Extreme torture, slavery, and Maledom. WARNING: VERY TWISTED AND MAY BE HIGHLY DISTURBING
I thrusted my eight inch cock in and out of her tight cunt, my hand wrapped around her black leather collar. Her arms shook from holding herself in doggy position for so long, but she was moaning, dripping wet, and clearly enjoying my hard dick deep in her pussy. I thrusted harder and harder, feeling my balls tighten as I neared climax. A second later my hot jizz shot into her as her pussy clenched around my cock. I pulled out instantly, even before my dick went limp. My hand on her collar yanked her head up. Then I grabbed her arm roughly and flipped her over, slamming her on her back. Fury burned deep within me. "You Fucking cunt!" I screamed. "You motherfucking dirty god damned whore! How FUCKING dare you?!" The back of my hand crashed across her face, filled now with fear and guilt.
"I'm sorry, Master. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm-" my fist plowing into her cheekbone shut her up, and she lay on her back whimpering, tears flowing down her face. I pulled myself to my feet and stood over her.
"Bitch, you do NOT come without my permission. You fucking know better!" I yelled angrily. She shook silently on the floor. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!" I shouted.
"Yes, Master," she whispered. I kicked her ribs, hard. She gasped and winced.
"Yes, Master!" she said, her blue eyes wide with terror. I sneered.
"Bullshit. If you fucking understood that, you would not have come in the first place. I did not spend two years training you to have you come whenever the fuck you feel like. You're gonna have to be punished. Severely."
"Yes, Master." She said softly. The tears had stopped. Her expression was filled with guilt. "I'm a sinful, worthless cunt. I should be punished." My laugh was harsh and empty of amusement.
"I should cut your clit off. So you can never come again. What do you think about that, bitch? Fitting punishment." Her eyes filled with fear and she clenched her teeth together.
"Please... no..." she whimpered. My eyes narrowed. I dropped to my knees and smashed my clenched fist into her face, reveling in her gasp of pain.
"Dare you question my judgement?" I asked.
"No, Master. I'm sorry, Master."
"Good. Now spread your legs." I said, walking to my dresser and selecting a sharp four inch long knife with a locking blade. Tears poured down her face. Her body shook as she silently obeyed, spreading her legs to expose her cleanly shaved pussy. I knelt between her legs and opened the knife. "Now say, 'Please Master, cut off my clit so that as punishment for coming without permission I will never be able to come again.'", I ordered. The tears fell harder. Her whole body was shaking, hard.
"Please Master, cut off my clit so that as punishment for coming without permission I will never be able to come again." She whimpered, her voice choked on tears and barely more than a whisper. I pushed the blade against the side of her clit. She cried out in pain, but made no attempt to move her body away from the knife. A smile grew on my face.
"You're such a lucky little bitch, I would love to do this, but I like the feeling of you coming onto my cock too much. So instead, I'm just going to make it so that for the next month or so, every time we have sex it will hurt like hell. This should teach you never to come without my command." I said. Her expression was now a mixture of relief and apprehension.
"Thank you, Master." She said, and I could hear the gratitude in her voice, masked though it was by fear. I laughed.
"Ready, bitch? Here's your punishment." I said, my cock growing in my pants. I shoved the knife deep into her cunt, then dragged it out, cutting deeply into the side of her pussy. Her eyes widened and she screamed in pain. I laughed, turned the knife slightly, and did it again. And again. And again. Within minutes, her cunt was pouring blood, the inside of it a shredded mess. Finally I pulled the knife out, wiped it clean on my pants, and folded it. My cock was throbbing hard by now, from the sight of all that blood, the sound of her agonized screams, and the tears pouring down her face. Her face was twisted with pain, glistening with tears. I unzipped my fly and pulled out my huge, thick cock. I shoved it into her, thrusting into the pooled blood. I could feel the gashes on the inside of her tortured pussy. My cock was throbbing, swimming in her hot red blood. She screamed in agony as I thrusted in and out of her mangled cunt. I fucked her faster and faster, my excitement mounting with her pain. I felt myself coming closer and closer to release. Then, with a few final deep thrusts, I shot my cum deep into her to drip down into the cuts. I pulled out. My dick was dripping with blood and come. Her wide eyes were filled with pain and tears. She lay still, shaking, whimpering, crying. I smiled.
"I think that sex is going to be very painful for you until those heal," I said. "Next time, I would suggest you wait for my order to come. Now say thank you for your punishment, bitch."
"Thank you, Master," She whimpered through her tears. "Thank you for giving me the punishment I deserve. I will never forget again, Master." I smiled.
"Good girl. Now clean up all this damn blood and get back to work."
"Yes, Master." She said, and took my cock into her mouth to suck off her blood.

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