Jeremy and Grace have a bit of a fun snow day..
The wind and snow pounded against the window when Grace's alarm clock went off at 630. She rolled over and hit the snooze button and prayed that school would be called. She went downstairs and saw her parents just getting ready to leave.
"Any school today?" she asked, holding her breath.
"Nope!" They just called it" her mom said smiling. "We're heading to work, we have to leave early because the traveling is slow going. Jeremy is upstairs, they cancelled classes at Umaine too." she said. Both parents gave Grace a quick kiss on the cheek on their way out the door. She wondered what she was going to do with the whole day, inside, snowed in with no car. She thought about borrowing Jeremy's car to go to town but the roads were terrible and he wasn't up yet.
She sat around downstairs for a while flipping the stations, the today show, soap operas, talk shows..boring daytime t.v. As usual when she had time to think she started thinking of sex. She had been fantasizing a lot lately about fucking more than one guy at once..fucking the dog..fucking a girl and a guy. Her sexual appetite was growing almost daily. She found herself getting wet at the worst possible times, in class, sitting at the dinner table, or just after practice, watching the other girls change in the locker room. She wondered what Kristens pussy tasted like..wondered what it would be like to have Jess sit on her face..or suck Morgan's nipples and finger her to orgasm. She also found herself thinking about Jeremy. Here she was, horny as hell all the time and wanting a big stiff, dick to sit on and there was Jeremy, living right upstairs, perfectly willing and able to fuck her brains out. She had seen him noticing her, especially when she wore
something low cut that showed off her tits. Sometimes his stares lingered longer than they should have and she managed to catch his eyes with hers. Her thougts wandered to him and she thought of him up their, stretched out in his bed..maybe asleep, maybe semi awake. Before she knew it she was headed up the stairs towards his room, telling herself she was just going to ask for his car keys, but really..she didn't know what she would do when she opened the door and saw him. What she saw when she opened his door surprised her very much.
She opened the door without knocking, she figured it was HER house, why should she knock. But she got a lot more than she was bargaining for. Jeremy wasn't asleep and he wasn't alone either. Gracey's eyes widened when she saw what was going on. Jeremy had apparently brought a girl home last night without anyone knowing and she had stayed over. Now they were in the processs of fucking for the 4th time to celebrate the snow day. Grace recognized the girl immidiately, her name was Ashley, she was a senior at Grace's school who Grace had recently heard bragging about how she was fucking a college guy. Now she knew who it was! Ashley was blonde, short and thin. Grace had always thought she was a little flat chested, but now she could see Ashley had nice, firm, small B-cups with tiny, dime size pink nipples. She got a good view because Jeremy was riding Ashley doggy style, and squeezing her breasts and nipples as she fucked her. Grace's pussy became
instantly soaked watching through the door. Her hand found its way down her pajama tops to the waistband of her boy shorts. She slid her hand down the front of her pants, feeling down towards her hot, wet pussy. Jeremy was now fully mounting Ashley, guiding her hips with his hands and fucking her hard, pulling her hair and whispering in her ear.
" Do you like that? YOu like that you little whore? Do you??"
He said to her. That was when he saw Grace standing there in the half open door. She had her hand down her pants and was furiously exploring her pussy, and didnt notice that he had seen her. Ashely had her eyes closed, moaning softly and Jeremy didnt want to disturb her. Grace finally realized he had seen her and turned away shyly. Jeremy locked eys with her. He never hesitated and motioned for her to come over. She paused..unsure for a second the but she was hornier than she had ever been and gave in almost immediately. She pulled off her top and sports bra in one motion, and stepped out her boy shorts and thong. Jeremy momentarily stopped pounding Ashley and so she opened her eyes to see Grace. She looked puzzled as her naked classmate walked across the room towards them but understood that Grace was just curious. Jeremy removed his glistening cock from Ashleys pussy and presented it to Grace. Grace knelt down at the side of the bed and looked up
at him.
"May I suck Ashley's juice off your cock daddy?" she asked politely.
"Yes, baby you can. Get all of it k?"
She smiled at him and took his throbbing cock in her hand and shoved in her mouth like she was starving. She began to suck hard on his head, pumping her hand up and down and flicking her tongue over it. Ashley climbed down onto the floor next to Grace and began kissing Graces neck and chest, lifting first one than the other of Grace's breasts to her mouth and sucking her erect, brown nipples. Grace moaned a bit as she sucked his cock, hoping to get a mouthful of his cum soon but secretly wanting him to save it. Jeremy leaned back on his arms, watching Grace and Ashley play. Grace turned from his cock and kissed Ashley deeply, sucking her tongue loudly as she used her right hand to jerk him off. Ashley pulled Grace's eager mouth down to her cute little pink nipples and Grace licked them and nibbled them like they were candy. Jeremy took the oppurtunity and guided Grace up by her shoulders, kissing her body on the wya up and rubbing the inside of her
thighs and gently fingering her clit. She moaned.."OHH Daddy..fuck me..fuck me daddy..". He guided her up to his lap and positioned his cock for her to sit on it. She lowered her dripping wet pussy onto it slowly, letting it slide all the way in.

Grace slid down onto his cock, both of them savoring the feeling as she did. She loved the feeling of fullness as he filled her up completely. He moaned and nibbled her breasts as he guided her up and down his shaft. She was soo wet that her warm, sweet juice soaked his cock completely. Ashley noticed this too and didn't want a drop to waste, she began licking Graces pussy from behind as she rode him, sucking and slurping up any excess juice or pre-cum that she could. She started riding harder, and he wrapped his arms completely around her and pulled her close, feeling her skin pressed up against his and kissing her fully, their tongues playing in each others mouths. Ashley was up on the bed now, caressing and rubbing both of them and kissing Graces body all over as Grace bounced up and down on Jeremys throbbing, cum filled dick. Grace had a huge orgasm at that moment and released a torrent of cum. SHe leaned forward and bit down hard on Jeremys neck,
and he moaned loudly. He tried to hold off but he then let go with a body shaking orgasm of his own, just as his cock was at hits deepest point inside her. Their cum mingled and ran down Grace's thighs and onto his. Ashley did her best to clean it up and Grace ran her fingers throught her hair as she did. Jeremy didn't go soft, their were too many nipples to suck and play with. He sucked Graces and Ashleys as the girls took turns licking clean his cock and balls. Soon he felt his cock beginning to fill with cum again and took Ashley by the hand and arranged the girls to his liking.
"Gracey, daddy wants you to lie down on the bed and spread your legs k?" he said.
"yes daddy, if you say so". Grace said, obeidiently lying down on the bed. Ashely assumed the position she had been in before, on all 4s on the bed, this time with her face above Grace's open pussy. Jeremy slid in behind Ashley and put placed his dick inside her, and began fucking her doggy style. Ashley arched her back and then leaned back down, burying her face in Grace's delicious pussy. She sucked and licked, up and down, pushing her tongue as far inside as she could, drinkig up any juice and cum she could. The rocking motion of Jeremy riding her added to Graces enjoyment. She reached up and grabbed the headboard, writhing in pleasure and Ashley flicked her tongue in and out and worked her fingers. Jeremy pounded Ashley's pussy hard, grasping her tits and hips with his hands and pulling her hair. Grace came again, this time in on Ashley's face, and she pulled the older girl down into her open pussy, begging her to eat her out more.
"You like that Grace? You like that you little whore?" Jeremy asked as he fucked Ashley.
"Yes dadddy..I love it. It feels soo good." She responded.
"Good girl..Daddy loves to see you're tight little pussy getting filled up and then eaten out" Jeremy said. He orgasmed again, this time pulling out and shooting his load across Ashleys face and Graces pussy. Ashley again licked up the cum she could find, and then kissed Grace deeply. Jeremy flopped down on the bed next to the 2 girls and watched them kiss and rub each others bodies for a while, Grace fingering Ashley and licking the juice off her fingers. He and Ashley both sucked Graces nipples at the same time, flicking their tongus back and forth and sucking happily while Grace lay back on the bed, smiling. Thank god for snow days!!!

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