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Father teaches daughter about sex
Fathers Only Child

As I got out of the shower I looked at myself in the full length mirror. At the age of 30 I was nice and fit. I had nice and muscular arms and I was thin with some hair on my chest. My cock was at least 6 inches long and 3 inches around when it was hard and it was now. I wasn’t too surprised because it usually is in the morning. All my past lovers said I have the stamina of a teenager. I was thinking about masturbating until I heard a knock at the door and a cute voice saying "daddy, how much longer are you going to be in there. I'm getting hungry."

It was my young daughter Serenity. I told her through the door that I would be out in a couple minutes and I would make her breakfast. I heard her small footsteps walk away and I thought what a cute little girl. As I thought about her my cock jumped and got a little harder. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting turned on thinking about my own daughter. I decided to relieve myself later. I got dressed in a thin white tee-shirt and cutoff jeans. I walked out and saw my little girl reaching to get herself a cup and saw that her baggy tee-shirt had hiked up showing me her pink panties.

At the age of 10 she was just a short, skinny waif of a child. She had blonde hair that she got from me. I was going to say something but instead I walked up behind her and touched her shoulder making her jump. She turned around and hit me. Then she said," You butthead, you scared me."
I smiled and grabbed her a cup then I started making her pancakes for breakfast. She stood next to me and said," Pancakes, my favorite."

She did a little dance where she swayed her hips and lifted her arms above her head and swayed back and forth with her eyes closed. I saw that when she did this her tee-shirt lifted up and I could see the bottom of her panties barely covering her virginal vaginal mound. I couldn’t but help but ask where she learned that. She stopped dancing and told me that she saw it on the television. Then she asked me if I liked it. I told her that I did like it and that when she does it I can see her panties. She didn’t look surprised or scared that I said that, she just looked at me and said," If you are looking at my panties then your just a dirty old man. Do you like looking at my panties?"
I just looked at her shocked. I couldn’t believe she said that. Without thinking I told her that I did. She went and sat down at the table. I finished breakfast and we both ate. When we were done I washed the dishes and told her to go get dressed. I suppose I should tell you about how Serenity came to be. I married her mother 11 years ago and a year later she had Serenity. We got a divorce because I found out that she was addicted to crack and was screwing her dealer to get more. At the court hearing the judge told us that our daughter has to live with me. We got the divorce and I haven’t seen her since. I also had a DNA test done to make sure she was my child and she is. I also thought it would be a good idea to home school her and she's doing fantastic. Now back to the story. Serenity came out of her room wearing a blue tee-shirt and a white skirt that ended at her knees.

I couldn’t help but think that it looked alot like a school girl outfit. She walked over and sat in my lap at the table. I already had all her work out for home schooling. Like always I let her sit in my lap so I could watch her do it and make sure she did it right. Today she was moving around my lap more than usual. I asked her why she was moving around so much and she told me it was a little private and I wouldnt want to know. I just told her that she could tell me anything no matter what it was and if I could I would help her with it and she could always trust to tell me about whatever she wanted or needed help with. She told me to follow her to her room so I did.

When we got in her room she quietly told me that her vagina felt a little funny. Then she started to blush and I could tell she felt embarrassed. I told her that if she wanted me to help I would need her to take off her dress and panties but only if she felt comfortable doing it. She said she was and slowly took off her dress and panties. I then asked her to show me where it felt funny. She pointed to her hidden clit. I asked her," Baby, when did it start to feel funny?"
She told me," It started to feel funny when you were in the bathroom and I knocked on the door."
I then asked," What were you thinking about?"
She started blushing even more and looked away as she said," I....I was thinking a..about what you um would look naked."
I told her," Oh Hun, you’re just a little horny. You see when women think about naked guys sometimes they get horny and need to have an orgasm before they feel better."
She asked me what an orgasm was. I told her," An orgasm is a really good feeling that men and women get when they play with there private parts or when someone else plays with them. A man or a woman can have an orgasm when they have sex."

She then asked me what sex was and I told her everything about sex. She then asked me if I could show her how to give herself an orgasm. I told her to lie on her bed and put the fingers of one hand in her mouth and get them good and wet then spread her pussy open with the fingers of her other hand. Then use her wet fingers to play with her clit and the hole in her pussy. She started to do what I said and after a couple minutes she told me it was starting to feel good. I told her to just keep going until she felt a really good feeling take over. As I watched my little girl play with her self my cock got hard again and I knew I would have to masturbate soon. Serenity continued to play with herself and she was moaning with unrestrained sexual satisfaction. Soon her breathing became quick and her young body was shaken with her first orgasm.

When her breathing returned to normal she looked at me and said," Oh daddy, that was the best feeling ever. I never thought anything could feel so good. Thank you for showing me how to give myself an orgasm." She jumped off the bed and hugged me. I told her," Your welcome. Now go finish your work. I have to go into my bedroom and do something important."

She hugged me again, got dressed, and ran off to finish her work. I went into my bedroom and as soon as the door closed I was out of my pants. My hard cock sprang free and pointed up towards the roof. I got on my bed and started to rub my hardened shaft and knew it wouldn’t take me long to cum. While I was masturbating I had my eyes closed and was thinking about my little girl masturbating and soon I was thinking about my little girl riding my hardened shaft. Damn my wicked soul I knew I shouldn’t be thinking about those kinds of things but I just couldn’t help myself. I was so into my thoughts that I didn’t hear the soft knock or my door opening.

What I did hear was my little girl say," Oh my god. It’s so big."
My eyes flew open and I saw my little girl next to the bed starring at my hardened rod. Now it was my turn to feel embarrassed. I yelled," What are you doing in here!"
Serenity started to cry and ran out of my room. I quickly got dressed and followed her to her room where she was crying into her pillow. I sat next to her and said," Baby, I didn’t mean to yell at you. I'm sorry. What is it that you wanted?"
She stopped crying and looked at me with tear filled eyes and said," I needed help with one of the questions so I came to ask you. I knocked on the door but when you didn’t answer I opened it and saw you lying on your bed playing with your penis. I was drawn to the side of your bed and I couldn’t stop looking at it."
I told her that I was just doing what I taught her to do except it was a guy’s version. She asked me if she could help me kind of like I helped her. Damn my wicked soul I should have said no but without thinking I said yes. She told me that I would have to show her how. I was out of my pants quick as a whip and my hard cock was sticking in the air. I told her to wrap her hand around it and start to pump it like she saw me doing. She did as I told her and her hand barely fit around my cock. She started to pump it and I leaned back on her bed and enjoyed what she was doing. She told me it was so hard and big but it was also really soft. Then she asked me," Can I kiss it? I want to know what that would be like."

I told her that she could and she started to vigorously kiss the shaft and the head. She was kissing it so much the head popped into her mouth. It startled her so much she sprung back. She looked at me and I told her it was alright. She slowly started to pump it again and she slowly popped the head into her mouth and started to lick the head. She quickly caught on and was bobbing her head up and down my cock. After a short time she had my whole cock in her hot mouth. I could tell I was going to cum soon. I told her," Baby, I'm going to have an orgasm."
She just kept sucking on my cock. I grabbed her head and pulled her away from my cock just in time. My cum came pumping out of me and some hit her lip, some hit her cheek, and the rest hit her shirt and my legs. I watched as she opened her mouth and tasted the cum on her lips. She must have liked it because she used her fingers to scoop my cum off her cheek and put it in her mouth. Before I knew it she was licking the cum off my legs and her shirt. When she was done she looked at me and said," I'm sorry I just thought it tasted good and I wanted to try more."

I said it was ok. She looked at me and told me she was feeling funny again. I told her to just lay back and I would take care of it. She did as I told her and laid back. I got on my knees on the floor and pulled her panties and skirt off and pulled her so her virginal vaginal mound was right in my face. I spread her legs and I used my fingers to spread open her puffy vaginal lips. I could see all her beautiful jewels in all there glory. My eyes locked on her clit. I just had to lick it so I did. My pussy hungry tongue darted into my girl’s vaginal cavity but was stopped short when it hit her virginal hymen. I was careful not to hit it again as I licked and sucked on her clit and her virginal hole. I was so into my vaginal conquest I didn’t hear Serenity say anything. I didn’t hear her say she was going to have an orgasm. I didn’t hear say to stop because it was feeling too good. I didn’t feel her try to push my head away. What I did hear was her cry in pleasure.

When I finally stopped I looked at her and it looked like she was asleep. Little did I know she was having one of the most wonderful orgasms of her young life. When it ended she looked at me and said," that was so good. I almost passed out. Daddy, if you want to you can have sex with me." I was shocked by what she said. I just looked at her and she told me that she wanted to. I shouldn’t have did what I did next but I did it anyway. I told her to stay there and I would be back. I went out of her room and went into the bathroom and grabed a jar of vasaline. I came back into her room and layed on the bed and told her to squat above me so her pussy was right above my cock. I then took a finger full of the vasaline and lubed up my cock and took some more and lubed serenity's pussy.

I then told her to spread her lips with her fingers and slowly lower herself until the head was in her pussy. She did what I said and when the head was in I told her to slowly lower herself until my cock was all the way in and I also told her that when she lowered herself my cock would hit her hymen and to let my cock break it. She did and when my cock hit her hymen she took a deep breath and plunged down with all her weight. When her hymen broke her eyes filled with tears and I could tell she wanted to scream. I told her that she could just let it out so she screamed. I told her when she felt comfortable to slowly move up and down and it would start to feel good. After a couple minutes she did as I said and slowly moved up and down. Pretty soon she was riding my cock so hard my cock popped out a couple times but she just slipped it back in.

While she rode my cock I reached up and tweaked her prepubescent tits. This caused her little body to be wracked by orgasm after orgasm. The entire time she just kept riding me as her hot and tight pussy gripped my cock. I could tell I was also going to cum. Sure enough a short time later I came and it was one of the best orgasms I’ve had in a while. When my cum filled her vaginal hole she had another round of orgasms and fell on my chest. I held her while I could feel her pussy trying to grab my cock in a tight vice. When her orgasms stopped I let her fall off my chest to lie next to me. She was so spent she fell asleep cuddling into me. Not to long after I also fell asleep. We continued with our relationship until she was 18. Then we moved away to a place where no one would know us and we got married. To everyone that now knows us we are just a married couple with a big age difference.

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I want my daddy to fuck me! Once when my mom was horny she said that my dad haa a10" cock!!

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yes a good story. I let my daughter jerk me off lots. Usually in the car when I take her to piano lessons. We park and she plays with my cock, and jerks me off. Kim is only 7 years old. Twice she let me just feel her cunt and finger it a bit.

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