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A classic hooker with a heart of gold I used to know
Back about 1980, I was living in a large harbor city on the east coast. I was young, dumb, and full of cum, single and over 21. I was also a young pervert, living in the big city with money in my pocket for the first time in my life. There was lots to enjoy in those more sexually free days - adult bookstores, gloryholes, adult theaters, strip joints, and prostitutes. I took advantage of all of them. This is the story of a lady named Barbara I met and enjoyed during that period.

There was a downtown area on the waterfront, the kind of place that had gone seedy in those days of urban decay, before yuppies discovered loft space and quaint old storefronts, and gay men moved in to turn bohemian into money. There was a shipyard there, with a large blue-collar workforce, and the downtown had a good stock of cheap bars, adult bookstores where they mopped out the booths every few hours, and..... hookers. They were there in all shapes and sizes, and there was no problem finding a young lady to haul your ashes for a few bucks if you were in the mood.

One not-unusual evening, I went downtown cruising for some quick sex. The drill was to cruise the stroll, about 4 blocks long, until you saw what you wanted. Then you'd make eye contact, turn onto a side street, and the girl would come to your car. I'd been alternately cruising the blocks, then stopping into one of the bars for a quick drink for about an hour. I was a bit choosier than some of the rough clientele. I liked my girls young, slender, and white. Cruising along, I spotted a likely girl walking on the sidewalk. She wasn't dressed in the slut clothes you see in bad movies, but in that way that "you just know", it was obvious that she was a working girl. I was coming up behind her, and as I drew abreast she looked over at me, we made eye contact, and it was obvious I was right about her line of work. She was about 5'6" with brown hair, a nice figure, maybe about 21 or so. We made eye contact, she quickly glanced behind her (checking for police presence) and tilted her head to indicate I should pull around the corner. I pulled onto the next side street and parked, and in a few seconds she opened the passenger door and got in.

She told me her name was Barbara and asked me what I was looking for. We did the are-you-a-cop dance and agreed on straight sex for a price. I wasn't interested in taking her back 20 miles to my apartment, and she told me she had a place. She directed me to a house just off the stroll, and I parked in front. She told me it would be $10 for the room and I should pay the guy in the living room. This was something I've never seen anywhere else, hot-sheet houses. We knocked on the door and a guy who knew Barbara let us in. I gave him $10 and he went back to watching TV while we went through the living room and into a bedroom. The deal was that these folks living in cheap apartments would rent out their bedrooms to hookers on the stroll, $10 for a half hour. Personally, I would have just taken it out in trade, but I'm a pervert, not a poor guy scraping to make ends meet.

I paid Barbara, and we got naked and got down to cases. Her body was very nice - firm C-cup tits, a rounded ass, slim waist. Her face was rather plain, with teeth that needed an orhodontist, but she smiled and made me feel very comfortable with her. Today her services would be called GFE. As we sat on the bed she caressed my body and kissed me on the mouth, something streetwalkers seldom did. She sucked my cock, taking her time, caressing my balls, complimenting me on the size of my equipment. I was horny as hell, and quickly hard as a rock. She worked a condom onto my shaft, then lay back on the bed and opened her legs. I could hear the television in the next room, two people talking in there, through the thin walls. That made it all the more exciting. I settled between her legs and she guided me into her hole, nice and very tight. It took a few strokes to penetrate her completely, but finally I felt our pubic hair mingling. She lifted her legs and drew her knees up, and I was way deep in a wonderful cunt. I started fucking her, with long deep strokes, trying to keep myself from cumming before I had a chance to enjoy her. Her hands and mouth were everywhere on me. She caressed my ass and pulled me into her. I bent down and took her nipples gently into my mouth one at a time, sucking and nibbling. She kissed my neck and face. Her hips moved with my strokes. It was very good sex, and she was clearly very involved in making it good for me. I kept going as long as I could, then shortened my strokes, driving into her wonderful pussy, and came hard. I settled against her, and she caressed my back and neck with her hands. When I had recovered, we got up smiling at each other.

She cleaned herself with some towels left there for that purpose, my condom went into a trash can, and we got dressed. I told her I had enjoyed myself and would love to see her again. We went out to the living room and she borrowed a pen from the guy watching TV. I found a scrap of paper in my wallet and she wrote down a phone number. We went back out to the street, said a pleasant good-bye, and she walked back onto the stroll as I got into my car.

Thus began a relationship that would last 5 years and come close to being a friendship.

Want to hear the rest of the story? Drop me a note. If there's interest, I'll tell the rest.

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2015-07-07 10:35:41
Please tell us more about Barbara. I hope she is happily retired from the trade, but even if she is not, I'd like to know her fate,

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2011-11-07 06:22:38
I'm a working girl in Salford, I make good money and like the business I do but the one thing I miss and cannot do is letting men cum inside me. I started to fuck when I was 13 and all the boys at that time could put their cum in me and the feeling of it coming out was the best bit for me. To keep myself safe now I always make my tricks wear a condom even if I'm only giving them a £50 fuck and I often mastubate myself to orgasm when they have gone and pretend that my juice is theirs

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2011-11-05 17:56:42
i am interested in what happened afterwards

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2011-10-04 06:10:01
I was in love with a Pakistani girl in Dewsbury, I'm white and when her family found out about us they forced her to go to to Pakistan to marry someone ther who'd essentially bought her to get children out of. No love at all as she'd never even seen him beforeshe went. I and my father followed her and found her the day before the wedding and brought her home. She told us the man was going to get a baby from her and if it wasn't a boy he'd sell her into prostitution. She's 26 now and is my wonderful and beautiful wife but at the time of the abduction she was only sixteen


2011-09-19 13:10:10
not bad, I rather liked it... way too short, I like long stories... your pretty good with preliminary details but not with the sex.. More Sex Details Please.... Keep them coming... I have faith in you prtndr..

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