My new love.
Sorry for the confusion but due to an accident on my part. Part 5 of this story is actually part 6. So no you didn’t miss one labeled part five, it does not exist it is just part six. Sorry for the confusion again and thank you to all of my new fans who have e-mailed me hundreds or e-mails…….

Innocent Passion Part - 7

One month ago I was just a kid that had no idea what sex was. Today I am thirteen and could care little for anything other that sex. In a month I have not once picked up any of my dolls or even played with any of my toy’s. I have grown up stuck somewhere between the kid I was and the adult that I now feel like. Was my innocence robbed from me? No…. I gave it away and till this day I have no regrets. I am who I am now because of the experiences that I had back then. This is part 6 of my true life story. I hope you enjoy.

I woke up at a little after 7am. Today was my birthday and I am 13 years old. I got up out of bed and got into the shower. Jennifer wanted me to come over to her place as soon as I got going this morning and I couldn’t disappoint my new best friend and employer. Me and Jason had by this time made $200.00 each time we had visited Jennifer. I counted my shoebox yesterday, and even after spending some of my half of the money, I had conservatively still saved up over $500.00.

As I washed off in the shower I thought hard about what I was going to do with that money. I really don’t need anything right now I thought except maybe some more sexy outfits and make-up to wear however Jennifer told me she was going to take me shopping today so I probably won’t even have to buy anything with my money. I then got out of the shower and got ready.

“ Hi Jenny” Jennifer said as she reached out to hug me. “ Happy Birthday, are you ready to go shopping till we drop.”

“ Yes I am very excited about it.” I said.

We then left to go to a neighboring town that had a mall and a few outlet
stores. It was only about 35 minutes from our house. Although we stopped at a restaurant on the way for food.

“ I want something that will be really sexy on me. I want to look older than 13.” I said.

“ I set up for us to go to the beauty shop first if it is okay with you.” Jennifer said.

“ Really that would be great, what are they going to do to me.” She said.

“ They are going to give you a total makeover. Hair cut, nails, make-up, and pedicure with toenail polish.” Jennifer said.

I felt so special. I was being pampered today, and I couldn’t wait to get my makeover. I was finally going to look older. Once at the beauty shop Jennifer and I told the beautician what we wanted and she went to work. Then the nail tech, make-up lady, and the rest went to work on me.

“ Wow Jenny it turned out so nice .” She said as she came behind me in the stand up mirror at the shop.”

I couldn’t believe it. I could hardly recognize myself. I not only looked great,
but I also looked at least 1-2 years older.

“ Lets go now and finish up your new look with some nice outfits.” She said.

We went to over 5 stores. We really did shop until we dropped. I left the stores with over 30 outfits including at least 8 mini-skirts, stockings, garter belts, 3 nighties, at least 5 pant belts, with at least 8 pairs of shoes. She also bought for me a lot of make-up and beauty products.

I don’t even think I had 30 outfits at the house now. I would defiantly have to go through my clothes when I got home I thought. I was growing up and my clothes would have to change to show that. Jennifer had spent a lot of money on me today and I loved her for doing that for me. I don’t think anyone had even been that nice to me. I don’t know for sure but I think I was starting to fall for her.

On the way back Jennifer pulled into a place that had a big sign out front that said strip club.

“What is a strip.” I asked

“ Woman go in there and dance and strip off their cloths and the guys come up and but money into their garter belts or g-strings.” Jennifer said.

“ How much money do they make.” I asked.

“ Not to much dancing. They make more by what they call lap dancing. It is where they strip to nothing but their g-string and rub their butts on the lap of the guy’s pants where their dick is. Sometimes for some money they secretly do more stuff.” Jennifer said. “I go to that one and another one sometimes during the day and watch the girls. I sometimes get a long lap-dance from one of the hot girls and sometimes get them to do more for me. They have some very pretty girls here and I have set up with the manager for you to come and see then today. But only if you want too.”

“Jenny stay in the car and I am going to go in and see if I can find the Manager John and see what the plan is.” Jennifer said.

Within a few minutes she came back out.

“ Jenny, John said he wants us to go through this back side door and up to the private VIP room up top. He and a few others will join us upstairs and he will have the girls come up to dance for us after they dance for small crowd downstairs. Are you sure you want to go in?” Jennifer asked.

“ I really do…” I said.

We got out of the car and went in and up the stairs. The sign outside of the door we entered said Private VIP Room. I looked inside. It was a decent sized room with about a 6 by 12 stage with a pole in the center on it. It was dark except for the multi colored lights that lit up the stage and part of the room. We went in and had a seat in chairs that surrounded the stage.

We waited there for at least ten minutes before the manager and 3 other guys came into the room sitting also in chairs at the stage. I watched as the first girl came into the room and deposited money into the juke box beside the stage.
She was only wearing a string bikini top with a short skirt on the bottom with a garter belt on she was totally hot, about 5’5 100lbs with blond hair that reached down to the top of her ass. I would guess she was about 20.

She then got on stage and started dancing. She quickly stripped off all of her clothes as she danced the first song. I was intrigued by this girl who gave all the guy’s attention during the second song, totally skipping us. The third song though she made up for it. She slipped into Jennifer’s lap and leaned over to kiss her right on the lips. She then got back on stage and moved to me. She went onto me the same way as she did with Jennifer. I loved touching her naked body as she was sitting in my lap.

She leaned over to my ear and asked me what I wanted. I said just treat me like anyone else no different. She then put my ear lob into her mouth and slowly started biting and flicking it. I was getting so turned on and so was everyone else. She rose up and got back onto the stage and continued to dance her last bit. She then got off stage and walked around to me. She gave me a kiss right on the lips.

The second girl then entered the room. She wasn’t as cute as the last girl but still was cute. She had to be 18, but looked 16 and she had long brown hair and she was wearing about the same thing as the other girl. What I did like about this girl was that she was only about 5’1 about the same height as me. She put her songs into the jukebox and then got on the stage giving me a grinning smile on the way up.
I smiled back and waited for her to strip down bare for me. I really wanted to see her naked, maybe it was the grin she had given me.

This one also spent the first song stripping. She then went over to Jennifer on the second song and gave her a passionate kiss, then she grabbed her tits and started rubbing them through her blouse. She then got back up and went back to the bar for a minute before she went to the guy’s. She pushed one guy’s chair back and planted her face into his dick and lightly bit at it. She then moved over to the next guy, and them to the guy on the other side of me. She then pushed him back and did the same thing to him. I loved seeing her naked body right beside me while she was teasing him.

I was so turned on as she moved to me. She acted like she was about to kiss me and then she backed off and went back to the pole again. I was extremely disappointed and she knew it. She danced on the pole until the second song ended. She then waited for the third song and when it started she moved back into my direction again.

She sat on the edge of the stage with a leg on both sides of my chair. She reached out to me and kissed me again. Then she took my head and as she laid down she pulled my mouth straight to her pussy. I was a little shocked but to turned on by her to refuse her offer. I dove into her pussy licking and eating her juices as she wiggled on the stage. I ate her and ate her and when the song ended I continued. She was on the verge on an orgasm and I wanted to give it to her badly.
She shook and moaned loudly as she came just a little into my mouth with her female cum. The guy’s, the manager, and even Jennifer clapped for us when we got through.

The next two girls was much like the first. None got me as turned on as the second one. They all were nice and cute, but the second one I wanted badly. The manager then came over to us and asked us to join him in the next room which was his office.

“ So Jenny what did you think?” John asked.

“ It was hot especially the second girl, Mallory. I said.

“ Apparently Mallory likes you too. She said you were super cute.” John commented.

I don’t know why but those words make me feel butterfly’s in my stomach.

“ Can I tell you a secret Jenny? And you can never tell anyone else.” John asked. I shook my head yes.

“ My business is being hurt badly by the police in this area. That new D.A has spent the last year trying to shut me down. The lawyer fees to fight him are costing me more than I am making. On top of that I just found out that this place needs a new roof on it. I have an idea for a way to help us both out.” He continued

“The guy’s in the next room are a group of men who like having sex with girls that are 12-16 area. They are extremely wealthy and are willing to pay big money to have new experienced with young girls. Each will pay me $15,000.00 to have sex with you. That is $45,000, I need $30,000 to pay my lawyer bills and to have my roof replaced. That means that $15,000 is left. I will give you half and Mallory half if you will both give them an hour to remember.” John said.

“ How old is Mallory?” I asked. “ Mallory is my daughter and she is 15.”

“ Jenny, I set this up for your birthday. I know you have been wanting more that one guy, and now that you are on the pill you should be safe. This is a way for you to have a girl your age, three men at once, and make $7500.00 dollars.” Jennifer said.

“ They came ready to pay us tonight Jenny and if you do this I am going to owe you big-time for saving my club. It will also be Mallory’s first time outside of me, so she will be a little nervous too. What do you think?” John asked.

“ Okay, but can me and Mallory start off together on stage and make them watch first? I asked.

“ I will choose the songs and put in enough to last 2 hours. When they are over then we should be done and ready to go.” Jennifer said.

“ Jennifer could you go back to the VIP room, I will take Jenny to the dressing room behind the stage and then go get Mallory so that she can help her get dressed and let her know the plan.” John said as we all got up to get into position..

Once Mallory helped me get dressed I went over with her my plan and she added to it some good ideas. We then waited for the last dancer to finish. The music then started and Mallory went out to begin our performance. Once the first song was over I came out and started strip dancing as well. I was really nervous put having Mallory there with me calmed me a lot as I just tried to mainly focus on her.

Mallory came up to me and started stripping me while we danced against each others bodies. I was so turned on by her naked body touching my now naked body. I has to kiss her and I did. We both moved toward each other and with a joint longing our lips touched each other again and a fire was spreading in both of our young teenage bodies.

Mallory then laid me back onto the floor on the middle on the stage. I spread my legs as Mallory moved her way down to my awaiting little pussy. I was so ready for her to eat me and she was ready to return the favor. She licked my pussy even better than Jennifer had. It had never felt this good before and the my body was responding heavily to the sensation she was giving me. I grabbed her head and shuttered as I came onto Mallory’s face as I pushed it tightly against my pussy. I smiled down at her as she rose up and smiled back.

“Want some dick? I asked her. “Yea” she said.

We both crawled to the guy’s sitting in the chairs. I sat in ones lap while Mallory sat in another’s and the third guy watched as we played. That guy then motioned over Jennifer. “ Do you want to play too.” He asked. Jennifer just stripped right down and got into his lap. Their we was all sitting in strange men’s laps with our tongues in their mouths as they groped our naked bodies. My man had then leaned me back against the stage and started licking and sucking on my young tit’s and nipples.

I was getting hot both from watching Mallory and Jennifer with their men and from my own pleasure from my own man. I was happy, maybe happier than ever. I reached down and grabbed his dick through his pants. I then got off of him and stood him up. I reached for his shirt buttons and slowly unbuttoned them, I then removed his shirt. The others seeing my progress seemed to copy me. Once all of the shirts was off. I called for a swap of men. All the girls moved to the next man. We all started kissing our new men and started to unbutton and remove their pants, boxes, and shoes. I was calling the shots and they kept looking to me for the next step, it was fun being in control.

We then turned all of the men around and made them lean up against the stage moving the chairs back a few feet. We then all got on our knees and started sucking our men. My man had a thick dick and I had big issues getting it into my
mouth. But I could barely. I sucked him for a few minutes but my mouth was getting sore as it was stretched to new limits. I then moved to his balls and took one at a time into my mouth sucking on them lightly. I then went to licking his dick.
I then called for an exchange of men again.

This time Jennifer had the guy with the big dick and I moved on to a guy with a nice sized dick, but something was different about it. It had loose skin on it. I had never seen one like this before. Jennifer caught my sight and said it is an uncircumcised penis. Just have fun with it. I went back to sucking on it and was really started to like it. He was a great thickness and I was able to suck it without any problem. The guy’s were making so much noise and I knew that they were really enjoying us.

I then called for a position and man change. I got up on the bar and laid down with my legs on the edge on the bar. I begged for the guy’s to eat our wet little pussy’s. It wasn’t true of Jennifer but what the hell the guy’s seemed to like the idea of eating us and they responded quickly by grabbing chairs and pulling them to the stage for an unforgettable meal.

My guy was decent with his tongue but didn’t stay in the right spots for long. He stuck his fingers inside of me, but once again he didn’t hit the right spots. It felt good but I was waiting for the next guy. After about another 5 minutes, I called for another man change and the men changed places this time.

I once again called for a man change and I was once again with the first guy. He had a nice dick and a nice body. I also really liked his smile. He got in front of me and started licking my pussy. Now this guy really knew how to lick a pussy. My fire was once again building and I was getting closer to having an orgasm. I did go off but not to heavily this time. I really needed that I thought as I recovered. I was thinking about calling for another man change but the others were still having loads of fun. So I just asked my man to fuck me.

Me proceeded to do just that. I loved the feel of his dick as it entered into my pussy. Something and it going in I kind of liked. It was weird though because it usually kind of hurt when it went in and for the first few strokes. Was it the pain that I liked or the feeling of being empty then stuffed full of a dick. I didn’t know but I was really liking it. I reached up and became squeezing my nipples as he was now ramming his dick in and out of me. Both of the sensations together was to much for me and I had another orgasm.

I laid wanting to recover but not wanting to stop him from fucking me. I let him keep going and before long I was really enjoying the sensation again. I closed my eyes, and just lost myself into the feeling between my legs. I then heard Mallory orgasm from being ate out followed by Jennifer about 30 seconds later. I once again called for a man change.

Oh shit I thought as Mr. Thick was once again back to me. I was afraid of that dick, it was just massive. I got ready for his dick then I felt it inside of me. I was kind-of shocked I felt that it was going to rip me open but it went in fairly easily.
He then started to move in and out of me and the pleasure I was feeling was the best ever. I had never felt such intense pleasure before. His dick was hitting all of the right spots and I was falling in love with it.

I moaned and groaned as he started pumping me harder and harder with his huge dick. I opened my eyes to see Mallory getting fucked hard by her man. She
was also moaning. I reached out my hand for hers and we held hands as we both got fucked hard. Then she looked over at me and our eyes met. I don’t know what happened but it was as if I left my body and all that was on my mind was Mallory.
I found out later that she felt the same thing. We had experienced love at first sight on the stage earlier, and now we were connecting in a way a had never done with anyone else. We then seen to drift back into our own bodies.

I could once again feel the pleasure coming from my pussy and I heard Jennifer’s man start to moan loudly. He then unloaded a huge load inside of her. I could see the smile on Jennifer’s face, she had just increased her chances again of getting pregnant and she wasn’t about to tell. Mallory’s man also was about to cum and so was she. But Mallory’s man took it out and pumped it all over her chest and stomach.

My man was also getting closer but it took his a minute longer than the rest. He then took it out of my pussy and got onto the stage beside of me and I took his dick into my mouth just in time for him to unload at least 12 streams of cum down into my throat. I think that turned me on more than him being inside on me. What was my need to swallow cum? I looked over at Mallory about to wipe the cum off of her stomach and I quickly stopped her as I took my tongue and scooped it all off of her licking her clean before she dried herself with the towel.

The men then got dressed and thanked us. They all asked us if we would like to do this again soon, I said yes and so did Jennifer and Mallory. Then they went to the door where John was waiting.

“ That was amazing.” Mallory said. “But the best thing was being with you.”

“ I feel the same way.” I said as I kissed her.

As we got dressed I found out that John and Mallory live alone about halfway between my house and the strip club.

“ Don’t worry girls, as long as I can play too I will be happy to shuttle you back and forth some.” Jennifer said. We continued to get dressed.

“ Do you think your dad would let you come and stay with us for a few day’s Mallory.” I asked.

“ Yea that would be great. I will ask him when he comes back in.” Mallory said.

“ Is your dad going to be okay with it Jenny.” Jennifer asked.

“ Dad will be thrilled and my older brother Jason will be too.” I said smiling at Mallory. I think she got the message as she smiled back at me.

We waited and talked for about 30 minutes before John came back into the room. “ I have it all in cash, all $45,000 dollars. Here is your part Mallory, and here is your part Jenny as he handed us both an envelope with $7500. in it. I want to thank you both for saving my business. This new money will give some breathing room for a while. The clients were very happy. They asked if they could do this again every month. Jennifer I didn’t actually have a deal with you, but if you say yes I will pay you the same as the girls next time.” John asked.

“ I will if the girls both want too.” Said Jennifer.

“ I will do it every month if Jenny say’s yes.” Said Mallory.

“ If Mallory say’s yes than I guess I am a yes as well. But I also want something else.” I said as everyone stopped and stared at me.

“ I really like Mallory, I want for her to come and stay every other week with us until school starts. After that I want her to come and stay every other weekend.
In return I will stay at your house a few day’s a week until school starts back.”
I said.

“ Is that what you want Mallory? John asked. “Yes, I want to go and spend time with Jenny. Really get to know her.” She said as she reached out and grabbed
my hand pulling me towards her.

John agreed that it would be okay and that it could start today. He told Mallory to put the money she doesn’t need in the safe when she went home to get her reat time and so here is your money.” He handed us an clothes. We then left and on our way home we stopped at Mallory’s place and she got her stuff and put $7000.00 in her safe and took $500.00 with her. We then got back into Jennifer’s van and headed home.

“ Hey Jason this is Mallory she is going to be staying with us for a week.” I said as I passed Jason smiling. I think that he got the hint as he smiled at Mallory.
Mallory just smiled back.

“ Wow Jenny you look great.” Jason said.

We all unloaded my new clothes into my room, it looked like Christmas had come to my bedroom. I then took my money and put it into my shoebox. I waited until Jason and Mallory was out of my room to put my money in the shoebox.. Hey you can’t never be too careful it was a lot of money.

When Dad got home I introduced him to Mallory. Dad looked at her from head to toe and said that she was very beautiful. He then asked me where I met her. I lied and told him that she was Mrs. Stevens (Jennifer) niece. I didn’t think that he needed to know any of the rest yet. I asked to talk to him alone and we went off to his room.

“ Dad, I know this seems sudden but I really like Mallory and me and her are about to become very close. I also want to move back to my own room when Mallory is here, unless we both come in to visit with you. I also want to go and spend a few day’s a week at her house when she isn’t here.” I said.

“ Honey it is okay with me if you want to have her here as long as she doesn’t act badly. Plus I can’t wait for her and you to visit me.” Dad said.

“ It will but not tonight, I am so tired from the trip today.” I responded.

“By the way baby you look so very pretty.” He said.

My life had once again turned in a direction that I would never thought possible. I have found what I thought was going to be my first serious relationship and I was already in love. I was making more by having sex with 3 guys than my dad would make in 3 months. I was now a whore, and I wasn’t a bit sorry for it. I was still good person, I was just a good person with a huge sexual appetite. Was that bad????????

If you have liked parts 1-7 you will also like the next chapter. My true life story isn’t for all. But it is just me………..

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2010-09-11 16:19:37
You are a very good writer. So far you have had a lot of luck.
You where still to young and you where/are a Victim.

However Victim is as Victim does and it is about how you cope, Most get into the Drugs and Booze because their life is so so called awful.

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2009-08-28 17:38:58
Well the story was good but is right to know that you don't have the real story of a slut , the hardship they go thru, not the feeling we fill or the abuse they give us, as long we please them, but the story it was good to read

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2009-05-31 11:49:22
the story is a load of crap its not great or even good if you really are the experinced slut you claim then write about some of the traumas that come from living that liffe the abuse the doubts the quilt but the desire that keeps you comming back not just i fucked them it felt good then i fucked them it felt good this reads like a typical males fanassy rather then anything resembling the truth

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2009-04-30 12:58:38
great story. some minor grammar problems but who cares. it was a really hot story, all parts of it


2009-01-11 20:57:45
hopefully, a horse will finish you off. sharpish

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