one wild party lead to some serious fucking....
It was mid summer and it was my first semester of college and my parents had gotten me my own appartment so i could live closer to the campus. One of my neighbors was having a party that friday. His name was Joey and wat about 6'1, very toned body and gorgeous long hair. I had wanted to fuck him several times before and I was pretty sure he knew it. Once he had given me a hug and stuck his thumb up my skirt and rubbed hard on my clit about twice, it made me so horny but I had to leave for work, so he gave me a smirk and asked me if i was coming to the party, of course i said yes, how could i not after that?
Friday was finally here and I had dressed super sexy, I wore jeans that showed off my flat stommach and a my ass. Once I had gotten to the party I began drinking right away and I get even hornier when I drink and Joey must have noticed because he walked over to me and gave my ass a slap. He grabbed my hand and led me to one of his spare rooms, once inside he began kissing and biting my neck, as he did that he lifted my shirt and started roughly playing and biting on my nipples, which made my cunt so wet i wanted to fuck him right then, i guess he must have noticed because he began rubbing my clit again with his thumb. after he noticed that i really liked that he began inserting his fingers in my soaking cunt, first it was one then he worked his way up to four. i could feel him stretching my cunt with his fingers but then he started licking on my clit and i came all over his hand, nobody had ever made me squirt before but it felt amazing and it seemed like it turned him on. i could see he had a raging hard on and i asked if he would fuck me, "tonight i am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before", he replied. His dick was about 81/2 inches and i had only had sex with two other people. He slowly started putting his head in and once it was in he suddenly plunged the rest in which made me scream in pain, then he began fucking me so hard that i was begging him to stop because it hurt so bad. "you fucking slut, you are going to take this cock and you are gonna fucking cum all over it, bitch" he said. i felt him getting harder and i knew he was about to cum, and sure enough he shot a load deep into my pussy, but the night was far from over.
he opened the night stand beside his bed and pulled out some tape and rope and tied my arms and legs to the bedposts. there i was completely naked with my pussy exposed. Joey also pulled out dildo and stuck it in my pussy with the vibrate level all the way up, and to make sure it stayed he took a piece of tape and taped the vib/dildo in my pussy, he got dressed, said he would be right back, and left closing the door behind him. as he was gone the dildo began to drive me wild, i could feel it vibrating against my clit and i wanted to be fucked again, HARD AND ROUGH, little did i know but i was going to get fucked.
the door flung open again and in walked joey with two of his guy friends and one of their girlfriends. one of the guys walked over to me and untaped the dildo and began to fuck me with it. "damn joey she's fucking wet," he said as i came once more. they all began to fondle, lick, kiss and bite me all over my body. the girl her name was ally began to lick my cunt and rub on my clit at the same time, she had also gotten on top of me into the 69 position with her cunt right in my face so i began to lick, suck and bite on her pussy. i could also see that all of the guys began to get hard ons and were ready to fuck. ally got off of me and joeys friend jess had come over and flipped me to where i was laying on my stomach. "i wanna fuck you doggy style," he said. so i got up on my hands and knees and bent over. he was fucking me just like joey had and i came again, while he was fucking me he began to finger fuck my asshole. it hurt a little because i had never had anything in my ass and was worried it would make a mess. he stuck one finger in, then two and finally three. joey said i was his slut and he wanted to stick his dick in my ass first so he positioned himself behind me and lubed up his cock and spit on my asshole. he slowly started inserting himself inside of me and it hurt it felt like i was being ripped apart. after about3 minutes of slowly fucking me he began to pound my ass as hard as he could and eventually i loved getting a cock in my asshole. jess said that he was tired of watching and wanted to fuck so he got underneath me and stuck he cock back in my cunt while joey fucked my asshole. having two dicks in me at once made me squirt everywhere and cum more than twice, i loved it and i didnt want them to stop. i guess all of the fucking was making ally wet again because she came over and stuck her cunt in my face, she untied my hands so i could finger fuck her while i had dicks in both holes. the thought of this was making me cum again and as i was getting there i began eating and finger fucking allys tight ass cunt faster and harder making her cum as well. she got up and told her boyfriend, mike, that i was a good slut and he should try it out. mike walked over to me and stuck his cock in my face and i began to suck and deep throat like i had never done before. it was official, i was full of cocks and i loved it. mike was close to cumming because he began to fuck my face so hard i was choking and close to passing out then he shot his load down my throat. i could also feel the other two about to cum because i could feel them fucking me even harder now and suddenly jess shot a load up in my dripping cunt and then joey shot the first load of cum ever up my ass. after that we all got dressed and went back out to the party to get even drunker.
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