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Years ago I realized that there was no point in working for The Man. Instead I decided to open my own business and work for myself. Why work to pay for someone else? Anyway, the reality of my self-employment is that I get to spend a fair amount of time in my local cafe. That is where I met Maria.

I noticed Maria the first time I went into The Coffee Shoppe. I knew she was some sort of Asian, but I could not tell what her background was. She was medium complected, and about five foot six. She also had very nice breasts that looked to be about C cups. Her hair was cut in a nice bob, and she favored v-neck shirts and long skirts. Although it is always difficult for me to guess the age of Asian women, I guessed she was in her mid-40s.

I was always very attracted to Maria, but maintained a friendly, slightly flirty distance from her. After all, I did not want her to think I was one of those creepy guys who hung out at cafes all day and hit on the women working there. Because of this, I was surprised that after I'd been going to the cafe for about six months, Maria asked if she could sit down with me one day. The cafe was empty, and Maria had already cleared all of the tables from the morning rush. I, of course, immediately made space for her and invited her to have a seat. I was still wary of making a misstep though.

As it turned out, Maria was as curious about me as I was about her. We chatted for a while, which eventually led us to start talking about our backgrounds. It turned out that Maria was from the Philippines, but was mixed Filipino and Chinese. She came to America in 1974, when she was a 17 year old. She also explained that she had married a 30 year old American military officer, and that her family had approved, although she was only 17, since she would get to move to America, and because he was a good, conservative Catholic. According to Maria, there were two types of American men in the Philippines looking for wives. Conservatives looking for "good" girls, and guys looking for "sexy pearls of the Orient." Her husband was the first type. Then the lunch crowd took her away, and I headed home.

This conversation was very interesting, but also sort of depressing. Maria was married, and a conservative Catholic lady. Too bad. Although I had not really pursued her at all, it was nice to think about. I laid down and masturbated thinking about Maria, but had trouble thinking of her doing anything but standard missionary-position sex. I finally broke down and watched a Lily Thai video to cum (boy, did that work!)

A week or so later I was back in the cafe during a dead period. Again Maria decided to sit down again. I was not sure what we would talk about, but Maria had plenty to say. She explained that her husband had been dead for ten years, and that she could not believe how much her life and outlook had changed in the past decade. Then she asked me if I wanted to have dinner with her. Maria asked ME out! I quickly accepted and she gave me directions to her apartment. She said that she would cook a Filipino meal, and all she wanted me to bring was myself, and a decent bottle of white wine. We set the date for the following Saturday.

On Saturday Maria made a delicious meal, and we talked for hours. It was very pleasant and very chaste. After all, I knew the husband was dead, but thought she was still pretty conservative. I didn't want to blow any chance I had. About the time I was considering making an exit, Maria started to tell me about her transition to the United States. We had consumed two bottles of wine by that point. Maria was only 17, and didn't know anyone in America but her husband. However, she met a number of other Filipinas in the area. These women took her under their collective wings, and helped her navigate American shopping, driving, and other tasks. They also started to educate her about sex. Some of these women were the "sexy pearls of the Orient" and their husbands had provided them with sex manuals (1974 versions, of course). Maria was shocked at the sex manuals, but realized that they also made her horney. Finally, one of the older women taught Maria how to masturbate to relieve the tension.

I was sitting there with a raging hard-on, thinking about Maria being "taught" to masturbate by another women. There was no way I could, or would, get up to leave right now. Maria then looked over at me, smiled sheepishly, and said "I think I am a little drunk." Then she reached out and rubbed the front of my pants. She smiled, grabbed my cock, and said "why don't you stay a while?" I smiled back and said that I could stay all night. Maria stood up, looked over her shoulder at me, and flipped her head to say "come with me." She didn't have to tell me twice. I followed her straight into her bedroom, hard-on raging.

The bedroom had a king-sized bed and a flat-screen television at the foot of the bed. Maria turned around and ordered me to strip. I was surprised but started to. Meanwhile, she started a movie on the television. I was too transfixed as Maria started to strip to notice the movie. Maria was 52, but her body was great. Her breasts had small, hard, dark nipples that stood proudly on her C-cup breasts. Her stomach was flat, and her legs curvy and strong. Her pubic hair was trimmed neatly, but with a nice bush still visible. I was naked, and my cock was as hard as could be. All 8 inches were raging and ready to go.

Maria walked toward me, and said very sternly:

"Do you like what you see?"

"Yes. Very much" I replied.

"Get on your knees, then" she said.

I was surprised, but ready to do whatever it took to fuck this woman. I knelt down. Maria strode up to me, grabbed my hair, and pushed my face into her cunt. She smelled wonderful, and tasted fantastic. She ground herself into my face and humped my face while I licked up and down her slit and nibbled her clit. When I reached for my cock, she stopped.

"I did not tell you to masturbate" she said.

I stopped instantly. Maria smiled and started to hump my face again. I wanted to dive into her cunt, but she was in control. Suddenly Maria stepped back away from me and walked over to the bed. She got down on all fours and said:

"Come over here and lick my cunt and ass. Make me cum and we will talk about what we do for you when I cum."

She dropped down to her elbows so her ass was high in the air. I wrapped my arms up through her legs and grabbed her sweet ass. I pulled her ass open and started running my tongue around her asshole, lapping her cunt, nibbling her clit, and tongue fucking her. She ground back into me, driving my chin into her cunt while I licked her asshole. She grunted and groaned while I reached forward to rub her long nippled. When she finally came she shot come into my face while I drove my entire face into her cunt and ass. My cock was throbbing so hard I thought I would pass out.

Maria fell forward and flipped onto her back. I had a great view straight up her pubic mound, up her belly, and between her breasts. She smiled at me and started to rub her clit. I was transfixed again.

"Do you like eating my ass and cunt?" she asked.

"Oh my God. You are so fucking sexy" I replied.

"Have you noticed the movie yet?" she inquired.

I had not noticed the movie yet, but looked over now. On the screen a woman in thigh high latex boots was sucking a man's cock deep into her throat. She had her index finger up the man's asshole and was massaging his prostate gland while he sucked his cock. Her other hand held his balls in her hand, and she periodically squeezed to keep the man from cumming. He was in delicious agony.

"Are you ready to submit for your pleasure?" Maria asked.

I nodded yes, not yet knowing what that meant. I did know that I wanted Maria to make me cum though.

She told me to lay on the bed, on my back, and close my eyes. I did. I heard a drawer open and close. A blindfold was put over my eyes, and I felt a cold latex glove wrap around my cock. Maria squeezed my cock hard. It felt incredible. Then I felt a pinch on my right nipple at the same time I felt my cock plunge into her mouth. My eyes rolled up and I gasped. I could feel her teeth nibbling on the head of my cock, and the latex glove sliding down toward my asshole. She slipped her bare fingers into my mouth and a latex covered glove up my ass. I had never been penetrated before, so I tried to relax and enjoy the experience. I understood the pleasure when Maria sucked my cock all the way to the back of her throat as she massaged my prostate. I felt my balls empty into Maria's mouth, which was still wrapped around my hard on. I could feel her throat swallow as each spurt of cum shot out of me.

Finally Maria slipped her finger out of my asshole and slid up my body, kissing me so that I could taste my cum in her mouth.

"You submit very well, for your first time" she said. We are not done submitting yet, though.

I was pretty sure that was true . . .


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