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“Vassanti your huge a cock tease.” I said. I was sitting at my table at school eating my lunch with my friends when Vassanti scooted closer to me and placed her hand on my crotch. All that separated her hand and my dick was my basketball shorts. (I was free balling)

Vassanti was a cute girl who was 14 with firm Cs. Her mom was from Trinidad so she had a subtly cute Asian side. Then I took a carrot from my salad and threw it in her top. She said “you put it in you got to get it out.” So I stuck in my hand and pulled it out then put it in my mouth and ate it. “YUMMMM tit dressing my favorite” I said.

All the sudden she whispers in my ear “follow me and you won’t think I’m just a tease.” I follow her and she takes me to a boy’s bathroom. The one I use since it’s the only one that’s ever clean. We walk in and she locks the door. I think that’s why. It’s the only bathroom in school that locks from the inside.

As we walk in she pulls off her top and says “you want some more dressing.” “I’d love some” I replied. I walked over to Vassanti and kissed her. Reaching my hand around her back I undid her PINK bra.

We only had another 40 min till our next class.

I started to get to work on her tasty tits. I started kissing her neck and slowly came down her left boob. I caressed her tit and started to lick with the tip of my tongue. Then I sucked softly. Moving up I nibbled at her ear.

“You have such gorges tits.” I say. Then I say “can I play with your feet. I’ve got ahhhh um foot fetish.” “Ok I love having my feet played with.” I take off her sandals and note her feet have a slight tinge. I lick up and down. Play with her toes and arches.

I pull down her skirt. She’s wearing a thong that and am left says PINK on it as well. With my teeth I pull the thong down to her knees then yank it off. I take off my shirt and my pants and am left in my Joe boxers.

I start to rub her clit with two fingers. Then three fingers. Then I lean forward and start tonguing him in circles. I played with her beautiful slit for a long time, taking in every detail with my mouth.

She says "all you please are me now it’s your turn" I say "Pleasing you pleases me." Then I whisper in her ear “you’ll probably think this I gross but can you pee and poo on me. I've always loved scat.

"OHH MY GOD you like that too. Yes. Open your mouth."

Vassanti begins to urinate in my mouth. It tastes so good. Then she farts and the aromatic smell fills my nostrils. Poo I scream. She begins to take a dump. Thick and thin poo come out. It is very delicious. I move my face up to her arm pits as she leaks over me. my mouth full of her shit i kissVassanti on the lips. she quikly drinks her poo. then i start licking her arm pits.

She reaches in her bag and pull out a black case. she takes a strap on cock out of it and tells me to put it on her so i do. then takeing a pair of handcuffs she chains me faceing the stall. she says "poo" so i let out a torrent of crap.using my poo as lube she rams the strapon ver hard up my tight ass

my tight hole was filled with her fake cock. then she pulls out and says lick it clean and uncuffs me.i roll and lay on to of her. pining her to the ground. i shove my dick in her poo covered hole leting go i fuck her as hard as a horse. She start to moan. i pull out and star bangin her pussy. i spill my load in her. i stick my dick in her mouthand she sucks it down then says lay down close your eyes and open ur mouth.

she starts to puke in my mouth. I taste her lunch the second time and enjoy the wondrous taste then she takes her strapon covered in my crap and rams it down my throat I love the great bitter taste, she rams over and over the rubber cock down my throat.

She says the bell will ring in 5 minutes so we get cleaned up and exit our crazy shit sex scene exactly as it is. Me and Vassanti head off to science together.

We sit next to each other in class and I go wild as she play with my cock. she goes “ come over to my house after school and well have a good time.” Id love to I reply. Do you mind if my friend comes over to. Noo not at all.

I go over to her house which is just across the street. As I knock on the door I notice shes home alone, she says my parents are gone till saterday. Now get on all fours. I do and sheplaces a collar on my neck.

You wher a bad boy she say. She strips naked and says heres your dinner. She points to a dog bowl filled with shiy I hurry over and eat it hurrily. Then Vassanti pulls down my pants and rips off my shirt. Whereing her biggest strapon yet easily 10 in long and 4 in wide she tells me to poo when I do she starts to pound my hole.

Then the door bell rings.



2017-11-17 07:47:16
I gave this a positive rating even though I could barely see my computer screen because I'm laughing myself to tears. You really need to write more of this.

I love that the girl looked Asian because she is from Trinidad. I will wake up laughing again in the morning.

I'm serious. You really need to write more!


2009-07-21 12:51:32

not wanted

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-31 11:08:25
this sucks and you said the guy had no boxers on and then hes just left standing in his boxers retard

time wasterReport

2009-01-20 14:58:21
who can i see about getting my 5 min of life back


2009-01-13 18:02:34
yes you do

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