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This is a story of what happened recently with my wife and I.
This is a story of what happened recently with my wife and I. The kids were at their grandparents', so we went into town to do some Christmas shopping for them. My wife, a teacher, had received a gift certificate to our favorite expensive restaurant from her students, so after we were done shopping, we went out and had a very nice dinner. Knowing we'd be making love later, I took off my shoe and rubbed my foot up my wife's inner thigh, pressing it against her crotch. She smiled and returned the gesture. It was late when we got home, and we were both tired, so we decided to make love in the morning. I slept naked, but it was too cold for her, so she wore bamboo pyjamas.

I woke up first and spent a little while just watching my wife sleep. She's 5'2", 115, blonde hair and blue eyes, C cup breasts. Her smile can light up the room, but she looks just like an angel when she's asleep. Soon, she began to stir. When I was sure she was awake, I started caressing her body. She snuggled up to me, putting her head on my shoulder, as I continued rubbing her back, hip and thigh. Occasionally, I reached around to squeeze her bottom. I was already hard with anticipation.

She asked me to go put on the kettle for tea, which I did. When I returned to bed and got under the covers again, I rolled her onto her back and began caressing her breasts, first through her pyjamas, and then reaching under them to gently squeeze her nipples, feeling them come erect with my touch. Her body started writhing under my ministrations.

Then the kettle boiled, and I had to go get the tea steeping. This time, when I returned to bed, she was waiting naked for me. I picked up where I had left off, taking one nipple into my mouth and sucking it while I squeezed the other with my fingers. She loves to have her nipples sucked - that's really her sexual ignition switch. She reached down, took my hard cock in her hand, and started rubbing it up and down. I removed my hand from her breast and moved it down between her legs. Her pussy was very wet, and it practically sucked my finger into itself. She gasped with pleasure as she felt my finger enter her. I withdrew, rubbing her pussy juice on her clit, then entered her again. I repeated that motion - in, out, circle the clit, in, out, circle the clit - until the timer went off for the tea. I licked her juices off my finger before pouring the tea.

Getting the tea ready took enough time that I started to get a little bit soft, and I noticed a big drop of precum falling from the tip of my dick onto my leg. When I brought my wife her tea, however, she sat up to drink it, giving me a wonderful view of her perfect breasts. She's a little shy about her breasts for some reason, so she doesn't let me see them as often as I'd like. Anyway, the sight got me hard again immediately, though I knew I had a little wait in front of me yet. When we finished our tea, we lay down again and resumed our activities. She ran her hand over my erection, squeezing out more precum onto her palm, lubricating her as she jerked me off. I had her nipple back in my mouth, and now I had two fingers inside her snatch. Sometimes, two fingers is a bit tight for her, but this time she was so excited, they slid easily in, all the way. I could feel myself getting close, but I wasn't ready to come yet, so I knew I had to change something up.

After a few minutes of this, I had an idea. I lifted one of her legs and moved my body somewhat perpendicular to hers, positioning my dick next to her pussy. Then I reached down and started rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her slit, making sure to give her clit plenty of attention, too. She started moving her body, trying to impale herself on me, but I teased her for a while first. Eventually, though, I did enter her, sliding smoothly into her hot, wet hole. I kept my hand there, rubbing her clit in circles as I pumped in and out of her cunt. Before long, her muscles all started tensing up, and I increased my pace, knowing her orgasm was close. Suddenly, I felt a stream of hot liquid squirt past my dick and hit me in the balls, and then her body was convulsing in the throes of her orgasm. I could feel her internal muscles squeeze my dick with each wave, triggered when I rubbed her clit with my finger. Seconds later, I blasted load after load of my sticky cum inside her, having one of the most intense orgasms of my life. After I softened and fell out of her, we cuddled together a while and said how much we loved each other before eventually getting up and starting our day.

I don't know what it was about that time that made it so special. Maybe it the romantic dinner the night before. Or the long anticipation. Or maybe it was getting interrupted so many times for the tea making process. Given that my wife had never squirted before, it could be that the position we were in made my dick stimulate her G-spot. Or all of the above. Whatever it was, we both agreed it some of the best sex we'd ever had.

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2009-01-13 16:02:51
Good story, you are strength is realism!!!


2009-01-13 11:49:58
A fine first account story..Keep it up..


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2009-01-11 10:13:21
Good story.


2009-01-11 09:13:15
Good Story write more!

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