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This is my first story, of any kind or nature posted public anywhere, so bare with me.
A Weekend To Remember
Part One:
Lucky Me

I was just a regular kid. But at age sixteen, I was still a virgin. I was a little bigger, weighing at around 200 pounds, but as most kids at that weight range, they are all muscle, whereas there was some muscle, you could still see part of a belly when I took my shirt off. Now I honestly didn’t think I was ugly, but I was way to average in the looks department. Every day in school I would look at every single girl with a sense of longing, knowing that no one would ever so much as kiss me. That was also the other embarrassing thing. In grade eleven, I still had not even kissed a girl. I wanted that kiss so badly, that sometimes I would think about kissing a random hot girl, just to see how she would react, and that very small chance that she would kiss back. But of course, I never did that. But thinking about stuff like this lead me into depression, and eventually fantasies, but not realities, were the only things I could think about. It wasn’t your normal typical depression, but I realized as all my friends have had at least one girlfriend by that time, I was the only one left, and I began to think why. All of this stopped after November 9, 2004.

It was Math class, but I wasn’t paying attention to the teacher, as I was already excelling in his class, and most was review from previous lessons, as a midterm rapidly approached. Instead I stared at a drop-dead gorgeous sixteen year old girl. I watched as her rather large breasts motioned up and down ever so slightly as she wrote her notes down. I then moved my eyes down, and watched as her beautiful legs evenly got smaller as they went down, and then watched her bare-toed foot gently tap the floor to the beat of the music she was listening to through her MP3. Then I moved up to her face. That was one of the best features of her. I looked as her lightly applied makeup lit up the features of her face; I looked at the lightly shaded blue mascara on her beautiful blue eyes. I was inevitably turned on. And if you looked closely, you could probably see a bulge in my pants at where my crotch was. Then she turned slowly, and looked full on into my eyes, and I could see my reflection in her eyes. She asked me a question that to this day I can’t remember. I answered her, and she looked away, biting her lip slightly in that very sexy way that she did when she was confused.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that she was completely out of my league as she was in the same group of friends that we hung out with, but she was way to sexy and beautiful for me even to think about asking her out. Her name was Kelly, and after math class, she asked me to go with her and some other friends from our group to the movie theatres. Jacob, Ryan, Kelly, me and Kady were supposed to go. So after school, we all met up and headed for the bus station. On the way there, Jacobs cell rang, and about 30 seconds after, Ryan’s rang. They both were scheduled for a last minute hockey practice, and because I didn’t like hockey (I played football and rugby), it was left to me, Kelly and Kady. Kady quickly spotted some one she knew, and invited her along too. Brooke was extremely attractive, having rather large breasts, always showing off her cleavage and also had a nice ass. (not too big, but just big enough so that you couldn’t keep your eyes off it) But despite her attractiveness, I didn’t really like her because of her slutty and bitchy attitude. But hey, who’s to complain when you’ve got yourself surrounded by three extremely hot chicks.

We finally got to the movie, and because it was a 4 pm showing, the theatre was empty, just me, and the three girls. As the movie started, none of us were really interested in the movie (some crappy romantic comedy), we all laughed loudly when a stupid joke came on, and we mucked around throwing popcorn at each other. Then Brooke whispered something into Kelly’s ear and she nodded in reply and sat there with a smug smile on her face and pretended to watch the movie for the next three minutes. I decided that if they were settled down, I should watch too. But just as I started to get comfortable, by ball sack exploded in pain. All the girls started laughing and I realized Kelly smacked me in my testicles.
“Why the fuck did you do that?” I growled at her.
“Well, all your other friends do it, and I thought you needed some excitement”
Emphasizing the word “other”, and then winking at me.
Then Brooke muttered something into Kady’s ear, and then they left the theatre, muttering something about bathrooms and freshening up.
Then Kelly looked at me and said “I noticed you looking at me in math class today.”
I turned into a brick wall, being equally stock still and red as one.
“It’s Okay” she said, and brushed her lips over mine, watching for my reaction.
It was so confusing to me at first, because I thought what usually happened was there was a date first, and then the kissing happened later. But I started to think of nothing but wanting to kiss her back, so I leaned forward and kissed her back, right on her lips, and rightfully so, I waited for her reaction. Suddenly, she came out of her chair, and moved into mine, sitting on top on top of my crotch, as close as possible and leaned her breasts into my chest and started kissing me all over the place, like she just came out of a desert and I was water. She then moved her tongue into my mouth and started kissing and licking all the insides of my mouth. I didn’t know what to do at first, but then I started to return the passion. Then she did something I will always remember to this day. She put my tongue in her mouth and started to motion on it as if she was giving it a blowjob. Minutes felt like seconds in this time of bliss, and just as I braved my hand to grab her boob, a cleaning attendant told us the movie was over and to get out of there.
Stifling a groan, Kelly got up, stretched, grabbed her bag, then grasped my hand gently and pulled me gently out of the theatre.
Brooke and Kady were waiting and smiling, sharing a Soda and sitting at a table. Nothing was said about what just happened, but Kelly still held my hand. It was then decided for everyone to go to Kelly’s house, and as it was a Friday night, I agreed to go as well. Jacob and Ryan also came, making it me, Jacob, Ryan, Kady, Kelly and Brooke going to her house. As soon as we got in, we found that her parents were out for the night staying at a hotel because her father had out of city emergency business. Kelly went up stairs and brought down a 40 oz bottle of Crown Royal Whisky, and we all shared it, not bothering with shots, but just taking turns with the bottle. As soon as the bottle finished, Kady came up with an idea to play “seven minutes in heaven” with the whisky bottle. It was a stupid childish game, but we were all a little drunk and decided to play. We all sat in a circle, and Ryan spun the bottle, and it pointed towards Brooke. Spinning it a second time, it landed between me and Kady, but as Kady was a girl, they decided I should go in. I looked at Kelly, and she winked at me, and I followed Brooke in. I didn’t really suspect anything to happen, but as so as I entered the closet, Brooke forced me to my knees, unzipped her shorts, pulled down her panties, and pressed her warm, shaved cunt to my mouth.
“Quickly we only got, like, six minutes” she said.
Not knowing what to do, I started licking her and put my tongue inside her, like I had seen from porno’s on the computer. Even as I put my tongue inside her, she started dripping and I licked it up. It was bittersweet, knowing that she wanted my face in her vagina, but it also made me feel guilty knowing that just hours previous, I was making out with Kelly. But Brooke was so damn sexy, and she started moaning just loudly enough for me to hear. I then decided that I might as well get the most out of it, and grabbed both of her ass cheeks, and pressed her closely to my tongue, doing my best with what I had. He ass was so nice that I grabbed even more firmly and started moving my tongue from side to side, up and down and all over the place so quickly that she moaned in relief quite as she orgasmed and I felt warm liquids enter my mouth.
She then looked at her watch and said, “Shit, we only got two minutes left”
That knowledge frightened me, knowing that I seduced the sexiest girl in my grade in less than five minutes. She then pulled her panties and shorts up, and took off her shirt. She then undid her bra and let her breasts fall out. To this day, I can honestly say those were the most perfect set of breasts I have ever seen. They were huge, but they didn’t look too big on her, they were perfectly molded, smoothed and rounded that I almost fainted. Her nipples were also perfect size, just in between of small and big, and looked so inviting.
She looked at me and said, “Well what the fuck are you waiting for?” And I replied with putting my face into those perfect breasts. I started sucking her left breast and massaging the other with my hand. As soon as I realized though, a timer went off, and the closet door started opening. She quickly pulled me up to kissing that sweet, sexy face, and they came in seeing me with her shirt off, a huge bulge in my pants, me holding on to one of her boobs and kissing frantically. There were many “ooh-lah-lah’s" from Ryan, and Jacob came and patted me on the back and said “damn she’s fuckin’ hot.”.
Meanwhile, Brooke hid her breasts with her hands, even though you could still see them bulging out, and the only think she blocked out were her nipples, but she slipped her bra and shirt back on, and sat down back in the carpet, rather red.
The game continued, but I was only picked one more time, and that was with Ryan, which was awkward, so we just sat in there and talked.
Mysteriously, Brooke never got chosen again, but I could defiantly tell Jacob and Ryan wanted it. Finally the game ended with Ryan and Kady going in the closet for a third time in a row, and the farthest they went was him putting his hands down her pants and feeling her bum, and I could tell I was defiantly the luckier one.
As the night went on, Ryan, Jacob and Kady had gone home, and Brooke had passed out on the couch. Kelly and I went to her room and fell asleep almost instantly, noting the time was past 1 am.
Then, out of the blue, I was smothered by a pillow. Not knowing what to do, I panicked and started kicking and wailing. But the thing that was smothering me had managed to tie my legs down to the bed, and then my arms. The pillow came off and there was Kelly and Brooke in matching deep royal red underwear. I then noticed all my clothes were off, and blood quickly shot to my penis, giving me a hard-on.
Brooke quickly took charge and said that every time that I came, they were going to put a dildo up my ass. I thought they were joking, but she defiantly wasn’t, as she picked up an object with a sock on it and showed it to me, letting the sock fall off. It was like a penis, just like my size, except it was rubber and firm and a little thicker. Then she clicked the vibrator on and pushed it about half an inch into my ass. I screamed in pain (but I was oddly turned on) and she took it out and put it into her mouth and dropped it on the floor.
“There’s no one to hear you scream, boy and we can do this all night.” Brooke passionately yelled at me. She then undid her bra and revealed the breasts I liked too much from her and put my dick in between them and started giving me a tit job. Meanwhile, Kelly stripped off her underwear and came on top of my face and started rubbing her pussy on my mouth. I started to lick just as she started rotating her hips, and because I was tied up, she had total control.
Just about twenty seconds before I knew I was going to cum all over Brooke’s massive sweet breasts, Kelly got off my face, and Brooke stopped her hands and breasts. Kelly then moved down on me and started giving me my real, first blowjob.
Just as I thought life couldn’t get any better than this, Brooke sat on my stomach and started moving her breasts all around my face. About two minutes of this and my dick was just going to get ready to cum, and yet again they stopped.
Then, out of the blue, Brooke got off of me and Kelly turned around, her ass facing me, and started to fuck me. I wasn’t expecting it, and I was extremely surprised she was doing it without a condom. (I later found that they were both on the pill) She started to move her hips up and down, and I was a little sad knowing that I wasn’t her first, but it all cleared away when she started thrusting a lot harder. I then told her I was about to cum, and she didn’t care and kept going. It was all built up in my shaft, and I could not hold it anymore so I came into her pussy. She kept going for about thirty seconds until I was dry.
Brooke then smiled mischievously and said “You’ve been a naughty boy, time for your punishment.”
So she grabbed the dildo, and turned it on. “But because you’ve been so naughty, there is going to be a lot more that pain.” She nodded to Kelly.
Kelly then got up and put her pussy (that was full of my cum) and wiped it all over my mouth telling me to eat it. I licked her legs, where it fell, and licked completely inside. It was completely bitter, and I felt like I was going to puke, but I didn’t care. Then Brooke shoved the vibrator all the way up my ass, held it there for about five seconds and then took it out. Pain had entered my anus and I screamed very loudly.
The Brooke said, “It’s not over, it’s my turn”, as she undid her panties and came onto me, also. She started going, rather professionally and lifted one of my legs up and started to fuck me. She said that if I lasted longer than three minutes with her, she would give me a break to recover. I tried to relax my body as she pounded at me, hitting my ball sack every time and just as I thought my balls would fall off, and that I was about to cum, she stopped and got off me.
Kelly undid her bra, and showed off her equally beautiful, slightly smaller breasts. I remember thinking, “Man, two completely naked hot chicks have me pinned down, naked.” But her breasts were still considerably big, and she lent down on my penis, and started alternating between a blowjob and a tit job. I finally came a second time, and Brooke smirked, and handed the vibrator to Kelly and turned it on.
But Brooke said, “Wait” and came over top of me. But instead of putting her pussy to my face, she spread her ass cheeks apart and put her anus to my mouth.
“Lick it, or I will keep the vibrator in for a full minute. So I started to lick, but luckily her anus didn’t taste too bad, but I still felt like vomiting afterwards, then yet again, a sheering pain in my ass, this time lasting for ten seconds.
Normally, by myself, I could cum two times and that’s it, and I would have to wait at least an hour to go again. But now I was ready to go yet a third time.
This time Brooke said, “If you cum before we orgasm, we will keep the dildo in your ass all night.”
Exhausted from sex hitting at me from two different waves I tried to focus. They untied me and said that I could do whatever I wanted with them. But first Brooke locked the door from the outside, having previously hid the key somewhere in the room. (Apparently Kelly’s father punished her by locking her in her room) Then I decided suck Kelly out, just like I did Brooke previously in the closet.
I grabbed her ass and pressed it to my mouth and started going crazy. She moaned so loud while I did this, one would think she was having a stroke. I let go of her ass with one of my hands and started massaging her boob as I kept giving her oral. I kept going for five minutes and then orgasmed all over my mouth. I kept going and going for another two minutes until she told me to stop. Then I moved onto Brooke. I didn’t want to try the same thing on her again, so I came up to her and started fucking her, as I didn’t have that much backup and I knew it would take a while. While I did this, an idea occurred to me, and decided to put her own medicine on her. I stopped, picked up the dildo, shoved it up her ass, and started fucking her. As I fucked, I used my hand to motion the dildo up and down, and then turned it on. With a double penetration she didn’t last too long and came all over me with such a force that I didn’t think possible, and I still kept going until I, too finally came a third time.
We then collapsed on the bed, completely naked, and I remember thinking as I looked at the clock reading half past three, that just fifteen hours ago, I was dreaming of just kissing Kelly.
We slept late into the next morning, until we woke up to hear the garage door opening.

Let me know if I should post part two. If you don't like it, fine, I'm not exactly expecting a positive responce, as I am a novice. Part two is already complete, with room for a third part, but if you don't like it, I won't bother.

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