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Just Thinking
Fantasy, Curiosity or Truth

Well, where do I even begin………I’m sure, I’ll figure it out….

I have been in my relationship with a wonderful man for 3 years and I can honestly say it has been the best. He has taught me quite a few things about fucking that I never even knew existed. Food, Fruit and toys, well I can say they play a big role in having fun when it comes to sex. Let alone, a video cam corder makes it even more fun.

This man, oh my god, he has got the biggest cock I have ever laid my lips upon. I never really got into sucking a cock before…that is until I meant him.

Don’t get me wrong most of us women love for a man to “make slow passionate love” to them, but fucking itself is fun, especially when it’s the wild fucking?

I have sometimes caught myself wondering what it would be like to fuck two guys at once…especially when he is fucking me in my wet juicy tight pussy with my toy and fucking my ass with the other, or let alone when he is fucking my pussy with his hot cock and fuckin my ass with a toy at the same time. I wondering at times really what it would be like fucking three guys, one in my ass, one in my pussy and me sucking the other. MAN I THINK THAT WOULD BE FUCKIN GREAT.

That’s not all I wonder about………..I really at times think about what it would be like to be with another woman………I have really thought about this in honesty…But at times I don’t think I could actually go through with it. Maybe it because I have a little bit of insecurity or shame if I would……but I know he would love every minute of it. I have often wondered what it would be like to eat another woman or another woman eat me while he Is watching. The only thing that I think would be a bother to me is if he wanted to fuck the other one too. I wouldn’t mind eating the pussy while he is fucking me from behind…that way he can watch at the same time. Now, believe me I would share the cock to a certain extent. What would really be great is for me and her to suck him at the same time and taste his hot cum on her fucking lips.

We watch porno’s together………I do get turned on when I see two women together in the porno’s. But I’m telling ya, when I suck him and deep throat that mother fucker, the way he moans, groans and moves around, well I know I’m doing a fucking good job. This man can eat the fuck out of my pussy, he makes me cum so fucking much that I could just fucking scream.

I know there is excitement in sex and I’m willing to learn even more. I’m sure he can teach me a lot more.

I tell ya one thing is for sure though, I know that it would make him happy as hell to come home and see me with another woman. And again, I have honestly considered it but then fear takes over. Just as fear has taken over before about the wild kinky sex we have, but I have let that fear go. Maybe one day the fear of that will go. I’m sure it will, it will just take sometime.

But…………To eat another woman’s pussy……….Yea, I think I would enjoy it and I’m sure she would too.

Here’s what I would like………

I would like for one day when he comes home from a hard day at work that I can arrange to have another woman here with me. When he comes home he would find me and her in the bedroom with a bunch of candles lit, Kiss playing in the background, toys galore…I would rub the other woman down in some baby oil and stroke her nice and slow to where the touch of my hands would make her fucking nipples so hard that they would look as though they were about to pop. While stroking her nice, smooth skin, I would lick the fuck out of her tits and nipples that just the touch of my tongue caressing her would probably make her want to cum. I would put whip cream down the middle of her midsection down to her nice, pink, shaven, wet, juicy pussy. Lick the cream off her nice and slow till I get to the pussy.
Licking her clit and biting it, would be so fucking great that even she would beg for me TO NOT STOP. By that time he would be home from work and walking in the door and find the dream he has been having finally come true.

No….he wouldn’t be allowed to join in, he would be made to just sit there and fucking watch. I would tease this bitch like she has never been teased before. After tasting her pussy, I “might” give him a taste off my lips, but then again maybe not, maybe I would want to be stingy and keep it to myself.

Of course, we would have to have a two sided dildo, that we both can play around with. After getting the woman off more than once, I can assure you of that, it would then be her turn to return the favor, however, while this bitch is eating my fucking pussy, I would be sucking my mans cock so fuckin hard that his head would be fucking spinning………..more to come!!!

I said more to come………Here it is………..I don’t understand how I can have these thoughts of being with another woman for him, but at the same time I still have a fear of it………I really do think it would be cool and great but I still haven’t figured out how to go about getting it done. I’m modest to a certain extent and I don’t show myself in a kinky way in the public or even at home for that matter. But my mind does wonder, actually frequently, especially when we are watching movies or looking at different websites. He is a wild one and I’m sure he hasn’t even begun to teach me what he really does know cause he thinks I’m scared. I’m not scared, I don’t know what it is………Maybe just worried, worried about what I have no idea.

There are a lot of people out there that started out the way I have. I have only been with 6 men in my life. And that is the truth. No, I haven’t been with another woman, but damn I wonder what It would be like. I guess I need to quit with wondering and just fucking do it, not only for me and my curiosity, but for his pleasure as well.

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2009-01-09 10:05:45
go for it - and tell us how it went - witing

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