Mom Teaches Daughter and Friend The Art Of Self Pleasure AND......
Megan was lying in bed when she felt that special "burning" between her young legs once again, although lately she's been feeling it more and more. Megan had discovered self pleasure only recently, and was a bit unsure how to take care of that special feeling; all she knew was she had that special tingling sensation all the time now. The more she pleasured herself the more she needed it.

It even was getting to be a distraction at school. Megan found herself in the bathroom at least three times a day getting herself off, but it never seemed to be enough, plus she was always wet between her legs. When she'd get home she'd take her soaked panties off and tossed them in the dirty clothes hamper and put on a fresh pair so her Mother wouldn't notice....but Mom had noticed. Megan's Mother Adrian, was beginning to realize that her little girl was growing up, and she needed to have a heart to heart talk with her and soon. The following day Megan met her best friend Tracy, and asked if she were going to come over and spend the night.

"Sure...I guess."

"Bring that know the one with the sexy stories."

Tracy smiled and said she would, but was worried that Megan's Mom might catch them.

"Not it we're careful silly besides, ever since the divorce last year all she does is stay in her room at night, with that funny buzzing noise coming from her room half the night."

"OK then, see you later Megan."

That night Megan and Tracy went to bed and waited till they heard Megan's Mom go to bed. They watched the TV in Megan's room with the sound down low so her Mom wouldn't be disturbed. Tracy and Megan settled beneath the covers as Tracy began to read softly. The story was unusually sexy and both girls were getting excited, especially Megan. Megan already had her hands between her legs, her fingers teasing her pussy as Tracy continued reading. Tracy suddenly paused looking at Megan hard nipples and watched as Megan worked her wet pussy with her fingers. Tracy could feel the passion starting to ignite between her legs as well.

Tracy marveled at how large Megan's pussy lips were. They were so huge. She'd never seen any of the other girls in gym with such large lips.

"Read Trace, keep reading!"

"No.....I want to watch you get yourself off....PLEASE?"

Even though she didn't want to admit it, Megan loved the idea of being watched. She just smiled and took her enormous clit between her thumb and forefinger and started working it back and forth, and up and down. Tracy had her hand between her own legs, fingering herself as she watched her best friend masturbate. Suddenly Megan's legs tensed, her back arched and she moaned loudly as a powerful orgasm swept over her young body. Tracy grabbed Megan's fingers from her pussy, and put them to her nose.

The aroma turned her on even more. Then she put Megan's fingers to her lips and licked them as Megan tried to get herself together. Her heart pounding in her chest, Tracy leaned forward and kissed Megan's lips. Megan was surprised more then anything, but it felt so good that she gave in to Tracy and started kissing her back. Pretty soon the girls were sucking each others nipples and fingering each other pussies, moaning and cumming in waves of pent up lust.

They didn't even hear Megan's Mother as she came in the room. The girls were petrified, but to their surprise Adrian didn't go off. In fact she closed the door and came in and talked to the girls calmly, and tried find out what was going on. After the two girls couldn't find the words Adrian smiled at them asking them if they were lovers, or just experimenting. Megan and Tracy both blushed saying they weren't lovers, it just felt good.

"What about boys?"

"We like them...really, but all they want is for you to suck their cocks and cum in your mouth and they do nothing in return; plus they get mad if you say no."

Adrian smiled and said,

"Well then, I guess I have two girls to educate don't I?"

Adrian said she'd be right back. Before she left, Adrian asked Tracy if she'd had any conversations about sex with her Mother.

"Are you kidding?"

"She freaks at the mention of the word, and when I ask her questions she gets all flustered and tells her that nice young women didn't think of such things."

Adrian shook her head and said,

"I'll be right back."

Adrian came back in a matter of minutes with a bag.

"Now Tracy...I want you to promise that whatever goes on in this room tonight never leaves it.....understand?"

"Yes Mrs...."

"Call me Adrian."

Adrian dumped the contents of the bag out onto the bed. There were vibrators of all sizes, and dildo's and other toys.

"These are what I use to masturbate with."

"They're clean so don't be afraid to use them, but first she had something to show Megan, that would help her understand her urges more clearly."

Adrian got up and removed her nightgown revealing her beautiful body to the girls. They both gasped as they looked at her. Megan and Tracy marveled Adrian's huge nipples, they were so hard. Then Adrian sat on the bed spreading her legs showing Megan and Tracy her pussy.

"This is why you're so horny all the time sweetie."

"You have an over sized, and beautiful pussy lips, and an enormous clit just like your Mom."

"That's why I have to pleasure myself all the time as well, and these are what I use."

Adrain picked up a vibrator handing it to Megan telling her to use it on herself and see how it felt. Megan turned it on listening to the humming sound. Then she placed it on her pussy. She gasped at the sensation.

"Now you can run it over the outside of your lips, tease your breasts and stimulate your nipples, or slide it in your pussy and work it around inside."

"It also works well against and inside your ass as well."

Megan eased the vibrator between her creamy lips and closed her eyes as she brought herself off. Then she eased it into her pussy and started working it back and forth.

"Also, if you and Tracy want to, you can do it to one another, but you must make sure you're nice and wet."

Megan nodded, but she was into her masturbation pleasure.

"Would...would you show me how Adrian?" Tracy asked.

Adrian smiled seeing Tracy's pussy was oozing love juices. She picked up a vibrator and ran it over Tracy's nipples making her moan, as she grab the sheets. Adrian's own juices were flowing as well as she neared Tracy's pussy. She ran the vibrator over Tracy's lips making her cum on contact. Slowly she inserted the vibrator in Tracy's young pussy sending her off into a series of powerful orgasms. Tracy arched her back as she purred and moaned her pleasure. In the meantime Megan was still fucking herself with the vibrator, and now seeing what her Mother and Tracy were doing she decided to suck Tracy's nipples.

After that session was over Adrian asked the girls if they needed help with oral sex? They both said yes. Adrian decided to demonstrate on Tracy. They began by kissing and caressing one another. Tracy couldn't wait to suck Adrian's nipples. She took them into her mouth and started sucking them like a hungry pup. With a little prompting from Adrian, Tracy made Adrian cum sucking her nipples. Adrian took over and kissed her way down Tracy's cute body, towards her pussy. Adrian parted Tracy's lips as Megan looked on, her fingers buried deep in her own pussy awash with juices. Adrian expertly licked and sucked Tracy's pussy, teasing and sucking her clit and fingering Tracy's pussy causing her to cum multiple times.

"Now, would you like to do me Tracy, and let me see what you've learned?"

"Oh yes....I'd love to."

Tracy followed Adrian's instructions perfectly. She licked and sucked Adrian's nipples driving her crazy with lust. Tracy moved down and started sucking and fingering Adrian's pussy like a pro. She had Adrian cumming over and over again.

"Now you two, I want you to show me what you've learned from watching Tracy and I."

Megan smiled and started kissing her friend passionately. Megan kissed Tracy's lips, face, her breasts....everywhere. Tracy was beside herself with lust from Megan's attentions. The best part came when Megan started sucking Tracy's hot pussy. Megan explored every nook and cranny of her friend's sex. Megan took Tracy's clit into her mouth and slipped two fingers deep inside Tracy's pussy. Tracy was out of her mind with lust, but Megan wasn't finished yet. Megan eased her pinky finger up Tracy's ass sending Tracy to places she'd never been before. Adrian was using a vibrator on herself watching with pride as the two girls passed their "Orals" so to speak with flying colors. Tracy returned the favor, making Megan cum numerous times as well.

After that night Tracy and Megan really blossomed into very sexy, and wise young women. They eventually found boyfriends that did as they asked. But every now and again they get it on together because it's something that they can share that's special between them. As for Adrian, she found a man that knows now to please a woman and is very happy.

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