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A normal concert-goer becomes a silly little groupie
NOTE: This is my very first sex story, so forgive me if it's kinda crappy to you.

Tina’s Night With Dethklok

First of all, let me give you a brief background about Tina. She is a young woman of about 21. Moderate height. She has long black hair with blood-red highlights and has pale white skin. Her body is one to die for. 32-DD tits, and just the right amount of ass. Not too much, yet not too little. She tends to go for a Goth-metal look. She was a true metalhead chick. Sweating, moshing, headbanging and crowd-surfing was her life. And she knew she’s never give it up . . .

Tina awoke in a dark room, laying on a couch. She didn’t know exactly where she was or how she had gotten there. All she remembered was the concert and how brutal it truly was. She assumed she’d gotten knocked out cold by one of the more hardcore moshers . . . Now here she was, trying to see through the thick darkness to figure out where she was.
“Where am I?” She asked.
Then out of the darkness came a low, growling, gravelly voice. “You’re at Mordhaus.”
Tina fell off of the couch in surprise, looking around. “Who was that?”
“That was me,” said the voice.
A light was suddenly turned on and Tina was staring directly into the man’s eyes. She could not believe her eyes. “Oh my GOD You’re . . . you’re Nathan Explosion ” she cried.
It was indeed Nathan Explosion. Standing there, tall, brooding, his long, black hair half in his face.
“That’s me,” he said.
“I’m at Mordhaus? How . . . how did I get here?”
Another voice answered her from behind. “We saw yous out colds in fronts of the stage. We didn’ts want to leaves you theres, so me and Nathan brings you heres.”
She looked around, and as she expected, there stood the world’s fastest guitarist, Skwisgaar Skwigelf. “I hopes you are okays,” he said.
“I think I’ll be just fine,” said Tina. “I just can’t believe I’m in the same room with you guys. I mean, you guys are the most fucking brutal band in the world ”
“We gets that a lots,” said Skwisgaar, laughing.
“Of course, we rarely meet girls who are into brutal mosh pits like you seem to be,” growled Nathan. “I could clearly see you in the crowd. You were kicking some serious ass in there.”
“Was I really?”
“You sure were,” came a third, rather thickly-accented voice.
Tina whipped around to see who it was this time. The blood-red locks told her it was none other than Pickles the Drummer.
“Pickle, who invited you intos our conversations?” Skwisgaar said coldly.
“Ah, piss off, you douche bag,” said Pickles.
Tina laughed, but stopped when she noticed that Skwisgaar was looking at her strangely.
“You looks likes a soon-to-be-MILF,” he said slyly. Tina shuddered. She was not a soon-to-be-MILF, but she did agree that she looked like one. Anyone who knew Skwisgaar Skwigelf knew that he had an obsession with MILF’s, G-MILF’S, and soon-to-be-MILF’S . . .
Tina had gotten lost in her thoughts for a few seconds, when she came back to her senses, she became aware that Skwisgaar was rubbing her tits and his face was just an inch from hers.
“Skwisgaar, what are you – Ow ” she squealed as Pickles slapped her on the ass. Skwisgaar then grabbed her and locked his lips onto hers. As much as it stunned her, she wanted him to keep going, but he suddenly stopped.
“No, don’t stop,” she sighed. Skwisgaar just stopped kissing so he could take her shirt off. Nathan then went behind her and unclasped her bra. Her 32-DD tits sprang out.
“Those are beautifuls,” said Skwisgaar, caressing Tina’s tits as he continued kissing her. She then felt Nathan start sucking on the back of her neck. Pickles then knelt down and started unzipping her jeans. She could feel herself getting wet, especially as Pickles ran his fingers up and down her stomach.
“Wow, you’re getting wet already,” sniggered Pickles as he pulled her jeans down, exposing her sexy black panties. Skwisgaar moved to the side and began stroking her hair. Nathan kept kissing the back of her neck as if he were a vampire. Tina stepped out of her jeans as Pickles stood back up and took his shirt off. He had a very slight build, but not nearly as much as a certain member of the band. He then went down and started sucking on her right tit as Skwisgaar took his shirt off and started on her left. She moaned loudly and sat back down on the couch.
She couldn’t believe it. Here she was at Mordhaus, getting her titties sucked by a badass drummer and the world’s fastest guitarist. Nathan then yanked her head back and lowered his mouth to hers. The feel was great; she had fantasized about this a few times but never thought her fantasy would become a reality. As the kissing and sucking continued, she reached down and massaged her pussy. She moaned into Nathan’s mouth. Her ecstasy continued for about five minutes until –
The kissing and sucking stopped as the four of them looked up in surprise. There, at the door, was William Murderface, the band’s bassist. To their disgust, he was completely naked. Tina never had that many fantasies about Murderface, knowing that he was rather pudgy and hairy. But knowing that he sometimes used his dick to play bass gave her the impression that he could put it to work.
“Murderface ” yelled Nathan. “What the fuck are you doing . . . naked? ”
“Uh . . . ,” Murderface stuttered. “Well . . . , um– who’s that?” He had just noticed Tina.
“Um, I’m . . . Tina Smith,” she said nervously.
“Short-terms memories, Murderface?” said Skwisgaar, laughing. “This is the girl we founds afters the concert tonight.”
Murderface looked at Tina with interest. “Can I join in?” he asked.
Without even waiting for an answer, he came over and knelt down in front of Tina, as the other three continued what they were doing. She felt Murderface run his fingers along her inner thighs and moaned. Before she knew it, Murderface had pulled down her panties to reveal her warm, wet pussy.
“Oh, Goddamn,” she groaned as she felt Murderface’s tongue flick her clit. Not exactly the one she usually fantasized about, but looks can be deceiving, she thought as his tongue darted in and out of her cunt. This combined with Pickles and Skwisgaar sucking her tits and Nathan ravaging her mouth was almost enough. Murderface then inserted two fingers into her pussy as he continued eating her out. Now she was being finger-fucked, and after about five minutes, she couldn’t hold herself back and she squirted her orgasm allover Murderface’s face. Apparently this took him by surprise as he jerked back and fell on the floor.
“Holy shit!” he exclaimed.
“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” she said, panting.
“Well, that pretty much seals your fate,” said Nathan. “You’re gonna be our little groupie tonight!”
“Oh shit,” gasped Tina, now recovering from her orgasm. “I’ll gladly be your little slut.”

Nathan then took his clothes off, walked around and sat down on the couch. Tina rolled over and straddled his stomach and started kissing him again. She ran her fingers through his hair with one hand and felt him up with the other. She was slightly turned off by to fact that he was rather paunchy, but the fact that she pretty much idolized him waved that aside. This continued for about a minute and then she knelt down in front of him. She stared at the 8 inches of dick in front of her face for a few seconds and then took it in her mouth. ‘Oh my God,’ she thought. ‘I’m sucking Nathan Explosion’s cock!’ After a minute or so, she really got into it and deep-throated him.
“Oh, FUCK!” growled Nathan. She reached up and touched him, rubbing his nipples. Meanwhile, Skwisgaar went behind her and knelt down. She felt him rub her wet pussy and shuddered. After a little bit, Skwisgaar scooted up and placed his dick right at the entrance of her cunt.
“I thinks you are goings to likes this,” he said, a note of slyness in his voice. And then he slid his dick up her pussy. Tina moaned around Nathan’s dick which caused him to growl in pleasure again. She could feel hands caressing her tits again and know they had to be Pickles’ and Murderface’s. Skwisgaar went at a slow pace at first, then he picked it up gradually until he was more or less ravaging her. She moaned in ecstasy as she continued sucking Nathan’s dick, every now and then coming up to breathe and then continuing, licking his balls and gooch before deep-throating his cock again. Pickles and Murderface started jerking themselves off while watching the m?ge ?rois. Tina continued bobbing up and down on Nathan’s cock while pushing back on Skwisgaar’s. She could feel another orgasm building up, and the way Nathan was starting to moan, he was getting close as well.
“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” he yelled as Tina licked the tip of his cock which was pulsing with pre-cum.
“Oh, cum all over my face!” moaned Tina. She sucked for about ten more seconds and then Nathan yanked her off. With an almighty yell he sprayed four jets of his warm, white cock juice all over her face.
“Fuuuccccckkkkk!” he yelled. Tina licked the hot spunk off of her lips and what was dripping down her face. She then leaned in and licked off what was left on Nathan’s cock.
“Brutal,” Nathan growled.
As he sat there panting, Skwisgaar pulled out of her and turned her over onto her back, lifted her legs, and resumed fucking her pussy. Pickles, still standing over her, scrunched up his face as he jacked his cock for a few more seconds before spewing a huge load of cum all over her tits and stomach. Murderface followed soon after. His orgasm didn’t seem as strong as Nathan’s or Pickles’. She rubbed the spunk all over her tits and her stomach as Skwisgaar fucked her hard and fast. It wasn’t too long before he pulled out and shot his load onto her tits as well, just as she had another orgasm herself. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, apparently not caring that some of Nathan’s cum was still in her face.
“That was great,” snickered Skwisgaar.
“Oh God,” breathed Tina, running her fingers through Skwisgaar’s hair.
“Good! My turn,” said Murderface, pushing Skwisgaar off of her. Skwisgaar scowled up at him as he knelt down over her face, positioning his balls over her mouth. She stared up at the hairy sack above her and licked it a couple of times. His balls were sweaty from his manual stimulation, but it didn’t stop her from being turned on; she was INCREDIBLY horny now. Murderface slowly lowered his sack into her mouth as Pickles knelt down at her feet. Pickles spit into his hand and rubbed it onto his dick. He then rammed himself hard into Tina’s wet pussy. Tina squealed in pain for a second, but it calmed down once he started pacing himself moderately. Meanwhile, she continued sucking on Murderface’s balls. Again, it wasn’t exactly what she fantasized about, but the fact that Pickles had started fucking her pretty hard kept her going. She could feel herself cumming again as Murderface pulled his sack out and replaced it with his dick, the dick that was a damn good bass player. She sucked like a whore while Pickles continued ramming himself into her. After about five minutes, the two men switched places. Now she was sucking Pickles’ dick while being pussy-fucked by Murderface. Pickles with his 9-inch dick was a little more satisfying. He turned around so that he could massage her tits. She could then see that Skwisgaar and Nathan were standing over them masturbating. Pickles flicked her nipples a few times which made her moan with great pleasure. She grinded her hips up against Murderface as he fucked her harder and faster.
“Yeah . . . suck that big cock . . . ,” moaned Pickles as she sucked like a whore. “Yeah, suck it, you little bitch.”
This really turned Tina on. Anytime she had sex, she hoped that the guy would talk dirty to her. She found it EXTREMELY sexy.
“Yeah, ya little cock slut,” Pickles growled.
This sent her into overdrive. She suddenly deep-throated his cock and grinded against Murderface even harder. Just as she had another orgasm onto Murderface’s dick, Pickles screamed as he shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed every drop, and as Pickles got off of her, Murderface pulled out and jerked off the rest of the way. He ejaculated his spunk onto her at almost the same time as Nathan and Skwisgaar did. She lay there in ecstasy. She had finally lived her fantasy, partially anyway.
The four guys dropped down onto the couch, their dicks now limp. Tina got up, her legs slightly weak from the multiple orgasms.
“Oh my God, that was so GREAT!” she said.
“Yeah,” said Pickles. “You’re a top fan in my book now.”
They all laughed loudly, but suddenly, a fifth voice, irritated, sounded from behind them.
“Oh greats, I misses outs on alls the funs. You guys never invites me to fuck a slut. How typicals!”
Tina gasped. She knew EXACTLY who this voice belonged to, and she was wondering when he was going to come out. The five of them turned around, and . . . there he was, Skwisgaar’s Scandinavian brother of deception, and the second-fastest guitarist in the world . . . Toki Wartooth!
“Oh, umm– hey, Toki,” said Nathan nervously.
“Don’ts you ‘Hey, Toki’ me!” he snapped. “Why you gots to leave me out of this?”
“Dude, calm down,” said Pickles. “Maybe if you’d come in here a little earlier, you could’ve gotten your chance.”
Toki stood there, scowling. Tina stared at him and was overcome by lust. He looked so sexy, standing there, tall, angry, his long, brown hair hanging down either side of his face. And his mustache. She found that REALLY hot . . .
“Wait, what time is it?” Tina suddenly said.
“It’s about 4:00 A.M.,” said Murderface, looking at a clock on the wall.
“Oh shit!” exclaimed Tina. “I gotta get home! And it’s like an hour away from here!”
”There’s a bathroom right over there,” said Nathan. “You can go clean yourself up.”
Tina went into the bathroom and washed the cum and juice off of her body and face. She thought to herself, ‘Wow, I’ve just been fucked by the most brutal band in the world! I’m honored!’
She then went back into the room.
“Hey Tina, Toki’s outside in his car. He’ll take you home,” said Nathan. “Put your clothes back on.”
Tina got dressed, thanked the guys for a wild night, and went outside to meet Toki. There he was, sitting in his car, still looking slightly bad-tempered. She walked up and got in.
“Those guys,” said Toki harshly as they pulled out and started down the road. “You knows, sometimes I can’t stands them. They tends to really piss me off.”
“People are like that sometimes,” said Tina, lighting up a cigarette. “My friends are like that, too sometimes. They leave me out of a few things.”
“Yeah, well, I guess that’s life,” said Toki in a disappointed voice.
“Oh yeah,” said Tina, remembering something. “Why were the guys so nervous when you came in?”
“Because they’ve seen another sides of me,” said Toki. “A few weeks ago, we was at a Snakes N Barrels concert.”
“You mean the band Pickles used to be in?”
“Yeah. There was this crazy motherfucker behinds me, and he keeps yellings in my ears. He was annoying the hell out of me, Skwisgaar and Nathans. I tells him to calms down, but he keeps screaming, screaming, SCREAMING! I hads enough of its, and . . . wells . . . I guess my Norwegian black metal demons came out. I kicked his ass so bad, I thoughts I would kill him.”
“Wow,” said Tina. “You really ARE a Norwegian badass! How brutal.”
“The guys have new respects for me nows,” said Toki with an evil smirk on his face. “I wish one of thems would start jerking me arounds!”

They drove for about 45 minutes, talking. Tina could barely take her eyes off of Toki. So young, so handsome. She wanted more than anything for him to fuck her. He was the main guy that she had fantasized about. She felt her pussy getting wet again at the thought of getting fucked by Toki Wartooth...
“Oh shits, I haves to takes a piss,” he said suddenly. They seemed to be on a boondock road, one that ran along the edge of a river. As there was no nearby mini-mart, Toki pulled into a deep, desolate wood. Tina could see the city lights across the river. What a beautiful sight it was...
“I’ll be rights back,” he said, getting out of the car. She felt the cool autumn breeze kiss her skin and she shivered slightly. As Toki was doing is business, she heard a phone ring somewhere. It must have been his as he picked one up from his waist.
“Hellos,” he said. He talked for a minute or so, some in English, some in Norwegian. Tina noticed his voice growing angry again and after a while, Toki hung up his phone and stormed back to the car, slamming the door as he got in, another heavy scowl on his face.
“That stupid fucking dildo jerkoff!” he snapped, breathing heavily.
“Who?” asked Tina nervously.
“Skwisgaar!” said Toki furiously. “He’s always wonderings where I ams, sayings I takes too longs to get back home.” He let out a low growl. “I hates him... seriously.”
“Just calm down, Toki,” said Tina in a coaxing voice. He turned to look at her, still looking very moody. His blue eyes pierced her own and almost instantly she was hypnotized.
“How the fuck can I calms down?” said Toki coolly. “That stupid dildo never gets offs my case! He is always so–”
Tina could not hold herself back. She threw herself at Toki, wrapped her arms around his neck, and locked her lips onto his own. After a few seconds, Toki backed off, apparently caught off-guard. There was a few seconds of silence, and then Toki leaned in and spoke softly to Tina.
“I have never kissed lips likes yours. They are so... so...”
But whatever they were, Tina didn’t find out. Toki pulled her back towards him and started kissing her again. Tina moaned as his tongue found its way into her mouth. They were making out like crazy, swapping saliva and tongue. Tina loved it, and hoped it would go further.
“I want to fuck you, Toki,” she heard herself say unexpectedly. Toki pulled off of her and stared for a few seconds. Then a sly grin spread across his face.
“Gladly,” he said in a low voice. He climbed into the back seat as Tina took her shirt and bra off. She then climbed in the back, and Toki took his shirt off.
Unlike the other members of the band, who were either fat or too skinny, Toki was RIPPED! His body seemed to be chiseled out of stone!
“Oh my God, you are SEXY!” gasped Tina, unable to take her eyes off of Toki’s buff physique.
“I hears that a lots,” chuckled Toki. “I’m used to its now.”
Tina leaned in and sucked on Toki’s neck like a vampire. Toki sighed and groaned as she did so. She couldn’t stop touching his hard body. She moved down and started licking his chest, getting lost in the moment. She licked at his armpits and bit at his nipples, making him throw his head back in ecstasy. She spent a good minute kissing and licking his torso up and down. Suddenly, Toki pulled her back up.
“I would very much likes to licks your pussy,” he whispered. With that, Tina sat up in the seat and took her pants and underwear off. She shivered slightly; it was still a bit cool in the car, but she was sure things would heat up VERY soon. Toki knelt down, parted her legs, and lowered his face down to her crotch.
“You smell so sweet,” he hissed, and then he plunged his tongue into her already wet twat. It came so suddenly that she felt as if she were about to orgasm at that very moment. On and on Toki went, as if he were trying to get his entire tongue up her hole. Every now and then he would bite down on her clit, causing her to moan in pain and pleasure. He reached up and fondled her tits, which sent her even more towards the edge. Toki then looked up at her.
“Sucks my cock,” he growled. This sent shivers down Tina’s spine. She had always wondered how big his dick was. Toki sat up and removed his pants, revealing his erect penis. Tina stared it with a dropped jaw. 12 ½ inches long and about 2 inches thick!
“Whoa!” she exclaimed. She couldn’t wait to have that in her mouth.
“You likes whats you sees?” said Toki, the sly smirk back on his face.
“Very much,” said Tina, still eyeing the massive member.
Tina got up and Toki lay down and stretched out on the seat. Tina got on top of him facing away from him so that they were in a 69 position. She felt Toki’s tongue in her cunt again and then lowered her head towards his dick. Thinking to herself ‘My life will never be the same again,’ she took him into her mouth.
“Ooh yeah...” grunted Toki as she slowly lowered her lips around his dick and started to suck. She went slowly at first and then picked up her pace, swirling her tongue around the head. She could feel the air around her getting hotter as the oral sex progressed. After about five minutes, she had another orgasm all over Toki’s chest. The force of it on her body caused her to nearly choke on the big dick in her mouth.
“Aahhh...keep goings!” yelled Toki, moaning.
“Sit up,” said Tina seductively.
He sat up in the seat and Tina proceeded to suck him off. She reached up and rubbed her pussy juice all over his chest and stomach. Again, she found herself unable to keep her hands off of him.
“Ah... oh... I thinks I’s gonna cum!” yelled Toki. Tina sucked harder and about five seconds later, Toki let out something that sounded like a war shout.
And with that he busted a huge nut into Tina’s mouth. She swallowed every drop of Toki’s spunk as he groaned with relief.
“Wowee!” said Toki, panting as he recovered from his orgasm. “That was the best blowjob I’s ever gottens!”
Tina wasn’t really listening, though. She had taken to licking Toki’s washboard abs and chest again, licking her own juices off. This caused Toki to regain his erection. In fact, looking down at it, she could have sworn it was bigger than last time.
“Fuck my pussy,” she sighed, laying down on the seat. Toki, covered in sweat, positioned himself between her legs and teased her slit with the head of his swollen cock. A moan of combined pain and pleasure escaped her as he penetrated her, sliding easily into her and then back out. After about ten seconds of this, he was completely inside her. He started pumping, slow at first, then faster and faster. Tina moaned with each thrust in and out of her cunt. It felt SO good. Tina’s mind was in overdrive. She was getting fucked by a famous Norwegian badass, Toki Wartooth at that!
She came back to her senses when she felt Toki’s hair in her face and his hot breath on her neck.
“You likes that, little slut? Yeah, you likes that, don’t you? You a dirty little whore,” growled Toki. There it was again; the dirty talk that turned her on so much.
“Oh, fuck me!” yelled Tina, feeling another orgasm coming. “Fuck me hard!”
After about 30 seconds, she came again, just as Toki pulled out of her pussy.
“No,” gasped Tina, disappointed. “Don’t stop.”
Toki sat back in the seat, again flashing that mischievous grin at her. “Sucks me off again, slut,” he said. Tina smiled back at him and obeyed. Taking in his 12 ½ inches, she could taste her own cum once again. She massaged his balls as she bobbed up and down, making him moan really hard, and in what seemed like seconds, he shot another load of cum down her throat. Tina laughed quietly as Toki leaned back against the seat, panting and drenched in sweat.
“Oh FUCK!” Toki exclaimed. “You ARE a freak! That’s hot....”
Tina licked sweat off of Toki’s chest for a few seconds, until Toki said, “Turn arounds, slut.”
She turned around, facing the window, looking out at the river, but was quickly brought back to life by Toki ramming himself into her pussy again.
“I thinks you are REALLY goings to like this one,” sniggered Toki. Tina moaned as he kept fucking her. But Toki didn’t plan on staying inside her pussy. Once he had lubed up his dick well enough, he pulled out and then placed it in the center of Tina’s asshole.
Tina gave a small gasp. This completely caught her off-guard; she had been fingered in the ass before, but had never been fucked there.
“Wait,” she said hurriedly. “Toki–”
“Shut up, Tina,” he said in his lower voice. He teased Tina’s ass with his huge prick for a few seconds before pushing it into the virgin hole. Tina cried out in pain but then felt Toki’s hand over her mouth and was silenced.
“Shh. Just relax,” he whispered in her ear.
He gripped her waist and continued to slowly fuck her asshole. Tina was wincing with the pushes, trying to relax as he pushed further in. Suddenly he shoved all the way in and Tina let out a loud scream. Toki quickly shot his hand to her mouth again.
“It can’ts hurt THAT bads,” he chuckled evilly.
Tina panted for a minute, sweating and moaning in pain, but finally managed to relax. Before she knew it, Toki had gone to work fucking her ass. The feel of it was great; her back against Toki’s chest, her tits getting fondled by Toki’s right hand, her pussy now getting rubbed with his left, and her ass getting ravaged by that foot-long member. She pushed back on his cock, making him moan. He started sucking on the back of her neck as he fondled and fucked her. He then inserted two fingers into her little cunt and started finger-fucking her.
This sent her body into hyper drive. She was getting ass-fucked by the man she had fantasized about for months! This was certainly the pinnacle of her life–
A hard slap on her ass brought her back to reality again. Toki was still fucking her arsehole like a savage. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy along with him. Within five minutes, she had squirted an orgasm bigger than any she’d had tonight! And Toki still continued to rip her ass apart, but from the moans that escaped him, Tina could tell he was not far from cumming either.
“Oh, cum in my ass, Toki!” she yelled. “Shoot that load into my shithole!”
“Oh, that’s what you wants?” grunted Toki as he fucked even harder. “Gets ready!”
They yelled and screamed and rocked the car violently, and after about 30 seconds, Tina felt Toki’s dick spasm inside her ass as Toki let out another great yell. He had succeeded in stealing her anal virginity. Tina had now lived her complete fantasy.

The two of them collapsed onto the car seat, panting and drenched head to toe in sweat, Toki’s cum dribbling out of Tina’s sphincter.
“That,”said Toki a minute later, reaching down and pulling his pants back on, his dick hanging limply in front of him, “was the most brutal fuckings I’ve have ever takens a part in.
“Me too,” said Tina, reaching for her clothes, and putting them back on.
They climbed back into the front seat and Tina ignited another cigarette. The windows were obscured with steamy mist. Toki didn’t even bother putting his shirt back on; it was extremely hot in the car now.
“What times is it? I needs to takes you home.” asked Toki.
Tina looked out towards the horizon, where the sky had lightened to deep blue. She glanced at her watch.
“It’s about 5:30. If I’m in any later than 6:00, my brother’s gonna kill me.”
“I’ll haves you theres in no times,” said Toki with a grin.
“Wait, I wanna take some pictures,” said Tina, pulling out her phone and making Toki go slightly red.

Over the next ten minutes, Tina took several pics of her and Toki, and some of Toki himself.
‘My friends are gonna be SO jealous!’ she thought as she looked at the pics.
Soon she felt herself growing extremely tired and told Toki to go ahead and take her home. They arrived at her house about fifteen minutes later.
“Well, here’s my stop,” said Tina.

“Thanks for a great nights,” said Toki softly.
“So I guess I’ll see you at another concert,” Tina laughed.
“I’ll be lookings for yous,” said Toki, grinning.
They stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, then leaned in and engaged in one last kiss, a really wet one. It only lasted about a minute, but for all Tina could imagine, it was a month at least. Finally, she got out of the car.

As she reached her front door, she turned around. She flashed the devil horns at Toki who flashed them right back before pulling out and heading back down the road into the early sunrise sky.

Ten minutes later, she lay in her bed with her eyes closed, reliving her sexual experience with Dethklok, and the truly brutal fucking she’d received from Toki.
‘They’re my all-time favorite band,’ she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep. ‘And I fucked each one of them. But I’ll DEFINITELY never forget that super hot fuck with Toki! I can die a happy woman now...’

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