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School Time!
"I wanna fuck you like a dog," Tina hissed, her voice
slurred and dreamlike.

No one heard her say that. She was alone in her small
bedroom, laying naked in the dark, staring at the
ceiling. She was only now slowly realizing that she'd
awoken from her dream and that her left hand was
softly cupping her pussy.

She closed her eyes, not caring that she was awake,
and continued thinking of Derek, the school bus
driver. In her fantasy she was squatting over him
naked, getting ready to press herself down onto his
hard cock. She was talking dirty to him-- she was
being dirty for him. And he was talking really dirty
to her, calling here all sorts of names like slut,
whore, bitch, cunt, twat...

The fantasy jolted her body when she thought of being
treated this way.

"Uh--- OH God!" she panted in reality. That had done
it: the thought of her being his little dirty girl, of
taking his (imagined) huge cock inside her as he
called her filthy names.

The orgasm was strong and rippled across her young
body as she bore down on it, pressing her index finger
farther up inside her vagina. Her muscles tensed as
she enjoyed the climax, then she relaxed. The fantasy
quickly faded away and Tina withdrew her finger, wiped
it on the bedspread, and stared happily at the ceiling
for a long moment. Then her mind began thinking of her
real life situations: School. Daddy. Joey.

All of it was shit, boring stupid shit. School was a
nuisance; her dad was an asshole; Joey was a
disturbing problem. She didn't want to think about any
of it.

Soon I can leave, she thought to herself. She closed
her eyes, pulling the covers around her young nude
body. Just a couple more years...

Suddenly she jumped up from bed. "SHIT!" she cried,
looking at her clock. It was already 8am!

She threw off her covers, quickly grabbed the most
convenient outfit from her two-drawer dresser, and ran
out of her room. She was naked but that didn't matter
since her dad had left the day before.

She got to the bathroom and quickly showered, pissed-
off with herself for oversleeping.

"I'm going to be late, I'm going to be late, I'm going
to be late," she muttered as she scrubbed herself
down. "FUCK!" she cried out, slamming her hand against
the shower wall in frustration.

Fifteen minutes later she was dressed, her hair was
reasonably brushed, and she was running out the front
door of the trailer.

She sprinted across the trailer park, backpack in tow,
cutting a direct line to the bus stop. When she got
there, the last kid was getting on. She waved stupidly
at the bus, but was too short of breath to yell.

The bus driver, a menacing looking middle-aged man
(the same she'd woken up masturbating to), glared at
her as she approached. He wrinkled his brow and began
to say something but stopped himself.

Tina bounded the steps into the bus and muttered,
"Sorry," not wanting to look into his eyes.

"Stupid kid," she heard him curse in annoyance as the
door hissed close behind her.

A moment later she was sitting next to her friend,
Michelle, near the back of the bus. "Hey," she was
greeted as she sat down.

"Hey," Tina replied, collapsing into the seat with
relief and exhaustion. "What's up?"

"Nothin'," Michelle yawned. "Rough night or

Tina rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right. I was up late
finishin' that fucking Biology paper. Took forever!"

"Yeah," Michelle nodded. "What'd you do Saturday?"

Tina blushed as she remembered Joey. "I, uhm... I
worked out, then I had to baby-sit that brat next
door. His stupid mom didn't get home until six, and
then my dad said I couldn't go out 'cause he thinks
I've been stealin' his beers... asshole."

"Haven't you?" Michelle asked, grinning slightly.

Tina scowled. "Well, yeah! But, he usually don't care!
I put money in the grocery jar too and..." Tina
stopped speaking and glanced at Michelle, who was now
snorting, trying not to laugh.

Tina grinned, too, at herself. "Okay," she nodded,
"Whatever! I stole beer and got caught... And what'd
you do Saturday, Miss Perfect?"

"Nothing much," Michelle shrugged, still grinning in
amusement. "I did go to that one party, though, over
at DJ's?"

Tina nodded, jealous that she hadn't been able to
attend. "Who all went?"

"A few, I guess. Let me think... Well, duh, there was
me and Melissa and Lengths... When we got there, just
DJ and Spider were there, but an hour or so later
Terri and her sister showed up. Then a bunch more... I
dunno, I was wasted by that time!"

"Anything interesting happen?" Tina asked, curious.

"Not really," she shrugged. "I got high with DJ and
Dean, like really high, and Dean tried to get me to
fuck him. We made out a little but I was like, 'That's
it!' when he tried unzipping my pants." She grunted in
disgust. "Loser!"

"Sounds like a good time," Tina said, trying not to
pout. She loved partying with her friends, and it had
been nearly three weeks since she had.

"So," Michelle grinned wickedly, lowering her voice.
"Are you wearing any?"

Tina grinned, too. "Nope! You?"

"Nope," Michelle laughed. "See?"

Tina watched as Michelle, a lean, well-tanned girl her
age with melon-sized breasts and long, sexy legs,
pulled out the waist of her jeans enough to give Tina
a peak.

Tina looked down her friend's pants. Sure enough,
there were no panties.

"Here," Tina said, doing the same thing with her denim
shorts. She glanced around nervously as Michelle
looked, making sure no one was watching. She felt a
tingling of excitement, as she always did, when
Michelle peaked down.

"Cool," Michelle grinned. Both girls giggled. "Day 25!
And no way I let you win!"

The two girls had started a little competition a month
before, betting who could go the most days in a row
not wearing panties at school. It was stupid and
childish, both knew, but both were too stubborn to

The rest of the ride was spent gossiping on the
relationships of their friends, something Tina wasn't
much into. When they got to school, the teenagers
filed out of the bus slowly and entered the building.

They parted ways right away, both heading to their
respective lockers. As Tina walked down the crowded
hall she felt a hand on her ass.

She spun in place. "What the FUCK!" she snapped.

It was Leon Gray, a senior whom she'd dated for a
while during her freshman year. During that time he'd
more or less treated her like shit until finally
cheating on her. After she found out, it was him who
actually dumped her, since Tina had wanted to stay
with him. That had been humiliating.

It probably would have been a while before she got
over it, but then he began spreading stories about
her: rumors which were still told and of which Tina
was very much aware. He'd told people that she liked
drinking down his cum, that she'd jerk him off at the
movies or anywhere else he wanted her to, and that she
would blow him while he drove all the time. All of
this was true, more or less, but it pissed her off
that he'd tell anyone who'd listen about her
activities. It gave her a trashy reputation, and she
couldn't stand him for it.

"What the hell do you want!" she hissed, forcibly
pulling his meaty hand off her ass.

He laughed. Getting close to her ear he whispered,
"Come 'ere for a second!"

He gripped her upper arm and pulled her, nearly
knocking her over, after him. He opened the door to
the media room and the two slid in together, hardly
noticed by anyone.

Alone now, Tina shook his hand away. "Shit!" she
cried. "What are you doing, Leon!"

"Here," he grinned excitedly. "I have something to
show you!"

He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a

Tina groaned inwardly. Shit! she thought. If it was
what she thought...

She snapped it from his hand. It was what she'd been
afraid of: a picture of her, a year ago, lying buck
naked on his bed, pressing her tiny breasts together
and smiling.

"You ASSHOLE!" she said in despair. "I thought we
burned these..."

He grinned, crossing his arms over his chest. "I
thought so, too. But I was cleaning my room yesterday
and found four of these lying under my bed. They must
of fallen off that day we made them..."

She spun around and closed her eyes. Shit! That day,
they'd both been drunk, and fucking around (and
eventually fucking) in his bedroom. They'd taken a
couple dozen polaroids together, mostly of her just
posing naked for him. The next day she'd come back to
his home and told him she wanted them destroyed. He
hadn't argued, and she'd watched him gather them up
and then burn them.

"You asshole," she said again, turning back to face
him. "You did it on purpose, hid them..."

"No," he said sternly. "No way! Seriously, I just

"I want them, all of them!" she yelled, glaring at
him. She brushed a strand of hair out of her face as
she took on her most intimidating stance. "NOW!"

He shrugged. "What will you give me for them?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

He got close to her again and his voice lowered. "Come
on, Tina. You know what I want... for old times sake?"

"You've got to be kidding!" she laughed, stepping away
from him. "No way!"

He stepped toward her, getting closer than before. He
was looking down at her and she could feel his breath
on her forehead. "Oh, don't tell me you couldn't use a
good fuck... you always liked my cock, I know..."

She felt his hand at her waist, caressing her gently.
She stood still, wrestling with conflicting emotions,
but didn't push him away.

"Leon..." she said. "Seriously, I don't want to..."

"Shh," he whispered. "Yeah you do... just one good
fuck... tell me you don't want to..."

"I don't," she said, voice wavering as his hand slid
under her tight t-shirt. Still, she didn't push him
away. Because the truth was, she could use a good
fuck. She hadn't had sex in over a month, and that had
been with Joey, who always came in under a minute.

"I don't believe you," he whispered, his hand sliding
farther up her side, right up to her bra.

"We'll get caught," she hissed, looking past him at
the door.

"Here," he whispered. He pulled her after him across
the room, then through a revolving door and into the
dark room. Inside it was pitch black before he hit a
light, casting a reddish glow over the room.

"There's no class here today," he explained softly as
he resumed his fondling of her. "They're on a field
trip somewhere..."

Tina sighed as his hands circled her waist and slid up
under her shirt. She felt her body going limp as his
fingers dragged across her spine: he knew just what to
do to get her excited.

The thought of having sex in school was just too
exciting, and things were moving so fast, and it just
felt so good. Despite her better judgment she found
herself suddenly thinking, "Fuck it!"

She let the polaroid fall from her hand as she pressed
her body against his. She started pulling up his shirt
as he did the same to her.

A moment later, both breathing hard, the two teenagers
re-entangled their bodies, which were now both
topless. She felt her breasts, covered by her bra,
press against his naked chest as they kissed heatedly.

He began pushing her back into a corner then lifted
her up and sat her on a counter. Next to her was an
enlarger, which she was soon gripping when her ex-
boyfriend's crotch began to grind against hers.
Ripples of pleasure emanated from her pussy and her
legs spread wide apart.

They broke off their kiss, and Tina knew what was
next. He stepped back from her and began eagerly
unbuttoning his jeans as she did the same to her
shorts. She slid the denim shorts down her dangling
legs and kicked them to the floor, then stared
wantonly at his red-hued body, naked, his large cock
sticking out from between his legs.

She slid her naked butt forward on the cool, dark
counter and spread her legs invitingly. He was smiling
at her.

"I always loved your skinny little body," he said.

"Just get over here!" she panted.

He obliged, stepping between her spread legs and
gripping her waist with his hands. With him holding
her now, she draped her arms over his shoulders and
stared down at his penis, bobbing between her spread
legs, so close to her hairless cunt.

She squirmed forward on the counter, positioning
herself. She spread her legs wide, then reached down
with one hand and gripped his cock.

Suddenly she panted, "Do you have a condom?"

"No," he replied, "but I haven't fucked anyone nasty."

Again, the same thought struck her: Fuck it!

"Good enough for me," she muttered as she placed the
head of his cock at the lips of her naked pussy.

A rush ran through her at the sensation. Both
teenagers paused a second, then he slowly pushed
forward with his hips, sinking his penis into her
slick hole.

"Oh, fuck," she sighed in a long, deep breath.

Leon just grunted as he struggled to get all of his
cock inside her small body. It was a tight squeeze,
and Tina pushed her pelvis forward to help. When it
was far enough in, she let go of him and leaned back
again, her head now resting back on the wall. She
placed her hands on her inner thighs and pushed them
farther apart, trying to make it easier. Pain and
pleasure was radiating through her body as the
teenager's hard cock finally squeezed fully into her.

She felt so slutty, suddenly, which made her feel even
hot for some reason. Here she was in the school dark
room, sitting on the counter getting fucked by a guy
she hated! She groaned loudly as he began slowly
fucking in and out of her body.

She felt an orgasm building, sparks of excitement
jolting through her with each thrust he made.

I'm finally getting FUCKED! she thought desperately.

She wrapped her legs around him, her ankles crossing
behind his back, just above his ass. She
absentmindedly played with her breasts as she squirmed
on the counter, his hands still firmly around her
waist as he continued to fuck her.

She panted and grunted along with him as the slapping
sound of his thrusts joined their sounds of pleasure
in the small, red-dimmed room. He was pistoning his
cock into her incredibly fast now, so fast it was
almost painful. But then she found herself letting out
a long, soft mewing sound. She was getting ready to

"That's it, oh yeah, take it you little slut," he
hissed at her. "You like my cock in you, whore? Fuck!"

"Oh, GOD!" she cried. He'd never talked like this when
they were dating!

She realized he had no emotional attachment to her
now, though. She was just a slut who needed to get
fucked by him, whereas back then they'd been boyfriend
and girlfriend...

"Here I cum, bitch, I'm gonna cum!" he cried.

Suddenly she came as he slammed his dick all the way
inside her, harshly, and she made a high-pitched
squeal as he did. Her body tensed then trembled as an
orgasm, a real orgasm, rocked her body for the first
time in months.

But he hadn't cum, she suddenly realized. Just as she
wondered at this she felt his hard dick pull out from

"What are--" she panted breathlessly, when suddenly
she knew.

Before she could say anything to stop it he began
squirting his cum over her belly, tits, and pussy.
Long streams of cum stuck to her soft skin as he
grunted, jerking himself to get the last of it out.

"Ah," he groaned, when it was done. "Couldn't... cum
in you, no condom..."

Her orgasm, still a warm, fuzzy feeling in her body,
didn't stop Tina from managing to angrily slide off
the counter and yell at him.

"I'm on the PILL, you fucking IDIOT!" she cried. She
looked down at her body. "You came all over me!!!"

He chuckled. "Yeah, I did," he said. "Whoo, that was

He began to get dressed.

"FUCK YOU!" she yelled. She grabbed her clothes,
stepped away from him, and began to dress.

Her back to him, she looked around for something to
wipe the cum off with. There was nothing. Not knowing
what else to do, she began to rub the cum into her
skin. It would be sticky, but better than if she got
it on her clothes.

When she was done dressing she stepped out of the
darkroom, the polaroid that had started this
"encounter" in her now sticky hand. Leon was waiting.

"I want the rest of those pictures, NOW!" she demanded
in a low, hard voice.

"The other three are at home," he said, a grin on his
face. "Feel free to come over any time and earn the

His laughter filled the room before he opened the door
and headed into the now deserted hallway.

Tina's lower lip began to tremble. She walked across
the room and sat down at a table and thought to
herself, Why did I do that?

And then she began to sob. She felt miserable and
disgusted with herself for allowing Leon to pretty
much use her. How could I be so weak? she wondered

Minutes ticked by as Tina's despair grew. But then,
quite suddenly, she calmed down. She managed to
convince herself that nothing that bad had just taken
place: she'd fucked him before, so it wasn't that
slutty to do it again. And besides, she'd been horny
still from the waking-masturbatory session she'd had,
and frustrated from the length of time it'd been since
her last good fuck. Leon had just been lucky enough to
make his move with her in such a confused state.

"Chalk it up to experience," she softly said to

She stood up, checked her appearance in the mirror (a
little disheveled but otherwise fine), and smiled.

No way I'm fucking him again, she thought
determinably. But if worst came to worst, she could
SAY she was going to... then steal the pictures!

The thought of the massive blue-balls he'd have after
something like that made her smile genuinely as she
exited the room.



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ur fuckin gay.
Great storie


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so fucking gay


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i luved it it made me cum


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