Katie explores sex with a younger boy and some college boys
The adventures of my alter ego Katie continue. She explores fucking little boys and college boys, leading them around by the dick as much as older guys.

My name is Katie. I'm 16 years old. My father abandoned us early on and my mother struggled to pay the bills. She drinks a bit too much and has trouble keep a steady job. To have a little spending money, I started doing house cleaning when I was 10. Mostly, for single men in our church.

I noticed early on the bulges in the men's pants. I started seeing how hot I could get them. The more I flirted, the bigger the erections got, and the bigger my tips. ; ) I made a point of wearing short skirts and little white panties. As young girls will do, I frequently "forgot" to keep my knees together. Or I bent over in front of guys to pick up stuff they had strewn on the floor. (Men can be such pigs!) As I got bolder, I started "innocently" hugging guys when they paid me, pressing against their dicks. OMG! My tips shot up as fast as their dicks! Eventually, I moved on to letting them screw me.

I'm not real interested in teen boys. They are also not interested in me. So screw 'em. Sometimes it seems like they think about sex all the time. But that's not really true. They also think about the bad wheels they will get when they are old enough/have enough money. A ride that will attract chicks, of course. They also think a lot about food, like triple bacon cheeseburgers with supersize fries. Can you say "heart attack"? And sports, like "cage fighting." Is that actually a sport? Sicko. What-eh-vrrr.

But sometimes I do hook up with someone under 40. Here's a couple examples.

I don't, like, do babysitting, as a rule. But this one single father asked me to babysit his 10 year old son, Billy. I would've said no, but I thought maybe I could get it on with the dad.

At first, Billy was not thrilled about having a babysitter. But I had worn a very short skirt (for the dad, not Billy.) I noticed that Billy had an erection. Having some fun with him, I said "What's that in your pants, Billy? Do you have a little animal in there?"

He, of course, turned beet red. "N-no. It's n-nothing."

"I think we better check." Pinning him down on the floor and unzipping him. "Oh, look, it's a boner!" Holding his dick in my hand. I've learned to tell when a guy is about to cum, which Billy was. I gave his dick a little pinch. That always slows things down. "Your penis looks so cute, I think I want to kiss it. Has any girl ever kissed your penis, Billy?"

"N-n-no. I've n-never even k-kissed a g-girl."

"Would you like me to kiss your penis and maybe suck on it?"


"You have to promise never to tell anyone. I could get in a lot of trouble."

"I-I p-promise!" Squirming around on the floor. Pre-cum dripping out.

I started caressing his tiny hairless dick. Even with little pinches, he came fairly quickly. I barely got my mouth around his stubby dick after the first squirt landed on his tummy.

He was still somewhat erect, so I continued sucking him. I took his whole little prick in my mouth. This time, he lasted several minutes before he came in my mouth.

A few days later, my mother had just driven off when I saw Billy's dad at our front door. I nervously invited him in. He was trying to act stern but he had a bulging erection.

"Young lady, Billy says you had sex with him!"

Moving close to him, hands on his chest, tears in my eyes, biting my lip. "I-I was just trying to tell him about how to be nice to girls. I know he doesn't have a m-mom. I t-told him it was important to make a girl have an orgasm before he CUMS. You know, LICK HER PUSSY, RUB HER CLIT, and stuff. GET HER PUSSY REAL WET. H-he said he always cums quickly when he masturbates. So I was just showing him how to go longer without cumming. I didn't let him put his DICK IN MY PUSSY or anything."

Billy's dad is getting hornier and hornier. I gingerly caress his dick through his pants. "Like, I think it's good to learn about sex from someone more experienced. Like, um, if you, um, FUCKED ME, I know I'd learn much more than from high school boys." I kneel down, unzip him and take his dick in his mouth. He lasts a bit longer than Billy.

Anyways, the next time I babysit Billy, I say "I'm mad at you. You told your dad. You promised not to."

"I-I'm s-s-sorry. He kind of p-pried it out of me."

"Never the less, you were naughty. I think you need a spanking."

"N-no! P-p-please!"

"Yes, Billy. Come over her and take off your pants and undies."

Crying with embarrassment, he does so. I put him over my knees, with his erect little dick between my bare legs. I am kind of mad at him, so I give him a few hard slaps. I feel pre-cum between my legs and his cute, hairless balls are tightening up. So I stop.

Pulling him onto my lap. "I'm sorry, Billy, but you have to learn not to tell anyone about fucking girls. I hope I didn't hit you too hard. Will your feel better if I let you fuck me?" Enthusiastic nodding. "Remember, you can't tell anyone."

"I w-won't, I p-promise."

We take off our clothes and get on his bed. I let him explore my pussy. "This is my clitty. If you gently touch a girls clitty, it will make her very happy. Mmmm, yes, like that." Billy is doing a good job of holding in his cum, but is squirming like crazy. His future girlfriends will thank me. "Would you like to lick it? Mmmmmm. That's even better. You better stick your penis in me now, before you cum all over the bed." He, of course, doesn't last very long. I hold him and kiss him. "You're quite the little stud, do you know that? If you don't tell your dad, we can fuck every time I babysit you." Enthusiastic nodding.

So I go on baby sitting Billy. But sometimes, when I go over there, his dad says "Billy decided to go to a friend's house for the night." Yeah, right. "But I'll still pay you. Um, why don't you come in for a while?" Even when I do babysit Billy, his sends him to bed before I go home. If you catch my drift. And when he leaves me with Billy at the start of the evening, he sort of smirks.

Some times I let older boys fuck me. They have to be old enough to be arrested if they tell anyone. One day, when I was walking home from school, I passed a house where several college boys live. Three of them were sitting on the porch drinking beer. They had had way too much or they never would have done what they did. They said hello and we started talking. They asked me if I wanted a beer. When I said I didn't like beer, they said to come inside because the might have some "cheerleader beer" (like, alcoholic soda pop.)

I went in. They gave me some cheerleader beer. I started flirting with them. At first, they just flirted back. Soon they were kissing me, groping under my clothes, and feeling me up. They pulled me into a bedroom (I only pretended to resist), and tore off my clothes. One hot guy was ate my pussy while the other two sucked my tits. They took turns fucking me. Then, they had me kneel down with one guy in my pussy, one guy in my ass and one guy with his dick in my mouth. They all squirted cum in me about at the same time. OMG! Did I ever have an organism!

Once they started to sober up, they got worried. They had just gang raped (not really) an under-age girl. They started being very nice. After we cleaned up, they took me to the mall, where they bought me dinner and some nice presents. We pretended I was one of the boys' sister and they were taking me out for my birthday.

Since then, I go to their house sometimes. They mostly do treat me like a little sister, except, of course, giving me longer kisses than they would their sister and copping some feels. But sometimes, when they get drunk and horny . . . . Let's just say that I have a lot of birthdays. LOL


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"organism"? you're not just a perv but an illiterate perv. 0/10.

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very very good

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