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this story is based on true events. But names and dates have been changed for our privacy

Hay rob you want to sleepover this Friday? Said Chris Sure you got a ps3 last week right? ya sure did. Cool See ya then. Rob turns and walks away. Rob is 17 slender and athletic and handsome to boot. I think about him some times i am not gay but i saw him a few weeks ago get out of the shower when he was staying over and got real hard he did not notice cause i left cause i did not know he was in there. He said it was no problem but now i think about he's long 7 inch cock all the time. And i really want to see it again.

And i think Friday's my chance. Well Friday rolls around and i cant wait. I hear a knock at the door its rob. Hay man how ya doing? Good so wheres your folks? Rob asks They went to my moms parents for the week. Sweet Wanna go upstairs to my room want to show you something Sure. Rob and Chris go up the stairs to chris's room. Its on my computer. Chris had planed to show him a gay porno and if he was in too it go from there. If not play it as a joke. So he pulls up the video. rob asks you like this stuff?

Do you? well i assume you do since you got a boner when you saw my cock. You noticed ok i give i want to see it again. You could just ask i thought you knew i was gay? Your gay? Ya said rob. My brother and i had sex for years till he went to collage.

Rob then pulls down his pants and underware and his cock spings out slaping him in the chest. Your hard from the video? Asked chris nope you i have to admit i have had the hots for you since we met. Wow said chris is that a problem asked rob. No i want to um taste it. Go right ahead sweetie i can act like my self now right? No problem even if i was not hard for you it would not be a problem.

Cool Chris then opens his mouth and leans in and rob's cock enter's his mouth. Rob use's his tongue to lick the tip of his penis and shaft and starts sucking his cock taste's great. Oh that feels so good i thought you never did this before. Chris takes robs cock out of his mouth and says. No i nope first time You taste great. Thanks you want to finish? Oh yah sorry. Chris starts sucking rob's cock again chris's head goes up and down chris use's his tung to lick the bottom and top of his cock. And makes slurping sounds. Oh i am almost there dont stop Oh uh. Rob's toe's curl under. Rob grabs chris's head and push's his entire cock down his throat.

Oh i am cumming. Chris's is gaging. Oh sorry oh i am cumming. Rob lets go of chris's head and sprays his cum all over chris's face ropes of cum go on his face and in his mouth. Sorry says Rob Chris swallows the cum and licks his lips. No taste great would not mind doing it again. By all means.

Um rob ya chris can i fuck you? Sure said rob. Do we need lube asked chris. Nah my ass is fine. Chris takes his shirt and pants off. And his cock smacks his chest. Nice cock chris i am jealous. yours in nicer. so how do you want to do this. Lets go downstairs in the livingroom bend me over the sofa and fuck me hard.

Ok. Then desend the stairs and rob bends over the bend. His ass perched ready for my cock. His ass is so hot its round and firm. Chris gets behind him places his cock infront of robs ass. And push's in hard. Oh harder. Chris slams his cock all the way in robs tight asshole. And push's it in and out in and out. Oh ya fuck me chris your cock feels great. Moans rob. Your assholes so tight oh uh. Moans chris. Rob turns his head and looks chris in the eye and tell him lean in and kiss me. Chris leans in and opens his mouth and his lips touch robs and they kiss. Then chris grabs robs hair and pulls him to his chest he grabs robs cock and starts jacking him off. Oh chris. Chirs's balls slap robs ass. Oh rob i am cumming fill me ass with your hot cum.

Chris cums deep inside rob filling his ass with his hot stick cum. Rob shoots his hot cum on the sofa. Chris pulls out of robs ass with a pop. And says that was amazing. Ya it was get a towel. Why so i can eat your cum i love farting out cum and eating it. ok chirs gets a towel. Rob sqauts down and squezze's the cum out of his ass in too his hand and licks it off. Yummy you taste great too.

Want to take a shower together? Asked rob. Sure. They shower and rob licks chris's asshole and rob ask's can i fuck you? Does it hurt Ask's chirs kind of but then it feels great. Ok. chris bends over and holds on to the wall. The hot water cascading over his back. Rob places his cock infront of chris's asshole and push's slowly in. Oww that hurts keep going. Do you want to use lube? Asks rob Noyou did not i will be fine just thrust it all in. Ok And rob push's his huge cock deep in chris's ass. Chris screams are you ok asks rob ya i am fine keep going. Rob thrusts in and out of chris's ass holding chris's thighs.

Oh fuck me hard rob it feels great. Rob fucks chris's asshole harder and harder. I'm cumming chris so am i. they said. Oh uh agh. Rob shoots his cum in robs ass and chris sprays his all over the shower wall. That was amazing. Said chris i no then chris sqauts down casuing robs cock to pop out. What are you doing asked Rob. I want to taste your cum. He then gets the cum in his hands and eats it. Oh this does taste good. They get out of the shower and dry off. Great day. Said chris. Hay rob you want ot sleep together nude? Sure i think i am falling for you chris. I think i am too. I never thought about a guy till you. They sleep and have a great weekend and rob stays a few extra days since chris parents wont be home for a week.

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2014-04-24 22:11:46
Grammar lessons and the speaking was terrible I had no idea what was going on you need to proof read it. Sorry

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2011-09-07 22:08:54
Grammar lessons......

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2010-09-17 09:50:26
Terrible, Awful, just not gd enuf


2009-02-08 21:10:07
dude...learn to breeak up the dialoge and use quotation marks..."you know" those things....over all good story, but proof it...

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2009-01-11 03:27:21
It had a good plot and dialogue, you just need to proof read your story, check the grammer, the spelling, punctuation and you need to watch out for switch from first to 3rd person.

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