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What happens when two close friends get horny on a hot summer day?
Authors note: This is my first story. Be kind. I'll write part 2 if it is recieved well.

Also: This is a rather slow paced story. If you want something different, read something else.

- - - - - -

I'm Audrina. 15, with red curly hair, brown eyes. I'm short, only about 5'3. I'm curvy, with big breats and a round, firm ass.
But my middle has a bit of flab, and my thighs are bit meater then I'd like...but whatever.
I look better then most.

This story is about me and my bestfriend Serena's first sexual encounter together.

It was a sunny, hot summer afternoon. The sky was the palest blue and the sun was bearing down was just the sort of day that you sometimes wish didn't exist.
You know, the sort of day that you start to wish for a breeze, the sort of day that
makes the kid with the pool in their yard the most popular.
Unfortunately for me, however, no one had a pool in my neighbourhood.
And even if they did, it was too hot to leave the air conditioned house.

So, I sat in my room. Wearing a tiny pair of hiphugging white shorts and a
green tanktop, browsing things on the internet.
There wasn't really anything to do, and I was starting to get bored....
and horny. Out of habit a hand started to gently find it's way down
towards my crotch, the hand on the mouse clicking towards a porn site.
I sifted through the titles, finally settling on one.
'Hot lesbos in the bathroom'

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a lesbian. I've had a few boyfriends,
all of which were very pushy when it came to sex. And that just
kind of makes me wish I could find someone that I would want to be with and give
my virginity to.... and if that someone happens to be a girl,
so be it.

I hit 'play' on the video, and sat back to watch, still idly rubbing
my pussy through my shorts.
It was one of those classic porn vids, the sort with
a sleep over and innocent looking schoolgirl types.
Where they all start out by some sort of truth or dare,
or by someone proclaiming to being horny and wishing
they could get some relief? You know the sort.
Just as the action was heating up on the screen....
my mother called up to me that my bestfriend Serena had arrived.

Paniced, I pause the video and turned the moniter of my computer off.
"Coming mom!" I called as steadily as I could, standing up and quickly heading downstairs.

Serena and I are pretty different when it comes to looks.
While I am fair skinned and have tons of curves,
she if dark skinned and on the skinny side, with a small chest
and tight, tiny ass. We're the same age, but she's more mature then I am.

"Hey." I said with a smile when I entered the kitchen, where my mother and
best friend were both standing, talking away about the weather or
some other boring topic.
"Hey." Serena answered, returning my smile with a grin.
"I thought it'd be nice to have a waterballoon fight and cool off."

I agreed and we set about filling balloons.
In no time at all, we were in the yard, ready with lots of amo.
I'd changed into my bathing suit, a hot little number in
purple. It was a two piece, something with boy shirts and a bikini top.

Serena had been wearing an orange minidress that complemented her cinnamon coloured
skin over top of her well fitting white bikini suit, and so had only to take off her dress.
I admired my friend as we each took up a spot on either side of my yard.
I just couldn't help it.
The sun made her hair shine and her brown eyes glitter,
and the contrast of the white against her skin was beautiful.
Even though she complained about her small (a cup) breasts, I thought they were perfect.
My D's got in the way of everything, and I would have gladly traded her.
And those legs....!
She was taller then me, reaching a decent 5'6.
Most of which appeared to be leg.
Shapely, goregous legs.
I could stare at her all day.
Which I appeared to be doing, since I didn't even remember to duck when
she tossed over the first balloon.

It hit me right in the chest, making a wet sound as it burst and the
water inside cascaded down my ample chest, soaking my top
and part of my bottoms too as the cold liquid was pulled down
by gravity.
Serena giggled, and I scrowled.
"That's what you get for daydreaming!"
She exclaimed, bending down to get another
I was rewarded with a slight look down her top as she did this,
but it didn't faze me this time.
I was now determined to get her with a balloon.

I started to run forward, a waterballoon in either hand.
Just as she tossed another one.
It fell short, landing with a splat in the grass.
I exclaimed witha grin.
Just as I started to toss my own balloon now that
I was closer,
I slipped on the part of grass that had been
wet by the one serena had missed.

I landed flat on my back, covered in grass and feeling very, very sore.

"Shit, are you alright Audrey?!"
Serena asked, concerned.
She stepped forward, her small chest jiggling slightly
as she got to my side quickly and then bent down to
examine me.

"M'fine." I murmured, starting to sit up just as her hand reached out to help me up.
Her fingers collided with my tits, and an involuntary gasp left my lips.
Even if it was accidental, it had made my nipples swell my pussy dampen.
I wished I could feel her hands more securely on my breasts...

"Sorry." Serena said demurely, blushing and pulling her hand back quickly.

I got to my feet carefully, giving a small smile.
"It's fine.I'm fine.
I think I'm going to take a shower though,
my back aches something terrible."

We entered the house, and she went to tell my mom what had happened as I quickly
started up the stairs and into the bathroom.

I shut the door and locked it,
a small grin on my lips. My back did hurt.
But that wasn't my only reason why I was taking a shower.
I needed off. And with Serena here, this was just about the only place that was going to happen.

I started the shower and then slowly started taking off my clothes.
I let my hands slide up and down my thighs before I grasped the tight shorts
and started pulling them down. I pulled them off most of the way, then let them fall off the rest of the way,
glad to be free of them.
I let one hand dip into the warm, moist area between my legs as the other busily worked at the ties holding my top in place.
My tits burst out of their confines, and I smiled at their perfection.
I had big areolas and middle sized VERY sensitive nipples, which I love to play with.
I let my free hand touch my breats gently,
a teasing sort of touch you'd normally give to a lover.

Pulling my hand out of my cunt with a wet smacking sound,
I stepped into the shower and let the warm water slide over my body
for several seconds before sitting down on the shower floor and opening my
legs wide. A hand reached down, slowly playing with my outer lips before moving to the inner.
It felt so good to finally play with myself that I moaned, my breathing already coming in
quick little pants.
I reached for my clit, rubbing my fingers over it in tight circles.
I pushed two fingers from my other hand into my pussy,
biting my lip to hold back the "Ohhh yes..." that would've burst out otherwise.
Despite my fingers moving quickly in and out,
I needed something more. Something bigger.
A few years ago I'd started expermenting with putting things into my cunt,
starting with felt tip markers and moving up to the thick handle of my hairbrush.
I fear it's ruined me, as I can't get off without something in me deep.
Looking around frantically, I grasped a bottle from off one of the shower's shelves.
It wa a body wash, rather thin in width but long enough in length to do the trick.
Hurriedly, I pushed into me, moaning quietly and moving the fingers on my clit faster
as the hand holding my makeshift dildo started pumping it in and out
quickly. I leaned back, into the stream of water dripping out of the shower.
It hit me in the chest, stimulating my sensitive nipples.
I shut my eyes tightly as I started approaching an orgasam,
my mouth open and my breathing halting.
The vision of Serena in her bikini invaded my thoughts,
and I let a wild fantasy grab a hole of my masterbation session:
I pretending it was her.
Her tweaking my nipples...
her driving the bottle into my hot, wet pussy.
Her...licking my clit.
I gasped at the thought of her lips on my cunt,
and moaned. "Oohh..serena. Yes, oh baby yes..
just like that."
I was too far in the reaches of pleasure to notice the words spilling from my
The orgasam that was starting too much for me to care.
My climax burst over me like a firework that started deep in my belly and
spread out over the rest of me.
It was like a huge wave... pulling me a lone.
Pulling me under. I was loving it.
But eventually, it stopped.
And the shower water started to run cold,
and I knew it was time to get out.

Having forgotten clothes, I just wrapped myself in a towel and started into my room.

"Enjoy your shower?"
Serena asked casually, eyes glued to my computer screen.

I froze, paniced.
Had she heard me?

"Umm..yea-yeah I.."
And then out of the corner of my eyes, I saw what she was
so entralled with.
My porno video from earlier.
'Oh, dear god...'
I shut my eyes tightly, willing this nightmare to end.
Wishing this day had never happened.
What would Serena think of me now?
Would she thin-

"So this is what you do when you're up in your room alone."
Serena said, noticing that I had noticed what she was watching,
her voice inturrpting my tirade of thoughts.

I started, trying to find an explanation.
But there was none, and I didn't want to lie to her.
"Yes, it is."

Serena stood, eyes locked on mine as she started walking towards me.
"It's what I do too."
She said quietly when she reached me,
moving her body even closer and making it so that our chests touched
and so that there was no room between us.
"And you know..
after watching that video,
I'm wondering if you want to try what they were doing..."

And then her lips touched mine.

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2014-09-10 05:03:08
Story sucked. Nothin special from all the other 1000000 lesbian stories out their. If you want to do good you gotta appeal to what people want, which is hard core, one on one lesbian love with like 20 orgasams all in all.

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-23 23:02:55
Really good story, Really good Pace.


2010-07-14 13:46:58
Extremely arousing.


2010-07-14 07:11:26
WOW! that was HOTTT, I cant wait to read part two even though I can already emagine how it goes. I especially loved part about using different objects in yer pussy. That reminded me of when I was a hormone stricken teen, my fave thing to use was these long plastic tubes that my daddies cigars came in. they were small enough to go way up in me even in my butt hole sometimes. but I did use one of those skinny coke bottles once too when a friend dared me to.


2009-07-14 02:51:51
I did not submit this to anything else.
Thanks a lot for letting me know!

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