this is the first time here do please bear with me please

the tease
the night was young as my self and my adopted sister was alone a home for 10 days due do my parents had gone interstate visting family.
any way during the first night my adopted sister was watching television at the time wiggling her ass side byside trying to get more comfortable on the floor , mean while i prepare a light supper for us in the procress of doing so i set up a few things which i had plained for the 10 days we had together. little knowing what my adopted sister knew i had in mind.
i knew that over the next ten days she was planing to lose her cherry to a boy she knows so i decided to get there first .
any way that is how i fucked my adopted sister now the real story begins
Christine teas ready come and get it befor it gets cold , ok Mark said christine coming in to the kichen wearing her school uniform wiggling ass as she sat down to eat , i started the conversation who was school today and what are you going to do other the school holidays, just gunna hang out with me friends abit and a little study, by the way can i go and stay at a friends house over night after tea, what for i said knowing she was going to cherry popped that night ,she said to start on a school project which was due when she went back to school.
It will be fine but i what you to ring your friends parents so that i can talk to them,to see if it is fine to do so first i said. Christine quickly picked up the phone, dialled the number she knew that her friend would pick up the phone , after it started ringing after 3 rings she said hello, may i speak to Mr or Mrs Stevens please on the other end of the phone, Mr Stevens speaking Christine said that their son Robbie invited her over, for the night to help studing on a project together, my brother Mark wants to speak to you to see if it o k, the voice on the other end said put your brother on.
Christine handed the phone to me i said good eneving ,Mr Stevens on the other end a disguise voice came good evening Mark ,it is fine for Christine to stay over the night she can sleep in the study theres a bed already made up. I was quick of the mark and said Robbie, stop that disguise voice and put your mum or dad on the phone now ,on the other end of the phone Robbie said that they are not at home, until monday week ,i said to robbie no she cannot come to your place, to stay over night then all of a studden click goe's the phone ,Robbie had hang up.meanwhile Christine had gone to her room crying saying that i was mean cold hearted she had her door shut ,meanwhile i got the nessessary articles ready to fuck that girl tonight.
i knock on the door twice no answer i knock again still no answer , so i open the door slowly to my surprize Christine was laying semi naked on her bed, eyes shut fingering her self she didnt relise i was in her room, till i trip over her shoes and landing on top of her, she screamed but i was to quick by covering her mouth, and started to kiss her little that she knew to her,i had my tracksuit pants down, didnt have any underwear on, i started running my hand on her breast squeezing them ,as i go then headed towards her sweet pussy ,were her juices was flowing like a river, with my hand that was covered in juice i put across her mouth. I said instead of Robbie taking your cherry tonight, its gunna be me bitch as i quicky rmove my hand, i started kissing her again this time my hand gripped my 7 inche hardon ,and aimed it for
Christines wet cunt, i guided it in till it reached her cherry i pulled back a bit then like rambo thrust it in her, till she screamed, in my mouthful of kisses i had gave her.
I paused for a bit resting my cock deep in her love channel, Christine said what have you done to me i not a virgin any more, i said enjoy it bitch because theres gunna be a lot of this going on from now on as i thrusted hard into her tight snatch ,she begain to thrust back this also is a reminder to nether tell lies it always backfires on you.
After a good five mintues of good hard thrusting the both of us cum i leaving a good load of fertile cum deep in her pussy dripping down from her pussy.
Christine got up from her bed she said that she needed a shower, neither did she know that i had taken the door of the bathroom and toilet, she said what the hell is going on here i said to her you better get a good nights sleep because i have got a lot more in stored for you tommorrow bitch.
Christine turned the shower on begain soaping her self up meanwhile i walked in with 3 douches one for her pussy ,one for her ass and one for my ass also she said to me us i handed her a douche what is that for, to clean your pussy out and make you fell better afterwards .
Christine said i dont know how to use this , i said think of my cock going in you its like that

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Okay, every time I came to a period I cheered, I'm not gonna lie. So just for the record, you end SENTENCES with a period, NOT PARAGRAPHS! And commas don't substitute for a periods. I can pass without complaining on some spelling and capitalization (because lets face it, this is a sex story site and half the people on here miss those a ton), but at least make an effort at it so that we can read it easily.

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not being rude but are you totally illiterate?

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OK, I won't be rude, but please, learn to use your spell check, learn to use proper capitalization and punctuation, and learn to use the right words to express what you mean. In short, learn to write in English so we can read it without struggling.


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Difficulty reading text.

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