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Once you go fat, you might not go back

Mika and Shawn has been in a relationship for 4 years now. They met at a club, had sex on their 1st date and ever since then life has not been the same for neither one of them. Over the 4 years, Shawn became really cool with her 3 girlfriends, Tanya, Simone and Kita. Come to find out, Mika was the 2nd biggest freak out of the squad. Kita was the 1st.

But Kita was a full figure girl with a very cute face. She was about 5’6, 250lbs, medium brownskin with wide hips, doubleE tits and an ass that fit into size 22 jeans. Her friends suspect due to her insecurity from being big, she will fuck any guy if the opportunity presented itself. Kita was into internet dates and phone sex. Every time the girls get together, all Kita talks about is sex and what guy she is fucking. She also brags about her dicksuck game, sometimes in front of Shawn when he’s around the girls. Probably because she knows Mika is not deep into giving head. It’s like she’s rubbing it in Shawn’s face. Everyone so cool with each other, nothing matters what they talk about unless it’s true girl stuff.

Mika on the other hand was very beautiful. She was caramel complexion with long dark brown hair, 38d tits and ass big enough to loan some of it to another girl who had no ass. She was not into internet dating or phone sex but still had a high sex drive but not higher than Kita. She totally disapproves of Kita being on the internet. She also laughs when Kita start talking about her sex life. She is just happy Kita is happy and comfortable with her outside beauty.

Shawn was 6’1, athletic built with brown skin complexion, low dark cut and well groomed sideburns.
Mika and Shawn no each other well. Mika know Shawn does not find any of her girlfriends attractive, simply because none of her girlfriends had a sexy body like Mika. Tanya was too skinny, Simone had an average body with an unattractive face and Kita was just big. Shawn made it clear from day one that he cannot stand big girls. So why should Mika worry about Kita and Shawn being alone in a car for only 2 hours??? Read on…

It was a Friday rainy night. Mika was plan on spending time with her girlfriends at Tanya house but she also wanted to spend time with Shawn too. Shawn agreed to ride 40 minutes to her neighborhood and chill with the girls for the evening. However, while Mika and Shawn were on the phone, Kita called to speak to Mika. Shawn was placed on hold for like 5 minutes and finally Mika click back over. “Shawn, Kita wants to chill with us but by time she gets there, it will be too late. Do you think you can pick her up since she lives near you?” “I guess… You sure you okay with this Mika? Your girl may come on to me.” Shawn saying in a joking manner. “Kita?? You??, Shawn please! What would you want with her? She a big girl, totally not your type. I’m not worried about that! But Kita has in the past made a move on one of my guy friends before. Maybe I should worry. Nah, I won’t… Please pick her up?” says Mika. “Okay”, says Shawn. “You got it!”
It’s around 9pm and Shawn just pulled up to Kita house. He beeps the horn and out comes Kita. Kita had on a red fitted shirt and a long tight blue jean skirt. Kita still dresses like she is thin with no stomach. As Kita got in the car, she hugged Shawn and said “What up Shawn”. They made small convo and drove off.
While on the road, Shawn decided to call Mika and let her know everything was cool. “What she doing?” asked Mika. “Just chillin” says Shawn. At this point, Kita eyebrow raised, she heard the question. “Shawn, what Kita saying on the phone? I know she talking about me. Relax bitch, nobody gonna steal your man. “ says Kita. “Whatever bitch”, says Mika in a soft but not sure voice and sounding secure at the same time. Shawn just laughed but for some reason he kept looking at Kita in a curious way. Meanwhile, Mika got real cocky on the phone and said out loud in a joking manner “You know you want my boyfriend bitch, haha”. “Bitch, if I want your man I can get him right now”, says Kita in a joking manner back to Mika. But this is where it got interesting. While Kita said she can have her man right now if she wanted to, her hand out of nowhere started rubbing on Shawn right thigh. Shawn laughed at both the girls going back and forth and at this time he truly felt Kita was just fucking with him. Shawn didn’t say shit but he can definitely feel his cock starting to grow inside his jeans.

After Kita and Mika going back and forth for a good 10 minutes, Kita says “Well, if it’s okay, I would like for Shawn to stop at a liquor store and pick up some Cask N Cr? for me to drink tonight. I promise everything will be okay and you don’t have to worry about your man”. All this time, Kita hand still rubbin on Shawn thigh but getting closer and closer to his dick. “Whatever bitch, just hurry up and get here with my man” says Mika. Everyone laughed and hung up the phone.

Shawn was a little nervous so he started to clear his thoat. “So where’s the liquor store Kita?” “ 5 blocks up says Kita while still rubbin on his thigh and fucking around with him. Then she said “Whats up Shawn? Are you getting turned on by a big girl? I can feel something moving down there” Haha, laughed Shawn. “Nah, I know you just fucking with me”. Kita can sense the upperhand in the situation and decided to fuck with him some more. She asked Shawn,” Did Mika ever tell you how good I can give head?” No, says Shawn with a weird look on his face. “Well, I can Shawnnnn. Better than Mika too! Oh wait… Mika don’t give you much head do she???” Shawn let down a big gulp and didn’t say shit. It was true! Mika barely gives head because she don’t like to do it. And when she do give it, it’s for like 2 minutes just to get him hard for penetration. Kita then said “I won’t tell”, while putting her hand closer to his manhood. Again, Shawn didn’t say shit but was definitely thinking about it. “Well here’s the liquor store” says Shawn. “Boy if you don’t keep driving straight. Nobody wants no fucking liquor. I was just saying that shit to stall time before we get to the house”. Oh, says Shawn but now really fucked up in the head.

As they kept driving, Kita started to pull down his zipper real slow. Shawn didn’t say shit still so she proceeded. She put her hand down his pants and gripped his semi-erect member. “I think we should stop Kita” finally says Shawn. “Why, you don’t want me to suck your dick? He’s calling my name. Can’t you tell?? He wants my lips all over him” says Kita while really playing with his cock now.” You’re so fuckin funny Kita”, says Shawn in an invulnerable sounding voice. “Really??” says Kita while pulling out his thick member. “Shawn, wtf, you working with all of this!”, Kita says with an erotic shocking look on her face. She had Shawn dick in her hand. It was 3 inches thick, 8 inches long, dark brown and had veins popping out all over the place. Shawn ain’t say shit. He started to realize he was being captured by Kita seductive way with men. As Kita played with his dick, she took her other hand, spit on it, and applied moisture to Shawn invaded cock. “oooh” goes Shawn. “Why don’t you pull over some where Shawn”, says Kita with a eager voice. Shawn didn’t say shit. He just kept driving but for some reason he was leading himself to a dark driveway that was right up the street. “I kept believe I’m taking a chance like this” Shawn said to himself.

They pulled up in a dark spot behind someone’s house in the driveway. While Kita still had Shawn massive cock in hand she said “Relax Shawn, this our little secret”. “okay” says Shawn. Kita positioned herself to put her face right next to Shawn’s cock. Shawn decided to push the seat all the way back so he can get comfortable. She moved her face like she was smelling his dark brown head and then she applied her tongue to the tip. She made circles around the tip and then slowly covered his head with her moist moist. She applied both hands to his dick and started stroking it while she went up and down on his shaft. She managed to get 4 inches in her mouth, remove one hand from his cock and cupped his balls. “Damn, you can suck a dick!” says Shawn as he guided the motion of her head movement with his right hand. She pushed the dick out her mouth and spit on it and then started stroking it real fast. “You like it Shawn?” ask Kita while she took her other hand and started going up her skirt. “Yeah”, says Shawn while he looks down at his cock. He never seen it so hard before. It looked like it stretched another inch. “I wanna get on top Shawn, can I ?” “I don’t got no condoms” says Shawn. “I’m on birth control Shawn” says Kita as she started to put her big force on top of Shawn. Shawn was not that strong enough to push her off, she was 250lbs. “Hold up Kita, we can’t do this”, says Shawn with a scared look on his face. But it was too late, Kita was on top and he can feel her wet slick slightly pubic hair pussy brushing up against his head. He felt a slight tingle from the soft movement that made him say “ooooh”. “C’mon Shawn, I want to feel your big ass dick in my pussy. Can I?” Kita asked as she let her pussy very slowly slide onto his massive head. This time Shawn ain’t say shit. He ain’t know what to do. He felt his dick starting to feel really good and warm and then he looked up at Kita pretty face. Her eyes were in the back of her head while she started moving her hips in a reggae dancing motion. Shawn started getting into it by gripping up her big ass. Her ass felt like he was palming to beach balls. All 260 lbs was on top of Shawn. Kita pussy felt unusually good to Shawn. It had a sloppy wet, warm and meaty feel to his dick. He forgot he was fucking a fat girl. Kita tried to reach down and kiss him but Shawn turned his face away. He refused to let it go any further. Kita continued to ride his dick for another 5 minutes. She can see the look on Shawn face that her pussy was feeling to good for him. He had a can’t breathe look. Next thing you know, Shawn felt ready to cumm and was trying to push Kita off top. Kita would not budge. She started squeezing her sugarwalls on Shawn dick and made him squeeze out his cumm. “Uhhh yeah! Shitt!” yells Shawn. Kita fucked him faster while he cummed and sat there as she felt his dick going down in her pussy. As Shawn squeezed out every nutt, he sat there weak as a man who haven’t ate for days. Kita finally got up and Shawn continued to feel the tingly for her pussy as she did. They cleaned each other up in silence and started to drive off.

When they got to the house, they had looks on their face like nothing ever happened. Mika looked happy to see her man. Kita went straight into the kitchen. Where you going Kita?” shouts Tanya. “Getting me something to drink” yells back Kita. “Where’s the alcohol Kita?” asked Mika with a weird look on her face. “They didn’t have the shit I wanted so I didn’t buy anything” “Oh” says Mika then looking at Shawn. Shawn done closed his eyes on the couch and pretended like he had a headache. “You okay baby?” ask Mika. “I think I have a headache. Let me get some water.” He got up from the couch and headed for the kitchen. He confronted Kita in the kitchen and said “Bitch you better not say anything”. “Damn, why I gotta be a bitch Shawn” Kita says while she quickly grabbed his dick in his jeans. “I’m just sayin Kita”, says Shawn. “Whatcha saying Shawn?” ask Tanya as she busted into the kitchen. Kita quickly pulled her hand away from Shawn dick but it was too late, Tanya caught her. Tanya looked at Kita and said “You fucked your girlfriend over like that? You ain’t shit!” Kita didn't know what to say. Only thing she could think of was proving to Tanya why she did it. So she said “You mean you would’ve turned this shit down if the chance was there girl?” vigorously pulling down Shawn zipper and pulling out his still semi-erect cock. “Damn!” said Tanya. “I’m still telling…” “No, No Tanya, please don’t. I’ll make it up to you. Please don’t tell. I love Mika and this was a big accident”. “How you gonna make it up to me Shawn?” ask Tanya while she looked devilish into Kita eyes….

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I could not finish your shitty story, I immediately jumped down to the end to drop a comment, next time you post a fucking story on this site, write in ENGLISH, not fucking EBONICS


2009-09-08 04:31:04
that shit was good part 2 man come on


2009-07-08 21:29:50
This story was good i can't wait to read part 2

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That was the shit! Big gurlz got skills. Part II please. Think I have seen Kita on Maury Povich LOL.

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