.

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2011-09-14 08:17:32
I hope that the little girl you were ass fucking was underage and you picked her up so you could rape her. I love abusing and raping underage little baby sluts and making them suffer as much pain as thay can before I get rid of them.

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