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What happens when you get raped in the showe?
Andrew looked at Scott. He couldnt believe what he just heard. "You want to spend the night? After what i just did"

"Yeah i guess so" Scott replied. "Ill call my parents"

Andrew walked out of the showers and got dressed as Scott called his parents. It was all set and Andrew went to join Scott as they walked to his car.

"Im sorry for what i did. I feel like a rapist or something."

"Andrew, what you did was really messed up. I cant believe you would seriously do that to your best friend. That was hella gay." Scott replied.

"I dont know what happened. I just have always really wanted more." Andrew looked down, ahsamed at what he had done.

They didnt talk ay more about it. Andrew got in the passengers side door and they headed off down the road.


The music was blasting. Andrew liked it loud.

"I really liked it, I like you." Scott looked up from his seat at Andrew. Andrew glanced over and grinned the kind of grin that let of an air of uncertainty and happiness.

Soon they reached Andrews house, a quiet place in the suburbs overlooking Lake Washington. He lived with his dad who was gone a lot. He was a corporate guy and not around much. His mom had left a long time ago.
They got out and Scott leaned on Andrew;s shoulder as they climbed the steps to his front door. Andrew called out for his dad. There was no reply. A note on the kitchen table told him he would be out for the evening on business.

"Want an Arizona iced tea man?"


They sat at the bar in his kitchen, not talking much. Scott sort of shifted in his seat a bit.

"Does it hurt?"

"No. Im just sore from practice."


Everything seemed really awkward. Scott wasnt mad; Andrew knew Scott wanted more. He just didnt know how to offer that to him. Lately he had just been "forceful"... Scott suggested TV so they went to the living room and sat on the couch. It was soft and they both sunk in towards the center. Andrew flipped to comedy central. Everything was still silent. Then Scott leaned over and cuddled up in front of Andrew. Andrew put his arm around Scott.

After a few moments, Scott began to loosen up. He wrapped his arm around Andrew and kissed him. Of course, thats not really erotic so scott reall yjust started licking adnrews face adn going up and down on his chest.

Scott threw off his shirt. Andrew soon followed. His pants were down in a flash and Scott leaned in as Andrew took it straight in the face. It was skinny. It was limber, but it was delicious. Completely shaved, Andrew slid in and out with ease.

Scotts cock began to throb and he pushed it farther down Andrew's throat. He was choking, and then gargling sperm as Scott shot it iinto Andrew's mouth. He kept forcing his dick harder into the back of Andrew's mouth. His slender legs kicked back and forth with such ease and grace, that Andrew didnt know whetehr to be afraid or mildly pleased.

Then Scott got off of the limp Andrew, weak from the lack of ozygen, and pulled his jeans down. Then he violently sraped Andrew;s legs as he pulled off his boxers.

"Get over" Scott demanded.

Andrew rolled over to reveal a perfectly sculptured and lean butt. He was flat on the couch. Scott pushed him off the couch and onto the ground, face down. Andrew bent up a bit and Scottt readily forced all 4 inches into his butt. It hurt like hell. Andrew felt like he was bleeding.

"Scott, uh uh uh, what, uh, are you doing, uh uh uh?"

Scott didnt answer, he just kept on forcing his penis into Andrews ass. He shot cum into his anus and Andrew yelled from a stinging pain of salty sperm mixing with the wounds inflicted on his rectum.

"How does it feel?" Scott had stopped, leaving his penis lodged inside Andrew.

"It hurts really bad. What the hell is wrong with you"

"I bet it hurts, I know it hurts."

"Im sorry man. I really am sorry. I thought you liked it?"

"I do"

Andrew moved away, completely naked and sore, looking at his friend turned lover turned rapist. He was confused yet understanding yet regretting...

Scott looked at him, half in love and half in flame with hatred. He leaned closer to the naked Andrew in a sincere way. Then he slowly eased on top of his chest as Andrew lay flat on the ground. Their naked bodies stood together and Scott began to cry. Andrew grasped him, and started to caress the love of his life. Then keys were heard at th front door.

Andrew smiled behind his friends head. He reached his hand across scotts chest and pulled up the front of his shirt. He reached down and placed his hand on the denim crotch of his friend. Scott didnt even flinch. Instead he backed more into Andrew and his growing penis.

Scott turned around and started to suck on Andrew's earlobe. He swung his leg around Andrew and got on top of him. They started to make out. Andrew unzipped Scott's crotch and pulled down his pants. He struggled to kick off Scott's pants and Scott fell off of him onto the floor. Fortunately his pants were finally gone.

Scott lay there on the ground panting. Andrew leaned acorss the edge of the couch and smiled at his friend and he smiled back. He leaned far enough over to place his mouth on the nice and hairless swimmers penis of Scott. He worked it out of the opening in Scott's boxers and began to suck on it hard. Scott moaned and laid down to accept the pleasure. After less than a minute Scott's newly unvirgin organs responded and launched cum into Andrews mouth. He was having the best orgasm he had ever had, especially since he had never jacked off in his life.

Andrew choked a bit. He got up and cum dripped down his lip and the rest flowed onto Scott's abdomin. Then he leaned down again and wiped the cum onto hand and massages the cute little dick of his friend. Scott continued to convulse; nothing was slowing down the pleasure he was feeling. Andrew slowly rubbed the head just to hear Scott moan really loud. Then he laid down next to Scott on the floor and kissed him on the cheek.

After a few minutes of rest, Andrew got up and pulled the shirt off of his friend. Then he went for the boxers, sliding them off of Scott's smooth and thin shaved legs. Completely naked, he bent his knees upward and exposed himself to Andrew. Andrew got behind, unzipped his jeans, and began to hump Scott while Scott massaged his semi-limp penis.

At first it was difficult to get all of Andrew's larger self into the tight hole. He sort of bounced the head off a few times before making any headway. Then Scott's anus clamped down on the tip of Andrews dick and there was no way to go but in. He slowly built up momentum and distance and shoved his cock until the fly of his jeans rubbed the inside of Scott's butt. Andrew had some experience with his hand and didn't cum immediately. Scott enjoyed every minute of the continuous motion of Andrew's hips hitting the lower half of his body. He loved the sensation of Andrew being physically inside of him as if he were floating. Then Andrew came. He pulled out and laid next to his completely naked friend.

For a while they just sat there. Then Scott swung himself over and started kissing Andrew. "I love you"

He hugged Andrew's broad shoulders and they kneeled together kissing.


2009-03-11 20:00:16
the key thing ya but other then that it was good

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2009-03-03 18:29:32
That didn't make any sense when they heard the keys? Dude. Read before you post.

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