Jennifer gets closer to the family.
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Young Passion Part 9 -

In under 2 months I have went from being an innocent young girl who playing with her dollies. To a girl who had already had some sort of sexual activity with at least a dozen people. I look back at this time in disbelief myself. How did something so innocent and young develop into something so sexual. In any case how could I regret something that I can’t change, or something that has made me so happy and fulfilled. I have no regrets. I would not have wanted to be anything other than what I felt I was born to be. But I do wonder what the other life would have been if my decisions at 12 hadn’t happened…….

I woke up laying next to Mallory in my bedroom. She was still asleep. As with many times before I laid there and just watched her sleep. Usually I was thinking about how much I loved her and how I was so glad she was mine. But this time sorrow had over thrown the happiness. This was Mallory’s last week to be able to stay with me. School started back next week, and Mallory had to start staying the week at her home. That meant that we would only get to see her on the weekends. I didn’t know how to let her go. I mean I knew that we would not drift apart but I had yet to spend more than 3 day’s away from her since we had met just a month ago. It was now Thursday, that gave us 4 whole day’s together first though and I was determined to spend as much personal time with her as I could.

Mallory once again opened her eyes to catch me staring at her. We hugged and kissed and then took a shower and got dressed. We had a breakfast meeting at Jennifer’s house this morning to discuss our next meeting with the guys at the strip club. It was that time again and me and Mallory were both excited both for the sex and for the money.

In the last month I had only spent $350.00 of my new fortune. Mallory had spent $3000.00 because her dad ran across a good deal on a Blazer SUV for her and she wanted it. It would be 2 months before Mallory turned 16, we were both happy by her having a car. In 2 months she would be able to come and see me after school and we could do stuff together.

We showed up at Jennifer’s at 9:00 and she opened the door and invited us in. She had breakfast done and so we sat down to eat.

“ I have a few things to talk to you about and honestly I am a little nervous.” She said. “ Jenny I have great news, I am pregnant.”

We all were very excited and we both went over to her and gave her a huge hug.

We both congratulated her.

My dad and my brother both had been having sex with Jennifer over the past month.

“ I don’t know which one actually got me pregnant but that really doesn’t matter.” Jennifer said. “ But I have a bigger problem than that Jenny. I am falling in love with your Dad, I hope that you aren’t mad at me.”

“ I know what is like to fall in love with someone Jennifer, it is great and magical. But how does Dad feel about you?” I replied back.

“ He told me that he loved me too.” Jennifer said.

“ So what are you going to do about Michael?” I asked

“ Yesterday he was home and we talked. I told him that this relationship just isn’t working that I wanted someone who will not be gone all of the time. I didn’t mean for this to happen but your Dad is such a good man and I am lonely way to much. Michael is going to be moving out this weekend. We worked out an agreement yesterday .” Jennifer said.

Wow what a bombshell, I meant is was cool, just sudden. I wondered though what would change if anything in our arrangements. We then moved on to talk about the meeting the next day at the strip club. We talked about what we were going to do to spice it up a little. The agreement on the money had stayed the same. John would get 15,000 from each guy, a total of $45000.00, and we would all get $7500.00 each. John would use most of his money to upgrade the club and for lawyer fees.

The men who wanted to meet with us were all really rich guys who knew that this was the only way they could have sex with younger girls without going to jail. They had the money and we were willing. It was a perfect setup for us all.

That night Jennifer stayed at our place. We laughed and played Monopoly and just had a great time. Jennifer stayed in the bedroom with Dad that night and it was bitter sweet for me. Jennifer was the first woman to share the bed with my Dad besides me since my mom had died. I on one hand wasn’t happy with another woman taking moms place. The other side of me was happy for Dad and for Jennifer. It was just another adjustment that I would have to deal with.

The next day I awoke to Mallory getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. Our house had went to clothing optional since everyone had pretty much had sex with everyone by now. So Mallory just walked out into the hallway and to the bathroom totally naked. Jason came into the room and sat down on the bed with me.

“ So what are you guy’s doing today.” he asked.

“ We are going to go to a strip club, strip, and then have sex with 3 guys. Then we are going to leave with $7500. each.” I said.

“ If you don’t want to tell me, don’t tell me, but don’t be a smart ass about it.” He said as we got up and walked out of the room.

I couldn’t help but to laugh. I had never told Dad or Jason about my strip club activities. Nor did I ever tell them about the safe. I felt at that point that Dad might not like my arrangement. He thought that I got all of my money from Jennifer so he didn’t ask any questions. I would not lie to either of them about it, but I didn’t see the need to give out unasked info either.

Mallory walked back into the room as Jason left. I told her what happened and she laughed and then said that we would have to go and make it up to him. I got up and we went downstairs, we saw Jason about to cut on the Nintendo. We went over to him and kissed him. We were all completely naked and so I grabbed the couch blanket and we took Jason out back . I spread out the blanket and we all sat down on it.

“ I am sorry brother. I have never kept secrets from you and now I have been. I am going to tell you everything but you must not tell Dad. I don’t want him to object and to get mad and take in out on Mallory, her Dad, or Jennifer.” Me and Mallory then told him everything. But I didn’t tell him how much I made. He probably assumed it was a few hundred. Hey a girl has to have a few secrets right? “ So we are going back to the club at 1:00 today to do it again and make a little more money.” I said.

“ Jennifer has been paying me $500. a week to come over to her house 3 times a week. I have saved up about $2000. but don’t know though if that will stop now that she is getting close to Dad.” He said. “ You don’t think that your dad could find me some work do you?” He asked Mallory while looking at her.

“ I don’t know. The only men that works for the club is the bouncer and my dad.”
Mallory said. “ But I will ask him.”

I caught a glimpse of his dick. He was rock hard from what I told him. I reached over and grabbed his dick as I leaned over to take it into my mouth. Mallory also moved over to Jason and started kissing him. I was really enjoying his dick, neither me or Mallory had had a dick in about a week and it was time. I sucked on his cock and it was so warm and hard. I just loved the feel of a dick in my mouth. Still do actually. I felt Mallory move over to me and so I removed his dick from my mouth and let Mallory suck on it. The sight of her sucking on his dick right in front of me was setting a fire off between my legs. I moved up to his mouth and kissed him.

I saw Mallory getting into position to ride him. I wasn’t going to get left out though. I took my pussy and straddled his head and lowered myself down onto his mouth. Mallory was already starting to ride him and Jason returned the favor to my hot and wet pussy. Mallory rode him faster and faster and he started licking my pussy faster and faster. I was about cum and so was Mallory. Me and Mallory leaned over into each other and we both kissed passionately as we both orgasmed at the same time.

We then heard Dad and Jennifer behind us. They also were reserving their clothing optional rights by being naked.

“ We just came down to find Jason, I was wanting 2 dicks at once.” Jennifer said.

“ Go have fun Jason we have to go and get ready anyway.” Mallory said.

Yesterday Jennifer had told dad that we had a girls day planned for today and that we would not be back until around 5 area. Today was Labor Day and so Dad was off. So he and Jason planned a day hanging out.

We arrived at the club at noon. We wanted to talk to John and to go through what we had planned. We also had to get changed and get it all set up. John went over everything with us and we got ready.

It was time, 1pm and we were ready to have fun. All of the guy’s came into the VIP Room after they had been down stairs with the other girls for the past hour. They were already turned on from seeing the girls stripping. This time we had them sit in chairs that were side by side but 2 feet apart. We went out onto the stage for the first song. During the first song we were rubbing all over each other and even did some kissing. We looked out to see that we were defiantly starting to turn the guys on.

The second song we started back doing some intense dirty dancing as we slowly stripped each others clothes off. By the end of the second song we were totally naked.

We then started the third song. This song had us not only dirty dancing, but also doing some real dirty actions too. I started by kissing Jennifer hot and heavy as Mallory came up behind me, got to her knees, and started licking my ass hole. That was the first time she had ever done that to me and I was shocked and turned on. Her tongue on my ass hole felt so good and I wanted it there badly. I broke off my kissing with Jennifer and I opened up my ass further to encourage Mallory to keep licking my ass. Jennifer then came around to get behind Mallory and play with her tits.

This wasn’t the plan but the guys didn’t seem to mind at all. They looked like they were getting turned on, but I am betting I was more turned on than them. I was even more surprised when Mallory moved and Jennifer took her place. Mallory then moved around to my front and started kissing me again with the tongue that was just licking my ass. I would have normally had been grossed out even to think about doing that, but this time I was so turned on by tongue licking that Jennifer was now giving me that I didn’t care at all. I wanted to kiss her no matter what.

Mallory’s tongue felt good but Jennifer’s skill on my ass hole was even better. She pressed her tongue into my ass bud and it was such a turn on. Her tongue couldn’t penetrate my ass, but she sure did act as if she wanted to. We stayed is this position for over 10 minutes while our guy’s watched and hardened up for us.

After Jennifer had got through with my ass hole, we all got offstage and walked down to our awaiting men. We didn’t know their names for protection reasons, but I had nicknamed them Mr. Thick, Muscles, and Shorty. All were quite cute and all about 40 and under. I went to my man and sat down in his lap. The next song had already started and we were going to dance on them while we tantalized them. We had them so turned on and in my man’s eyes was nothing but lust. When the next song started we kicked it up another step.

We changed men and then we started showily dancing and stripping their clothes off. We had them all ready for their fuck. and we were about ready to give it to them. I finally got the last of his clothes off and I didn’t even wait for the others to finish. I got on my knees and starting sucking Muscles dick. I didn’t care about anyone else at this point I had wanted more dick since that morning with my brother. I was ready to suck his nice dick and I took it almost all the way into my mouth. I did get a glimpse of the others and they also had a mouthful of cock.

I was hot and ready for my pussy to be ate, I called for a man and position change. It was time for Shorty to give me some major action. we all moved back to the edge of the stage and laid down with our legs into the air. The guys this time just got onto their knees and ate are wet and waiting pussy’s. Shorty was licking me good and it felt so great. But I was also getting turned on by Jennifer’s moaning from her own pussy getting ate by Mr. Thick. The guy’s ate us for over 10 minutes before we wanted them to fuck us. I called for a man change before I even thought.

Mr. Thick then moved into position and before I could say anything he impaled me with his thick cock. “FUCK” I yelled out in pain. “ I am so sorry, I am just so turned on.” He said. The others stopped and looked at him with a hard look. I think that he got the message. That wasn’t cool. His dick felt the best to me though and I didn’t want him to stop, just to treat me with a little respect. He resumed to fuck me slowly and I was really starting to enjoy his big fat cock in my pussy. He fucked me for about 10 minutes and then I called another man change.

I was back to my favorite guy Muscles. He came over to me, picked me up, and took me over to the floor. I was out of control on this one and I didn’t seem to care. I knew at that point that I would do no more man changes. I needed and wanted him to fuck me senseless. He laid me down and got on top of me, he then kissed me. It wasn’t just any kiss though, it was a passionate kiss, a kiss that gave a lot more than just sexual desire and I received that message loudly.

He then spread my legs and positioned himself he put himself at my entrance and
then leaned down to kiss me as he slowly went into me. Muscles wasn’t just fucking me, he was making love to me in a way that only me and Mallory had done before. After 10 minutes of fucking me missionary, he turned me over and got me into the doggy-style position. He entered my pussy from the back and then he started fucking me hard and fast. We both felt our orgasm building inside of us and our moaning was making us both know that that moment was fast approaching.

I felt him clench into me and I knew he was about to cum. My own orgasm was close as well and I was ready for a release. He then came into my young pussy and that was all that it took for me also to get off. I came hard and I was spent. I just fell over to relax. Muscles laid down beside me and we kissed some more while we waited for the others to finish. Once they finished we all got up and the guy’s got dressed and ready to go. Muscles kissed me goodbye and I enjoyed it.

The guys left the room and met with John outside of the door. We got back dressed and waited for our payment. John came back into the room about 30 minutes after we had gotten dressed. We were all wondering why it took so long this time but we just sat and chatted.

“ Here is your money girls, $7500.00 each.” John said. “ Jenny can I see you in my office, I need to talk privately to you.” John said.

I didn’t know what to think. I felt as though I had done something wrong and I was about to get it. We went into his office and he shut the door and we sat down.

“ Jenny, one of the guys who was with you tonight wants to start having regular meetings with you. He really likes you and would like to meet with you at least one time a week, sometimes two. He is super rich Jenny and is offering you some real money because he likes having sex with young girls and I have assured him of how safe you are to have sex with. He is willing to rent a room at a motel in your area and have you meet him there. He likes the multiple sex partners though and still wants to keep the arrangement that we have now as well. He of course won’t pay this amount every time, but he is offering you $1800.00 each time. It is really good money and I will not take a cut of it, it will all be yours.” John said.

“ Which one.” I asked.

“ The really muscular one.” he said.

“ What was his name?” I asked

“ His first name is Eric, I don’t know any last names.” He said

I was really happy about this setup. Not only would the money be really good but I also wanted to have more personal time with Eric. I told him that I would really like that and so he said that he would set up all of our meetings.

We left and headed home. I told Jennifer and Mallory what John told me and they were both happy for me. But they both warned me to be careful because no one else would be there. I did not know though if that would be true, maybe I do have a job for little brother.

After we left, Jennifer took us both to a nice restaurant and we ate and talked. A lot of the conversation revolved around my Dad and Jennifer being together.

“ I really love your dad Jenny. I feel like a teenager again.” Jennifer said.

“ I haven’t seen dad this happy since before Mom died. I am happy for you both, but I need a little time to get used to the idea of Dad with another woman. But I think you are a good match for Dad.” I said.

“ We have talked about the possibility of me moving in with you, what do you think about that?” Jennifer said.

“ As long as you don’t try to be my mother and tell me what to do, I will be okay. My new arrangement with Dad gives me my freedom, I don’t want to loose that.” I said as I stared directly into her eyes.

“ I won’t Jenny. I want it to be like Mallory staying with you. I am just another one of your friends that stay’s in your Dad’s room.” Jennifer said.

“ What are you going to do with your other house? I said. “ It is paid for so for now I will probably keep it, just in case something doesn’t work out. But I may sell it later on.” Jennifer said.

“ Tell me first when you sell it. I might want to buy it.” I said.

“ I think that would be a good way to start your life. Jenny this money is coming
fast right now. But once you get older it won’t be so good because 18 year old girls are everywhere and willing. You are a rare find right now. Take advantage on this time and set yourself up for your life. If you do things right, you could have anything you want for life. Buying my house, when I decide to sell it, would be a great investment for your future. I can also help you to invest some of your money so it will make you more money.” Jennifer said.

“ I would really like that.” I said.

“ Can you help me too.” Mallory said.

“Of course, Mallory. I would love to.” Jennifer said.

I was going to do whatever it would take to make as much money as I could make. I wanted that house. But I wanted to share it with Mallory. I wanted to share my life with Mallory. Jennifer was right, not all adults made what I was making. I had 5 years to make as much as I could. I thought as we ate.

I was ready though to go and spend a little more of my money though. So we went to a K-Mart down from the restaurant. I was in need of some more jewelry. Dad had given me all of mom’s jewelry but over time I had lost some of the earrings and one of the necklaces. I needed to keep up the older look and needed accessories. I bought a nice stand up jewelry box, three gold necklaces, one silver necklace, one ring, and two pair of diamond earrings. All together I spent almost $500.00.

We left and got back home around 4:00pm. Me and Mallory went to my room as soon as we got to my place. I attached the legs to my new jewelry box and put my new jewelry in it. I then took out one of the pair of earrings that I had bought and one of the necklaces. I went over to Mallory and took and started putting them on her.

“ What are you doing? She asked.

“ I bought two pair of these, one was for my best friend.” I said as I finished putting them on her.

We then started kissing and holding each other. We laid on the bed together and went to sleep.

I woke up at about 6:30 to the urge of my bladder about to explode. I got up and went to the bathroom. I was in there peeing when the door opened and Dad came in.

“ Oh sorry Jenny I wasn’t thinking.” Dad said.

“ Dad come in and shut the door.” I said.

“ Dad what would you think if I had sex with someone and they paid me $2500.00 to do it? I asked.

“ You have become a very sexual person Jenny. If you want the sex and you want the money, I think that it is a win win situation for you? He said.

“ What if their was three guys who offered me money to have sex with all three of them? I asked.

“ Jenny I don’t see nothing wrong with a girl getting money to have sex if she wants it. You may get classified a whore or a slut though. It is just up to you on if you want to go down that path. But just be careful there are a lot of scumbags out there who will hurt you.” he said.

“ I have never seen a guy pee before Dad, can I watch you?” I asked.

“ Of coarse.” Dad said.

Dad started peeing and I was just fascinated with how much easier it is for boy’s. I went behind him and reached for his dick and aimed it for him. I could feel him starting to get a little hard as he finished peeing. I then pulled his pants and briefs down and started stroking his dick. I had never really noticed till now how much of a nice ass Dad had. It was perfectly shaped. His nice ass rubbed my lower stomach as I played with his dick. I was getting Dad hard as a rock and I wanted to suck him.

I turned him around and got onto my knees in front of him. I took his dick into my mouth and sucked it slowly. I sucked him slow and easy for about 5 minutes before Mallory knocked on the door asking if anyone was in here. I said for her to come in. She opened the door to see that I was sucking my daddy’s cock.

“ Let me take a piss and I will join you on the floor.” Mallory said. We moved out of the way and I sucked Dad as I listened to Mallory’s piss hit the toilet water. I don’t know why, but it really turned me on. Mallory then came over to our new spot and got onto the floor beside me. we both started sucking and licking on his balls and his shaft. We were shared Dad’s dick and he really seemed to be enjoying it and so were we.

The bathroom was really cramped though so we stood up and escorted Dad to my bedroom. We didn’t even care to shut the door, we wanted sex and we really didn’t care who walked in. I laid down flat on the bed and I asked dad to eat my young pussy. Dad got onto his knees off the side of my bed and started eating me. Mallory got onto the bed and started sucking on my tits. The sensation from being ate and having my nipple sucked was really nice. I was so hot.

“ Can we play?” We all looked up to see Jennifer and Jason standing at the door naked.

“ Sure, Jenny could use a dick in her mouth and she still has a tit free.” Dad said as we winked at them. I had never had every area of my body covered like that before. Four people all focused on me. Jason came up beside my head and bent over to put his dick into my mouth, Jennifer went over beside Jason and started licking and sucking my other tit.

This felt to good to be true. I was loving each and every second of it. Dad was really eating me good and Mallory and Jennifer’s tongues and lips were sending added sensation down to my pussy. I was on the verge of cumming and I couldn’t have stopped it if I had wanted to. I was out of control, they were now controlling the shots and my body cared about nothing more than the orgasm that was building deep inside of my pulsating pussy. I had never been this turned on, I had never needed to orgasm so badly. Then Dad stopped eating me. I was about to kill him.

“ Lets change positions. I will lay flat on the bed, Jenny will mount me and Mallory and Jennifer can keep sucking those tit’s, and Jason can stand above me and stick it back into her mouth.” He said.

We all got into the new positions and he entered into me. It felt so good to have a hard dick in my pussy. I needed to get fucked badly and I was about to get just that. I reached out to Jason and stuck his dick back into my mouth and sucked him while Jennifer and Mallory sucked my tit’s. It felt so good, but I wanted something more, I needed Jason up my ass.

“ Jason, get my lube of the nightstand and fuck my ass.” I said.

Jason lubed up his hard dick and out some on my ass. He wasn’t hesitant this time he had fucked my ass before. I gave him no resistance this time. It still did hurt and burn a little but the feeling of his hard dick going into my ass turned me on more than it hurt. Jason had push his head in.

“ Push it in Jason, come on, fuck my ass.”

With that Jason pushed and slid his slippery dick almost all the way in. I was
loving the sensation of having my pussy and my ass filled full with cock as 2 girls sucked my hard nipples. Jason started really pumping my ass and I was moving back and forth on dad’s dick as he fucked me giving him a good time as well. I was taking care of two guys at once and it felt great. I was getting close to an orgasm and I was going pretty fast back onto my dad’s and Jason’s dicks. I wanted them both to cum inside of me. They were both moaning and grunting now and I knew that they were both going to cream inside of me at about the same time.

Dad went of first sending cum into my pussy which started to trigger my own orgasm. I started moaning loudly as I felt Jason starting to unload into my ass. I then had my own intense orgasm. I fell onto my dad and just hugged him as I recovered. Jason then removed his dick from my ass and I could for the first time feel just how sore he had made it, but it was more that worth it. I then got off dad and wobbled my way to the bathroom. Mallory and Jennifer stayed in the living room and took care of each other.

Jennifer and I took Mallory home after we had all gotten cleaned up. Mallory had to get ready for school that started in 2 day’s. I didn’t want to let her go and we both started crying once we got there. It wasn’t good-bye, it was just until next weekend I told myself. But I knew that our time together was going to be limited now and I wasn’t happy about it……

I want to thank the thousands of people reading this story. By now the number of reads for all parts of my story are over 100,000. The next part #10, will be the last in the Young Passion Series. After that I am moving on to the next true life series that I am calling Young Adult Passion. It will chronicle my life from 15 to 18. I hope that you have enjoyed my life enough to keep reading my future installments…...

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