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Growing up my parents have always viewed me as the model child. Good grades, going to the right schools and having to right attitude towards unpleasant things. But what they didn’t know is that once I hit puberty I was juggling my developing sex life and this untrue view.

Not to brag but in high school I was the girl others wanted to be. I was drop dead gorgeous. I knew this and showed this off whenever possible. I would wear my long thick wavy brown hair down as much as possible. And small tops to show off my 36 Cs and tiny waist. I wore tight barely breathable jeans to accentuate my round hips, great ass and firm thighs. All the guys wanted me and I knew it.

I would play one against the other just to pass the time. They even made a bet to see who could fuck me first. And to their dismay none of them won. I never would fuck them because there was no challenge. There was only one challenge that seemed worthy of me and that was fucking my best friend Monica’s brother Orlando.

I know that in high school one of the unspoken rules are not to sleep with your friends ex or family but to me he was the prefect loop hole. He was 6 foot, muscular built, had the most gorgeous brown eyes and was beautiful in every way. I wanted him and no stupid rule was going to stop me from getting what I wanted.

And so the game began.

One summer I decided to spend the weekend over Monica’s house just to make a move one him. But to my dismay he was out all day. I was very disappointed at this fact so I decided to go to bed at a decent time to have an early start. Me and Monica said our goodnights and went to bed.

In the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom and on the way back I heard rustling noises coming from Orlando’s room. Curiosity took over me and I went over to his door and hesitantly took a peak and there he was naked lying one his bed masturbating.

He had the biggest dick I had ever seen. I gasped as I saw him beating his 9 inch and very thick dick. The noise I made turned his attention towards the door and to his shock he saw me watching him getting off. He tried to cover up quickly but he knew it was too late. But instead of making this an uncomfortable situation for the next day I decide to follow my instincts and walk into his room shutting and locking the door behind me.

And so it began.

He asked me what I was doing and to his reply I crawled on his bed and kissed him so more passionately then I ever kissed a guy. At first he was reluctant but after a few moments he started kissing me back and squeezing my breast. Kneading them like dough. We rolled around making out for what seemed to be ages so I broke our kiss and took off my shirt. As soon as I released myself from the confinement of my top he attacked them.

Sucking them, nibbling my nipples and massaging them. After about 10 mins his hands slowly made there way down my chest to my stomach and finally my panties. As soon as he placed his hands down them I felt a jolt of electricity surge threw my entire body. I lifted my weight so he could take them off and once they were Orlando devoured my pussy. Sucking my clit and licking my slit like it was his last meal. It was an electrical storm coursed through my body and I felt like I was going to die.

And that was enough for me to take it all the way. I pulled him up to me kissed him for a moment and rolled him over on his back. Then I took his length into my mouth sucking him off like a lollipop tasting his sweet precum and soaking his cock with my spit. He groaned so loudly I stopped to make sure no one heard us. As soon as the coast was clear. I straddled myself on him and in one swift motion plunged on his entire length taking him in fully. And to my surprise my pussy took him all in stretching to accommodate the intruder. I felt so full with him inside of me that it lit my pussy on fire, and so I began to slide myself up and down his length, groaning each time.

I started slowly so I could get use to the feeling of being so full but then I started picking up the pace and began to fuck myself on his thick cock with more force. Grinding him deep into me periodically causing him to moan and groan so deep I felt it in my pussy. Time seemed to get lost and soon I felt him getting larger and start to pick up the pace. I knew that he was going to cum soon so I told him “Cum in me. I want you to cum deep in me.” He looked puzzling at me so I settled his alarm by telling him I’m on birth control.

So he took held my hips tight and started to slam into me hard and quick then in one final slam he took me deeper then he had that night and held me tightly against himself cumming with so much force I felt every drop of it. He released such a groan that I had to cover his mouth before was got caught. The heat and pressure of him cumming sent me over the edge and I came hard as my pussy clenched and relaxed around his shaft, milking him. I collapsed on his chest breathing hard and heavy.

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2014-02-04 13:07:27
RmxnSX I appreciate you sharing this blog.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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2013-10-25 21:19:04
XCSx3L I truly appreciate this blog post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

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2009-01-27 02:55:29
Thanks for the image and fantasy


2009-01-24 14:13:53
Nice story. Good deion of how the basic missionary is suppose to be done by a man. Just nice, but not a great story. How you desribe your straddling could've been better. Oh, and try not using time; unless the story heavily depends on it. It makes the reader feel bored, as if they had to wait those 5 or 10 minutes. And next use all your 5 senses when describing something that suppose to last for a while; that way the reader can feel time pass as so, while experiencing what you've experienced.
Maybe reading my stories would help. O dot jarad at Ya to the hoo dot come on. You haven't figured it out yet?


2009-01-03 17:41:15
Who gives a fuck about the mistakes as long as you can understand what is being said? Don't worry about it unless it bothers you.

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