(this is a fanasty about me and my one true love ill give him another name and me as well i will be amara and he will be matthew
sitting there on my bed and looking at the phone waiting for the phone to win, for him to call. staring then all of a sudden. RIIIIIIIIIIIING RIIIIIIIING. my hand rished to grab the phone before anyone else in the house did. it was him. "hello?! amara? are you there its matthew?!"
"yes yes im here baby i missed you!"
"awwww i missed you too cant wait for tonight" i knew what he ment. tonight was the night, i would no longer be a virgin by tommorow. i couldnt wait, i had to say i was nervous but i was glad i mean my one true love matthew and me and a bed and.....sigh.
"im coming over at 10 baby dont worry now i have to go get ready i love you and ill see you tonight"
"ok i love you too goodbye."
he hung up. i raced to the bathroom washed my hair 7 times maybe even more, shaved every part of my bady that had hair on it besides my head and my eyebrows. then i raced to my room the clock said 9:30. SHIT! i quickly put on some of my red lacy lingrae, it was a push up i took a quick look at my image in the mirrior. wow i look fucking hot. the lacy black thong under the red see throgh lace underwear that gave my ass just the right amount of skin showing, my abs and stomach were just so toned and the red lace bra made my boobs almost pop up right out of it. i looked amazing
i slipped on some of my favorite jeans and a very tight shirt. i raced down the street to the car and started it up.

--matthews house--

i ran up to the door. and he answered it before i knockde. i looked right into his big brown eyes and crashed my lips into his. i ran my fingers through him beautiful red hair and his right hand grabbed my back and then with his left he shut the door. we half walked half stumbled up the stair and into his bedroom. i fell on his bed where i had layed so many times before, making out, doing homework, joking around watching movies, now it seemed so large so big so good. he fell on top of me and his lips crashed into mine with so much passion i could have just exploded right then and there. i could feel his hands run over my body stopping at my brests just for a second and then went down further. i tugged on his shirt letting him know i wanted it off and he, in less then a second ripped off his shirt. and then went back down i rubbed my hands down his back as he started on my neck as he hit my collar bone i moaned and he licked ever so lightly there while pulling up my shirt.and i smiled i roled on top of him. stradling him i kissed his lips, so juicy so big so fucking sweet. i instanly pushed my hand down to his cock. it was already hard and i kept doing this and moved down to his chest. i slowly sucked his nipples making little circles with my tounges. he moaned and i kept going down kissing and licking his stomach and kept going down. then i unbuttoned his blue jeans and pulled, or course matt had no boxers on and his hard on was just there, his big beautiful cock his 9' cock was so amazing. i licked his head and down the shaft. and slowly back up. he moaned loudly. i envolped his hard dick into my mouth and god damn did he taste amazing. it was heaven in a nutshell, i kept going he moaned louder, "OHHHHHHHHHHH YES AMARA DONT STOP PH KEEP GOING UHHHHH SUCK MY COCK" i went faster and faster until he told me to stop he pushed me down on the bed and undid my bra i blushed as my huge boobs bounced out of my bra he started to suck my nipples "oh yes matt yessss" i whispered. he went down further and quiclkly undid my pants and pulled down both my underwears i blushed again at my bare wet pussy. he licked me soflty and played with my clit. i closed my eyes and my hands found there way to my nippleshe stuck his tounge into me and i gasped the feeling my my loves tounge inside of me, his hot wet lips touching my pussy was amazing. he sped up "oh YES MATT YES!" then he stoped and took his huge hard cock and rubed it on the outside of my vagina i moaned and pulled his head down to kiss me. then he harshly banged into me. i screamed at the little bit of pain. i looked down and saw blood running all over him. "wait!" he stopped and sat there for about 5 minutes i loseend up and he started again. it was heaven. inch by inch his beauitiful huge dick dissapeard innside of me. slowly, he pulled out and did this for about 10 minutes then i guess he was getting close to climaxing and sped up. in and out in and out in and out hard anf fast. "GOD DAMIT YES FUCK ME HARDER! FUCK ME MATT FUCK ME"
he pulled out and started to jerk off and quicly i put my mouth under his cock. then he came, and god damn did it taste good. a mixture of salty and sweet and i smiled he had so much it leaked down my face n to my breasts. which turned me on like hell. he went back down on me and started to stcik his tounge in and out faster and faster then i had the most satisfying orgasam i probably will ever have. he layed next to me and kissed my cheek breathing heavily. i smillied and tried to catch my breath. i rooled next to him and cuddled up. that was my own personal heaven i couldnt believe i just had sex with matthew, my matty bear.

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2009-10-02 22:07:03
You need to be more descriptive, and I don'tthink it would kill you to use spell check. It alsocould use to be a little longer and more descriptive. Otherwise, great job! :D

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2009-02-13 14:22:07
Spell check. Splle chekc. SPLEL CHKCE. Spell check.
That's the main problem. Also organize your writing a little more, add emotion and maybe a little bit more background. :)

Put more of what the main character is feeling.

7/10 Work on it :p

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