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My first cock sucking adventure
I would like to tell you about one of my adventures that I had at a

local spot that gets used for cottaging and dogging. On this

particular evening I was sitting at home surfing porn as is often the

case,and I found that I was getting more and more turned on by the

sight of so many big throbbing cocks and I got around to thinking that

I would really like to have some of that action for myself so I got my

jacket on and set off in my car to see what I could find. On the way I

stopped to buy some drinks and snacks so that I could have an excuse

for stopping there in case the police should decide to question me.

Anyway when I got there I sat in my car and was amazed at how many

other cars were there and most of them either had only one occupant or

they were empty. So I sat for a while and watched as some of the men

would get out of their cars and walk along the row of cars and

suddenly vanish into the trees, only to reappear a short time later

and get into their cars and drive off. After a while of this I decided

that I would pluck up the courage and go for a wander myself so I got

out of the car and went walking into the woods, almost breaking my

neck on a branch in the dark, As I wandered further into the trees I

saw two men standing around looking rather sheepish and I decided to

go over and try to start up a conversation with them. When I got there

I found that they were both around thirty years old and rather good

looking as far as I could make out in the darkness. But then again it

wasn't their faces I was interested in. As we got chatting I asked

them what the protocol for this kind of situation was as I was fairly

new to it all and they said that that was a difficult question as it

seemed to vary on the night and in different places. Then they asked

me what I was interested in so I told them how I had always wanted to

be used as a male slut and cum receptacle. When I told them this they

replied that this could well be my lucky night and proceeded to undo

the zips on their jeans and take their cocks out and start rubbing

them. I have to say that it was a weird feeling to have two guys

openly rubbing their cocks in front of me but it was really turning me

on and my own cock was getting harder than it had been in a long time,

but I could see to my own cock later. As their cocks got harder they

asked me if I wanted to help them out, Well I didn't need to be asked

twice and I dropped to my knees in front of them and took a hard prick

in each hand and started to run my hands along the shafts and under

their balls, loving the way they rested on my arms. Both of them were

uncut and at least six to eight inches long and absolutely fucking

gorgeous. I was rubbing their foreskins up and down over the tip of

their cocks when one of them asked if I wanted to have them in my

mouth. I didn't even answer but I took one of them into my mouth an

inch or so at a time until I thought I was going to choke. I was in

absolute ecstacy as I felt the warmth of that throbbing cock in my

mouth and I was sucking as hard as I could while sliding my mouth up

and down on it. This went on for a little while and then I heard the

other bloke say "What about me ?" So I removed the first one and went

to work on the second one. By now I didn't care if anyone came along

as I was in my own little heaven with two really hot cocks to play

with. While I was sucking the second cock I was wanking the first one

at the same time and both men were letting out little moans. One of

them asked me if it was OK for them to cum in my mouth and I said I

would rather have them do it all over my face and almost before I had

finished saying that the guy that I was wanking moved my hand away

from his cock and started to wank it really fast close to my face

while I was still sucking like mad on the other one. After a short

while I felt the hot splashes of his spunk hit my cheek and along the

side of my head as he let out a long moan. This must have got the

other guy really turned on because he took his cock out of my mouth

and told me to wank him off so I took it in my hand and started to

wank him furiously while rubbing the tip of it against the opposite

side of my face to the one that was now dripping with gorgeous hot

sticky spunk. I didn't have to wank him for long before he too had

spunked all over my face. I was now dripping with two loads of cum and

felt like I was in paradise as it dripped down onto my jacket. I then

took each of their cocks into my mouth in turn and sucked and licked

them clean for them. When I had finished that they both put their

respective cocks back into their jeans and thanked me, To which I

replied "No, Thank YOU". Then they just went back to their cars

leaving me on my knees dripping with cum and a great big smile on my

face. My only regret is that there were only two of them because now I

know how good it feels I really want to get totally covered in spunk

from loads of men all at the same time and even swallow a few loads

too.Needless to say I will be going back for more.

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2011-06-27 16:57:12
YouÂ’re a real deep tihkenr. Thanks for sharing.


2009-04-06 15:47:21
Would like to hear the other experiences. Enjoyed this one.


2009-02-18 18:56:10
great story i'll have to write my first cock exp too. iv'e had many since slimnad 2 yah


2009-02-07 21:16:54
Hi rudharddick Thank you for your comment. However I disagree but then that is my preference and it's each to their own in the end. As for your suggestion for a topic to write about, I am sorry but I can't write about that as I have no experience of that and have no wish to try it. Also the writing that I do is solely based on actual events.


2009-02-06 17:59:38
Hey Spunklover, cum tastes better than it feels on your skin and I know it feels good there also. Write about gettiting it up your bum.

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