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This is my first story every to be written so please comment on it. I know it is a bit long but please stick with it untill the end. I am really looking foward to your comments.

John woke up around five thirty in the morning with a raging hard on once again. He looked down took his hand slid it down his pants and started rubbing himself. The reason he woke was because of her. Alexandria, although he was only 15 and a freshman in high school he knew he loved her. Everything about her turned him on; The smell of her strawberry shampoo in her rich dark brown hair that went just past her shoulders, Her C cup breasts, her wonderfully tight ass and her long slender legs.

He relieved himself and finally woke getting out of his bed and walked to his shower with Alexandria still on his mind. As he showered he continued to think of her and how he thought he never stood a chance with her. They were only three months into the school year and already she was one of the most popular girls, mhm women, in the school. Already she was hanging out with the upper class men and women. Though none of the guys ever came on to her because already she had established herself as a women who wouldn't take shit from anyone and would never have sex before she was with the man she was sure she was too marry. He grabbed his book bag and his gym bag and left for school.

Although he didn’t have many friends, and the only friends he did have he met at the gym he never really cared. He would rather stay after school with his friends and go to the gym anyway. Why would he want to “play” with other men in football or basketball were to block someone you had “grope” other men?
He continued thinking of her with a semi-hard cock, which was common now because he could never stop, when he turned the corner going to the lockers when he bumped right into her. Both he and Alexandria fell to the floor, John on top of Alexandria. He blushed a deep red and scrambled to his feet. "I'm so, so sorry Alexandria. Really I am." Alexandria giggled and smiled, "Please call me Alex, and you might want to keep your "feelings" to yourself."

John looked down realizing he was now fully erect. He zipped up his coat to help cover his erect cock and said "Sorry" got his books and, blushing, went to class.


Alexandria slowly awoke from her sleep around six that morning and slowly slept out of her bed. She enjoyed sleeping in the nude. The nipples of her C cup breasts were erect. She gave them a slight pinch moaning at the touch. She knelt down, her ass in the air. . She then took out the purple dildo from under her bed. She then began walking to the.

She turned on the water and stepped in. She gently laid herself on the bathtub floor. She slowly took the dildo and rubbed it on her cunt lips, slowly, enjoying every bit of it. When she could wait no longer she took the dildo and slowly pushed it inside making sure she didn't break her hymen. As she did this she began fondling her breasts with her free hand. She started pumping the dildo faster and faster still making sure she kept her hymen intact. She then began pinching her nipples moaning softly. Soon she began shuddering, her cunt clamping down on the dildo. She bit her lip as she let out a muffled yell of pleasure as her orgasm swept over her entire body. Juices poured from her, more than the average teen would, and she savored every lasting bit of it. When the orgasm was done she took her hand and got some of the juices on it. She took it to her nose, smelled it, then sucking it sensually. When she finally finished she stood, washed her hair with her strawberry scented shampoo, washed her body, and cleaned her cunt.

She thought to herself, "What a perfect beginning to my day. Maybe I'll let him know that I do like him. He does seem lonely and a little afraid I don't like him..." She of course was referring to John. She thought he was gorgeous. She loved everything about his five foot ten inch figure. His messy dark brown hair, his lean muscled arms and legs and that little bulge in his pants he had every time he looked at her. She grabbed her book bag, kissed her mother on the cheek and said goodbye, and then walked out the door to school.

When she got there she went to the locker and got her books while talking to one of her many friends. “So what did you do over the break?” Alexandria asked Kathleen, her best friend. “Oh not much. I just went shopping and got some adorable new outfits.” As Alexandria turned the corner out of the locker room she bumped into John. Both fell on the floor. John landed on top of her and she could feel his erect cock trying to break out of his pants to attack her cunt. "I'm so, so sorry Alexandria. Really I am." Alexandria giggled and smiled, "Please call me Alex, and you might want to keep your "feelings" to yourself." John zipped up his coat said “Sorry” and left blushing. Smiling Alex got up and kept walking. “What was that?” “Oh, nothing I guess, though I’m sure he has a few things on his mind.” Alex continued smiling as she walked to class.


“What just happened? Was she really upset? But, then why would she smile when she told me to keep my “feelings” to myself? Oh my god! Was she referring to my cock?! Oh I’m Sure she was… But, if she smiled does that mean she liked it? What do I do now? Do I tell her how I feel or…” “John, can you please cum up to the board and solve my problem?” “What!!!” he thought. “Uh what did you s say Ms. Reese?” “I said come up to the board and solve the problem.” “Oh.” John’s day continued much like his last class. All he could think of was Alex and how she had told him to keep his “feelings” to himself. He had to make up his mind.


“Ok. Ok, ok, ok. I’ll do it. I’ll just tell her how I feel and then ask her if she wants to go see a movie. That is what girls want a guy to do right? Tell them their feelings and ask them out right? Oh God.

John walked down the front stairs of the school and shakily called out. “Al…Al…Alex?” “Yes John?” “W…Well I…I like you and wa…was wonderin if maybe you wanted to go see a movie…?” Alex crept closer to John. So close in fact John was becoming erect again. “You know what John?” She was so close now their lips nearly touched and her breasts were pressing against his chest. “I’ve like you for awhile now and I was hoping you would ask me out soon. Or I would have to settle for one of the other guys who have been looking at me and getting…” She placed her hand on the outside of his jeans and rubbed his now erect cock “…erect cocks” She giggled. As she stepped away she handed him a piece of paper with her number on it. “Call me so we can talk about what we’ll see. Ok?

As she walked away he stood there, dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. “Oh my god. She does like me! She also seems to like my cock… And what did she mean by “what we’ll see”? Does she mean what were going to see at the theatre or does she mean something else?” John walked home slowly with these thoughts now racing in his head.

The Call:

When John got home he walked into his room and locked his door. With all the recent events he jacked off, picked up the phone and dialed Alex’s number. “Hello?” “Hi...It’s John” “Oh hello John. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to call. Of course, judging by that bulge in your pants maybe you had to relieve yourself.” “Yes I did.” John was startled by what he just said. Yea he jacked off and he knew others did too but he shouldn’t be announcing it. “Oh really? Funny thing, I had to do the same” He couldn’t believe that they were talking like this. Especially at fifteen!

“Anyway Alex, What movie do you wanna see?” “Well I was wondering. Maybe you could come to my place to watch one.” “Sure. I’ll be happy to. What time? Sometime tomorrow maybe?” “I was thinking right now. You can just tell your mom you’re staying at a friend’s house.”
“Ok. I’ll leave her a note and leave right now.” “Don’t you think you should have my address first?” “Oh yea…” Alex giggled. “It’s 18 Bay Street.” “Ok, thanks. I’ll Be right over.” John hanged up the phone wrote the note to his mom and rode his bike to Alex’s house.

An Unforgettable Night:

When John arrived he rang the doorbell and immediately fallowing Alex opened the door. His jaw dropped. She was wearing very short shorts which didn’t give her camel toe but hugged her cunt so much that the shape was well defined as well as showing off her tight ass and slender legs. She had on a tight pink tang top that clearly showed she wasn’t wearing a bra. He couldn’t believe her parents would let her wear something like this. “Judging by your tent I see you like my outfit. Oh and my parents would never let me wear this. It just so happens that they’re away for the weekend.” “Well I do like it very much, and something tells me that your parents being gone is a very good thing”

Alex led John to her living room where she had a movie already set up. He and Alex took a seat on the couch and Alex pressed play. John gasped. The movie she had put on was a porno! The woman in the movie was moaning like crazy as two men fucked her ass and cunt. He Gasped, “what is this?’ “This is just something to help get you in the mood. I of course wanted this very much. You’re the only one I ever want.” “You…you wanna fuck me?” “No, I want you to fuck the living shit out of me.” She stood up taking of her top her breasts now jiggled freely. She then took off her shorts showing that no underwear was present at all. She sat on his lap and leaned forward. “But what if you get pregnant? Our parents will find out and kill us!” “Oh don’t worry I’m on birth control cause my period is so terrible without it.” “Well…If you insist” He leaned forward pressing his lips against hers. They kissed their tongues invading each other’s mouths. Alex Began taking John’s shirt off. John began standing up finishing by taking off the shirt, pants, boxers, and all.

Alex gasped because right in front of her stood John’s incredible cock. John never thought too much about it. He always thought it to be about normal size but Alex told him otherwise. “My god John! It’s huge! I’ve read a normal sized cock is about six inches but this is at least ten!!!” “Thanks…Maybe we can have more fun with it then.” “Oh we will.”

She led him up to her room where they went straight for the bed. John lay down and Alex lay done on top of him with her mouth at his cock, her cunt at John’s. “Please, eat my cunt like no tomorrow!” With that John slowly began licking the freshly shaven lips of her cunt. Trying to repeat all the things he had ever seen in a porno. With that Alex moaned and began sucking on his cock. She tried to deep throat it but gagged terribly. “Are you ok?” “Yea this just a lot bigger than my dildo. Don’t worry I’ll adjust” She slammed her mouth right over that ten inch cock once more loving every bit of it. She began to tear up but didn’t quit. John continued on the cunt by invading her cunt now. Juices began to flow from her. He loved its sweet flavor and Alex continued moaning more loudly now though. Soon John was about to explode from the fantastic blowjob he was receiving and Alex was just about to cum all over John’s face. They screamed in unison, “I’M CUMMING!!!” John shot a massive load into Alex’s mouth and she almost gagged on it. However; Alex cumed so much he thought he was going to drown in a heaven of sweat delectable cunt juice. When the orgasms ended both John and Alex panted. “Oh god John you taste so good!” “As do you my sweet.”

By now John was overcome by a sexual rage. He needed more. “John, please do whatever you want to me. I’m just so happy you’re with me I want you to be happy. RAVAGE MY BODY PLEASE!” John needed no more help he turned Alex onto her back, took his cock and rammed it straight into Alex. She screamed and a little dribble of blood seeped out of her cunt. This did nothing to stop him though. He kept ramming deep into her now torn hymen; her breasts shaking with each thrust. As he did so he grabbed Alex’s nipples and pinched them pulling them up and down with each thrust. Soon Alex was overcome by pure ecstasy and soon had an orgasm, juices covering John’s cock and soaking the bed sheets. She had many more orgasms fallowing and soon her eyes rolled into the back of her head with pure bliss enveloping her body. Then John exploded releasing a huge amount of cum straight into her cervix.

Please, fuck me again.” “Oh I will don’t you worry sweetie. However, this time it will be your ass.” “BUT YOUR COCK WILL RIP IT APART!” “Wasn’t it you who said do whatever you want to me?” “Yes, it’s just I've never had anal before.” “Well there is a first for everything.” With this he rolled Alex onto her stomach, legs dangling over the side of the bed. John took some of the still seeping cunt juice from Alex and put some on her ass for a little lubrication. Then john wasted no time and rammed his cock straight into her ass. She screamed. Her pain soon turned into pleasure as John’s cock thrust into her. She began moaning and breathing heavily. John continued on his lustful rampage. Alex’s face began to turn red and all you could see of her eyes were the whites and the rd veins. Then John erupted filling her ass with cum. He then collapsed on top of her. Alex shakily crawled onto the bed under the sheets and John fallowed in pursuit. “Let’s go to sleep.” “Alright. I’m exhausted anyway.” “Can I give you one last blowjob?” “You may my dear.” With that Alex slowly put John’s cock into her mouth and began deepthroating it. Both knew that they were in love and would someday get married.

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2009-02-16 17:45:39
liked it

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2009-01-16 17:33:25
It was pretty good you need a little work. Keep writing it's the only way to get better.


2009-01-14 17:15:05
Thanks for the positive comment. And i certainly will keep writing.

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2009-01-13 17:42:10
i think u was gud need a lil work tho. (made me a lil wet lol) keep writin

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2009-01-10 20:15:59
you did say it was your first story.......certainly did not have beginers luck. you might have some potential but i wouldn't make a living or a hobbie outa it. try a second one. who knows you might get lucky

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