The names have been changed but most is based of real life...
My name is Micheal. I met the only guy i've ever liked when I was 13. He was 14. His name is Tyler. He is my mom's best friend's boyfriend's other kid. When we met we became friends almost instantly. He was into the same movies, video games, and music I was. We even have the same goofy, "I wanna have fun!" attitude! The day we met I was visiting my aunt(my mom's best friend) and he was in town from California. He lives there with his mom. We started talking about the movie that was on T.V. We eventualy got bored and went to his room to play GTA on his PS2. I was sitting on his bed when he got on his knees to find something. When he found it he reached over and handed it to me. It was some stupid gamer's mag. He was on his knees, bent over his bed and had his head turned playing the PS2. I looked over and noticed his ass. He had a cute, round bubble butt. Even though he had to wear a belt, his ass was still tight in his jeans. I couldn't belive I was getting turned on! I knew I was bi but, I had never actually looked at another guy that way before. I was tugged away from my thoughts by the sound of his voice,

"Are you ok?"
"Me? Yeah! Why?"
"You were off in space with serious look on your face."
"Oh.....I.....was just thinking..."
"Don't hurt yourself!"
"Fuck you!"

Actually, I thought, that wouldn't be such a bad idea! We played a little more untill I had to go. I saw him a couple more times over the next 2 weeks. Then he went back to Californa. I thought i'd never see him again. Untill....

2 Years Later:

I heard a car pull up at the front of my house so I window. It was my aunt's car. Her abusive boyfriend in the pasangers seat. I told my little brother to stay in the house because I that Tony(the abusive boyfriend) was here to start shit. So I opened the door, ready to grab the baseball bat we keep behind the door. My aunt is the first out of the car,

"Hey, Micheal, how are you?" she yelled to me.
"Look who I brought!"

I look at her then at him. But then I noticed the guy in the passenger seat is not nearly as tall and fat as Tony. So I walk to the car. The door opens.'s Tyler! He steps out of the car,

"Hey long time no see!"
"What the fuck are you doin' here?!"

Instead of answering me he.....hugs me! I didn't see that comin'! I hug him back but, we hold on a little long then 2 dudes who are just friends are suppose to. When we do let go at look at his dark, gourgeous eyes! Then he says,

"Look how tall you got!"
"Look at how you didn't grow!"

He gives me a glare and flips me off. My aunt pops the trunk,

"Help me unload the car!"
"Who's stayin?"
"Really?!" I relize that I said that a little too excited.
"Yeah. You mom said that he could."

I help them unload and my aunt sticks around for a little bit. When she leaves she takes my little bro to stay over with her and her 2 kids. Right after that my mom calls and says that my grandma has the flu so her and her boyfriend are gonna stay the week end over there to help out. When I get off the phone I go into the living room and find Tyler there, rollin a joint.

"What the fuck are you doin?! My mom will kill me!!!"
"Relax! She said she can't leave Kate!"
"I know but....Wait! How do you know that?"
"I was over there before I came here."
"Oh. Well....I don't think......I mean.......That's weed!!"
"Duh! You don't smoke?"
"Have you ever?"
"Really?! Then you get first hit!"
"I don't mom.....wouldkill me if-"
"Come on! It's fun!"

I made the mistake of looking into his eyes.....I couldn't say no to him then! So I sat down, He told me how to do it and so I put the joint in my mouth, lit it, inhaled, and held it in. I was doing fine untill I exhaled. I started to cough really hard. Before I knew it he was at my side comforting me,

"Are you ok?! I'm sorry, I didn't think you would cough that bad! Oh shit, i'm so sorry!!"

I stopped coughing after ablout a minute and a half. I looked up at him and the look on his face shocked me. He looked like he was worried out of his mind! And hit me. I got hella dizzy and happy. I started laughing. Tyler asked,

"What the hell is so funny?!"
"You looked hella scared!!"

We finished 2 joints and past out. I don't remember anything after half of the 1st one was gone.

When I Woke Up....
I woke up in my bed. The 1st thing that came to mind was that I smoked weed with Tyler. I went to get up but something was on me. I looked down and...........WHAT THE HELL!!!! Tyler had his head on my chest and his arm acoss my stomach. I lifted the blanket to see that we were both buck naked! At that time Tyler woke up and looked up at me. I sat there staring at him untill he relived why,

"On fuck! Don't get pissed! We didn't do anything! I swear! After the second joint you passed out so I got you into bed and got you undressed that was it! I didn't mean to fall asleep with you but......"
"So you remember last night?"
"Yeah. And I swear we didn't do anything!"
"Why did you lay with me? Naked?"
"I.....umm.....ok look, i've had a crush on you since we first meet! I didn't want to creep you out so I kept my mouth shut! Nobody even knows i'm gay! I'm sor-"
"Quit saying your sorry! You have no idea how happy I am that your gay! I'm bi and i've had a crush on you since we first meet, too!"

He looked at me like I had spoke another language. Then a big grin came across his face as he pushed me back down so I was laying on my back. He then climbed on top of me in the 69 position, putting his asshole right at my mouth, and then shoved my dick in his mouth before i even got hard! As I violently licked at his ass, I felt my dick growing in his mouth. When I reached my full 6in, he fit it all in his mouth. He sucked hard and bobbed his head up and down as fast as he could. I was willing to do anything with him! I didn't care what he was into! After about 5mins of 69in, I put him on his stomach and lubed up his ass and my cock with spit. When they were ready, I began to push into him he was tight but not a virgin, so it didn't take long for him to get used to my dick. Once I was all the way in I began to slowly fuck his ass. He was so wet and warm, I thought I could cum right there! As his ass got more relaxed, I got faster and faster. I pumped harder with each thrust. I was fucking his ass as hard as I could! We were moaning and screaming so loud that the lady next door was yelling at us to shut up. But we just continued. We were sweating like we were on the equator! I was in heaven! The way my cock felt in his ass sent chills up my spine. He turned his head towards me and I began kissing him. I felt his ass get tight as he yelled in pleasure,

"I'm gonna cum!!"

I was shocked! His dick didn't even get touched and he blew his load on my bed! That turned me on even more and before I knew it, I was about to cum,

"Oh shit now i'm gonna cum!"
"I want you to cum in my ass!"

As he finished saying that, I came! The biggest load of my life! We lay there panting, trying to catch our breath for 5mins. Then i got up and said,

"I'm gonna take a shower, join me when your ready."

I bent over and kissed him gently on the lips. I got in the shower and thought about what had just went on between me and Tyler. I was a little confused. I didn't know if that was just sex or if he wanted a relationship. As I was thinking I heard the bathroom door open. Tyler stepped in the shower, kissed me, then asked what was on my mind,

"Is this gonna be a relationship or are you just lookin for sex?"

This is my first story so tell me what you think, if you like it i'll write the next part. If not, tell me what is missing and i'll just start a different series!
Peace Bitches,

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