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Audrina and Serena take things further...
Authors note: continuation of the story.
I've included the conclusion of the last part,
but if you haven't read the first part
you really should go and read it.

Also: another part to come soon. (:


Serena stood, eyes locked on mine as she started walking towards me.
"It's what I do too."
She said quietly when she reached me,
moving her body even closer and making it so that our chests touched
and so that there was no room between us.
"And you know..
after watching that video,
I'm wondering if you want to try what they were doing..."

And then her lips touched mine...


I kind of had seen it coming.
She when she had been walking towards me,
something about the look in her eyes...
the way she gave me a long and slow up and down glance,
the way her beautiful brown eyes found my lips and didn't look away.
And then her body, pressed against mine.
Chest to chest.
I felt like I was suffocating, I felt like I was just going
to die right then - hyperventilate before I even got a taste of her mouth
on mine. Before I even got a taste of my mouth on....her. All of her.

And then her lips touched mine...
and I pulled her close.
And I didn't even have to ask if this is what
she really wanted.
It was like there had been a vicious animal inside me,
and it was this that had unlocked it.
It was like..there had been a vicious and ferocious animal
inside BOTH of us.

Serena snaked an arm around my waist,
settling the other arm so that her hand rested
low on my hips. She was kissing me slowly,
teasingly. Pulling back just slightly as I started getting
more and more into it, making me chase her.
And chase her I would. I wanted, no...NEEDED
to twine my tongue with hers. I needed her close to me.
Even if it didn't go any farther then this, I didn't care.
I was crazy in this moment, and all I wanted were the
intimacy, not exactly the sex.

The hand on my hips started climbing gently
up my torso, her touch soft: barely there.
If she hadn't have reached one of my breasts and gave it
a gentle squeeze, I might have really thought I was dreaming.
I pulled her tighter to me while I moved my mouth just a ways away,
teasing her for once. So she could know how it was to have something
be so close..yet so far away. Slowly, I eased my lips closer to hers and
took her lower one into my mouth, sucking there. She moaned,
her eyes fluttering closed and the hand at my waist reaching up
to grasp my other breast. Now it was my turn to moan, her lip falling from my mouth with
a bit of a 'smack' noise as the sound of encouragement and
appreciation left my kiss-swollen lips.

"You like that?" Serena purred, moving in closer and
settling her lips on my neck.
This pulled another moan out, and my knees went a bit shaky.
Wildly, Serena pushed me back towards the bed,
the towel I'd tied around myself to cover my body
falling loose in the process, revealing my naked self to her.
She paused in what she had been doing, drinking me in.
Her eyes were thirsty, the sight of me the sweetest water.
I could see that she was out of breath now, panting as her
excitement level rose and rose, spiraling almost out of control.

"Sit." Serena comanded absently, still watching me.
Her watching me so closely made my face flush,
and I found myself falling very unladylike unto the bed,
waiting expectantly for whatever was to happen next.
My bestfriend just stood for a few seconds more,
quickly shaking herself out of her daze as she remembered
what it was she had wanted me to sit for.
"You're naked, it's only fair that I do that same..."
She said finally, her eyes leaving my body and meeting my eyes,
a grin on her lips as she went to put her hands on her body.

She hadn't changed out of her swim suit, therefore was still in what really was pretty much underwear.
But despite the little clothing to work with, she still performed just about the sexiest (and only)
striptease that had ever been performed for my benefit.

She started by shaking out her hair and letting a sultry attitude
take over her, quickly moving on to fluttering her fingers across her smooth,
rich coloured skin. She didn't touch anywhere for very long, but it still made me
salvitate. Still made me want to be the one to touch, to feel, to undress her.

Serena walked slightly forward, reaching for the ties to her bikini top as she went.

My mouth was suddenly dry, and I realized after a moment that I was holding my breath.
My eyes were glued to her, and I knew that I would always remember this,
so I wanted to savour it. My first view of her, topless. And later... my first view of her
with nothing at all on.
But then she realised the ties, her grin growing as she turned around slowly...shaking her ass at me
in a taunting way. Her nimble fingers found their way to the ties holding up her bottoms as she turned back around to face me,
but in the same way as her top, she left them done up.
"Serena..." I found myself saying, the tone of voice almost..begging.
I just wanted to see her so badly. Just wanted be with her so badly.

"Yes, Audrina..?" She answered innocently, her hands moving back up to her chest,
squeezing the small, succulent mounds of flesh together as if it were nothing
and she wasn't turning me on or making her self feel good.
I hesitated, not sure what to say...and mesmerized by the sheer
degree of hotness that I was witnessing. But eventually, I found my voice again.

It was barely a whisper, but I didn't want my voice to be any louder.
It would ruin this moment. Even if it was a dream, I'd rather it go on then
for it to end.
"Just...take it off."
"Why don't you come over here and make me."
It was a challange, her arms falling to her sides and
a smirk finding it's way to her mouth.
I didn't speak, instead sliding off of the bed and unto my knees on the floor.
I shuffled forward in that position, soon reaching her.
I could smell her from where I was, and on an instinct,
my hands reached for her firm ass and I pushed my nose against the damp fabric at her crotch.
She jumped, clearly startled by this. But after a moment I could feel a slight pressure as she pushed herself against where our skin met there.
I gave her behind on last squish before sliding my hands to the tie and removing my face from her cloth-covered pubic area.
I let my fingers breifly touch the fabric holding her swimsuit bottoms on before I moved on to rub her thighs and calves gently.
She grew inpatient of this though, her hips automtically trying to thrusting closer to my mouth.
Instead of letting her get what she wanted, I let myself get what I wanted and used my teeth to grasp the white
fabric and tug it down some. I used my hands the rest of the way, forgetting to untie it and just
pulling them off instead.

"You look so hot right now." Serena stated, reaching down and running her fingers through
my thick,soft hair, admiring the view she got of my practically trying to rip off her moist
panty-like crotch coverings. "It's about to look a whole lot hotter." I said wickedly,
pulling off the bikini bottoms quickly and tossing them away.
Inexperiencedly, I ran my tongue up one thigh, inching my way towards the sweet smelling
place where her legs met. I skipped this whole area all together though,
moving to the other one instead and giving it a bit of a slobbery, and hopefully
sexy treatment. "Go lay on the bed." I murmured, getting to my feet and moving out of her way.
I wanted to please her, make her crazy with the way it felt.
I wanted to taste her. I NEEDED to do these things.
There was no going back now...


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That is what I want to do to my niece.....omg...I literally hard and horny. ..can't wait for the weekend when she comes...

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2011-03-23 23:11:43
Continues to be a good story.

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Oh my, its so erotic and well written, I'm so wet an horny. I can't wait for #3

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This Was so hot part 3 please

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