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Tina Babysitting
On Saturday morning Tina Carlson was busy doing her
regular aerobics in front of the television. She wore
a pair of tight gray sweat-pants and a red tank top
that left her firm belly fully exposed. She'd been
working out for over an hour without a break.

She was beginning to feel woozy.

Tina exercised like this because she thought she was
fat. She wasn't, of course (not even close) but like a
lot of girls her age she was so paranoid about looking
obese that she worked out regularly and ate as little
as possible. This was her nature: to obsess over

She obsessed about her body the most. The result? Her
tiny body, though too small and skinny for some, was a
perfect example of teenage sexuality for others. Her
a-cup breasts, firm rounded butt, and skinny yet toned
form sometimes looked malnourished but at least, Tina
reasoned, she wasn't chubby! She was proud of weighing
only ninety-one pounds, and freaked out if she gained
even one.

Tina was sixteen years old, and she looked it. Her
body was just finalizing its curves and her skin still
had that fresh, soft glow of youth to it. But since
she was sixteen, there was little chance the short,
5'4" tall girl would grow much taller. But she didn't
care that much. She thought she was a good height, and
besides, she had a cute face: a rounded jaw-line that
allowed her generous smiles and menacing scowls;
bright, wide blue eyes; and shoulder-length light
blonde hair which was thin and wispy. Her small
breasts bothered her more, and she still crossed her
fingers in the hope that a late "spurt" would push her
into at least a b-cup later on.

What she was currently wearing for her workout was
pretty much standard dress for the girl, except for
the sweatpants which she only wore during a workout.
She liked t-shirts and tank tops, denim jeans and
shorts, none of it ever designer or too expensive.
Generally, too, she preferred tight clothing:
flaunting her body excited her, although she told
herself she only did it because it was "funny" to mess
with the boys at school.

Her dad was still asleep. He'd drank too much the
night before, as usual, and would be unconscious until
two or three in the afternoon at the earliest. He was
a truck driver for a living and an alcoholic gambler
on the side. Tina didn't like much thinking about him
and was glad that his job kept him away for long
periods of time.

Tina continued exercising before the TV until she
nearly collapsed. At that point, her head woozy and
sweat gleaming over her body, she stopped: she knew
the symptoms. She had to either take a break or pass

Panting from the exertion, she grabbed the remote-
control and clicked the TV off, ending Jane Fonda and
her "Complete Workout" tape (Tina's favorite). She
threw the remote to the floor next to her weights and
undid her pulled-back hair in one swift movement.

Crossing the small room to a nightstand-turned-table
she grabbed her smokes and stepped outside for some
fresh air. The screen door slammed close behind her.
She lit a cigarette once outside and began puffing
away as she thought about school, her body and her
father, in that order.

Just one more fuckin' month until finals, she thought

Tina had been falling behind in her schoolwork at
Warren High. This marking period-- her third as a
sophomore--- had to end with a score of at least 3.0
or it'd be impossible for the semester to end with her
remaining on the honor roll. If she wasn't on the
honor roll her chances of getting a scholarship would
plummet when she started applying for college the next
year when she became a junior.

For nearly three years Tina had been obsessed with
getting an out-of-state scholarship. She wanted to
leave South Carolina and go to a respectable
university, to become a professional of some kind. She
wanted to be more like her mother, who'd died when she
was three, and less like her father (who was still
very much alive). She wanted to get out of the fucking
trailer she shared with her dad, move into a dorm
room, and never look back!

If she didn't get good grades to qualify for a
scholarship, though, it'd be impossible. She looked
around the trailer-park from her front-step and shook
her head in anger.

No fucking way! she thought. Then she vowed to
herself, out loud: "If I'm not gone from here in two
years I'll fucking kill myself!"

Minutes passed and she was about to finish her smoke
and go back inside, when her neighbor, a 30-year-old
"exotic dancer" named Carol, called her over.

Carol Masons lived just one lot over and Tina had
known the woman for years. She didn't like her, never
had. Carol was the type of person Tina had always
hoped to God she'd avoid becoming: stupid, poor, and

"You mind watching Joey for a quick sec?" Ms. Masons
asked while simultaneously putting on some gaudy
earrings. "I got a appointment I'm late for..."

Tina sighed. "Sure thing, Carol."

There was no point in making an excuse. If she refused
then Carol would certainly mention it to her dad who,
since she was such an easy fuck, would be eager to
please. And then Tina would be grounded.

She's such a stupid fuckin' cock-tease, Tina thought
bitterly. Thrusting those double d's around all the

Her dad had never gotten any from her, of that Tina
was certain.

Carol didn't seem to notice the girl's less-than-eager
response, nor her piercing glare. "Thanks, hon!" she
chirped absentmindedly. "I'll be back before two!"

Tina watched as the woman jumped in her '85
Thunderbird and roar away in a cloud of dust.

She walked lazily over to the neighboring trailer. The
sun was full and hot in the sky and the teenage girl
glumly realized she'd be stuck inside all day, most

Oh well, she thought. It wouldn't be the first time.

As soon as she entered Joey was there. He was twelve
years old, just slightly chubby and just barely
pubescent, with small freckles on his cheeks and
sandy, unkempt hair.

"Mom's gone?" he asked softly.

Tina nodded.

"You gonna watch me?"

She nodded again.

Silence followed. She looked around the small room,
same as ever: littered with clothes, dishes, and
crumbs. The television set was loud with the sounds of
a Superman cartoon while a radio blared country music
from the kitchen area.

"Whatta you wanna do?" she asked.

He shifted his eyes a little. He seemed so cute and
innocent at times, she thought. And he really was. Too
shy to be rude and too dumb to be a smartass, he'd
always been the perfect, albeit strange, neighbor-boy.

"Could we fuck?" he asked sheepishly.

She rolled her eyes and made to step past him, but he
stepped in her way. She looked down and saw a sort of
desperateness in his eyes.

She sighed.

"I'm not in the mood," she answered. It was the truth.
She was tired and sweaty from the work-out and
besides, it was still early!

"Please?" he asked, voice low and embarrassed. "I'll
be quick, swear."

She closed her eyes and let out a long breath through
her nostrils. It was 12:30pm. His mom would be home by
two at the latest, she'd said, which probably meant
three at the earliest.

She decided to compromise. "I'll touch it, 'kay?"

He looked up in relief, but decided to press for more.
"Suck it?"

She took another deep breath and rolled her large
eyes. "Fine," she agreed. "Only a little, though,

He smiled slightly and took a nervous step backwards.
She looked around the littered room.

"I should wash up first 'cause I'm sweaty," she
declared. She watched him shift nervously in place.

"Kin I watch?" he asked.

She shrugged her shoulders as she walked past him.
"Just don't do nothin' stupid... I really have to wash
up, for real."

He didn't protest but followed her into the small
bathroom that consisted of a shower stall, sink and
toilet. She started the water as he entered the room.

She could feel his eyes lingering on her ass and
realized that her sweatpants, still soaked with her
perspiration from the aerobics, left little to the
imagination. The pants clung to her soft skin framing
her round butt, she knew, and she sighed as a tingle
of excitement rippled through her small frame.

Steam began rising from the shower as she pulled off
her tank-top. Joey had taken a seat on the toilet and
watched intensely as she undressed. She pretended to
ignore his presence.

With her top off now she slowly peeled down her pants,
making sure to bend at the waist rather than kneel.
This sexy maneuver was both intended and instinctual:
she couldn't help it. As much as she knew she'd be
regretting this later, right now she loved the
forbidden rush it gave her!

Tina knew how strange and even sick it was to be
turned on by a 12-year-old boy, let alone to do sexual
things with one. She could hardly even remember how it
had all begun, except that she'd caught him jerking
off and that it had excited her. That was nearly a
year ago.

She took off her bra with no fan-fare whatsoever and
gave him only the slightest look of acknowledgment.
Her firm, tiny a-cup breasts slid free and, as
expected, Joey gulped audibly. As she'd suspected he
didn't seem to even notice her panties come off, so
entranced by her breasts was he.

She stepped into the hot shower stream, then, and
began to bathe. She was fully aware of his eyes on her
body. Slowly she washed the suds of soap up her young,
nubile frame, paying particular attention to her
breasts and only slightly more to her pussy. She
trembled as she intentionally pinched her nipples
between her fingers, not looking at the boy who
watched her but delighting in the knowledge of his

She looked over at him, suddenly, as she began to soap
up her long blonde hair. He could be a statue! Eyes
wide, mouth set in a tight grimace, a mixture of
excitement and torment on his face.

Water was splashing out of the shower since she hadn't
closed the curtain. She turned slowly as she washed,
feeling the cool air against her wet skin, sending
more water out onto the floor.

Her excitement built as she used a washcloth to soap
up her body, especially when she realized he was
rubbing himself through his pants. Finally she
finished and stepped out of the shower dripping wet.

She walked over to him not bothering to cover her pale
body. "Wanna start?" she asked, shrugging like it made
no difference to her when in fact all she wanted was
to go further.

He gulped, nodding his head slightly.

Eyes locked on his, Tina slowly dropped to her knees.
"Wanna touch 'em?" she invited, referring to her

As she looked down at his jean shorts Tina felt the
boy's hands gently, nervously, touch her tits. It
didn't seem to matter how many times they did this
sort of thing, he was always nervous!

She shivered at his touch and began unzipping his
shorts. He scooted his butt forward on the porcelain
toilet and she pulled the shorts off completely. Next
she slid her hand over the bulge in his Fruit of the
Loom briefs and cupped his whole, boyish package in
her small hand, making him gasp.

Now that the excitement had washed away any remaining
shame from her, she used her slender fingers to pull
down his underwear. Once again he lifted his butt up,
and suddenly his hard penis popped out.

Still dripping wet from the shower, and feeling
especially moist now between her legs, she gently
gripped his member. As usual it jumped in her hand.
She studied it slowly. It seemed harder than usual and
there was no bush of nasty pubic hair obscuring it.
She loved that about his young cock.

She stroked it up and down, making his legs tremble
noticeably next to her. He would cum just from this if
she continued much longer! But she wanted to go
further, still, and had promised to, besides. She
licked her lips, and pressed them together for a kiss.

As soon as her thin lips made contact with his penis'
head he shuddered on the toilet seat, his hands
gripping her shoulders.

Tina quickly considered all the usual regrets she'd
have later, but then dismissed them. This wasn't bad!
This wasn't sick!

She slowly opened her wet lips and allowed the member
into her hot mouth. She could hear him moaning as she
took his cock slowly inside, licking her long tongue
around it as she did. She looked up and could see his
face convulsed in what could be mistaken for pain.

She bobbed her head forward, quivering as the boy-cock
slid across her warm lips, over her tongue. Her damp
hair swayed around her head as she began to give him a
"proper" blowjob: her tongue sped up, licking his
head; her lips dragged across his 12-year-old shaft,
making him moan while her throat made guttural sounds,
relishing the invading object.

Ever so gently she placed her right hand on his balls,
which were lightly fuzzed with the beginnings of
puberty. She squeezed them gently. She could tell he
was trying to remain quiet for some reason, as if
someone might hear.

And then, just when her knees were beginning to hurt
from kneeling on the cold tiled floor she heard him
pant, "Aw god! Aw god!"

She bobbed her head forward, knowing what would happen
as the head of his dick hit the back of her throat,
and sealed her lips around the base of his cock.

And then she felt a final throb within her tender
mouth. She sucked long and hard in encouragement,
never letting his penis move back. Then, finally, his
cum spurted out--- it made her gag for a second as her
mouth filled with it, then sigh eagerly as she sucked
the gooiness down. She gulped it down her tight
throat, into her belly. She shuddered in delight when
it gushed down into her hungry stomach.

She let the limp penis linger in her mouth for a
moment. She began sucking it again, licking the
remnants of his sperm off, before finally pulling

He was staring at her with wide, almost fearful child-
like eyes.

"What?" she asked, curiously, wiping saliva and cum
off her lips with the back of her hand.

He shook his head. "Nuttin'," he whispered.

She stood up and gave him a wry smile then began to
dry herself off, finally. He snuck out as she did.

What a weird kid, she thought to herself.

She grabbed a toothbrush, most likely Joey's, and
brushed her teeth as she hummed happily to herself.

Then the feelings of guilt and self-loathing began to
seep in, as usual. She tried to ignore them by
pretending nothing had happened. She'd deal with those
thoughts later.

After brushing her teeth she got dressed again in her
sweaty clothes, wishing she'd brought a change with
her. She then went out to the living room where both
she and Joey would pretend the whole thing hadn't
happened, just like always, and watch TV.


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2016-05-25 14:29:12
Wht abt previous starting narreation

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2009-04-20 12:47:59
Very good story. I never had young babysitters growing up-just the old ladies that my parents knew.
Looking forward to the next stories.


2007-09-23 15:07:34
The vato below me, loco in da cavasa. By this story, does it mean you like younger guys? If you do... uh wasup... Great story 9/10 *×keep it gangster×*


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i had two young was 11 years old, and the other 12. their mom liked to get fucked my alot of different guys, so she didnt mind them cumming to my house 4 weeks at a time during school vacation. id suck their cocks till they came in my mouth. then id let thye cum sit it my mouth 4 a litlle while, and sawish it with my tongue. then wichever boy id just sucked off, id go kiss his brother, letting my tongue slip in his mouth along with his brothers cum. id let the cum slide off my tongue into his mouth. of course i repeated the act switching brothers. suck 1 off, dump the cum in the others mouth. this went on 4 about 4 years untill the family moved away. yes i love teenage boys to cum in my mouth, and i swallow it sometimes when im not feeding to them.


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man Punky Girl i get hard everytime i read that story. its just the thing i thought about when i was 11 and 12 and 13 well ok all 15 years of my life

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