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For those that think it’s not all about sex… nor all about love.
“And as I started coming down and stopped screaming, he pulled out, climbed up the bed on me and shoved it in my mouth. Oh, it was incredible! Within two pumps he started…”

Joshua clenched his fists, tried to block his hearing, and concentrated, yet again, on solely walking forward.

It had been her idea, of course.

He’d gotten the phone call first thing in the morning. He could remember it vividly.

The ringing had woken him up just after six in the morning. On a Saturday. He had planned on sleeping until noon and doing nothing the whole day. And then he had picked up the phone. Before he could get a word out, he heard the excited voice on the other end, though not awake enough to hear who it was. “Hey Joshua!”

In response he simply muttered the, “Hello,” he usually did whenever he answered his phone.

“Did I wake you?” She didn’t even wait for a response. “Sorry. I was just thinking, you wanna go hiking today? I’ve got this great story I have to tell you!”

By this point, Joshua had recognized her voice, and while not happy about being woken up so early, was much happier that it was her voice that had woken him up. It made him strangely happy that she had thought of him this early in the morning, and again, on a Saturday no less. Then he put together what she had just asked.

“You want to go hiking?” He was shocked.

There was a short pause. The voice that followed had lost the flair it had when she had first spoken. “Well, yeah. I mean, we always go out to my places, so I thought that we’d do one of your things.” There was a brief pause before she quietly whispered, “Unless you don’t want to.”

Joshua heard her sudden reluctance and wasn’t about to let this opportunity slip away. He quickly responded. “No, I’m definitely in. Where do you want to go?”

He wasn’t even sure if she knew any of the local spots. But before he could think much about it she responded, with her former giddiness back again, “Great! I’ll pick you up in a couple hours! I’ll pick a spot by then, okay?”

There was no time to think. He simply responded, “Okay.”

“Great!” she repeated, before continuing, “I’ll see you in a couple hours then!” He could hear her take a quick breath before finishing, “This’ll be so fun!”

She had hung up before he’d had a chance to respond.

The phone call had lasted all of about two minutes. Barely awake, Joshua sat staring at his clock for awhile, confused. He wanted to go back to sleep, if only for fifteen minutes more. Even if the sun wasn’t already coming up, just thinking about his short early morning phone call would have been enough to keep him awake, despite how much his body wanted the sleep. This whole ordeal was totally out of the blue. It had been a few weeks since he’d last spoken to her. Nothing bad had happened the last time they spoke, in fact it all seemed too normal. That made him even more confused as to why she seemed so excited to see him. Maybe he finally…

He sat up abruptly in his bed, swung his legs over the side and cut off his hopes before he even let them begin.

‘Not a chance,’ he thought to himself. ‘How many times have I thought that before? And always the same results – nothing. Nope. Not gonna happen.’

There was one thing for sure though. She was right that whenever they hung out they always went to, as she had just put it, her places. Clubs, bars, random parties. Occasionally they’d go bowling, and that was his favorite get-together with her, or rather the least bad place. At least bowling involved moving. All the other places were just standing around, or standing around and drinking. While he’d done that stuff in college, Joshua never really liked it. He was an outdoors type. He loved running outdoors, hunting, mountain climbing, spelunking, and – of course – hiking. He’d even taken up skydiving at one point many years ago, just because he liked the outdoors. While he enjoyed it for awhile, he eventually gave it up because it wasn’t as active as the other stuff.

But for her to want to do this! In the five-plus years he’d known her, he had convinced her to go hiking with him only twice before, and that had always required some urging. She seemed to like it both times, but didn’t seem that eager to do it again. This was the first time she had ever brought up the idea. And so suddenly!

The clock caught Joshua’s eyes, and he realized that he had spent more time thinking about the phone call than he had actually spent on the phone. He smiled to himself, looking forward to finding out what this was all about, knowing he’d find out soon enough. He stood up and started to get ready for the sudden hiking trip, thinking about his history with her the whole time.

Joshua was 29 when he had first met her. His brother was a super-senior at his college and the frat he was a part of was celebrating him turning 23. When his brother had asked him to come to the party, despite having no urge to go, Joshua felt too bad to turn him down.

Sometime around two in the morning, his brother was, very drunkenly, led off to his bedroom by two very attractive young girls while his frat brothers cheered them on. Joshua just laughed and turned around. He had only had a few drinks, not really planning to get wasted. He wanted a place where he could just sit back for a bit and get some piece and quiet. There were a few chairs open around a table, but there was either some game or just some loud conversation going on around the table. He walked through another room where every seat was full. The next room had a bunch of people playing beer pong, but there was a small sofa off to one side of the room, occupied solely by a girl who looked like she was looking for a calm spot in the party too. Thinking nothing of it, he walked over to the open end of the sofa, put his elbows over the back, leaned his head back, and closed his eyes, enjoying the comfort of the quiet as well as the cushions.

Unfortunately, his quiet was interrupted shortly after sitting down when he heard mumbled from beside him, “I’m not going to fuck you.”

Thinking he must have heard wrong, Joshua looked to his side. He saw the young girl sitting next to him staring at him. Looking confused, he asked, “What did you say?”

The girl, keeping her eyes on Joshua’s, simply repeated herself, though slightly more forcefully this time. “I’m not going to fuck you.”

The thought had not crossed Joshua’s mind until she stated it. He let his eyes look over the girl he had barely even noticed before. She was attractive. Not a knockout, but nothing to complain about. She had long light brown hair that easily went halfway down her back, even tied up as it was; hazel eyes; full, but not big, lips; and a long neck leading to a conservative shirt hiding what appeared to be B-cup breasts. She was definitely a bit on the skinny side, he guessed she’d be bony with her clothes off. She looked to have nothing in the way of hips, though it was hard to tell sitting as she was and with the slightly baggy jeans she had on. His mind immediately concluded she was a freshman.

After his brief glance over her, which took no more than a couple seconds, Joshua responded to her. “No offense, but I’m not looking to fuck you. I’d definitely consider you if I was in the mood, but I’m alright at the moment.”

The hostility in the girl’s eyes faded, and there was a hint of sadness in them. She simply responded, “Oh.”

Assuming the conversation was over, Joshua put his head back again and closed his eyes, trying to rest for a few minutes. However, not even a full minute passed before the girl asked, “Then why’d you come over here?”

Not bothering to look at her, Joshua let out a sigh and stated, “Look, it’s nothing personal. I just wanted a semi-quiet place to sit for a bit, okay?”

The girl again simply responded with an, “Oh.” Something about the ‘oh’ sounded off to Joshua, and he looked over to see the girl staring forward into the room, though at nothing in particular. He couldn’t place the look on her face. Worry maybe? Pain? Anger? Something was definitely off.

Joshua let out another sigh, then slowly leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and looked over at the girl. “Look, are you okay? Do you need something?”

The girl didn’t look at him, but muttered, “I’m fine.”

“You sure?”

There was a bit of a pause this time before she said, “Yeah.”

Joshua stared at her for a bit longer, but she didn’t make any motion like she was going to say anything. He began to lean back when she announced, “My friends are assholes.”

Joshua paused mid-lean-back, then leaned forward into the same position he had been before, and simply asked, “What?”

And that was all it took.

He listened as she went off about her life. Her friends had brought her to this party, against her wishes, so that she would fuck some guy in hopes of getting over her boyfriend of the past five months. He had dumped her the day before, shortly after they had sex for the first, and only, time. He had been a virgin, and when he found out she was not, he called her every synonym for ‘slut’ he could conjure and kicked her out of his room, not giving her time to put her clothes back on first. She had lost her virginity at fourteen and had fucked seven guys by the end of high school, and a couple more in her first few weeks of college (Joshua had been right, she was a freshman) before she had met her now-ex-boyfriend. She had liked the guy, but he was very religious and did not ever want to have sex with her, despite her repeated come-ons. When she finally talked him into it, he told her how good it was afterwards and told her for the first time that he loved her. Then he asked what it was like for her, found out she was not a virgin, and broke into tears, screaming at her until he threw her out of his room with her clothes in her arms.

Joshua didn’t say much, just supporting her when she needed it. For the most part he just listened as she vented and told him all of this in great detail. She proceeded to tell him how much she loved sex and didn’t think it was that big of a deal and couldn’t believe he’d freak out over it like that. She told Joshua how she had tried different kinds of sex with boys, and how she’d even tried hooking up with other girls, and always loved it, but her ex-boyfriend was the first boy she had slept with who she thought really liked her, not just for sex, and that made the sex better in some way, despite the fact that he had not been very good at it.

The girl’s rant continued on and on, even after Joshua unintentionally fell asleep against the back of the sofa. When the girl finally noticed, she finally stopped talking, and rather than being mad, she simply smiled. She kicked her shoes off and under the sofa, then pulled a blanket off the arm of the couch and laid it out over her as she curled up with her head on the arm of the chair and her feet just next to Joshua’s leg.

Joshua woke up the next morning with the girl’s legs spread out over his lap with the blanket covering them. He tried to move her legs without waking her, but the second he lifted them, she woke up. Not knowing what else to say, he said, “Good morning.” She smiled at him. When it became clear she wasn’t saying anything, he added, “Sorry, I tried not to wake you.”

The girl’s face changed slightly, giving a slight smirk. “You were going to leave without saying goodbye?”

Joshua wasn’t sure how to respond to the question. Luckily, he didn’t have to think too much as she twisted her body into a sitting position and started putting her shoes on. As she did that, Joshua looked around and noticed the spattering of drunkenly passed out people in that room and others. Remembering that the girl had come to the party with her friends and guessing they had probably left after seeing her sleeping on the couch with him, he felt obligated to ask if she needed a ride.

The girl just muttered in the affirmative as she continued putting her shoes on. As soon as they were on, she got up and followed Joshua out of the house and down the street a bit to his car.

He pulled up to her dorm a few minutes later. When the car was stopped, the girl didn’t move at first, or say anything. He realized he should probably say something. “Well, listen, good luck with everything. I hope it all works out.”

The girl finally turned to look at him, a questioning look on her face. “Hey,” she began, and paused before continuing, “Can I call you sometime?”

Joshua turned to look out the front windshield. He took a deep breath before responding.

“Listen, you’re a good girl, and I’m sorry if I led you on in any way, but I don’t think us seeing each other would be a good idea. I’m 29, you’re 18. You should find someone your own age. That being said, I really do hope everything works out for you. You really do seem like a good person.”

The girl gave him an iffy smile. “Well, can I call just to talk? We don’t have to do,” she paused before changing directions, “We don’t have to have anything more. But you’re great to talk to. You obviously don’t have to come see me, but even if I could just call you, that would be great.”

Joshua looked at the girl’s smile, and couldn’t help but smile back. “I guess there’s no harm in that. But listen, don’t fall for me, cause I won’t be coming for you.”

The girl’s smile suddenly covered her face. “I think I can handle that.” And with that, she grabbed a pen off the dashboard, and wrote down Joshua’s number on her palm as he recited it to her.

When she was done she put the pen back and started to open the door, then turned to look at Joshua again in a slightly confused look. “One more thing.” Joshua just raised an eyebrow as she looked at him. She then continued, “What’s your name?”

It suddenly hit Joshua that they had not introduced themselves last night, distracted as they were by the girl’s stories. He let out a quick laugh, then responded, “I guess that would help, wouldn’t it? It’s Joshua.”

The girl then leaned forward a tiny bit towards him and reached her hand to his. Not shaking it, just momentarily holding it. “Hi Joshua, I’m Lisa.”

The touch had been unexpected, and sent a strange jolt through Joshua’s body. Before he could say anything in response though, Lisa had gotten out of the car and was walking towards her dorm. He watched until she was inside, noting she never looked back. Then he shook his head, ignoring the whole scene, and took off towards home.

‘Yeah,’ Joshua thought to himself as he packed his backpack for the hiking trip. ‘That’s how it started alright. I regret saying some of those things now though.’

And that was the truth.

She had kept her word and called him, about a week after that first incident. Then a week after that. And a week after that. Soon they were talking to each other every week and knew everything about the other’s life. Despite his initial reluctance, Joshua eventually agreed to go meet her out with her friends some six months later. Then they were seeing each other once or twice a month, beyond their regular phone calls. He learned all about her, all of her little quirks. She loved pop music but didn’t like to admit to it. She found the necks of T-shirts too constricting, so she always cut a little V in them right above her chest – usually enough to just show a hint of cleavage, sometimes a little lower. She was a compulsive bathroom cleaner – the rest of her place could be dirty, but she needed a clean bathroom. Her favorite snack was cucumber – she would take out a whole cucumber and a knife and cut off slices and pop them in her mouth. She also told him all about her experiences, sexual and otherwise, through college. Joshua had to admit, the girl was out there. He got to hear her stories about anal sex, two guys at once, choking on some guy’s cum (unintentionally), everything. He learned her likes and dislikes. She loved being penetrated – in any hole as deep as possible. She hated guys shooting their loads in her mouth – it just seemed weird to her. She greatly enjoyed the right kind of foreplay with her nipples – light nibbling and pulling, maybe the occasional sucking, no biting. She hated rough sex – anything rough was a turn off, it showed no fun, and thus she usually couldn’t get off. And, true to her word, she didn’t fall for Joshua. She treated him like a best friend, and he treated her the same.

It had been weird for their friends at first. Lisa’s friends found it strange to have a guy some eleven years older than them out with them. Joshua’s friends found it strange in the opposite way. Eventually, they all just got used to it. They would alternate going out with each other’s group of friends, occasionally just going out as the two of them. Joshua even had a two year long relationship at one point and his girlfriend immediately clicked with Lisa and the two began hanging out a lot. Unfortunately, that girlfriend had her job transferred to a site several hours away. They tried the long distance relationship thing, but it didn’t work out for either of them. They do, however, remain on good terms, call each other every now and then, but they haven’t seen each other since breaking it off.

His feelings toward Lisa changed shortly after that. It was on their second hiking trip (the first had involved Joshua’s now-ex also). The two of them just hiked and shared stories, and Joshua suddenly realized how much he enjoyed being with Lisa. They just got along so well. It didn’t help that she had developed since she was 18. Her boobs had grown another cup size (he knew not only from observations, but because she had told him), her hips had filled in and she put on enough weight that she didn’t look freakishly skinny anymore, but not overweight either. She looked normal, and between the weight and her hips, her ass had gone from a nonexistent entity to one of the hottest he’d ever seen. Not big enough to stick out too much, but enough to grab if the opportunity ever arose. Between her looks and his feelings, Joshua wasn’t sure what he thought, so he didn’t say anything at the time.

A couple weeks later, just after her 21st birthday, they had been out at a bar, and she had been talking about how badly she needed to get laid, looking around the room for candidates. Without thinking, Joshua spilled out, “If no one else fits the bill, I could fill in for the night.”

She had turned to stare at him. After an awkward pause, she replied, “I think that would violate our agreement.”

“What agreement?”

“That we wouldn’t fall for each other.”

“Who said anything about falling for each other? This would just be sex between friends.” He regretted it the moment the words came out. He didn’t just want sex, he wanted a relationship. He already had fallen for her, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her that.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship with sex.” She paused for a moment. “It would make things awkward.”

He didn’t know why, but he blurted out in response, “And it doesn’t make it awkward knowing that I want to fuck you?”

The comment didn’t even faze her though. She responded, “I kinda figured you wanted to fuck me for awhile now. I can deal with that. I know a lot of guys that want to fuck me and I get along with them. But when we actually do fuck, it ruins things.”

And that was it.

Joshua changed the topic by pointing to a new guy that walked in the bar, asking her if he was a candidate for her that night. And everything went back to normal and they didn’t talk about it again. She eventually found a guy to fuck that night, and told Joshua all about it the next week when she called him. He found that he didn’t enjoy her sex story as much as he usually did. In fact, he flat out disliked it. But he didn’t want to say anything for fear of making things awkward. He thought it might just be that one story, because he had wanted to be with her that time, but he found the same distaste for all of her sex stories after that. He was grateful when they stopped coming about six, seven months ago. She had gotten a new job, worked a lot, and stopped telling him about her sex life. They still talked about other things, and got along even better than they ever had before. He wasn’t sure whether she’d stopped having sex or whether she’d just stopped telling him. While he personally hoped for the former, as he still held a desire for a relationship with the girl in the back of his mind, he was happy either way.

The sound of the doorbell brought him out of his thoughts. He shoved the bag lunch he had just made into his backpack and looked at the clock. It was 7:45, nearly half an hour less than the two hours she had given him from the phone call. He smiled. Predictable as ever. She always showed up well early whenever wanting to go out. It was just something he’d gotten used to over the years. He threw his pack over his shoulder and headed to the door.

He had barely opened the door when she threw her arms around him.

“Joshua! So good to see you!”

As she pulled back, Joshua responded, “Good to see you too! Aren’t you a little early though?”

She took a quick glance at his backpack ready-to-go on his shoulder. “I knew you’d be ready!”

‘She sure is energetic,’ Joshua thought. She was practically bouncing on his doorstep. He laughed in response to her last comment and went out the door, following her to her car, throwing his backpack in the backseat next to hers.

“So, what’s this story you have for me?”

She smiled at him as she turned on the ignition. “Not until we get there!”

And so they drove, talking about their jobs, lives, anything except her story. She had picked a small mountain about 45 minutes away to hike up. It was a small mountain, really more of a big hill. A couple hours easy walk through a forest trail to a nice open area next to a sheer cliff giving a great view of the surrounding area. Low effort for high reward, definitely sounded like her type of pick. He’d actually hiked the mountain/hill several times and knew a variety of ways off the trail to see a small waterfall, a couple nice caves, or a straighter though slightly harder path to get to the top quicker.

And then they arrived.

His fingers clenched tighter in his fists as he remembered. He could feel his nails digging into his palms, and considering how short his nails were, that was quite impressive. The memory of getting there wasn’t very pleasant, but anything had to be better than listening to her right now.

She had walked over to the main trail opening to head up the mountain after they had arrived. Luckily, he was able to convince her not to take the main path though, and they walked around to what appeared to be just a solid line of forest. She questioned if he knew what he was doing, but he assured her he knew where he was going, he’d done it several times before, and that this path would be more interesting than the main one. She agreed, noting that he knows more about this stuff than she does.

And so they walked into the woods.

And about ten minutes later, she started her story. Her horrible, horrible story.

On the plus side, he had one hope that had been correct. When she had stopped telling him about her sex life several months back, it had been because her sex life had stopped. After she had started her new job she found less and less time to go out and find a guy, and she wasn’t comfortable taking guys home from work. On the down side, she had so much pent up sexual energy that she had joined a website where you could browse through other people looking for sex. “I mean, I couldn’t get it anywhere else. What was I supposed to do?” That’s what she said to him. He didn’t answer, furious enough that she didn’t even consider him a possibility.

Last night was the first time she had met up with someone, and she was telling him every gory detail about it. What made it even worse is that it didn’t even seem like the guy was that good, or provided her with the kind of sex she liked. And after so many conversations with her about sex, Joshua at the very least knew what she did and did not like about sex, and she did not like rough sex. She liked just about anything else sexually, she was willing to try anything, but they had entire conversations about how she would not do rough sex. Yet that is what this guy, whose name she never even got, only seemed to provide. Apparently she just had to be desperate enough to do rough sex. And rough sex came as a possibility before Joshua. His fingers tightened even more as he thought about that.

She was still talking about it even now, over an hour later. He tried to run through the events briefly in his head, skipping over the disgusting details. The guy had come over to her place. When she opened the door, he grabbed her head and pulled it to his forcefully kissing her. He broke it off and pushed her inside, slamming the door behind him. She started to say something and he told her to shut up and take him to the bedroom. Once inside he told her to strip, and watched as she did. He told her to get on all fours on the floor. She did. Without taking his clothes off, he just pulled his dick out his fly and with no foreplay or warning shoved it in her cunt. He then grabbed her hair and fucked her doggystyle while yanking her head around by the hair. Joshua knew she fucking hated people pulling her hair! She liked people running their hands through her hair, but she had always complained about people pulling her hair during sex. And here she was talking about it like she enjoyed it!

After the guy came in her, he pulled out, stood up, and twisted her around until she was on her knees in front of him and he whipped her face a couple times with his dick as it slowly became flaccid. He then dropped his pants finally and told her to “suck my hairy balls” until he got hard again, which she apparently did, as he continued to rub his dick around her face, poking the head in her eyes and up her nose, covering her face with her juices mixed with his cum. When he was finally hard again, he told her to get on the bed, arms and legs spread. He then kicked off his shoes and pants, leaving him in his socks and shirt. He then climbed over her, straddled her just below her chest, and pushed his dick down between her tits, squishing them forcefully around his dick. He told her to lift her head up and try to lick the head of his dick as he tittyfucked her, which she of course did. When he was finally ready to cum, he pulled back a bit and jerked off until he shot his second load of the day all over her tits and stomach. But of course he wasn’t done yet.

He moved up to her head and turned around, lowering his balls to her mouth again telling him to suck him until he’s hard yet again, which she of course did. The way he was positioned over her, she was staring nearly directly at the guy’s hairy asshole. She brought her hands up to hold onto the guy’s thighs, but he yelled at her telling her to leave her arms to the side. This also killed Joshua, he knew she hated people yelling or even sounding angry or annoyed during sex, but she was letting this guy take advantage of her like this! But she listened and put her arms back out to her sides.

She wasn’t sure how long, but she said she must’ve been sucking the guy’s balls for at least fifteen or twenty minutes that second time before he finally got hard a third time. Without warning, he got up and moved down between her legs. He lifted her hips off the bed, scooted his knees underneath her and shoved his dick in her cunt for the second time. He fucked her this way, occasionally smacking her ass underneath him, watching his cum from his second load slowly drip up her stomach and tits towards her neck due to the incline he had her at. Having her ass, or any other part of her smacked, was another thing Joshua knew she hated. He could not believe she had put up with this guy, let alone allowed him to continue fucking her. When he was ready to cum again, he pulled out, let her hips fall to the bed, straddled her head again and shoved it in her mouth, cumming down her throat. When he was done, he pulled out, grabbed a handful of her hair that he used to clean off his dick and laid down next to her, falling asleep nearly instantaneously. She was asleep not much later.

And when she woke up this morning, he was already gone. The only signs of him having been there were the dried cum on her chest and hair. And shortly after she had woken up, that’s when she had called Joshua all excitedly to tell him about it.

Joshua felt his fingers clench still tighter than they already were. He thought his nonexistent nails must be drawing blood in his palms by now. He just couldn’t figure this out. Not why she so blatantly refused to get with him, he’d given up on that thought ages ago. No, what bothered him was why she had been so excited when she called him, and why she seemed so happy about this sex even now. This was not her usual type of story. This is the type of thing she usually hated! Why was she so goddamned pleased with it? Was she that desperate to get off? Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t remember her saying when she had gotten off during the sex, or as the usual question with her sex sessions was, how many times she’d gotten off. He thought about this for a few seconds before brushing past it, assuming she had to have told him she got off at some point (‘She had to get off, right? Otherwise there’d really be no reason to be so happy about it.’) and that he had just either forgotten it or blocked it out, subconsciously hoping that she had not gotten off from that bullshit internet guy.

What really bothered Joshua at the moment though was not her getting off or enjoying the sex or whatever, but why the fuck she had to tell him all about it, and in such graphic detail (far more graphic than he had just relayed back to himself when he had thought about it). She knew Joshua wanted at least to fuck her, she might’ve picked up that he even wanted a relationship with her. So why would she tell him this? Was this torture? Was this to get him to stop wanting her? Why had he been her first thought and immediately her first call when she had woken up? Did she do this just to get rid of him? Really, what was the –


He suddenly jerked his head to the side, his fingers unclenching a bit. “Huh?”

“Christ, man! Where were you right then? Nevermind, I probably don’t want to know anyhow. I’d ask how long you were ignoring me, but I doubt you even know. I mean, I don’t know how many times I just said your name, and you didn’t respond until I screamed it.”

“Sorry.” He almost meant it. Despite her being an idiot and telling him all this shit, he did still like her.

“Whatever. Look, how much farther until the top?”

Joshua looked around for the first time in quite awhile. He tried to keep his thoughts from his face. He didn’t recognize where he was at all. He looked at his watch. It was over half an hour from when he last checked, and he wasn’t sure he had been following a path then. He was too busy ignoring the stupid fucking story she had been telling him. They could be anywhere. He could hear water though, and knew to go towards it.

“This way,” he said, following the sound.

The hike was suddenly quiet. He must’ve given something away in either his voice or his face to quiet her down. While he appreciated her not talking about her crappy sex anymore, he wasn’t sure it was an entirely good thing that she wasn’t talking at all.

A very silent six minutes later, they were at the edge of a stream about ten to fifteen meters wide. There was a slightly grassy bank slightly upriver from them so he started walking towards it.

As soon as they were on the grassy patch, Lisa dropped her backpack off her shoulder onto the grass. The zipper on the bag was open from grabbing a water bottle earlier, so when she dropped it a bunch of stuff fell out, though she didn’t seem to notice. “So where are we?”

Joshua had a feeling this was coming, but he also didn’t feel too much pity after just being put through the story she had told him. He took a deep breath, preparing to give an answer. She didn’t give him the time.

“You don’t even know, do you?” While there was certainly a tone of annoyance in her voice she didn’t sound very angry. Then again, he knew she didn’t get angry very easily. If she could handle what she went through last night without getting angry, she better not be about to get angry with him.

“I do know.” He paused for a second before adding, “Now.”

“Oh great.” There was more annoyance in her voice now, rising towards anger. “So how far from here to the top?”

He took a deep breath, trying to stay calm and prepare himself for her response to his answer. “I’d guess about two and a half hours.”

“WHAT?” There was definitely some anger there now. “Isn’t it only about two hours up from where we parked? Where have we been going for the past–,” she grabbed his wrist to look at his watch, “for nearly the past two hours!”

Not even bothering to take a deep breath this time, he simply answered, “I missed a turn, probably about half an hour in. Basically, we walked three-quarters around the base of the mountain, barely going up it at all. To get to the top now we’d have to back track quite a bit before heading up. There’s cliffs we can’t get up on this side.”

She threw her head back towards the sky. It was her turn to take a deep breath. He could see her body shake as she took the breath. She was definitely angry now, but she was apparently trying to hold it back. “Some fucking outdoorsman you are. This is why we usually go to my places. You can’t get lost in a bar.”

Joshua felt suddenly defensive. “We’re not lost. I just told you where we are.”

Lisa’s head came down and looked at him. Perhaps being defensive had not been the right choice, at least judging from the look on her face.

“Okay,” she began slowly, “We’re not lost. We’re in the middle of fucking nowhere.” She took another deep breath. “Typical fucking guy. I start talking about sex, you stop paying attention to anything else. See if I ever tell you about my sex life again.”

“Please don’t.” It came out before he could even think about it.

The expression on her face changed. “What did you say?”

He couldn’t place the look on her face, but he didn’t think it was anger. Not sure what to say, but sure she had heard him so backtracking in the conversation was not an option, he simply repeated himself. “Please don’t.”

Her expression changed again, this time very clearly to confusion. “I thought you liked hearing about my sex life.”

Suddenly, he was the angry one. “Why the fuck would you think that?”

Her face changed back to the expression he couldn’t place before but her words became defensive. “Well, we always talked about it before and you never had a problem with it. Plus I thought guys always liked hearing stories from girls. And I liked sharing them, you know, with a guy. Then after you said you just wanted to fuck me awhile ago, well, I thought that sharing them would at least give you something to visualize, you know, to get off to. I mean, it’s better than nothing, right?”

Not sure where to start, he just stared at her for a few seconds after she stopped talking. And then he broke open. “Better than nothing? I get the pity-fuck-story? That’s what it is? I’m not good enough to sleep with you, so you go out and fuck some random guy from the internet whose name you don’t even know, doing stuff I know you don’t like, and then tell me about it and it’s supposed to make me – what? Feel better? Happy? Horny? Knowing that I know what you like, I actually do like you, and that I could please you? And just to be clear here, I do like you. Maybe I’m not supposed to, maybe this’ll kill our friendship, but I don’t ‘just’ want to fuck you, I want to be with you. I want–”

He stopped talking there. He could’ve gone on forever, but he suddenly felt stupid and immature. He finally let his pack fall to the ground from his shoulder and just turned his head to the side, staring out across the stream into nothingness. ‘Yup,’ he thought to himself, ‘I probably just killed that friendship. Way to go Joshua.’

She was still confused. He had been the one that had told her not to fall for him when they first met. Unfortunately, she had, but never admitted it to him, and now has been well over it for a couple years. ‘I mean,’ she justified to herself, ‘we’re just not right for each other. He’s got to know that. We wouldn’t work out.’ But she didn’t want to lose him as a friend either.

It was clear after a couple minutes that he wasn’t going to say anymore. Both had forgotten any anger about getting lost. In fact, both had totally forgotten about getting lost in general. They were now solely focused on the two of them. She on trying to keep their friendship, he also, but hoping there is some chance he could be with her. She was the one that finally began.

“Look Joshua,” she paused there to take a breath. “Look, I like you, I love you as a friend. But we’d never work out. It’s not like I haven’t thought about it. Obviously we get along great. But sexually I am – well, you know what my sex life is like. And you’re, you know… well, you.”

He finally turned his head back to her. His anger was steaming inside him after that, but she could not see it through the look of confusion on his face. He did not understand her. Did she think he was not good enough for her sexually? Was he not open enough? Just because he hadn’t had girls where he could experiment as much as she does, or rather did, on a regular basis?

While trying to figure this all out, he stared at Lisa. He looked her up and down. From her girly sneakers (definitely not ideal for hiking), up her legs covered by a slightly loose pair of jeans, past the hoodie wrapped around her waist, up her generic white T-shirt with a slight cut through the neck and down the shirt a couple inches, her slightly exposed cleavage in that rip, covered eventually by what was obviously a grey sports bra, and finally to her face. He had seen her face a million times, but it suddenly seemed new to him. Her light brown hair tied up in a ponytail that went halfway down her back. Her clear, just barely tan skin (from real tanning he knew, no store-bought tan for her). Her beautiful hazel eyes staring at him with worry from behind those beautiful, natural eyelashes. Her pert little nose. Her shapely chin. Her cheeks, with just a hint of dimple showing. And finally her lips. Her beautiful lips. Not too big, but big enough to kiss. And right now they were just slightly apart, and he could almost see her breath going in and out between them. Just waiting to be kissed.

But then he remembered, she doesn’t like to be kissed prior to sex, she prefers waiting until she’s having sex or afterwards. She finds the kiss more intense that way, ‘more love in the act’ or something like that. So he wasn’t going to kiss her.

Instead he slowly reached forward to the top of her shirt, grabbing each side of the rip in a hand. And then he pulled down, hard ripping her shirt in half, remembering something she had told him once

Lisa had seen his hands come forward, but didn’t move. She was confused when he’d grabbed her shirt. And then he’d ripped it, and the mere act had the strangest effect on her. She felt herself get turned on. She had more than once dreamed of having a guy literally rip her clothes off before fucking her, not in a rough way, but in a rush, because he wanted her so bad. It had never happened. Had she told him about that fantasy? She couldn’t remember. She didn’t have much time to think about it though as she felt his fingers slip beneath the sides of her sports bra and pull upwards. She didn’t resist as she felt her arms get pulled upwards as the bra slid up over her chest, past her shoulders, over her head, and off her hands.

Joshua took barely a moment to take in the breasts he had so often heard about, so often thought about, but never had seen. He knew she didn’t like it when the guy just stared at her body, she felt it interrupted the sex, the feelings. He quickly dropped to his knees, and started licking her large areola until her large nipples stuck out. He knew they would eventually be a little over a centimeter long, because she had told him this before. She had also told him how much she loved having them lightly nibbled. Not bit too hard, not so much sucked, but light nibbling and pulling is what she said turned her on most, so that’s what he did.

Lisa felt her breaths quicken. Joshua was incredible on her nipples! It was exactly the type of nipple play she always wanted! Guys usually fell into one of three categories – nipple biters, nipple suckers, or nipple ignorers. She so rarely got to feel the light nibbling and tugging she was feeling now, with his fingers performing on one what his teeth were doing to the other. She felt herself getting wet while he worked her tits. She was getting wet faster than she could ever remember! It wasn’t long before she felt the hoodie around her waist fall to the ground and hands working at the buttons on her jeans. Then she felt his hands pull her jeans and panties to her ankles in one smooth movement. She always hated it when a guy would pull down her pants separately from her underwear, why waste the time and hold up the love? She was even more grateful today as she was only wearing cotton grey panties that matched her sports bra, nothing sexy that she would’ve wanted to be seen in. She barely had time to appreciate it as a slight breeze blew across her naked body, making her hips squirm from the suddenness of the cool air on her bare pussy. And then she was moving again.

Joshua had finally pulled away from Lisa’s tits after he dropped her pants. He quickly spun her around and lightly pushed on her back to get her to bend over. He got his first glimpse of her pussy between her legs, he had been too busy working her tits to look at her cunt when he’d first pulled her pants down. He could see her small inner lips peeking out only at the very bottom of her pussy and her clit sticking out from her outer lips a tiny bit higher up. Besides that it was just a straight line. Just like she had described it to him in many of her sex stories over the years. And while he could not see any hair now, he knew that she kept a little line of hair trimmed right above her pussy. The landing strip, she called it. But he ignored all of that for the moment, instead focusing on her pink rosebud that she felt always got ignored.

Lisa gasped as she felt Joshua’s tongue brush her asshole. She’d had anal sex and enjoyed it, and found that she liked having her asshole fondled as foreplay. Generally, it wouldn’t get her off, but it did turn her on. Unfortunately, most guys ignored her ass. Occasionally she would get one that would finger it, which was better than nothing. She’d always wanted to get her ass eaten, and asked a few of the guys that she thought might be willing, but none ever did. She must’ve told Joshua about that!

“Oh!” Lisa suddenly bent over further, grasping her ankles as she felt Joshua’s tongue push into her. Lisa closed her eyes as this new feeling of his wet muscle inside her tight ring flowed through her. She felt it as one of his hands left her hips and went between her legs to tease her nipples again.

Joshua kept working on her asshole for awhile, switching between pushing his tongue in and out and running his tongue in circles around its wrinkled edges. After some time, he heard her breath start to quicken, and he finally working his tongue down towards her pussy. He was about to run his tongue over her outer lips when Lisa abruptly shouted, “Wait!” He pulled back, and in mere seconds Lisa had stood, turned around, and grabbed the arms of his T-shirt and was pulling it over his head. Unfortunately, when it came off his head, Lisa wasn’t able to keep her footing with her pants around her ankles and fell backwards on her ass on the grass. She ended up on her back with her arms still holding his shirt above her head and her knees spread wide but her feet still together with her pants tangled around them. She started laughing and her sizable tits started bouncing. However nice that sight was though, Joshua’s line of sight was stuck on her pussy, which was now open for viewing with her legs as they were. Her large clit was sticking out over her tiny inner lips that could not even hide the hole between them. And sure enough, there was her landing strip right above the beginning of her slit. Unable to decline the invitation, Joshua crawled forward and started licking the inside of her thighs, slowly working towards the pink promised land, just as she had told him she liked it.

Lisa’s laughs abruptly changed to moans as his tongue touched her thighs. She didn’t move, she just laid there and enjoyed the sensation of his tongue on her. If it wasn’t for the tugging involved, she wouldn’t have even noticed Joshua pulling her shoes, pants, and then socks off of her. She loved being completely naked, and hated it when guys would fuck her while leaving any article of clothing on her. Or on him for that matter. It felt more sensual being totally nude. As she was thinking this she felt Joshua’s body squirming around between her legs as he continued to lick her. She looked down to see Joshua impressively pulling his watch off his wrist using the other hand while keeping his tongue circling closer and closer to her now very wet cunt. She saw him toss the watch aside, then reach down to yank off his shoes, then go to work on his belt all without lifting his head from her. He was licking up and down the inside of her outer lips by the time he got his last articles of clothing, his socks, off. When he was done, he brushed his tongue over to the bottom of her hole, moving into the insides of her inner lips. He slowly worked his way up and down, always stopping just short of her clit. Lisa had put her head back as soon as his tongue touched her inner most parts.

Joshua kept at it in her cunt, never touching her clit. He did bring one hand up to rub a finger through her ‘landing strip’ a few times. He knew from her stories that she loved the feeling of her pubic hair being rubbed, which is why she left the tiny strip there rather than shave the whole thing. He also knew she liked being held on the point of orgasm for awhile because, she told him, it made the actual orgasm more intense. Lisa had also told him once that one of her favorite activities as far as sex goes, one of her strange quirks as it were, was to get the ‘before and after’ taste of the guys dick. And so it was that as he felt Lisa start to breath quicker and push her hips slightly, that he pulled out and moved up to straddle her face. She was smiling at him by the time he got there, and simply lifted her head up as he pushed his dick into her mouth. He leaned forward so that she could lean her head back more, and he swore he could still see her smiling around his dick. He had one hand resting on the grass above Lisa’s head, the other behind him lightly pinching and brushing her nipples.

Lisa kept it short and pulled her head off his dick after only a minute or so. Joshua immediately caught the meaning and inched his way back towards her cunt, dragging his dick on her the whole time. Using his dick, he traced a line of her saliva from her bottom lip down her neck, between her breasts, into her belly button, and down to her cunt. She was so sensitive that she started shaking sometimes from the feeling of his wet dick dragging down her body. She could see him smile at her every time she shook. When he got down to her cunt, he finally touched her clit, brushing his dick past it and causing it to flick back up when he past it. This put her right on the edge of her orgasm, which was set off not a second later when Joshua pounded his dick all the way into her in one push.

Joshua watched as Lisa’s back arched and she screamed out his name. He didn’t stop though. He continued taking long slow strokes into her, nearly all the way out, then down to the hilt – just as he knew she liked it when she was in the midst of orgasm. She had explained to him in some of their many conversations how she liked short fast strokes when leading up to an orgasm, long slow strokes in an orgasm, short slow strokes after an orgasm. Unfortunately, most guys seemed to just do long fast strokes, which minimized the sensations for her. He was surprised at how long she was orgasming, easily going over two minutes. Finally, she started to lower her back towards the grass, and he started shortening his strokes in her, though still keeping them slow. When she finally appeared to regain control of her breathing and her body, Joshua finally let his body worry about itself. He quickly sped up, thrusting deep and hard into her. Within half a minute, he felt himself cum as he took one final thrust deep into her.

Lisa grabbed Joshua’s ass as she felt him start cumming and pulled his hips hard against hers, not letting him pull out. The feeling was incredible for her. No doubt it was great for Joshua too, who was emptying his balls deep into a girl he had known for several years and had lusted after for nearly two. But while he was experiencing his orgasm, Lisa was experiencing something else. It was a sense of comfort, a warm comfort that she was enjoying as she felt each shot go off inside her. This feeling was new to her. It wasn’t exactly sexual, though that was clearly a part of it. It was just something else, something good. When she felt his hips loosen against hers, she let go of his ass. Immediately, she felt Joshua pull out and move up her body, offering his freshly fucked cock to her mouth. Lisa eagerly accepted. She loved comparing the taste of a cock before having fucked her, to how it tasted after, covered in her juices and his freshly spent semen. She took the whole length in her mouth, sucking off the juices and running her tongue along the entire shaft and head wiping up their juices and swallowing them. She paid special attention to the underside of the head, right where it meets the shaft. That was unquestionably her favorite part of a dick to rub her tongue against. It wasn’t until a few minutes had passed that she realized the dick in her mouth had never gone limp after cumming.

Joshua was just as shocked as Lisa was that he hadn’t gone limp. He was usually good for two or three loads in one sitting with a girl, but never had he gone straight back to back without going limp, at least not since he had started screwing as a teenager. But he was damn horny now, not having faded one bit. Maybe it was just his pent up lust for the girl finally getting out. When he snapped out of the thought process, his eyes caught Lisa’s open bag on the ground just to the side of her head. Her insulated lunch bag had opened and fallen out. He smiled to himself as he recognized her favorite snack and a bottle of water. He slowly and carefully picked up her snack and hid it on the ground between her legs, a bit farther back. Then he grabbed the cool bottle of water and twisted off the top.

Lisa had felt Joshua moving, but didn’t make much of it as he didn’t seem to be pulling her suck toy out yet. Soon enough though, and slightly to her disappointment, he did pull back. She moved her eyes to his and kept his dick in her mouth as long as she could, moving her head up and forward as he pulled back. It wasn’t until his hard dick popped out of her mouth that she noticed the bottle of water in his hand. She gave him a questioning look, but he just smiled back at her as he sat back down between her legs, just below her pussy (little did she know he did this very carefully to sit between her and her snack he had put back there, blocking it from her view). Then she caught on to what was going on as he moved the water bottle over a nipple. She gasped and her entire torso tightened, her arms pushed tight into her side, and her knees bent up, even with her legs spread as they were, when she felt the cold water hit her nipple. She could feel her nipple tighten and it suddenly seemed like the rest of her body disappeared, except for the nipple.

Joshua enjoyed watching the nipple tighten into a hard knot atop her boob. The cool water made it far harder than even his nibbling had done earlier. Even more though, he enjoyed watching the tiny goosebumps appear all over her boob as it tightened up. Lisa had told him about a guy who had used ice on her nipples at one point and how it had made her nipples super-sensitive, leading to an intense orgasm as he fucked her. Joshua was hoping to repeat that experience, though cool water would have to suffice instead of ice. After having sufficiently doused one boob, he started on the other. That nipple had already tightened some in response to the feeling from the other, but he could see it get harder as he let a slow stream of cool water pour over it. Lisa gave a stuttering moan of, “Oh my fucking god,” when the water hit her other nipple.

Joshua laughed and said, “Yes I am!” He then shifted his hips, lined up his dick, and slowly pressed all the way into her wet cunt. Then he pulled all the way out. He put the water bottle down next to him, shifted his legs underneath her still upraised legs, and lifted her hips slightly. He then let go with one hand and lined up his cock soaked in her juices with her asshole.

Lisa had been confused when he’d pulled out after one stroke, but she understood when she felt his cock press against her back door. Two things went through her mind immediately. First, she realized she wasn’t likely to get an orgasm anytime soon. The cold nipples and ass fucking would get her hot and horny, but not enough to get her off. Hopefully he would eat her or fuck her to an orgasm afterwards. The second thing, and more immediate issue, was that they were not in a good position to ass fuck. That problem she could take care of. She pulled her body up and forward and put her hands on the ground behind her. Pulling herself up had caused the cool water that had pooled between her tits and on her neck to drip down her body, taking her by surprise and making her gasp. With her legs still spread and her knees bent up, she shifted all her weight onto her hands and feet while bending her body up more, lifting her entire body off the ground and causing her thighs and body to create a wide V-shape, with the bottom of the V being her asshole still lined up with Joshua’s dick. Then she forced her ass open and pushed down.

Joshua had not moved an inch from when Lisa started moving. At first he thought she was moving away and didn’t want to do anal right now, which confused him as she had told him many times about how she enjoyed anal, even if it was not enough alone to get her off. However, he quickly realized she was just repositioning herself, so he just lay still while she got ready. Then he felt her push down as his dick slowly slid up her backside. The first time she just took a couple inches before pulling up until just the head was in. Then she took an inch more the next. And an inch more after that. On the sixth time, Lisa dropped her hips all the way, taking Joshua’s dick to the hilt. She left her hips down with his dick fully inside her ass.

Joshua just closed his eyes for a moment. He was amazed at how tight it felt! While she was definitely not an anal virgin, no girlfriend he had ever had would even think about letting him take them from behind, let alone actually doing it. Experiencing it now, he had no idea how tight it would actually feel, or how good (and different!) the muscles on the inside of her ass would feel as opposed to the muscles of her cunt. He opened his eyes to see her staring at him between her bent knees. As he watched, she slowly pulled her hips up and down on his dick. He looked down to watch his dick sink in and out of her ass by no effort of his own. Realizing he wasn’t going to be doing any work, Joshua stretched his legs straight out under her body towards her head and leaned back on his arms. When he was done, he looked up to see her still smiling and staring at him. When their eyes met, Lisa sped up the speed of her back-thrusting ass. Both of them started moaning simultaneously. After about a minute, Joshua looked to see her head falling back behind her. He couldn’t see her eyes, which meant she couldn’t see him. He smiled and, shifting his weight to one arm, reaching for the snack he’d hidden behind him.

The feeling of her full ass was all Lisa was thinking about when she felt his fingers on her cunt. She didn’t bother looking up. She just smiled, keeping her head back, looking forward to the extra stimulation. First she felt two fingers enter her, then pull out. Then three, and out. She slowed down, but didn’t stop her hips to allow him easier access to her cunt. She felt four fingers in briefly but they were out also. Now she was starting to get frustrated. Then she felt something strange – he was using two fingers to hold her lips apart. And before she could look up, she felt something a little cool and bumpy enter her.

“What the–,” she began as she shoved her ass all the way down on Joshua’s dick, clenching her ass in response to the unexpected penetration of her vagina. But she saw what it was before she had finished talking. Pulling her head up to look down at her full cunt, she saw the cucumber she had brought for lunch a good three to four inches deep in her cunt. She looked up to see Joshua, who had one arm behind him holding him up and the other holding the cucumber. His eyes rolled back in his head and his mouth was in an ‘O.’ She then realized she could feel his dick pulsating in her ass, and that she still had her ass muscles clenched. She loosened them, and watched as Joshua’s eyes slowly came back. She saw him mouth the word, ‘whoa,’ but no sound came out. Eventually, his eyes focused in on hers. Her body may have recovered, but Lisa’s face was still in shock. Joshua just gave a one-shouldered-shrug and began pushing the cucumber in deeper. Lisa simply shook her head, made a quick smile, and dropped her head back behind her as she started moving her ass up and down on his cock again. As she thrust her hips up and down on his cock, she felt the cucumber begin to move in and out of her cunt. It wasn’t too long before she could feel the cucumber and Joshua’s dick rubbing against each other through the thin membrane separating her two cavities. She was just starting to get into a good rhythm when the cucumber suddenly stopped moving, though her hips had not. Then, before she had time to think about it, she moaned, her head jerked forward and her whole body tightened as she felt more cool water fall onto her tits.

Joshua gasped as he felt Lisa’s ass tighten around his throbbing dick, causing his body to jerk, which in turn caused him to spill more water from the bottle onto her chest. He could feel some of the water drip off her sides onto his legs, causing him to shiver, as well as seeing a small trail of water drip down her stomach, overflow her belly button, then drip down to her pussy, around the cucumber, down to her ass, and onto his dick. While he was entranced by that, he could also see her body lightly shaking from the cold, as well as her nipples tightening and tiny goosebumps forming again. His favorite sight, though, had to be the cucumber being slowly pushed out of her cunt as she tightened all the muscles in her body. He put the water bottle back down beside him, and just as the cucumber was about to come all the way out, he grabbed it and started pushing it back in. Right on cue, as the cucumber started entering her again, Lisa started lifting and lowering her ass on Joshua’s dick. This time she kept her head forward, though still with her eyes closed. As they got into a rhythm again, both started moaning. Joshua watched as the goosebumps faded from her tits, though her nipples didn’t appear to loosen up any. Then a brief breeze came by, causing the goosebumps to reform on her wet tits and eliciting a light moan from Lisa.

This continued for a bit, Lisa back-thrusting her ass on Joshua’s dick and Joshua thrusting the cucumber into her hot cunt. Every so often, he would let go of the cucumber and drip some of the water onto her chest, causing her body to tighten up. Lisa was amazed by how good it felt. Not only the thrusting feelings in her ass and cunt, but every time a breeze came by it felt like someone was brushing by her nipples. It was sensitivity overload! It wasn’t long before she felt her breath quicken and her abs start to tighten as she approached orgasm. She sped up her ass on Joshua’s cock, though not taking him as deep. At the same time, the cucumber changed into short quick strokes. The ever-reliable Joshua had known exactly what she was looking for again. She tried to hold off as long as possible, wanting Joshua to cum with her. But it was neither her ass nor the cucumber that finally set her off. Rather, while trying to hold back from orgasm, a strong gust blew by, setting off pleasant stinging sensations in her cold, wet nipples. And that was it. She threw her head back and screamed full blast as she stopped thrusting, arched her back, and sent a stream of cunt juice around the cucumber as she hit her peak.

Joshua felt her orgasm, and knew he wasn’t far off. The tightening of her ass around his dick as she came sent him right to the door of the point of no return. He switched to deep slow strokes with the cucumber, knowing that would make her orgasm more intense. At the same he pulled out of her ass and slid his body out from underneath her. Lisa either felt him moving or just had really good timing, because she fell onto the ground as soon as he was out from under her. He let go of the cucumber, leaving it halfway inside of her. He moved one hand to his dick and started furiously jerking off as he reached with his other hand to try and wipe the water off her boobs and stomach. He had only gotten a couple quick wipes over her boobs and just under them as he felt his orgasm hit. He threw his head back screaming Lisa’s name and his free hand dropped as his other rapidly pumped his cock. From standing on his knees between her legs, Joshua’s first monster shot hit the bottom of Lisa’s chin. The next five or six heavy shots landed on her tits, with one hitting a nipple dead on. The rest splashed onto her stomach and dripped down his hand onto her stomach, sliding over the water until it created little white drops in the small pool of water in her belly button. Joshua took a quick look at Lisa’s body covered in his cum. He was astounded he’d cum that much. He couldn’t remember ever releasing that much cum. He thought it must have been even more than his first load of the day that he shot inside her. Then, completely exhausted, Joshua collapsed on his side next to her.

Lisa could not believe how good Joshua’s warm cum felt on her chest. She remained lying down for several minutes just absorbing the warmth through her breasts. As she laid there, she wondered if he knew how good his cum felt on her cold body, if maybe he had planned it out. She remembered telling him about the feeling ice had created on her nipples, about how she would sometimes use her favorite snack as a dildo if she was feeling really horny, and even about taking two dildos in her two holes before (though she never had done even a real dick and a toy in her ass and cunt at the same time, and the few times she had done two guys at the same time, it had always been one in either her ass or cunt and the other in her mouth, she’d tried to get the two guys in her ass and cunt, but they never wanted their dicks that close to each others). And while she might’ve said she liked having cum shot over her at some point, it must have been ages ago. She couldn’t remember the last time somewhat had cum on her and she liked it. Lord knows she hated it when the asshole last night had done it to her. But this was different. This she liked. There was something else to it. Maybe it was just the heat, or maybe it was that he had screamed her name while shooting it all over her, but she thoroughly enjoyed having his cum on her and did not want to rub it off.

Joshua, meanwhile, was lying next to her lost in his own thoughts, if they can be called as much. For awhile he couldn’t even think, lost in the feelings he just experienced. When he finally could think again, he thought of whom he’d just experienced those feelings with, and the memory of the feelings suddenly became more intense and he was lost again. He was shoulder to shoulder with Lisa looking up towards the sky, at least they would’ve been if either had their eyes open. He could feel her stillness, and that somehow made him want to stay still in that moment longer. The only movement he made was to lightly thread his fingers between hers. He didn’t tighten his fingers, it wasn’t quite holding hands, he just laid his fingers between hers. A bit later, Lisa must’ve felt his fingers, and she closed her hand around his, now officially holding hands.

It was quite some time before either moved again.

Lisa was the one that started. She wiggled her arms up underneath her until she was leaning back on her elbows. She did a once over of her body. She smiled as she saw the cum still on her breasts, as well as the small pool of now-warm water mixed with cum in her belly button. She let out a small laugh when she realized the cucumber was still a little less than halfway in her. She noticed her hand still holding Joshua’s and looked over to see him completely naked on his side looking at her.

“Hey there.” It wasn’t much, but it was all Joshua could think of.

Lisa smiled and laughed, responding simply with a, “Hey.” They stared into each other’s eyes for several seconds before Lisa added, “Wanna help me out with something?”

Joshua laughed and let go of her hand, bringing it up to wipe his cum off of her. Lisa, however, quickly grabbed his hand to stop him. “No,” she said abruptly, “I like that.” Out of the corner of her eye, Lisa saw Joshua’s finally-limp dick jerk slightly after she said that. She saw a confused smile on Joshua’s face. “I meant could you help me with that.” As she made this last comment, she pointed her head down towards her cucumber-filled cunt.

Joshua apparently had not noticed it was still in there and laughed out an, “Oh!” He reached his hand down to grab the end of the cucumber. The second he did, Lisa’s body jerked and she grabbed his arm.

“Be careful,” she whispered, her eyes now closed. “I’m kinda sensitive down there at the moment.” If her eyes had been open, she would’ve seen the devious smile on Joshua’s face.

He crawled down between her legs and slowly inched out the cucumber. He watched Lisa’s body shake lightly with each tiny movement. She wasn’t kidding about being sensitive – she looked like she was just about ready to cum again! When just the end of the cucumber was in, he reversed directions, lightly pushing it back in. The jerk in Lisa’s body was unmistakable.

“I thought,” she gasped out, “that I told you… to take it out.” She may have been arguing with him, but it was clear her body agreed with him. She didn’t put up much of a fight and moaned as the cucumber bottomed out in her.

Joshua then started twisting it as he very slowly pulled it out. Lisa was moaning loudly now as her body was in constant quick tremors. Her tits were jiggling rapidly as her body shook. Joshua continued pulling and twisting the cucumber, and Lisa started shaking faster and harder, her tits beginning to blur they were bouncing so quick. She was right on the verge of orgasm and he knew it. This time, when the cucumber had just the end in, he jerked it out quickly and latched his mouth over her cunt flicking her clit rapidly with her tongue.

Lisa’s scream must’ve echoed through the whole side of the mountain. Joshua was treated to two quick squirts of cunt juice before she grabbed his head and shoved him to the side.

Joshua climbed back up to her side and leaned on his side watching her. She slowly flattened out, her body giving an involuntary shake every few seconds. Each times, the shakes came further and further apart until, finally, they stopped. It was at least another minute after that before she finally opened her eyes. Her eyes moved over towards him, but she didn’t move her head yet. In a quiet voice, Lisa said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shove you like that.”

Joshua smiled and responded with his own apology. “Well, I’m sorry I did that, but I just couldn’t control myself.”

Lisa quickly shot back a, “No!” Then she closed her eyes before continuing. “That was,” but she didn’t finish.

She tried again. “That was incredible.” A deep breath followed. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Another deep breath. “It was….” A pause. “A lot.”

Joshua looked at her worn out body still covered in his cum, then up to her face again. She had opened her eyes and turned towards him. Her look was like she was waiting for an answer she hadn’t asked. He took a shot at a response.

“Well, have you ever had a guy that liked you and tried to please you, rather than one that was just in it for himself?”

She didn’t hesitate in response. “Of cour….” She cute herself off mid-word. She turned her head back and looked up at the sky. It was a good half-minute before she continued.

“I thought I had. I really did. And maybe some of them did, but I’m not so sure anymore. Nothing – and I mean absolutely nothing – has ever been like that.”

She finally turned her head back to Joshua. He was at a loss for words. Lisa just smiled though, and announced, “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to take care of that,” angling her head down as she finished.

Joshua followed her head down and saw his hard-again cock poking her in the hip. He laughed. “I hadn’t even noticed.”

Lisa just stared at him and sarcastically stated, “Right, you didn’t notice your dick head poking into my hip.”

Joshua’s face became suddenly defensive, though only lightly defensive. “No really, I was so focused on you that I really didn’t notice. I honestly don’t know when I got hard again.”

Lisa stared at him in complete disbelief. Then a thought ran through her head, even if it wasn’t true (which it was, she just couldn’t wrap her head around it), that was probably the nicest thing anyone had ever said to her while they were naked with her – that they were so worried about her that they didn’t care about themselves. A big smile crossed her face.

Looking straight into Joshua’s eyes, she said, “Okay, either way, you wanna bring that big boy up here so I can take care of him?”

Joshua smiled and inched his way up until his dick was right next to her face. He looked down and Lisa shook her head. Then she happily announced, “On top please!”

Slightly confused but not about to ignore the request, Joshua lifted up and rolled his body over her face, his legs on either side of her body. Lisa pushed his hips up and pulled his body toward her head until the base of his shaft was lined up with her mouth, his head already inside it. She then began moving her head perfectly vertically up and down while running her tongue in circles around his shaft. She started off slow and shallow but was soon taking his entire dick in her mouth in rapid pumps of her head. Joshua started moaning and fought the urge to move his hips, trying to stay exactly as she had placed him. She continued for several minutes, occasionally stopping with his dick full in her mouth and swallowing so that the muscles in her throat massaged his dick head while her tongue pressed against the underside of his shaft. Then she would take a deep inhale through her nose and start pumping her head again. Eventually, she brought a hand up and rolled Joshua’s balls around in it. It wasn’t too long before Joshua’s breath quickened and her tongue could feel his blood pulsing through his cock, signaling an oncoming orgasm.

Joshua felt the cum build up in his balls. He knew he was about to explode. He also knew that Lisa hated it when guys came in her mouth. She had told him it wasn’t the taste, just their expectation that she should let them do it. And she would most of the time, though she didn’t know why. Joshua didn’t want to be one of those guys. For the first time since she had gotten him in that position, he moved. He jerked his hips up trying to get his dick out of her mouth.

Lisa put together what was going on the instant she felt his dick pull up. He really did want to please her! He knew she didn’t usually like guys cumming in her mouth. She must’ve complained about it a million times. But this was different. She liked him. She wanted to please him. She needed his cum in her mouth! And so she reached above his hips with one hand and held him so he couldn’t pull out. She then lowered her head so just his cock head was in her mouth and brought her other hand up and rapidly jerked the wet shaft. She felt her mouth try to smile around his dick as she felt the first spurt shoot against the back of her mouth.

Joshua knew that her hand on his butt wasn’t enough to stop him from pulling out. He could easily overpower her hand. More, it was the idea that she wanted to stop him, that she wanted to please him that stopped him from pulling out. It was that idea that really made him cum, though Lisa’s hand certainly didn’t hurt. His head lifted and he repeatedly moaned out, “Oh Lisa!” as he shot spurt after spurt of cum in her mouth.

Finally, he stopped cumming. Lisa held on for a moment longer, but let go of his dick with both her mouth and hand when she felt him starting to go flaccid. Joshua immediately rolled off to the side on the ground. He took a couple deep breaths, then worked his way down until he was face to face with Lisa. She was slightly on her side, propped up on one elbow, her head upright, smiling with her mouth closed at him. Joshua got completely on his side looking at her and whispered, “That was incredible. Thank you.”

In response, Lisa smiled big, opening her mouth, showing Joshua his cum still caught in her mouth.

Lisa didn’t know why she did it. She has always been an immediate swallower. But she liked having his cum in her mouth, and she wanted him to see that.

Joshua really didn’t know why he did what he did next. He had never had the urge to do anything like it before. In fact the idea of it usually grossed him out. But right now, it just seemed like the right thing to do. Maybe it was just because it was her.

So he leaned forward and kissed Lisa’s open mouth.

Her eyes had been open, so she saw him quickly lean forward, but she was still taken by surprise. She felt his tongue in her mouth, swirling his semen around her tongue.

And then she couldn’t hold back.

Never letting their lips apart, Lisa swung her body over knocking Joshua on his back, pressing her naked body against his, pressing his cum out of her mouth and into his.

And so they shared their first kiss.

Every so often they’d roll over, so the other was on top and the cum would drip into the other’s mouth, but their lips never fully separated. Eventually the cum had all either been accidentally swallowed or seeped out onto their faces, and they were simply kissing. Running their hands through each other’s hair and kissing.

It was several minutes before they stopped. They were on their side and neither one pulled back, they simply stopped. Joshua looked down at the tiny space between their bodies.

“That’s quite a mess you made!”

Lisa looked down. She had forgotten about the cum all over her body! How, she wasn’t sure, as she had apparently been running her hands through some of the cum that was now on Joshua’s body from being pressed into her for so long. His hands were even worse, totally covered in the cum that he had picked up as his hands had roamed over her body during their kiss. She was especially entertained by one strand of cum that was connected from her nipple to his bare chest. She laughed and looked up at Joshua.

“Technically,” she began, “I do believe you are responsible for ‘making’ that mess.’

Joshua lifted his head and laughed. Lying as he was, Joshua was on his side facing the stream with Lisa lying in front of him facing the opposite way. Suddenly, his eyes locked onto something on the opposite shore and his expression went blank.

Lisa caught his eyes and rolled over to see what he was looking at it. And then she saw it. Or rather, them. A middle-aged couple, both between forty and forty-five, on the opposite shore sitting on a rock facing them. The woman was smiling. The man was too, though his hand was on the woman’s jean-covered thigh. And Lisa was bare-ass naked facing them, with the remains of cum on her face, chest, stomach, and even some tangled in her landing strip. For a few seconds, she was frozen.

Then she lifted her hand up and waved. She was already totally exposed. Might as well, be pleasant. Joshua followed her lead and waved from behind her. The couple waved back, then got up and walked away. As they walked away, the man’s arm started around the woman’s shoulder, but his hand soon drifted to the woman’s ass. The woman then leaned in to kiss the man as they walked behind some trees and out of sight of the stream.

“That was kind of sweet, in a weird way,” Lisa announced as she rolled back over to face Joshua.

Joshua laughed. As he started to wipe some of the cum off his body with his hand, he responded, “Sweet as it may be, I think that’s one hell of an awkward end to all of this.”

Lisa quickly grabbed Joshua’s hand and licked the cum off of it. “You must be crazy if you think that’s the end to all of this!”

Joshua’s eyes went wide staring at her. She couldn’t help but laugh. She started wiping the cum off her own body with her hand, then licking her hand dry.

When she was done, Joshua still hadn’t moved, he was still staring at her. She laughed, happily exclaiming, “You look like you just won the lottery!”

Joshua shook his head and finally came back to the real world. “I think I’d pick this over the lottery any day.”

Lisa stared back at him. She suddenly felt very girly. She knew it was a cheesy comment. An incredibly cheesy comment. Probably one of the worst she’d ever heard. But still, why did she feel her eyes starting to water? Not wanting to be caught, she leaned in and kissed Joshua again, their first non-cum-filled kiss.

When she was sure she had control over her eyes, Lisa ended the kiss and pulled back. Joshua hadn’t noticed. Lisa smiled back at him. They were still lying on their sides, and Joshua’s hand had moved to her side when they had kissed. He now let it slide down and gently cupped her upper breast.

Lisa laughed as if she was being tickled and pulled back, sitting up. “Hey now,” she announced, “No more of that for now. You can take care of that, and I’ll take care of this,” she patted his slowly hardening dick, “when we get home.” Joshua had rolled onto his back and was looking up at Lisa’s sitting body. She couldn’t help but smile.

“For now though,” she began again, “we have a long walk back, and should probably get started.”

And so they both finally got up. They cleaned up a bit, using the stream and Lisa’s torn T-shirt as a washcloth, and then putting their clothes back on. Lisa had to wear her hoodie zipped up on the way back, that or walk back in just a sports bra for a top, which she elected not to do. Joshua kept apologizing for ripping her shirt, though Lisa kept insisting she didn’t care. Or rather, she insisted that she enjoyed it greatly and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Joshua still apologized though. After getting dressed, they had lunch on the grass. Lisa pulled out a knife she had brought to cut up slices of the cucumber, which they both shared, and enjoyed to a great extent.

There was some light discussion during lunch. Lisa marveled at how incredible Joshua had been, asking him why he never told her he was like that. Joshua answered her honestly, saying that none of his girlfriends had been open enough to try some of the things they had just done. He also didn’t think he’d ever liked someone as much as he liked her, so the motivation wasn’t there to perform. They moved on from that to wonder how long that couple had been watching them for, concluding that it didn’t really matter. If they’d even seen the end with them rolling around and kissing while covered in cum, they may as well have seen it all. Lisa also admitted to telling Joshua sex stories because she thought they turned him on. She told him now how she had hated last night, and she had called him because she needed someone she knew, someone who could make her happy. She had only pretended to like it because she thought he’d like the story better that way. He called her out on that. And of course the conversation went back to their new favorite topic, the events of the past few hours.

When they had finished their lunches and repacked their bags, they finally headed off into the forest to get back to Lisa’s car. As they went into the woods, Joshua put his arm around Lisa’s shoulder. As they walked further into the woods, Joshua’s hand drifted down. When it finally landed on Lisa’s butt, he gave it a quick squeeze. Lisa threw her head back and laughed. Then she leaned up to kiss him as they walked around a tree, and out of sight of the stream.


2014-06-14 13:45:02
A real joy to read this, yes it was not all about sex nor all about love but of course it does had both and lots more, I look forward to more along these lines from you. Thanks for a a great read.

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2014-03-07 20:38:04
Wow, another fantastic offering from you SGal, you make everything natural and erotic, romantic and horny, realistic and fantasy all at the same time, a rare and accomplished quality , you have my heart and my pussy fluttering, I loved it, and am going off to have a nice cum thanks, Luvsalik xx

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Cz2ck3 Thanks so much for the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

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I think this is the best story I've ever read on this website. The romance part hit me just in the right places as I have myself long lusted over my best friend who happened to be also my first love. And I just hated how she told me everything about such other guy hitting on her. ^^

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If the other couple were older, or even them being that age I like to think its them in the future watching where there relationship truely started. Fantastic story!!!!

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