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Spread your ass and show its hole,
We will play a rock-n-roll,
We will make a good trombone:
I will pump and you will moan!
It will be a splendid jazz
When I slide from cosy ass
To your tender fragrant pussy
Which in seconds is so juicy!
Sliding smoothly out and in
I will play a violin,
First it will be Bach so calm
Than I'll pass to Mozart's fun
But at last, you should believe me,
I'll be crazy Paganini!
Afterward will be a break,
I should tune my wild snake...
Than I'll turn it into flute
In this style you should be cute:
For beginning, just prepare -
With your tongue extend some care,
Lick the tip, the tiny eye,
Run around for reply!
When it's be so great and ripe
You must swallow all the pipe!
And I bet my baritone
Will be crashed as if a stone,
And with tenor's tender pitch
The highest tunes I'll surely reach!
But you ought to take the fact
It has been rehearsal act!
I will take my band tomorrow,
It will cure any sorrow!
First of all trombone will sing
And a violin will join in,
And you guess this great prelude
Will be crowned with the flute!
And this orchestra of three
Will present the melody
Which will stay with you forever!
You ought only to endeavor!
'Cause you are the main and so
We'll just help to make your show!
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