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This is the 2nd part to the story a great start redux. And is set 3 years afterwards i am 16 and she is 22.
As i lay in my bed thinking of Jane waiting for her call every thing that's happened over the past 6 years goes through my head. It start when i was 10 my cousin in i made love for the first time. And it was amazing and it has lasted for 6 years but now that she is older and has her own place its even better. As i go over there every chance i get. And i just got out of school for summer brake my parents went out of town for a business trip i get to spend 3 whole months there.

The phone starts to ring i answer. Hello? Hay sexy ready to spend 3 months with your big sexy cousin? Oh ya i cant wait to go down and lick every inch of your body. Well then grab your bags i am out side in the car. I hang up the phone and god down the stairs and outside and see Jane in the car waiting for me. As i get in to the car we share a deep and passionate kiss. As my tongue slips in her mouth and her tongue dances with mine. My cock starts to get hard and Jane notice's. Plenty of time for that Hun lets get home. the car ride home is great we stop for some food then we go in her apartment. You know the rules Chris take off your cloths.

I take off all my cloths and my cock slaps my chest. Jane slowly slides off her skirt pulls off her blouse as her breast lift in the air and back to her chest. She stands nude and beautiful. She slowly walks towards me and we kiss as we walk to her sofa she sits on the arm rest. And lifts her legs up i get on my nees. Lean my head in and lick her gorgeous pussy slowly inserting my tongue going up and down as her wet pussy juice's drip in my mouth. She starts to moan oh Chris oh my love ah I'm going to cum. I lick fast and then OH MY GOD AH. She squirts her pussy juices all over my face and mouth. Oh Chris you have learned some new tricks.

Now let me take care of my big handsome man. I sit on the sofa my dick in the air hard as a rock. She move in front of me on her nees and starts to lick the tip of my cock. Then slowly take the shaft in her wet mouth. She slides up and sown the shaft while gently pulling my sac. Oh Jane oh Jane. I moan as she sucks my cock her mouth wet and slick. She starts using her hands and jacking me. Oh i am going to cum i moan. She takes her mouth off of my cock to move her hands up and down untill. Thick ropes of cum shoot out of my cock and on to her face mouth and hair her face is covered.

Oh you taste good. she wipes the cum on her finger and slowly inserts it in her mouth sucking her index finger free of thick cum. That was great lets take a shower. No Chris lets stay dirty i want your wet sweat and cum on my body. We walk to her bed room and she lies down i slowly get on top and insert my cock deep in her pussy. She wraps her long legs around my waist. As i fuck her sliding my cock in her wet slippery pussy. Hearing my balls slap her ass. I speed up fucking her hard my cock going deeper and deeper in her pussy. Oh we moan together her hands on my back her finger nails digging in to my skin the slight pain only increases the pleasure. We fuck hard and hard. Oh i am going to cum let me pull out. No shoot your cum deep inside me Chris. We fuck hard my cock sliding in and out. Then i shoot a huge load deep in her pussy.

As sweat rolls down our bodys we lie together. And fall asleep together. I wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon. And walk in to the kitchen to find Jane making breakfast. Hay sexy she says thought i would make so food for us. Thats nice babe. Jane makes our breakfast nude with dried cum still in her hair and on her pussy from last nite. I still have her dried sticky juices on my cock. As we start to eat. Jane i love you. Chris i love you too. Jane i want to marry you were in love and i dont want to spend another moment with out you.

Chris your 16 and were cousins it would be very hard too. I know but i want to live with you. How do you think Mary would take that? I dont know and i dont care. Chris i am deeply in love with you nothing well ever change that but we cant get married yet.

Yet? Yes chris not yet i want to marry you. But we cant yet chris in 2 years you will be 18 then we can get married and no one can stop us. Jane how long have you been thinking about this? Since i was 18 myself. wow. thats what you ment on my 13th birthday. Yes. I love you jane i love you too. We finish our breakfast and watch tv. We watch a romantic film and start to kiss.

Then i start to god down on her licking her pussy. Jane gets up and bends over the armrest lifting her ass in the air. I get behind her and place my cock in front of her beautiful ass and push my cock in. Ow are you ok Jane? I am fine just my ass is tight since its been a bit. I stretch her asshole as i push my cock in and out of her ass my balls slapping her pussy. Her ass stretches even more. Oh Chris oh aw fuck me harder. I push my cock in harder and faster my balls slapping her pussy harder and harder. I am almost there i slide my cock in and out of her ass harder and harder. I pull her hair bringing her body closer to me. ah Pull my hair harder. I pulll her hair as hard as i can and thrust my cock deep inside her ass. Then i shoot a huge load of hot wet sticky cum deep in her ass. As she climax's. Oh Chris.

I let go of her hair and pull out of her ass with a pop. She then squats down and squeezes the cum out of her ass in to her hand. And brings her hand to her mouth and licks all the cum off and swallows it. Salty and sweet she says. I look at her forehead and notice blood running down to her face. Oh i am sorry jane i dont know what happened are you ok? I am fine that was one of the most intense orgasms ever.

You hungry lets have dinner want to order pizza? Jane says. Sure. She orders us some pizza. We watch tv till it arrives then we hear a knock on the door. She puts on a a robe to answer the door pays for the pizza then we eat and watch tv. Till we fall asleep together.

I wake up and see its 9 o clock. I start to make us some coffee and she walks in still nude and says. Want ot go see a movie today? Sure but i think for that we need to take a bath. Ok we eat breakfast ang get in the shower. We clean each other with our tongues the hot water dripping off our bodys. She starts tongue fucking my ass. sliding her tongue in and out while jacking me off. I shoot a load on the shower walls. We finish and put on some cloths. Want to eat lunch out before the movie. Sure i relpy. We go to olive garden for lunch holding each others hands as we finish our lunch we share a dessert then go to the movie.

We get home late and go to bed. The rest of summer brake was perfect till the day i have to go back home. We share a kiss and i go inside we talk every nite on the phone. Till my 18th birthday. To Be Continued.

The end of the story is next this is true for the most part. And we are still in love and together. And nothing will ever change that.

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2009-01-06 04:15:08
biggest load of crap i have heard... Go back to school and learn to write a proper story.My 5 yr old neice could dpo better


2009-01-01 23:21:54
That's Nastyy!!!!

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