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Katie tries sex with 2 women
The adventures of my alter ego, Katie, continues. She tries sex with girls.

My name is Katie. I'm 16 years old. My father had abandoned us early on and my mother struggled to pay the bills. She drinks a bit too much and has trouble keep a steady job. To have a little spending money, I started doing house cleaning when I was 10. Mostly, for single men in our church.

I noticed early on the bulges in the men's pants. I started seeing how hot I could get them. The more I flirted, the bigger the erections got, and the bigger my tips. ; )

I made a point of wearing short skirts and little white panties. As young girls will do, I frequently "forgot" to keep my knees together. Or I bent over in front of guys to pick up stuff they had strewn on the floor. (Men can be such pigs!)

As I got bolder, I started "innocently" hugging guys when they paid me, pressing against their dicks. OMG! My tips shot up as fast as their dicks! Eventually, I moved on to letting them screw me.

I guess psychiatrists would say I am looking for a daddy figure. Maybe I'm also looking for a loving mother. I guess I love my mom but she really isn't there for me much.

When I was 13, I was working for a single woman teacher. I started wondering about what lezzy sex would be like. The woman was about 30, not, so far as I know, a lesbian or bi, at least until she met me. I started asking her questions about sex, such as did she like to have her pussy licked and had she ever had anal sex. I could tell that she was getting hot talking about these topics.

One day, she was on her bed reading. I hopped up and sort of snuggled with her. I asked if she would tell me how to give myself an orgasm. I said I had tried but never could make it. I described in graphic detail that I had been rubbing back and forth across my clit. Getting red and breathing heavily, she told me about other techniques such as rotating my finger around around my clit, etc. Without a word, I pulled up my short skirt, pulled off my little white cotton panties, and tried what she said. She looked shocked but didn't try to stop me.

I acted very frustrated and disappointed when I didn't have an orgasm after trying for a while. She took my little hand in hers and tried to show me. When that didn't work either (because I didn't let it), she started rubbing my clit and sticking her finger in my cunt herself. Then she really got into it and started licking my little clit and labia with her tongue. At this point, I let myself have a mind-blowing orgasm. It wasn't my first, of course, but I pretended it was, thanking her profusely. At 13, I had already lost track of how many "first" orgasms I'd had.

We had sex weekly for about six months. Then she got a live-in boy friend. I would have happily fucked both of them but she was "in love." Since then, have had sex with several other women. I like sex with both men and women so I guess I'm bi.

I haven't mentioned school much. School work is not my best skill. But why study too much when you can always bring up your grades by fucking men teachers? Also one woman coach. I'm not saying that all women coaches are lezzies. And I know that some lezzies are very feminine. But this woman just happens to fit the stereotype of a butch woman coach.

I go out for track and cross country. She is the coach. Lots of girls are very modest in the locker room. Me, I always walk around nude. I'm pretty good at sensing when people are hot for me. She was. I made a point of walking up to her nude and asking questions about my body.

One day, she suggested we go for a run together on Saturday. After the run, we went to her house. I complained about my crappy, cheap running shoes. She offered to buy me some good ones - "an investment in my running career."

We were both very sweaty so she suggested a shower. She took me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. When she turned around, I was totally nude. I got in the shower, leaving the door open and smiling at her. After a moment's hesitation, she got nude and got in too.

At first, we both just talked and washed ourselves. Then I said "I hope when I grow up I have nice breasts like yours. They're not too big. Just nice and pretty. Mine are, like, nothing."

Breathing kind of heavily, she took some soap and started gently, and very thoroughly, washing my tits, her hands shaking. "You have sweet little breasts, Katie. They'll grow."

When I looked happy about her touching my breasts, she continued with the rest of my body. She even washed my ass, slipping her finger in. She paid lots of attention to getting my pussy real clean. :) Then, after rinsing me, she knelt down and started licking and kissing my pussy. Naturally, I did one of my "first orgasm" acts.

"Oh god, oh god! That felt so good. I've asked boys to do that, but they always refuse, saying it's too gross." She stood and kissed me. "Well, they're wrong, Katie, your pussy is delicious." Giggling, I gingerly washed her pussy. She moaned.

Looking shyly down at her crotch. "Um, could I um, you know, um . . . ." I take her heavy breathing and red face to be a "Yes."

Kneeling, I act very shy. She spreads her legs. Parting her very hairy cunt lips, I gingerly place just the tip of my tongue at the front of her pussy. She moans and I giggle.

"That tastes good." (Duh! I just washed it. So it has a nice floral taste from the soap.) "Boys taste so gross down there." I eat her pussy with increasing greediness. Having a giggling school girl eat her totally turns her on and she has a very mind-blowing orgasm. I stand up. We kiss and caress some more.

"So, is it true what people say? That you're a, um . . . ."

"Lesbian? Yes, Katie, I am."

"Cool. When did you first realize?"

"When I was a bit younger than you."

"I wonder if I am sometimes. Boys are so disgusting. When I go down on them, they want to stick their dicks all the way down my throat until I gag. When they fuck me, they hump about 3 times before they cum. I guess they know they are supposed to please me, so they grope my pussy without doing anything for me." (All of this true. But I don't tell her about how good my 'daddies' make love to me.)

"I'm not trying to recruit you, Katie. Either you are a lesbian or you are not. But it sounds like you might be."

We dry off and get dressed. She buys me a very expensive pair of running shoes at the mall. She spends prob'ly more time trying shoes on me than necessary so she can catch peaks of my panties. What's that about? Guys do it too. I mean, they fuck a nude girl, then try to catch peaks of her panties when she gets dressed. Like, take a picture. When she drops me off at home, I give her a big hug and kiss, after being sure that the coast is clear, of course.

We run together a lot now. We always wind up in bed, then the shower. Sometimes, she takes me on trips out of town. Checking out colleges, watching track meets, and mostly fucking a lot. Sometimes, she uses a strap-on dildo, which is a kick.

I haven't mentioned school much. I can't really see me going to college. School work is not my best skill. But why study too much when you can always bring up your grades by fucking teachers? Naturally, I start by getting a seat close to the front, then "forgetting" to keep my legs together. As soon as I catch them gazing at my panties, I act very embarrassed. If they smile, looking like they are hot for me, I try deliberately spreading my legs while looking at them. If they maintain eye contact, I start staying after class to flirt and ask questions. Lots of times, I can get them to help me with my assignments outside of school. They wind up screwing me or I give them blow jobs. That after-school "tudoring" sure brings up my grades. ;)

Anyways, I figure I'll go on being a whore when I graduate. I'm getting my degree in that now. :) Maybe I'll get a job at one of those fancy whorehouses in Nevada. But they probably want girls with 40 D boobs. That isn't really my style. Maybe I'll go on free-lancing. Or move to a country where men are more open about wanting to fuck little girls. Like, one of my daddies has thousands of pictures of little Japanese school girls spreading their legs. Another guy felt he had to persuade me to fuck by telling me that in Europe guys regularly fuck 12 year old girls. I'm thinking that might be an exaggeration.


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