Husband Helping Wifes Aunt Leads To Some Good Hard Sex....
Dan and Kelly have been married for about three years. By now Dan had met all the family, but his favorite was Kelly's Aunt Laura. Aunt Laura is in her late forties, but she looks like she's in her thirties. She has a great body; her best assets being her 36D tits, and a great ass. Her fiery red hair matches her personality. She's a blast to be around, always making people laugh and always the life of the party. Aunt Laura has been married four times, and would kid that from now on she was only going to fuck their brains out, and then toss them aside. Kelly would blush every timer her Aunt would say that, but Dan knew she did it just to see the reactions.

One particular lazy weekend they were having a barbecue, and of course Aunt Laura was there, and as usual Aunt Laura was her flirtatious self. After a few drinks and some good food Dan went into the garage to get some more beer from the fridge. He hadn't realized Kelly's Aunt had followed him into the garage until she grabbed his ass giving it a good squeeze saying he had a nice ass. Dan grabbed Aunt Laura's ass saying she had a nice ass as well. The fun had to stop when they heard foot steps, and Kelly calling for him. Dan could feel his cock tingling, and wished he had more time to see what would have transpired if anything.

The following Friday evening Dan was asked by his wife Kelly if he would mind installing a couple of ceiling fans for her Aunt Laura.

"Sure, not a problem, tell her I'll be there in the morning around eight."

Dan felt a little twinge in his groin as he thought back to her antics at the barbecue. Would she grab his ass again, or was that just a fluke and the booze talking? One thing was for sure, he'd find out soon enough. Kelly was going to be gone most of the day doing a 10K walk for some charity group.
Dan got up Saturday morning and put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and went over to Aunt Laura's. She greeted him with a hug offering him a cup of coffee. Laura was wearing a terry robe, open at the top so much that her tits were nearly spilling out. As they chit chatted Dan couldn't keep his eyes off her cleavage, but then he figured that didn't bother his wife's Aunt at all. Finishing his coffee Dan said,

"Well, I better get started."

"Alright, but drop the Aunt thing when it's just you and I you don't need to be so formal."

"OK, Laura."

Dan got up on the ladder and began installing the fan. Laura was behind him watching, looking at his ass. Dan's knees wobbled a little bit with Laura saying,

"Be careful Dan."

Then Laura placed her hand on Dan's bare leg. He looked down at her smiling face, he knew she was up to something. As he was trying to finish up the first fan, Laura slowly inched her hand up his leg. It wasn't long before he felt her fingers slip past the leg opening of his baggy shorts. He felt her hand on his bare ass, (he hadn't bothered to put on underwear).

"Nice ass Dan," Laura said with a smile.

Dan felt his cock go from a semi-erect state to rock hard in a matter of seconds, with the front of his shorts sticking out from his huge erection. Laura stepped onto the bottom rung of the ladder, squeezing his ass, moving her hand between his legs and caressing his balls. Dan could barely finish putting in the last screw when he felt her fingers wrapping around his rigid shaft.

"My Dan, you have such a nice thick cock, I bet Kelly loves sucking on it."

Dan chuckled,

"Kelly is not what I'd call an aficionado of oral sex, she only does it to please me, but it's a rare occasion when she does do it."

As Dan balanced himself precariously on the ladder, Laura pulled Dan's short down around his ankles, his cock springing free. Dan kicked his shorts off, and carefully turned around with his cock staring Laura in the face. She stepped down and took off her robe letting it fall down around her feet. For the first time Dan got a look at her tits. They were better than he had imagined. She had large pink areolas, and hard pink nipples. Normally he didn't care for a hairy bush, but her bush was as fiery red as the hair on her head, it was a real turn on.

"I must say Laura, you are gorgeous!"

Laura smiled as she stepped back onto the first rung of the ladder, taking Dan's cock in her hands. She pinned his cock back against his stomach, running her tongue up and down the length of his shaft. All Dan could do was groan as she drove him nuts with lust. Finally she took his cock down her throat, as Dan stroked her hair.

"Damn woman, you are fucking amazing."

"Damn that feels good!"

Dan felt his balls tightening up and beginning to ache.

"I'M GONNA CUM," Dan told her.

Laura kept sucking his cock, slurping like a true cock hound. Dan's legs started to shake as he held onto the ladder sending his load down her throat. Laura helped Dan down from the ladder,

"Oh my, your cock is still rock hard, come over to the bed."

Laura laid down on the bed as Dan settled in between her legs. Dan noticed she kept her labia neatly trimmed, as he dove head first between her legs, licking and sucking her pussy as she moaned and squeezed her tits.

"That's it Dan, suck my pussy, make me cum."

Dan licked and sucked her fat, wet lips, lapping up all her love juices, and sending Laura over the edge over and over again. Her pussy lips seemed to squeeze his face as her body shuddered. Dan took her clit between his lips, sliding two fingers into her pussy and made her cum so hard she squirted her cum all over his face. Laura raised up,

"Oh Dan, no man has ever made me cum that hard!"

She kissed her juices from his face, telling him to give her his cock, her pussy was on fire now. Dan took his seven plus inches and eased it between her legs, fucking her as she moaned and begged him to fuck her harder. Once again Laura was cumming like mad, screaming into the pillow so the neighbors wouldn't hear her. Next she got on her hands and knees, telling Dan to give it to her doggie style.

That was something else Kelly wouldn't try with Dan. Dan found himself being able to do all the things with Kelly's Aunt, that Kelly would never do herself. Dan eased his cock into Laura's pussy again. Her vaginal walls clamping down on his cock as if it were in a vice. Dan started fucking Laura, picking up speed as he went along. As his balls slapped Laura's ass, he took his hand and slapped her ass...gently gently at first. He was curious how she would react.
Laura squealed telling Dan,

"Slap my ass harder Danny, slap it good and hard."

Dan started slapping Laura's ass harder and harder. It seemed the harder he slapped her ass the more she liked it. Dan was pummeling Laura's ass with his cock, and slapping it with his had at the same time. Laura was cumming over and over as Dan continued fucking her.

"Cum on my tits Dan, I want to see you cum on my tits!"

Dan pulled out as Laura turned over, leaning against the headboard. Dan stroked his cock as Laura fingered her pussy.

"Come on Dan cover my tits, I want to see that load of hot cum on my tits!"

Dan grunted as a torrent of cum shot from his cock, landing on Laura's tits, dripping from her nipples. Laura started cumming again.

"Oh yes Danny, shoot that load of hot cum all over my tits, yes that's it."

Dan then spread his cum around with the head of his cock, running the head of his cock over her nipples. Then he leaned forward, and started licking and sucking his cum from Laura's tits. Something else Kelly would never let him do.
Afterward, Laura and Dan showered before she made him lunch. After a brief rest Dan installed the second ceiling fan, and afterward he and Laura fucked again, this time Dan taking her in the ass. As they lay there resting Laura asked if he would mind do a few more chores for her next weekend. The answer to that was all to obvious. When he got home Kelly asked him how it went.

"Oh fine, it can't get much more boring than putting up a ceiling fan."

"Oh, your Aunt might have something for me next weekend too, I told her it was OK with me, if it was OK with you."

Kelly smiled,

"Of course Dear, I have plans anyway."

Dan smiled as he thought to himself,

"So do I sweetie, so do I."

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