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I was just sitting there observing the nature of the bare breasted women in the neighborhood. Their nesting ritual is really quite interesting.
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Sitting Quietly In The Dark

Since my wife died I like to sit out on my porches. I spend time on both my front and my back porches. The shrubs have grown up rather nicely and I am almost invisible if I don’t move around or make too much noise.

I observe the birds and the bees as they build their nests. I watch the dogs and cats go about their business with an occasional bunny rabbit or skunk thrown in for good measure.

Then of course I observe my fellow humans. Now there is the real fun. I even took to keeping track of them in a notebook.

My neighbor Ralph on the right, as you face my house from the street, has a beautiful wife and two attractive teenage daughters. He rents the house because he cannot afford to buy one. He also likes to drink, yell at his girls, and hit his wife. Ralph is a low life, a drunkard, and he works in an oil-changing store for minimum wage. He will never amount to anything and he certainly doesn’t deserve his wife. Marcy is about thirty to thirty-five years old, very pretty, and she is a great mother. Their daughter Carol just became a teenager recently. Carol made sure to tell me and the rest of the neighborhood that she was thirteen years old. Her younger sister Debbie is about ten years old, I think.

On my left are Sam and his wife Stacey. He is a bank executive, doing fairly well, and a kind man. Stacey is about forty years old and they have two children. Timmy is eighteen and a senior in high school. He should be going off to college in the fall. Ashley is sixteen years old, very athletic, and a cheerleader. She always speaks to me and brings me a cookie whenever she bakes some.

The two families are as different as night and day. I have known Sam and Stacey for about twenty years and I remember when Timmy and Ashley were born. They still call me Grandpa B out of respect rather than as a true relative.

Ralph and Marcy only moved in a couple of years ago and he is an asshole. The only time I hear him speak is to yell at someone and Marcy is afraid to come out of the house most of the time.

The kids find my back lawn a neutral place to play. I have no trees, no flower gardens, and the only shrubs tend to hide my porch. I do have a big playhouse way out back that my children used to play in. I have to crawl through the three-foot door but once inside I can stand up. It is about twelve feet by twelve feet in size. I put in underground wiring at the time for an electric light and electric baseboard heaters on cool days. I even put in a surveillance camera at the time behind a knot in the wood. It was not meant to invade their privacy it was more of a way to check in on my children.

Timmy and Ashley used to spend a lot of time playing in there. It was their secret hideaway. I still remember when they used to play doctor. He was about twelve and she was about ten. Ashley would lay back and open her legs up for her brother. He would remove her panties and poke around in her pussy for a while until she made him stop. It was one sided because he never showed her his cock. When he was fifteen and she was thirteen he got to check out her tits about once a week along with her pussy but by then he had to let her inspect his cock in return.

Ashley and I had a very unique relationship. She told me everything and I do mean everything. She would tell me all about playing doctor with her brother as soon afterwards as she could. I never let on that I had seen it all. I even coaxed her into making him show her his cock. Ashley would tell me about catching her father coming out of the shower or grabbing her mother’s tits when he thought that no one was watching him. She also told me about seeing her mother Stacey nude almost every day. She and her mother shared one of the bathrooms each morning and would be naked while taking a shower, using the toilet, coming their hair, and applying their makeup. Occasionally Ashley would bring me a pair of her mother’s used panties.

Ashley started taking other boys back to the playhouse when Timmy moved on to other girls. Often during the summer Ashley would ask permission to have a sleepover in my playhouse. Those sleepovers got better and better as the girls got older.

Last year when Ashley turned fifteen things really started to heat up. She told me that she liked sex with girls just as much as she did with boys. She enjoyed a good sixty-nine with her girlfriends and a good fuck from their brothers.

During that last sleepover of the summer in my playhouse Ashley invited three of her girlfriends that had brothers. Just after dark when the coast was clear the four boys snuck in. Then the fun began. The girls stripped naked and let all four of the boys fuck them all night long. I found it very exciting to watch. Ashley had sex with all four boys including her brother and with the other three girls too. The next morning she could hardly wait to tell me all about it.

Then out of the blue Ashley asked me if I wanted to have sex with her. Of course I wanted to have sex with her. Who wouldn’t? Ashley was beautiful, she had black hair to the middle of her back, and she had pretty big boobs for her age. They were quite round and full compared to her girlfriend’s boobs. To me they resembled half cantaloupes. She had a very nice full butt too.

She took me up the stairs but I had to tell her which door to go in. I decided that she should use my daughter’s old bedroom. It was clean, neat, and very feminine. Ashley wasted no time getting naked for me. She even stood there naked and let me admire her nude body. She was even prettier than she had been on the surveillance camera. She coaxed me to get undressed quickly so that I could have sex with her. Oh I was definitely going to have sex with her but not on her terms. She obviously liked it quick like a bunny, cum and go, bim bam thank you mam. Possibly she didn’t know any better. I was going to enjoy torturing her with my tongue, my lips, and my fingers for a very long time before giving her my cock. She would be begging me to fuck her for real not just wanting it or demanding it like she just had.

I removed my clothes and got on the bed with her but then I just kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her some more. I felt of her nice firm young breasts, I tweaked her hard little nipples, and I sucked on them too. Then I went up to her neck and found that she was very ticklish on the left side of her neck. So I tortured her for a minute before moving back down to her breasts. Then I kissed her some more, tickled her neck and sucked her nipples before going down to her belly. After I had enough I went back up to her sweet lips and worked my way back down again this time stopping at her pubic mound. The teasing was working like a charm. Ashley was starting to beg me to fuck her but I wasn’t ready too, yet.

I made another trip up her body and back down before I kissed her clit. Up and down again got her my tongue in her sweet pussy and was it ever sweet too. I though about just eating her but I couldn’t do that to myself. I was definitely going to fuck this sweet piece of angel food cake. After another trip up and back I tongued her asshole. After that I just kept making trips up and down her body worshiping her pussy.

Stacey wasn’t a whole lot older than Ashley was when she first moved here. I remembered seeing her sunbathe topless with my wife on more than one occasion. I was secretly in love with Ashley’s mother, not that Ashley was second best by any means. After all, Ashley was naked and letting me abuse her body before fucking it. Once I had my fill of that lovely teenager I slipped my cock into her. She was every bit as wet as I had know her to be and my cock filled her. I knew that I was slightly larger than other men were, because my wife had told me on several occasions. She had liked to wander and I didn’t mind as long as she always came home to me. She always did.

Ashley was back to begging me again but this time she wanted me to stop, to stop giving her so much pleasure, no way was I going to stop doing that. I loved torturing that sweet teenager. She made mention of my size, how much I filled her pussy, and how other boys would not be able to satisfy her ever again. Yes! I had succeeded in my quest. Ashley would be back again and again after that day. After filling her pussy with cum I looked at the clock and smiled. I had spent over twenty minutes in her pussy. My wife also liked my stamina.

The next morning Stacey came by for a cup of tea. It was something that she had done in the past but I was a little suspicious after fucking the hell out of her daughter the afternoon before.

She never was one to beat around the bush so she said, “Ashley told me what a fantastic lover you were. I came over to see for myself. My husband and son just aren’t doing it for me anymore.”

I replied, “Stacey I have dreamed of this day. I think I fell in love with you the first day that I saw you moving in next door.”

She blushed and said, “If only I had known I wouldn’t have waited this long to ask you. Well are you going to take me upstairs or not?”

I smiled and sipped my tea. It was still too hot to drink and I was in no hurry. I knew that Stacey had given this a lot of thought already so I figured that I could entertain a few thoughts too.

So I asked, “Are you in some kind of a hurry like your daughter was?”

Stacey replied, “No not at all I have all the time in the world. Sam went to work on a Sunday and Ashley knows exactly where I am. She’s keeping her brother busy. After he fucks her he usually goes down to the park to play basketball with his friends.”

I smiled and asked, “Will Ashley be joining us today?”

She smiled and said, “No. I wanted you all to myself today but if you like I can certainly arrange for a threesome with her. You just want to see us eat each other’s pussy, don’t you?”

I replied, “Well that thought had certainly crossed my mind. However, I really want to slip my cock from the mother’s pussy to the daughter’s pussy like I used to with my wife and our oldest daughter.”

Stacey got a sad look on her face and said, “I’m sorry. I miss your wife too but certainly not as much as you do. Can I become a substitute wife for you? At lease sexually. I can come over as often as you need me too.”

I asked, “What about Sam?”

Stacey replied, “He won’t mind. He already shares me with our son Timmy and I share him with our daughter Stacey, his secretary Mary, and his girlfriend Donna.”

All I could say was “Wow! You guys sure get around, don’t you?”

Stacey smiled and sipped her tea before saying, “Yes, but we are very careful too. We are all drug and disease free. Sam and I and both kids get checked out every now and then just to make sure. I certainly know who I’m fucking but I don’t know about the other five, especially Mary and Donna.”

Once we finished our cup of tea I took Stacey upstairs. I decided that we should use my bedroom since she wanted to be my substitute wife.

Since she and Ashley had already talked about me I decided to do the same thing to her and make her beg for it. Beg she did...she begged me to fuck her…she begged me to never stop fucking her.

That night she arranged for her daughter and her to share Sam’s bed and my bed on alternating nights. Sam and I took turns fucking and sleeping with his wife and daughter. I even gave Mary and Donna some thought too but Stacey was not willing to share me with anyone other than her daughter. So I decided not to tell her about Ralph’s wife Marcy letting me fuck her too. Marcy has talked about bringing her daughter Carol into my bed too for another mother daughter threesome. I can hardly wait.

The End
Sitting Quietly In The Dark
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