Family fun with Mallory.....
Young Passion Part - 8

I know by now you think I am full of shit. You probably think that there is no way a now 13 year old girl could have experienced all that I have experienced in just a matter of 5 weeks. What is funny is that you still have only heard about 10% of the story. This was just the first 5 weeks. I would have to write 100+ parts to even start to finish my sexual experiences. I was a young slut, just what every man secretly wants but doesn’t want to admit it.

Part 8-

I woke up the next morning with Mallory in my arms. We were both totally naked and her body was half uncovered. I just sat up a little and watched her sleeping. I didn’t see just how beautiful she was in the beginning. The difference was that she was pretty like this, without make up and all of the fake nails. She was just naturally pretty. I was starting to fall hard for her and I really didn’t even know her that well.

I had been staring at her for a long time when she opened her big blue eyes and tuned towards me. “ What are you doing?” She asked.

“ Watching you sleep, you are so pretty Mallory.” I said as I leaned down to get a kiss that I had been waiting and longing for since I had first awoke.

“ You are pretty too, Jenny. I can’t believe that this happened. I feel all jittery inside. I think I am falling in love with you already.” She said.

I then removed our blanket from the bed and got on top of her sitting up. I started to rub her stomach and then I moved on to her tits. Her tits was a B cup with nice small nipples. I was in that position when I had a very big urge to pee. I told Mallory that I had to go to the bathroom and pee, she said she did too. We went to the bathroom together both still naked.

After we had both peed we got into the shower. We both used the bath sponge to lather each other up with soap, we were both really into each other. We couldn’t help but to start kissing each other. It was weird, but it really wasn’t about sex this time. I wanted more than just sex. I wanted to know her, I wanted her heart and I wanted her to have mine. It was funny, for the first time in over a month, I felt like a kid again. The funny thing is that I think that she felt the same way about me.

We didn’t have sex in the shower that morning, instead we got out and got dressed and we both put on makeup. We both looked like a million dollars. It was a Saturday and when we got downstairs Dad and Jason was already there just sitting at the table talking. Both of them whistled as we came into the kitchen.

“ Damned girls you both look hot as hell.” Jason said and Dad Agreed.

I was hungry and Mallory had already said she was hungry. So we looked in the fridge and we found one can of biscuits with only 5 biscuits in it, and 6 eggs.
Noone was going to get stuffed but at least everyone could eat something.

After we had eaten we still were kind-of hungry. Dad commented on the fact that we had a can of cinnamon rolls in the fridge. So me and Mallory put them in the oven and set the small can of cinnamon icing on the stove. Jason and Dad went into the living room to play the Nintendo as we just stayed in the kitchen and kissed.

“ What do you think this would taste like on your pussy?” Mallory asked me as she grabbed the icing.

“ I don’t know, lets find out.” I said. I lifted my mini-skirt and pulled off my panties then I sat up on the center island and Mallory took her finger and stuck it in the icing then rubbed it on my pussy. It was already a little warm from the stove-top getting a little warm. She then bent over and ate it off of my pussy. I loved the way she licked it off. It was kind of different than the normal way and it felt great.

“ Now it is your turn” I said. She also lifted her mini and removed her panties. I put my finger in the icing and rubbed it onto her pussy. I then bent over and licked her pussy. I loved the fact that I was eating something off of her pussy.

Once I had eaten it all off, I looked and saw the timer was about to go off on the rolls. So I took them out of the oven. I then grabbed the icing container. “ Mallory, there isn’t enough icing left, what am I going to do? They are going to be so mad at us.” I whispered.

“ I think that maybe we would make a better dessert.” Mallory said as she smiled at me. What a great idea. We both took turns getting back onto the island and loading the icing on the others pussy lips and clits. We then washed our hands
and went into the living room. They were sitting on two folding chairs 5 feet from the television. We both sat down behind then side by side, we leaned back and put our spread legs on the coffee table in front of us, almost laying down.

“ I am sorry guy’s but we messed up the cinnamon rolls, there seemed to be an icing shortage.” I said waiting for them to turn around.

Dad then hit the pause button and they both turned around as they complained. Once they both saw us there with icing all over our pussy’s their complaining stopped and their jaws dropped. They just sat there looking.

“ Do you guy’s want to complain all day or come and eat what was left.” Mallory said smiling.

Dad and Jason both got up together and they both just went to the girl in front of them. Dad came over to Mallory and Jason came over to me. They moved the coffee table back and they both got on their knees in front of us. They both lifted our legs in the air and started licking at our icing coated pussy’s.

We both moaned as these two hungry men ate at our pussy’s with a vengeance that I had never experienced before. I was so hot and turned on that I gave Jason a bath in a matter on minutes. I orgasmed fast and really hard. I looked over at Mallory who was also building an orgasm. I just watched her face as she started to cum.

“ Yes, Yes, eat me, yesssssssssssssssss……………….” Then Mallory came and daddy quickly her white cum.

“ Now that you guy’s have licked us why don’t we take care of those dicks.” I said as I lifted Jason to his feet and started to unbutton his pants. I then let then fall to the floor, followed by his briefs. Their Jason stood completely naked as we had removed his shirt already. I looked over at Mallory and Dad and they were lip locked. I then turned back to Jason and starting to suck him off. I wanted to suck Jason but I also wanted to double team dad, so I sucked Jason hard and fast and within a few minutes I had Jason cumming in my mouth.

I looked over at Mallory who had just finished kissing dad. I leaned over to her and deposited Jason’s load into her awaiting mouth. She took it and swallowed it immediately, Then she continued to kiss me probing my mouth for anything more. I then went back to my brother cleaning off his dick with my tongue and lips. I then leaned up and over to dad and kissed him on his lips. He acted a little hesitant to kiss me back, but I rammed my tongue into his mouth making him taste Jason’s cum. Jason laughed thinking it was funny.

I then looked back over at Dad and Mallory, Dad had moved down and had taken Mallory’s top off and was sucking on her right nipple. So I leaned over and took her left nipple into my mouth. Jason stood there watching as we recovered.

Mallory had really started moaning as me and Dad sucked her nipples. She was defiantly feeling the pleasure that comes from 2 at once, but I wanted her to feel three at once. So I looked at Jason and motioned for him to get between her legs and start licking her. The second that Jason’s tongue touched her pussy she started moaning really loudly in pleasure. She was building up another orgasm and from the sound of her moans this one was going to be huge. I guess at this point Jason decided to try something new. He stuck his fingers in her pussy as he continues to eat her. That was all it took, she orgasmed really hard and even squirted a little herself. We all then stopped and got off of her letting her recover.

“ Hey isn’t it your turn” Mallory said as she leaned over to me taking in my
right nipple. Jason then moved to my left side and started licking on my left nipple. Dad then moved into position at my pussy. I loved the feeling of 2 people sucking my nipples. It was made even better though by the fact that my brother and my new girlfriend was doing it together, followed by my daddy who was really turning on my clit with his skilled tongue.

The sensation was totally weird but extremely enjoyable. The feeling from my nipples being sucked has always ran down to my pussy and just turned me on even more. But this time it was like the sensation from both nipples going down to my pussy and then having a tongue also stimulating it. It was as close to total ecstasy as I had ever been. I could see now how Mallory orgasmed so quickly and so hard. This felt so good that I could hardly stand it.

I was well on my way to another orgasm and they had only been on me a few minutes. I was about to go off and I could feel it build and build and I was quivering inside and it slowly started making me quiver outside. I was shaking like a person having a mini seizure and I couldn’t control my body nor did I want too. I wanted this, I needed this, I tensed up hard but was still shaking at the same time. I starting bucking up and down as my legs clamped around my Dad’s head, I was about to come and he was going to eat me harder and faster. My actions made my Dad go just that, he dug into my pussy and I screamed out, “ Yes eat my pussy damn it. I’m coming.” I then orgasmed. That was the hardest and best orgasm I had ever had. It didn’t make me pass out, but I get a little dizzy.

Mallory, Dad, and Jason all proceeded to laugh at me. I might have not had gotten any dick yet put I was done for the night. I knew that I just couldn’t orgasm again. I was so tired and so drained. I moved from the couch and went to sit on the chair. I sat back and just watched the next part.

Jason had fully recovered and was hard and ready again for action. Dad had yet to go off and his dick was hard as a rock and at full attention. As for Mallory she was ready for her next orgasm and Dad and Jason was willing to show this 15 year old the pleasure on getting 2 dicks at once.

Dad stood up and stood onto the couch to put his hard cock into her young and pretty mouth. Jason took two of the small pillows off of the end of the couch and put them under his knees and lined his dick up with her pussy. Jason then put his dick at her wet entrance and pushed. I heard Mallory moan with pleasure. Jason started slowly going in and out of Mallory’s pussy and I could tell from her moans that she was enjoying his dick inside of her. When she moaned Dad’s head would fall back some, the vibrations from her moans was driving Dad crazy.

I was surprisingly still content as I just watched them. Jason was now pounding her good and Mallory was going to town on Dad’s dick. Dad, Mallory, and Jason were all feeling really good right now. Dad then got off of her and switched places with Jason. Dad slowly inserted his dick into her gapping pussy. She was so warm inside and Dad stopped a minute to regain his control. He then started going in and out of her.

“ Let’s change position’s.” she said. She asked Dad to sit down and she got on top on him. and leaned over on top of him.

“ Jason I want your dick in my ass.” She said.

“ What, with no condom won’t I get shit on my dick.” Jason asked.

“ I really need it Jason, Please….” She begged.

“ It’s okay son it is a rare treat for a guy, just go for it.” Dad said.

I sat and watched as I saw Mallory take a dick where I never knew I dick could go. I wondered what it felt like.

As Jason pushed hard to get it in her ass, I could see Mallory tensing up. Some way wonder why she would want to go through the pain, but not me. I was kind of drawn to the fact that she was taking it up her ass and strangely enough I was also drawn to the pain.

Jason finally got the head of his dick into her and started pushing the rest into her. Jason then started going in and out of her ass and Mallory looked like she was starting to enjoy the sensation. Mallory start moving back and forth riding not one dick but 2 in the process.

This sight was once again getting me excited and I knew that my plans to sit the night out was probably not really going to happen. I was intrigued and I wanted to try it myself. I got up and walked back over to them. I got up on the couch and started kissing Mallory as she rode them. But that proved to hard. So I sat there and just rubbed them with my hands. Dad then put one hand over to my pussy and started rubbing it.

Dad and Jason were both really hanging in there. but Mallory was really starting to tire from riding them. So she got off Jason and moved over to the empty part of the couch. She got onto her knees and leaned over the couch. She then asked Dad to fuck her ass. Jason was out of play put this was my chance so I was going to take it. “ I was about to get into position myself when Mallory dared me.

“ I dare you to suck Jason’s dick now that it’s been in my ass Jenny.” She said.

With that I grabbed his dick and pulled it straight to my mouth and started sucking it. Everyone laughed and Mallory asked if it tasted shitty. I just stood up and went over to her mouth and kissed her, giving her the opportunity to taste her own ass. I really didn’t taste anything much just a light smell and that was it. So I didn’t know what the big deal was.

I then got into the same position as Mallory and asked Jason to fuck my pussy a little first then move to my ass. It felt really good having Jason inside of me but I really enjoyed watching Dad fuck Mallory’s ass. Mallory was really enjoying it now and I was really curious and to what it felt like.

After a few minutes in my pussy Jason pulled out and then started on my ass. It felt as if his dick was ripping apart my ass, it really hurt. Then all of a sudden the head of his dick went in and it burned and hurt, I felt like a was about to shit all over him. Then he grabbed me hard and starting pushing his dick into me. I wrenched with pain. He started to then move it in and out of me and it felt even worse. Then it started to ease up and I started to enjoy it more and more. It hurt a little the whole time, but it was a good hurt because it also was satisfying.

Jason then started really fucking my ass with his dick I was really enjoying it and so was Mallory. Dad was nailing her good too and I knew we would be coming soon and so did Mallory.

“ When you get ready to cum, feed it to Jenny for me.” Mallory asked of Dad. That just turned me on even more and I was ready to swallow his load. Dad apparently was getting close. So he stopped ran around to the back side of the couch and stuck his dick into my mouth. I started sucking him hard and Jason was giving my ass it’s first fucking. Dad then unleashed into my mouth and I swallowed almost all of his large load.

Jason was fucking me hard and I wanted him to cum inside of my ass. He did just that I minute later. It felt so good.

“ Well girls that was fun but me and Jason have to go and help old man Fred. Then we have to go a few other places. We will be gone till probably about 5 area.” Dad said. They then finished getting dressed and left.

“Damn my ass is sore.” Mallory said as we laughed……

“ Lets get dressed and go to the hardware store.” I said. “ I need to buy a small safe for my money.

“ Okay but what about we leave the panty’s at home?” Mallory asked.

“ That means that whenever we bend over we will flash someone.” I said.

“ Yep that’s the plan…..” She grinned.

“ I want for us to go to the General Store first, I have someone that I want for you to meet.” I said.

Once we arrived at the General Store I introduced Roy to Mallory. Roy stared a little at Mallory and I started to get a little jealous but then I thought she is mine and she is cute. I then shocked Roy, I reached out for Mallory and kissed her passionately showing him that she was mine. I then moved Mallory to where her ass was facing Roy and I was facing her. I then reached down under her short mini-skirt and lifted it up showing Roy her ass.

“ Oh my” Roy said. “ I would love to see more but I can’t right now being at work.”

“ Aren’t you off tomorrow? I asked.

“ Yes” He said. “It’s Sunday store is closed.”

“ What if we come over tomorrow night around 7pm.” I said as I looked at Mallory with an approving look on her face. Roy was really cute and I just knew that she was going to love his dick.

We then left to go to the hardware store. We found 2 safe’s. One was small I would guess is was about 12x12 inches. That one was $60.00. Then their was a larger one that was about 16x16 that one was $100.00. I decided to buy the hundred dollar one and they said that they could deliver it today around 4pm. It was about 11 now so it gave us 5 hours to play around.

I was still hungry so I asked Mallory if she wanted to go back to the caf?They were not too busy so we sat down and ordered. While we were looking at the menu’s I saw four guy’s at another table checking us out.

“ Mallory, there are four good looking guy’s checking us out.” Mallory looked over her shoulder at them. Their table was the one next to us, but behind Mallory. So they were getting a good view of my mini skirt right now and my thighs that were exposed all the way to my ass.

“ Here’s your chance Jenny. Flash your pussy at them.” Mallory joked at me.

I then looked at them and winked and spread my legs apart giving them all a clear view of my young near hairless pussy. They are just stared and smiled at me.
I then took my hand down to my pussy and started masturbating in front of them. Mallory just turned around and watched their reactions. I could see there dicks getting hard and it was more fun messing with them than an actual turn on. I then removed my hand from my pussy and stuck my fingers into Mallory’s mouth. They were commenting and enjoying the show. But then we saw our waitress coming over to us so we stopped our little diversion.

The rest of the time we were there eating the guy’s were constantly eying us. I was really enjoying the attention. It made me feel really cute and desirable.
When we left, Mallory dropped the ticket and bent over right behind them showing them here perfect ass. We then paid our bill and walked out of the diner laughing.

I guess that is why I was the way I was back then. I not only really enjoyed sex, but I also really enjoyed turning men on. The looks on their faces as they see something that they really want and that something being me. I wasn’t just a tease though, I was almost always turned on and was almost always ready for a good dick to fuck me and I wasn’t to concerned about what they looked like.

Me and Mallory left then and went back towards the house. I then asked Mallory if she wanted us to go over the Jennifer’s house. So we went over to her place.

“ Hey girls come on in.” Jennifer said. We sat down with Jennifer and started to chat with her. We told her about our little escapade that morning with Dad and Jason. Jennifer said she wished that she could have been there. I had never thought about that, Dad would love to have some fun with Jennifer. Jennifer then started talked about not having gotten pregnant yet. She asked if Jason would come over and service her on a consistent basis. I said that he probably would but I had another idea first.

“ I want for you to hook up with my dad. I think that he would really enjoy you.” I said.

“ Michael is in Israel right now on business. Do you think he could come over tonight?” Jennifer said.

I told her that I would check on it. We stayed and chatted till about 3pm talking mostly about our new gig at the strip club. Jennifer was excited about it. I really didn’t care as much about the money as the sex but then again I liked the thought of having so much money. We talked about what we was going to do with the money. I thought it funny that me and Mallory both wanted the same thing. We wanted to save most of it and get us a car and then a house. Although Mallory was about to be 16 soon and she would have a car before me.

We got home and we went to play the Nintendo. Their was then a knock on the door, I looked at the clock and it showed 3:45. We went to the door and opened it to see a 2 tall guys. One of the guy’s was about 19 and muscular with dark hair and a tight t-shirt on the looked like is was going to rip off. The other guy looked about 25 area and he was also built well with muscles, but he had light brown hair and a very cute smile.

They apparently liked what they saw as well. They both looked at me and Mallory from top to bottom, paying a little more attention to our thighs that our short mini’s showed off all to well.

They asked us if they had the right address and I said yes. They went back to the truck to get the safe.

“ I want to suck some dick.” Mallory said.

“ How can we get them to let us? I asked back.

“ What if you lead them upstairs and have them put your safe where you want it. But oops you haven't cleared a space yet so you bend over and show them your pussy and ass. As you fully clear a spot for them to set it. I will go and strip in the bathroom and then come up to your bedroom door completely naked. Once they get the safe into position and turn to leave they will see me naked and I will offer them a special tip for their services.” She suggested.

“ That is one great plan, you are really smart. Oh here they come… Go...Go..!!! I said hastily to her.

Mallory ran up the stairs and went into the bathroom about the time they came back in with the safe. I showed them upstairs and was sure to stay about 6 stairs in front of them so they could see my ass under my short mini. Once in the room I gave them the oops I have to clean up a spot line and bent over with my ass to them to clean a spot for the safe. I gave them both a good look at my ass and pussy as I bent over time after time to move all of the stuff our of the way. Once I got through I looked at them and told them that I wanted it there at the bottom of the closet against the corner of the inner closet wall. They back were looking at me with a smile and I knew that they liked what they saw.

“ How old are you?” The oldest man asked.

“ I am 13.” I said.

“ Thirteen? Damn you are the cutest 13 year old I have ever seen. Did you accidently forget to wear your panties?” He asked laughing.

“ No, I purposely left them off to give you both a hard dick.” I said back to them. At that point I saw Mallory behind them. “ Hey guy’s” She said. They both turned around to see Mallory totally naked.

“ Damn, what are 2 little girls wanting. We could go to jail just for looking at you.” He said.

“ We want to give you both a tip.” Mallory said, as she got onto her knees in front of the oldest one. She undone his jeans and lowered them down and then his underwear, she then took his dick into her mouth and started giving him a blowjob. I looked at the youngest one and striped off my top with my bra, and then my skirt. I stood in front of him totally naked and bent down to lower his pants and boxers. He had a nice sized dick probably about the same as Dad’s. I leaned forward and opened my mouth and took half of it into my mouth.

We were both sucking hard dicks now and both of us was playing with our pussy’s. I looked over at Mallory’s guy and he had a very nice dick too. I got so turned on watching her suck him off. I was loving sucking my guy as well. He put both of his hands on my head and he was now starting to face fuck me. He was going in deeper and deeper and I nearly gagged a few times but he kept going further and further in. He then went all the way in, and I felt his hard dick hid the back of my throat. The pain was real, but the enjoyment of him face fucking me seemed to be to such for him. He kept going all of the way in and down and then he went all the way in and held my head on him as he spewed hot cum down my throat. I did gag at it and nearly threw up but I was able to get control and swallow all of it down. I fell backwards as he let go of my face.

Mallory’s guy was also on the verge of cumming and so he came into her mouth and she also swallowed his load.

“ Wow you two little girls are crazy. I like crazy. How about we get together again later on?” the youngest one said.

“ We would love to.” Mallory said “ But you have to take us out first.”

They both agreed to take us out to party. They left us their numbers and I gave them mine. They left my throat sore but my body anxious for next meeting.

Dad and Jason arrived back at the house about 15 minutes after they had left.

“ So girls what did you two did today?” Dad asked.

“ Oh nothing, just hung out.” I said smiling at Mallory.

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