Man comes home from work takes a shower and gets laid
The Shower

Hearing the front door open and close, Michele smiles because she knows it means
Chance is home. Laying on their big comfortable bed in his oversized football
shirt and nothing else, she absently flips the pages of her magazine, patiently

Minutes later, she senses rather than sees him leaning on the frame of their
bedroom door, his arms crossed over his chest, just looking at her. Laying on
her tummy, Michele feels his eyes burning a trail down her body. They stop at her
naked sex, visible between her open legs that are bent up at the knees.

Chance loves to see her this way, her lower lips with their edges tinged a dark
pink color and shaped as the petals of a flower. He thinks back to a short time
ago when his eager fingers opened those tender lips wide so he could see the
soft, pink, moist folds before delving his tongue deep inside to taste her tangy
nectar. Chance could feel the blood rushing to his manhood, causing it to harden
just from these erotic memories.

Michele turns her head from her magazine to gaze over her shoulder and sees her
handsome man standing there admiring her. He raises his eyes from her pretty
bottom to look deep into hers. She smiles at him before lowering her gaze to the
growing bulge in his pants, evidence of where his thoughts and eyes have been.
She is pleased that just looking at her has caused Chance to harden. Knowing
this makes her shiver slightly and drenches her with moisture. Without even a
word or a touch, they had begun the foreplay that they both knew would end in
ecstasy before the night was over.

She returns to her magazine, pretending to read it, completely unaware of what
is on the page before her. She hears him shed his clothing and she lifts her
eyes just in time to see Chance pad naked across the plush carpet to the shower
in the bathroom off their room. The shower door closes with a click and the
water is turned on.

Quickly, Michele crawls up onto her knees and, crossing her arms in front of her,
grasps the hem of her shirt and lifts it over her head. She watches it take
flight and land carelessly in the corner on the floor.

Naked now as well, Michele slips off the bed and heads into the bathroom. Chance feels
a draft as she opens the door and steps in. She stands close behind him, places
her arms around his wet, glistening body and presses her naked breasts into his

Chance turns his back to the shower and faces her as he throws his head back
under the gentle spray of warm water to rinse the shampoo from his head. As he
opens his eyes, he sees his beautiful woman, naked and wet, soaping her hands
with a fragrant bar of soap.

She comes to him and begins rubbing his chest. His nipples harden as her soft,
soapy fingers trace circles around them. Her hands, still holding the bar of
soap, slide down to the coarse hair that surrounds his manhood. Michele soaps him
well, sliding the bar in her hands under him as well. She puts down the soap and
scratches her fingers deep into the tight dense curls and then under to cup his
soft, soapy jewels. She hears his breath whistle from his parted lips when she
finally takes hold of him.

She roughly tugs on it, feeling it harden and grow in her hands. Her left hand
holds Chance firmly, stroking him up and down while she runs her right thumb
across the very smooth and sensitive tip. Her hand leaves the wet tip and slides
down between his legs to gently caress him there.

She then pushes Chance under the shower, where the steady stream of water rinses
the soap from his body. She glances over her shoulder, carefully backs up and
sits on the little corner seat in the shower. Still gripping his member in her
hand, she pulls him to her. As her finger teases him with little, soapy
caresses, her luscious mouth opens to take him deep inside. Michele greedily sucks
him deeper still into her mouth. She hears his moans above the sound of the
shower and becomes even more aroused.

With him in her mouth, her free hand reaches for his. She takes it and places it
on the side of her head, closing his fingers around her hair. Chance needs no
encouragement to follow suit with his other hand. With a firm grasp of her
pretty head he holds Michele still and moves his hips in short, deliberate
thrusts. She gags a little until she is relaxed and ready for his rhythm.

Her hand reaches under to feel his sac tighten and crinkle up close to his body,
the way it always does when he is close to cumming. Chance is so close, but he
does not want to let his seed pour down her throat--at least not yet.

Reluctantly, he takes himself from her mouth. His breathing is so hard. Chance
steps back under the shower to let the warm water rush over him. He takes just a
moment to compose himself. While his eyes are closed and the water is streaming
down his head, Michele once again takes the bar of soap.

He opens his eyes in time to see her sitting there on the corner seat with her
legs spread wide, one leg resting on the side of the shower stall and the other
resting on the edge that holds the shower door. Chance watches her as she rubs
the soap over her breasts, down her tummy, then between her legs. He sees a tiny
soap bubble attach itself to one of her puckered nipples. He reaches out to
touch it and it pops. Chance takes her hardened nipple between his thumb and
finger as Michele slides her soapy hands all over her body. He watches her fingers
glide over her lower lips and sees her slip one deep inside. As one hand holds
back the hood that covers her tiny love button, she fingers the pink, swollen
bud, rubbing it in small, steady circles.

He looks up to her face and sees her sweet lips part slightly. His eyes return
to watch her fingers explore herself. This causes Chance to feel a tightness low
in his stomach. Michele is beautiful like that. He never tires of seeing his woman
in the throes of orgasmic pleasure. Unable to stand just watching any longer,
Chance drops to his knees. Feeling the water beat down on his smooth back, he
turns and cups his hands under the stream to fill them with water and returns to
rinse the soap from her body.

He lowers his lips to find their mark and Michele jolts from the astonishing
impact of his mouth touching her womanhood. His lips kiss her soft, juicy
petals. His tongue slides out to probe deep into her, tasting the tangy flavor
that hardens him even more. Her finger bumps his nose as she steadily caresses
her delicate button, bringing herself closer to orgasm. She is there. Soft,
sweet, little moans slip unknowingly from her open lips as she cums. His tongue
probes and tastes the evidence of her ecstasy.

Returning from her euphoria, Michele opens her eyes to find her man looking at her
with love and tenderness, laced liberally with his still-unreleased passion.
Chance takes her hand and helps her stand under the spray to rinse. The tepid
water quickly turns cool as he shuts it off.

Taking a big, fluffy bath sheet, he wraps it warmly around his woman. Michele steps
out of the shower as Chance quickly grabs the other towel for himself. With a
few quick pats to dry only the excess water off their bodies, they race to their

Once beneath the soft, fresh sheets, Chance pulls her into his arms. His firm
reminder that only one of them has found release from their passion gently pokes
her tummy. They kiss, long and deep, starting out gentle but quickly turning
into a wild fencing of tongues.

His hands caress her breasts and slide down her back, grabbing her bottom to
pull her close to him. Chance skillfully rolls Michele to her tummy, to the same
position he had found her earlier, and lifts her to her knees. He positions
himself behind her, rubbing his manhood into the wetness that has smoothed the
way to ecstasy for man since the beginning of time.

Taking a firm grip on her slender hips, Chance plunges forward, deep into the
hot, smooth tunnel of love. Again and again, he plunges into her. Faster now and
harder. He hears Michele moan and feels her grip him. It tightens and convulses as
another orgasm takes her away. The feeling is too intense for Chance. He cannot
hold back any longer. He pulls her hips close to him, holding her tight and
still. His head falls back and his own moans bellow into the silent room.

Chance fills Michele with strong, steady jets of his essence. One spurt after
another, filling her with his seed.

Feeling weak now from the intensity of their orgasms, he feels her fall from her
knees to collapse flat on the bed. Chance gently pulls himself from her body and
falls on his back next to her.

Both sated and exhausted, Michele rolls from her tummy onto her side. Resting her
head on his shoulder, she snuggles in under his armpit. She slides her arm over
his hard, sweat-covered chest, absently running her fingers through the still
damp hair. Her thigh feels the wetness of his now-softening manhood before she
lays it to rest on his tummy. Snuggled close, Chance reaches down for the lost
comforter and covers them both.

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Calnilg all cars, calling all cars, we're ready to make a deal.

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not bad, and i guess we can make them who we want but it would read a lot better knowing if they, husband and wife, father and daughter, brother and sister, mother and son.


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