I'm 20 years old and I'll call myself Alex. A somewhat normal kid making it through school. I was at my parents house for spring break. I went all out last year and decided to take it easy this time. My parents were away on business in Reno. My dad was a high baller investor so there was money laying around for me and my sister. My sister Meryl was a year younger than me and super hot. She was 5'5" 115 pounds. Perfect body. Great 36c breasts and a tight ass.
It sounds strange to describe her that way but since I was 16 I always fantasized about her. My first time jacking off was to a pair of her panties I swiped off the bathroom floor. My sister decided to take a year off before she went to school. She was always putting things off to the last moment, never sure what she wanted to do. She must have changed her mind 20 times her senior year in High School. First it was a lawyer, then a doctor and even a chef. She spent most of her time at the beach just hanging out and partying with her flunkie friends. She came home at around 3 this morning while I was surfing the net. I heard her stumble in over some things. "Meryl? That you? Kinda early for you to be home isn't it?" I asked coming out of my room. "Yeah. It's just me. Don't get your panties in a bunch. Sheri and Liz took off with some guys and I need to catch up on my sleep. I'm just taking a quick shower and I am off to bed." she said walking into the kitchen. "That sucks. It's been a while since you've been home while its still dark huh?" I joked. "Ha Ha very funny Alex." she said getting a glass of water. I walked over and went into the fridge and got myself a Guiness. "Nice tan. Guess that's what happens when you live at the beach." I said poking her arm. "Oh yeah and those are great boxers. Who is that anyway? Scooby Doo?" she said grabbing my boxer shorts. "Hey! Cut it out!" I yelled. I jumped back spilling my beer. "Relax! I was only joking. No need to freak out." Meryl said grabbing a towel. "I'll get it. I got a little weird." I said kneeling down to clean up the mess. As I wiped up the beer Meryl turned around to put her glass in the sink.I looked up to see the best ass in the world. Tight white shorts and a black thong. I could have sworn I was drooling. I was to busy off in my own world picturing that ass in my hands that I didn't notice she had turned around. "I think you got it all there buddy." she said laughing. "Oh. yeah. I did. Sorry I drifted off." I said shaking my head. I stood up to put the towel in the sink when I realized I had the biggest hard on. "Must have been some day dream!" Meryl said pointing to the tent in my shorts. "Uh....Umm...Damn it!" I said putting my hand on my crotch to conceal it. "I'm taking a shower now. G'night" she said as she walked down the hall to her room. "Yeah sure. Let me just use the bathroom right quick" "I said walking to the door. I quickly closed the door and leaned against it. Man. I can't believe that just happened. She just joked about it like it was nothing. I mean my 9" dick sticking out in my shorts isn't exactly nothing. I went to the sink to put some cold water on my face. Just then Meryl opened the door and threw her clothes on the counter. "Damn it. I was in here. What if I was doing something in here? Huh?" I yelled. "Oh come on it's not like I haven't seen a guy taking a leak before. Not that big a deal." she said turning on the water. "It's a big deal to me. Let me know when your done I might just take one myself." I said leaving. "Close the door when you leave. Thanks." she said as she took off her top. I closed to the door almost all the way but just a crack to get a nice view. She looked into the mirror and put down her hair. She slipped off her shorts to show a lace black thong. I grabbed my dick and stroked it a bit. I could have done it right then and there but I knew if I held out I would get a better reward. She slipped off her thong and the perfect ass was right there. Less than 8 feet away from me. So bad did I want to rush in and just fuck the hell out of her. I stroked myself a few more times. She walked over to the shower to test the water. Then she came walking at me. I thought for sure I was caught. I couldn't move I was stuck there staring at her shaved pussy. I wanted it so bad. She stopped halfway and just shrugged her shoulders. Her tits bounced slightly. She went over to the shower and closed to door. Just wait a few more minutes and I'll see what i get before I go jack off in my room. I sat there and her nothing more than running water and her humming some tune. I figured I would go before she got out. As I stood up to leave I heard a low moan from the bathroom. Nice. I've finally lucked out. I had waited a year to catch her masturbating. I leaned up against the door and it moved open an inch or so. More moans came from the bathroom. I was ready to explode. I started going at it right there. Nothing in the world could have stopped me then. Her pace had quickened. The moans louder and closer along with the splashing of water. I kept at it. Ready to shoot my load any second now. I didn't even care where it would end up. I would just clean it up when I got to take a shower. She let out a long sigh and the water stopped splashing. At the same moment I let loose. I had never cummed that hard in my life. It felt like a gallon came out of me. I didn't even notice where it went. I just knew I had to get out of there fast before she caught me. I quietly closed the door and ran to my room.

The whole scene kept playing over and over in my head. I grabbed some clothes and a towel for my shower. I held them in front of me to hide any evidence of my actions. I left my room and was walking down the hallway to the bathroom when I saw the door was still cracked a bit. I walked up to it and found Meryl on her knees licking the doorknob. I stepped back before she noticed me. At least I think I did. "Alright. My turn. You done in there?" I asked trying to keep my cool. "Oh...yeah... one sec...hold on...don't come in. I'm not fully dressed yet." She said surprised. "Ok...I'll be down the hall waiting. Don't take to long." I said walking back to my door. Oh my god. I just saw my sister on the floor half naked licking my jiz off a doorknob. My heart was racing. I was about to pass out from all the excitement. A thousand naughty ideas ran through my mind.
I heard a door close. I guessed that it was Meryl going back to her room. I went to the bathroom and I closed the door. I tossed my clothes on the floor. The room was a bit steamy from her shower. I just stood there for a moment in a daze. Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe it's just what I wanted to see. "Oh hell. I'll just take a shower." I said out loud. As I walked to the curtain and moved it to get to the shower knobs I noticed her black thong was still on the floor. "Nice. A little more help never hurt." I said as I picked them up and grabbed my newborn erection. They were damp to the touch. I figured it was water but when I put them to my nose to smell them it reeked of sweet pussy juice. The aroma almost knocked me on my ass. I turned on the shower and hopped in. I took a shower just long enough to whack off and rinse off. i got out and threw on a towel. I tucked the thong inside. "Alex? You done yet? Can I come in? I think I left my panties in there" Meryl said knocking on the door. "I don't see them in here. I think you took them already. Hold on let me get a towel on." I said making sure she wouldn't see them hidden in my towel. "Come in." I said. She opened the door and stood there with her back to me in a pair black silk boxers and a black silk top. "Are you decent?" she asked. "No. I am naked and have my parts painted pink just for you." I said laughing. "Very funny." she said turning around. "What did you forget again?" I asked. "My thong. It's a black one. I could have sworn I left it in here." she said looking around. "I don't think so. I didn't see anything when I came in. I bet it's in your room." I said brushing my hair and drying off my chest. "Oh well. I will find it tomorrow. G'night again. Sweet Dreams Big bro!" she said walking out. "Yeah. Goodnight." I replied. I let out a sign of relief. I almost lost it. I threw my boxers on and went back to my room to try and get some sleep. I laid down in bed and I just stared at the ceiling. I was still in a state of shock. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn't help myself and if what I saw was right neither could she. I tossed and turned in bed just trying to get at least a few hours of sleep but it was pointless I was still hyped up. I got out of bed to get a drink. I walked by her room and her door was open a bit. I peaked in to see if she was sleeping. She laid there in her bed in a haphazard way. One leg off the bed, sheets and pillows all over the place. "I'm sorry Meryl. I know what I do is wrong but I can't help it. I just can't. Not as long as your that beautiful." I said quietly. I closed her door and went to the bathroom and got some sleeping pills. I popped three and went back to my room. It wasn't long before they kicked in and I was fast asleep. "Hey sleepyhead! Wake up! Rise and Shine. I made breakfast. Your favorite. Come in the kitchen." Meryl said. "Oh man. I should have only taken one of those damn pills. I feel way to tired to get up." I said rolling over and putting my hands behind my head. I smelled something good from the kitchen and I figured that if I ate a good breakfast I might get some energy. I threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went into the kitchen. "Damn. That smells fucking great. What is that?" I asked sniffing the air. "Oh. Nothing Special. I made us some crepes and belgian waffles with raspberry sauce. I wasn't sure what you would like in your omelet. So I will make that now if you want." She said getting out the frying pan. "No. No. This is more that enough for me. I don't really like eggs anymore anyway. Thanks a lot. This is great. What time did you get up?" I asked taking my seat at the table. "Around 11 or so. I was beat last night. After that shower I was sound asleep." she said sitting across from me. I took some food and started to eat. "Oh man. These are delicious. I guess those chef classes really paid off huh? I said with a mouthful of food. "Yeah. I really like cooking stuff like this." she said. "So what do you have planned for today?" I asked looking at her. "Well........i am not sure. I have some ideas but it's all up to what he's up for." she said standing up. "Oh. That's cool. I hope you have fun with him." I said with disappointment. I would have loved to spend some time with her at the beach. To see her in that hot green bikini. "I'll have fun alright. I plan to have lot's of fun." she said in a seductive tone.

I looked up from my plate and she was right there at the end of the kitchen naked and covered in raspberry sauce. There was a loud clang as I dropped my fork and knife. "Oh....My....God...." I managed to spit out. "You still hungry big brother?" she asked sitting down on my lap. "I...You....We....can't..." I tried to say and she pulled my head to her breasts. The hell with this. Who will know? Nobody is home. They'll never know unless we say something. It can't be wrong if she wants it to. I gave in and started licking and sucking the sweet sauce from her breast. I nibbled on her hard nipples. " I have waited four years for this moment and nothing will ruin this." I said looking her in the eyes. "Shut up and kiss me. More sucking Less talking." she said. I kissed her on her soft lips. I slid my tongue into her mouth and met hers. This was the most passionate kiss I have ever had in my life. My dick was stiff as a rock. She started to grind her hips into my groin. Holy shit. I can't wait. I have to fuck her now. I picker her up and sat her on the table. She ripped off my shirt and I slid off my shorts exposing my pulsing dick. "Wow. You have grown. I haven't seen your dick since you were 16. I want you inside me but first I want to suck that bad boy." she said pushing me back in the chair. She slid off the table and onto her knees. She took my dick in her hands and stroked me a few times. A little pre-cum oozed out and she licked it off the tip. "Oh man. This is fucking awesome. You actually looked at me to? When? How long? Did you notice me? Why didn't you say anything?" I asked. I had so many questions. "Now is time for sucking. Not talking. We can discuss this after you fuck my brains out. Ok?" she said smiling. "Alright. I can deal with that one." I said rubbing her breasts. I grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her to me. She started off slow by licking the tip and shaft of my member. She swirled her tongue and swallowed me whole. "Holy SHIT. I didn't think you could do that. Damn your good." I said. She bobbed her head up and down. She was a pro. I waited my whole life for this and I wasn't let down. She stroked and sucked at the same time. I was in heaven. I felt the pressure building. "Meryl....I'm gonna....cum...soon..." I said breathing heavy. She didn't stop. She got faster. Her tongue slid around my head and I lost it. I shot out a huge load. She wasn't expecting so much and it surprised her. It hit her on the cheek and her chin before she took me in her mouth to swallow it all. She wiped her face off with her fingers and sucked them clean. "Damn that tastes good. This was more than last night." she said winking at me. "I knew it. I knew I saw you last night." I said. "Well. Lets do it. I want you to fuck me hard." she said standing up.
I heard the alarm going off. I sat up in bed. "Holy shit what a dream. That was great." I said looking at the clock. Not bad timing. It was around 10.30 I pulled the sheets off of me and felt a wetness on my dick. "Man. A wet dream. It's been years since I've had one of those." I said laughing. I pulled off my boxers to change and noticed that it wasn't a wet dream I had and it wasn't me who wet my shorts. It was wet from saliva. "What the fuck?" I said I was at a loss for words. I couldn't imagine what happened. Then it hit me. She must have done it. It had to have been her. I threw on a new pair and some shorts. I walked out into the hallway. "Meryl you home? Hey Meryl you around?" I asked knocking on her door. "What's up? Whatcha want?" she asked peeking her head out from the kitchen. "There you are. I need to talk to you." I said walking towards her. When I got into the kitchen I saw three of her friends sitting at the table. "Oh. I didn't know you had company." I said. "Hi Alex." they all said in unison. "Hey Liz and Sheri. Sorry I don't know your name.." I said pointing at her friend. "Julie. I've met you before. It was a year ago. That's why you don't remember me." she said smiling. "Alex. You look like you have something on your mind. What did you want to talk about?" Meryl asked sipping some water. "It's nothing. I will talk to you later I guess." I said leaving the kitchen. "See you later Hot stuff!" one of them yelled. "Yeah. Sure." I said sarcastically. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. "Hey Alex. What did you want to talk about?" meryl asked standing in the doorway. "Oh it's nothing. Just my imagination. That's all. Your friends left?" I asked adjusting the water. "Yeah. We plan to meet up at the beach in a few hours. I wanted to take a shower and stuff." she said getting her own towel. "Oh. You can go first. I don't mind. You'll probably have to adjust the water. I take colder showers." I said taking my towel. "No that's ok. You were here first. I can wait. I am in no rush. I have to wash my hair and stuff so I might be a while." she said closing the door. "Okay. Thanks. I will try to make it quick so you can get in here." I said. "Hey do you mind if I take care of some things while your in the shower? I promise I won't look. You can't see anything through the door anyway." Meryl said. "I don't know. I'm not sure I am comfortable with that." I said nervously. Who was I kidding I would love for her to stay in here with me.

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get a good editor and rewrite this garbage and use that new invention called PARAGRAPHS total waste of time

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one shot wonder that can only write half of a story it would have been better if you had never posted anything rather than post half a story

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half-ass construction and as others have said, nothing really *happens*. 4/10


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I liked it. You could go more in depth and have an actual suck/fuck scene though. 8/10.


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Not to bad. Spent too much of the story going nowhere. Then it ended to soon. a good 6/10.

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