The following story is completely a work of fantasy fiction. All the usual ethical, karmic and legal disclaimers apply.

This is my first story. I welcome all comments whether positive or negative regarding fantasies and/or writing style.

This story is dedicated to the submissive women I've enjoyed over the years who confessed either of fond or not quite so fond memories of being abused or fantasized that I or some other man could go back in time to when they were 12 years old give them "what I needed".


Rape, Domination and Humiliation of a 12 Year Old Girl


My name is Jack. I'm a sick and twisted bastard. I will be sharing some of my 'adventures' on the net. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Now well into my 40's I relish the fond memories of indulging my perversions and welcome exploring new avenues of sickness. My description is... about 5'10, physically fit, Brown hair and eyes, good looking and of Northern European descent. And 7 inches with a nice thickness which seems to be a vital statistic for these stories.

That was more so during the time of the events told as follows in my youth. Mick Jagger was right that it's a real drag getting old. A female has not called me "cute" for some time now. I still though get an occasional 'fuck me' look from time to time.

My first real step into depravity on my own is what follows. During the late 1970's, by age Nineteen I've fucked a number of women by then. Some even introduced me in to Domination. What a delight it is to have some skank ask you to beat and fuck them. Even better is when they don't and one does it anyway. One must remember that up until the late '80's AIDS was not an issue for Heteros, condoms were "rubbers" to prevent pregnancy, drinking age in most US states was still eighteen and getting drunk in a bar was the norm without fear of DWI charges. With that formula, bareback anal and depositing sperm into drunk skanks' asses were a bi-weekly event.

But let's not digress too much. I can bore you with my "safe, sane and consensual" one night stands at another time. I know full well what the reader is hoping for. It takes one to know one.

Chapter 1

It was a typical American mall of the late 1970's. Not much different than today except for the higher tech and more importantly, the lack of security cameras. On that day I went into the mall alone to 'pick up chicks'. A slow Monday afternoon resulted in few female shoppers. I was hoping at least to eye the 'tiny heiny'. Going upstairs to the food court or whatever it was called back then I noticed a table with four girls. Passing them I went up to a stand and bought a Hot Dog. I ate and watched them intently. They were more of the geek or outcast type. Three of them were fat in the worst way and not pleasingly plump as some are. Destined to be "big boned".

They all got up and started to wander the mall. The cute one, had darker features likely of Italian descent, petite under 5' and those luscious lost and lonely eyes. That usual nasty arousal feeling became apparent in my groin. As a ass man I could not determine that all important asset of this lovely 12 year old bitch since she was wearing or to be more exact, swimming in a man's green Army jacket that went nearly all the way to her knees. A silly and trendy attire for some (pre)teens during that time.

As luck would have it the girls went into a tee shirt store to buy iron-ons of their favorite rock group. As the bitch took off her jacket, her ass, a true bubble butt matched perfectly with the cute A cup breasts, a package that presented itself for me similar to a child opening a gift on Christmas morning. A joyous delight. I imagined for a moment her taste, her scent and the feeling of my vaseline coated slimy cock invading her ass.

I entered the store and starting looking at some of the shirts white making sure I caught her eye. Giving her a glare stating I though she was the cutest thing in the world. She glared back. And glared. Oddly, it was me that backed down. As I moved closer to her she kept glaring with her peripheral vision. Finally I said "Hi". We chatted exchanging the usual information such a name, school and where we both lived. She received fictional data from me. During the whole time she had a submissive stance with her eyes looking down most of the time as if she was speaking to my chest. Dipolar to her brazen demeanor just a moment ago. We then went for a walk in the mall minus her friends when she asked if she was too young for me. I firmly told her no. She then asked out of the clear blue, "I can jerk you off if you want".

Chapter 2

I've heard similar comments before in a bar at 2 am. But certainly not from a 12 year old girl in a mall. I got the sense that she was 'damaged' some how. The reader here and myself knows what that means. But at the time I was not sophisticated enough to understand her possible history. Being excited and afraid for obvious reasons I cautiously told her "Yes, I'd like that". As her friends approached she told them I was her older brother's friend and would give her a ride home.

Many times a female will say one thing inferring something more. I assumed she would do more than masturbate me. We got in my car and I drove to an empty area of the mall parking lot. She unzipped my pants, removed my dick and began to masturbate me. I tried to kiss her but she really wasn't into it. She refused to suck my dick or get undressed. I only managed to feel her ass in the end when I came. Afterwards, she just sat straight up in the car seat as if nothing occurred. I retrieved her phone number with ease to make a future date. My plans for her we not romantic. And I would call her from a pay phone.

I picked her up at a donut shop blocks away from her home "so my father won't see us". We went to a typical chain burger and ice cream shop. Talking to her was work. Emotionally flat with nothing seeming to interest her. I recalled her chatting with her friends in the mall with vigor. But with me...and the fact she stated over the phone she thought I was cute, nice, blah, blah. Nevertheless, I was intent on encouraging her to allow my cock to invade her sweet and lovely ass. My plan was typical and teenaged, booze and a motel. She knew beforehand where we were going. Being foolish, I parked right out in front of the motel and walked into the lobby to retain a room for an "short-stay rate". About as stupid as sitting in a car in front of a bank with a ski mask and shotgun in hand.

Chapter 3

After entering the room which was delightfully sleazy and drab, I opened a bottle of 'wine'. No corkscrew was required. I poured it into those plastic cups provided by the motel. As she grabbed her glass, I grabber her ass but lost focus as I watched in amazement her gulping down the entire 10 ounces in the cup. "Wow, you're gonna get some buzz from that.", I said. She dully replied, "I hope so". I then started to take off her clothes when she said in a businesslike manner that she only was going to jerk me off. I said nothing in reply as I was in a trace feasting my eyes on her luscious petite 12 year old body. Such sweet curves, such a yummy smell, cute puffy pussy and that fucking soft with perfect symmetry bubble butted ass! As she lay on the bed I kissed her lips and then moved on to her tiny perfect tits noticing again her zombie stare into space as if she waiting for me to do something. I had no clue. Even after going down on her for more than 5 minutes and tongue fucking her delicious ass for another 5 produced no response.

I was insane with lust. I decided to fuck her in the ass. It was no longer a want or even a need...more like a biological imperative. After greasing up her sweet bubble butt with vaseline I push the head of my cock into her ass. To my utter surprise, my cock slipped in quite easily. She then barked, "What are you doing?". I didn't care at that point putting my entire 7 inch cock in her ass. Slipped right in with ease and then began fucking her. She yelled, "You fucking bastard!". Indeed I was. Her whining was delightful.

Coming out of my bliss I pulled out of her heavenly ass and innocently asked "What's the matter?". She said nothing. I pondered what to do next. Reality dawned on me that I'm in a motel room with a naked 12 year old having terrible visions of State Prison. But since she just sat there staring blankly into space and not attempting to run I began to analyze the bizarre situation. How can a 12 year old girl take nearly 7 inches of cock so easily and all the way up her ass no less? And why the strange behavior. Finally remembering my experiences with submissives I realized she was baiting me. A dangerous game some women play. But a 12 year old?

Chapter 4

Perhaps she does not fully understand what she wants or needs. The wine I drank was affecting me, enabling me, as I began the focus of my truly sick and twisted desires. I simply threw caution out the fucking window at that moment when deciding to fuck the bitch up. I grabbed her by the hair and asked, "Who's been buttfucking you?". She then turned to me, gave an erection raising snotty look mated with her middle finger about two inches from my nose. Taking my open hand I slapped her moderately hard across the face. She finally managed a Mona Lisa smile. It was then I knew what she wanted but could not admit or even realize her desires coherently. I slapped her again on the other side of face demanding who has been fucking her ass. I continued slapping her similar to that infamous vid on the net of a women being slapped ear to ear, over and over until...? Her becoming completely red faced helped my dick retain its engorged blood filled state. I moved on to slap her mini tits, punched her arms and legs finishing by grabbing her hair and gut punching her several times. To my amusement she responded by calling me an asshole, giving me the middle finger yet again while mumbling something about Daddy having fucked her in the ass on a regular basis.

I told her I was going to rape her over and over after I beat her some more. Grabbing my belt I whipped her back, ass and legs. She whined with a mixture of fear, anger and some other 'emotion'. Red marks and mild welts began to decorate her body. Then after flipping her over I pissed on her face and body while calling her a worthless piece of shit.

Finished with the foreplay, I proceeded to fuck her little pussy. Well, relatively anyway as her hole gave little resistance. Making sure I was completely on top, covering her and forcing my weigh down. I pulled the bitch's hair with one hand while alternating between a smack and a punch upon the slank's body with each thrust. I kept whispering in her ear, "How does it feel to be raped?" for the duration. She trembled ever so slightly with her eyes mostly closed for the duration.

Needing to come I pulled out and shove my dick in her mouth. She sucked a dick as good as any thirty year old whore. Daddy taught her well including how to swallow.

After a bit of a rest and a cigarette I grabbed her hair and informed her I was going to butt fuck "this" as I slapped her ass. At first, I entered her sweet ass slow and deep, humiliating doggy style and calling her the name of "anal whore". She mumbled, "You fucker". I then began to gut punch her with my fist to flex her cock sucking sphincter and then demanded she bark like a Dog. At first she refused but was encouraged by my belt making cracking noises on her back. "Ruff, Ruff!" was music to my ears. Her ass was now as wide as college girl's pussy as I thrusted faster and harder.

She continued, "Ruff, Ruff, Ruff....!" as I pounder her sweet ass. I began to noticed something was causing friction upon my dick that was not vaseline nor rectum.
Pulling out I noticed a thick brown coating covering the head of my cock. "Suck that off my dick, anal whore!", I demanded as I shoved my dick into her mouth.
She removed the shit from cock with her tongue and mouth as if it were second nature. Returning my cock to its rightful place into her ass I whispered into her ear, "I guess that's why they call it the 'Hersey Highway' and 'Fudge Packing'". I laughed watching her face blush to a humiliating pink.

Pulling her hair once again I asked her if Daddy liked to come in her ass. She whined, "Yes, you fucker!". Three pulsating large volume globs of sperm entered her sweet ass one after another. After I came, I then covered her body with mine, put my mouth near her ear and whispered "How does my cum feel in your ass, anal whore?"

My worries of how to deal with the situation afterwards including making her shower and removing the sheets for disposal and so on became a non issue as she snuggled up to me. I told her I knew what she needed. She just remained silent.

Nevertheless, I decided to have her take a shower anyway, just in case. When she was in the bathroom I could hear the delightful sounds of her farting my cum out of her ass into the toilet. After she finished in the shower we went into my car. I drove her back to the same spot blocks from her house making sure no one could see her get out of the car. Telling her I would call her which was a lie at the time. Sooner or later my identity would have been reveled. Certainly would have been charming to invite a friend to help out the second time around. That would have been the plan.

But after giving a trusted and like minded friend the details of my lovely experience he convinced me that the both of us should meet her one more time. And we did.

We introduced her the the finer points of S&M including British style caning, German style whipping, breath control, unconsciousness, piss drinking, sucking a man's cock with her anus, analingus of a man's ass, piss enemas from the source, inhaling my farts and of course more rape. The scenes one wished they showed in Gothic Horror films with Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Although I understand Price preferred boys.

My friend obtained a pharmaceutical I cannot recall that was administered via an anal suppository. Amazing effects of that drug as she laughed during the time we beat and fucked her. And told all of Daddy's love for her. Speaking of Daddy, I wonder if he was surprised when he saw his daughters new bald pussy.

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