I become an adult a little early.....
Young Passion Part 10 -

The next summer… 9 months later.

We all had continued our monthly meeting at the strip club. Although Eric (Muscles) and
Mr. Thick had both left the group a few months ago. We got 2 more guys though that took their place.
Their names were Nathan and J.R. . They were both really sweet guys with really deep pockets. Nathan made this trip every month by plane from over 2000 miles away, and J.R. drove over 100 miles to get here monthly. Nathan was young only 28 years old. J.R. was about 50. We all knew not to get to know the guys to well. The less anyone knew about them the better. But Nathan had the hots for me.

Then there was still my meetings with Eric. Eric and I had been seeing each other 2 or 3 times a week for the past 8-9 months. I took Mallory along about twice a month if she was able to go, but mostly I went alone. He was a great lover and a really good friend. We had done about every sexual position you could think of and tried lots of new things together. What really shocks me is that he never complained about paying me. Every time he gave me $1800.00.

Me and Mallory was still going strong. I really loved her. She was my lover, my very best friend. Every month we have just gotten closer and closer to each other. Mallory had continued to at the club making the same $7500.00 then what she made when she came with me to visit Eric, but she never wanted as much sex as I did. I just couldn’t get enough.

Jennifer had gotten a fast divorce from Michael and she got the house and 2 years alimony along with her SUV and Mini-Van. She moved in with us as soon as the divorce went through. Jennifer continued to have sex while pregnant at the strip club until she was 7 months along. Most of the guys loved being able to have sex with a pregnant female and were gentle with her. Three months ago we welcomed a new addition to the family. Allison Marie was my new baby sister and she was so cute. Dad and Jennifer couldn’t have been happier. Jennifer went back to the club 2 months after the Allison was born. She said that her money would go into a savings account for Allison. Jennifer said that if she could do this for another 3 years she could save $270,000 dollars.

I had not thought about money much in the past 9 months. I spent very little, and didn’t usually even take it out of the envelopes that it was given to me in, I would just look at it, and then put it in my safe. I told Jason about the safe and I even bought him one, but Dad still didn’t know about the strip club or the money. I wasn’t trying to be dishonest, I just didn’t see telling all of my business to everyone. I did take it out though yesterday to count it. Between meeting with Eric and the strip club, I had accumulated over $106,000. I don’t know if that should have made me happy, but really it didn’t. It was and always has been just money to me. I really enjoyed the sex more than the money. But the thought of having a new house was appealing and was about to become a reality.

“ Jenny me and Jennifer need to talk to you about something important.” Dad said. “ You are about to be fourteen in years, but you act like an adult and we think of you as an adult. Jennifer told me about the club and about Eric. Don’t worry I am not mad, I am fascinated by the money, it is an unbelievable amount. But anyway, Jennifer told me that you asked to buy her house. We were wanting to know if you still want it.” Dad said.

“ Yes I have always loved that house.” I said.

“ The house is valued at about $225,000 with the 8 acres of land. We talked it over and if you want it we will sell it to you for $75,000.00 with 4 acres of land around the house, we would keep the other 4 acres to the left of the house. We may build Jason and Alison Marie a house on that 4 acres someday. We would want you to pay as much down as you can and the rest in payments until you turn 18. Under the law you can’t have anything in your name until you are 18. We will write up a contract with you that it will transfer to you once paid for at 18. If you want to do it.” Dad said.

“ We do not want you to think we are trying to just move you out. We love you. We just want you to have your own freedom and to be able to entertain who you want when you want. But also you would be just across the street so you could come over anytime you wanted, this is still your house too and you could come over anytime.” Jennifer said.

“ Even more than that, we want for you to get ahead in life. You are a super smart girl you always have been. You have an opportunity to pay off a house before you are 18. Jennifer promised you the house first so we are giving you the opportunity to own it. We only want enough money to renovate this house and to add on to it. We have big plans for this house.” Dad said.

“ I want the house, but I never thought about the fact of living alone. I would actually be moving out….” I said.

“ Yes it is a big decision, you will be an adult in every way that matters. Jennifer will keep the utilities and phone in her name as well as the insurance and property taxes. You will have to pay her for these bills every month. You will have to buy your own food and cook and clean. It is a very big decision give it a little thought.” Dad said.

It was bitter sweet. Over the past year I had thought about that house a lot. I even told Jennifer that I wanted it someday. But here I was almost 14 and the someday came a lot earlier than I had thought. I was basically being enticed to move out. I didn’t know what to think. I know that I was well loved, but I also know that our house was getting a little to packed with Jennifer and the baby. They did need more room and this would give it to them and fix all of the issues it has. I needed to talk to someone, and my brother was there. So I took him to the playhouse and told him everything.

“ You would own your own house at 14. Are you fucking serious.” He said in disbelief. “ You would be on your own totally. You could do anything that you wanted, have anyone over that you wanted, and have it paid for in 4 years. Holy shit Jenny you just won the lottery.”

Jason’s comments made me feel a lot better about it. It really was a great deal for everyone especially me.

“ Jason would you move in with me? Just for a little while, until I feel safe.”

“ Anything for you sis.” He said.

Mallory was also excited about the prospect of me having my own place. We talked about her moving in with me, she was excited about the idea but didn’t know if her dad would be willing to let her. It was always the thought that Jennifer would sell me the house and Mallory would move in with me, but we thought that it wouldn’t happen until I was a lot older. But here I was 13 about to be 14, and being offered my own place.

I went up to my room and counted the money out. I had just counted it the day before and had separated it into stacks of $10,000 for easier counting. I grabbed 7 stacks and half of another one and put it into a shoe box. I then took it downstairs to the living room where they were watching television and feeding baby Allison.

“ Here is the money for the house. I want it.” I said.

“ How much is there.” Dad asked.

“ All of it. $75,000.” I said.

“ You had $75,000 dollars? And it was in the house?” he said.

“ No I have $106,000, and it was in the safe that I bought in my room.” I said.

“ Holy shit Jenny !!!!” Dad said. Jennifer laughed.

“ Please write up that contract Dad.” I said “ By the way, I want to move Jason in with me for a little awhile. It is going to be scary in a big house by myself and I don’t know when Mallory will be able to move in with me.”

Dad was still speechless as he was looking at the shoebox filled with money. He just
looked at me and nodded okay.

“ Me and your Dad are going to take some of the furniture from over there and put it over here, and some over here to over there. So you still should have a houseful of furniture that will come with the house. I will also get the rest of my personal stuff out for you it may take a week though.” Jennifer said.

“ No problem, I will need time to pack up anyway.” I said.

I left and went to my room, but this time I had a smile on my face. I was skeptical at first, but now I was just happy. I was going to have my own house, with my own food, and I could do whatever I wanted to do. Life had sure changed in a little over a year and I was winning the game.

I spent the next week trying to get everything packed up. I don’t think I had that much stuff but the boxes and bags of clothes was proving me wrong. I had already gotten the key’s to my new house and the contract for it was in my safe ready to be moved. I was ready but a little scared.

Moving day came and it really wasn’t that hard. Dad and Jason had already switched furniture and they had moved Jennifer’s personal stuff out. My bed, dresser, chest of drawers, television, and some of my boxes had already been taken over and positioned. All I really had was about one truckload of stuff left to be moved.

My first night there was a Saturday night and Mallory decided to come over and spend the weekend with me. I asked Jason to just come over Sunday night, that would give me and Mallory the weekend together. I usually met with Eric on weekends but I asked for time off this weekend. I don’t know why, but I didn’t need to share this weekend with anyone else but Mallory. I felt that this would be our place to share together and I needed to feel that now.

“ So what do you think about your new house.” Mallory asked looking around.

“ I love it. It is weird though. It is like the place doesn't actually belong to me even though I have proof that it is all mine. I am scared though, I don’t know if I am ready for this. I mean I am not even14 years old yet. But I am going to just have to adjust just as I did when mom died, just as I did when I started having sex. My life is changing fast. I just don’t know if I can up with it.” I said.

“ I don’t know if a could have lived by myself away from my Dad before now, and you are 2 years younger than me. I think it is great but I understand you being scared because I would be too. But Jason will be staying with you until I can figure out a way to move in with you. I have to talk to Dad still, maybe when I go to see him Monday.”

I don’t know why but Mallory always could make me feel better. Mallory was very upfront and honest. She also really seemed to get me. I loved her so much and at that moment the only thing that I felt was a longing to kiss and to touch her. I reached out and kissed her on her puffy lips. I wasn’t interested in her tongue yet, I just wanted to make love to her lips. I was hot and ready wanting to give her a very loving sensual experience. I also didn’t want it to end to fast.

We then started to French kiss each other. With each kiss I tried to make her feel the passion that I had for her. She wasn’t just my lover she was my best friend. As we kissed I could tell that Mallory was warming up fast, and she wasn’t the only one. I could feel the moistness in my panties and I was really wanting her. I unbuttoned the few buttons on her blouse and lifted it up over her head. She then lifted my shirt over my head and off. I then reached for her bra snaps and unsnapped them, making her bra come loose, I then took it off of her. She then did the same to me.

We sat on the floor in an Indian style position but with our legs behind the other one. We were breast to breast and we were back kissing again. I then reached down and took her nice tits into my hands. Her tits were the perfect size for me with cute nipples that came out far when she was turned on. Right now they were stiffening and protruding out nicely. I played with her tits for about 10 minutes was we kissed off and on. I then got up and got her up with me. I reached down and removed her shorts and panties. She then did the same for me. We were both completely naked now.

I reached down and started rubbing her pussy as she reached for my thick nipples and started rubbing them between her fingers. I was getting turned on by just touching her, but her fingers playing with my nipples just turned me on even more. Mallory was weak in her knees and I knew that she was getting close. I rubbed her straight to an orgasm and she almost fell to the ground because of it. I got on the floor with her and gave her a minute to recover. She pushed me onto my back and went down on me. Her tongue on my pussy felt so good. I loved Mallory’s tongue because it wasn’t forceful but it wasn’t to soft either. Mallory knew how to use her tongue just perfect for me.

Mallory inserted a finger inside of me and started rubbing my g-spot inside. It was the first time anyone had ever done that to me and it was driving me crazy. I was getting closer and closer to going off and Mallory was eating me faster and faster trying to get me off. I finally went off wetting Mallory in my juices. I don’t know if I would like to get soaked every time someone went off, but Mallory just didn’t seem to mind. Actually sometimes it really turns her on. This was one of those times.

Mallory got up and went over to her night bag and came back over to me with a double headed
foot long dildo out of her bag and a bottle of lubricant. It was the first time that I have ever seen one.

“ We can both get off together with this. We will put part of it in your pussy and part in mine. Then we both move lightly back and forth. I haven’t used it before but that was the directions.” She got on the floor in front of me. She had me lay down and she lubed up the end of the dildo and started inserting it into me. It felt so good as she pushed it in and out of me. She got right in front of me and lubed up the other end of the dildo and inserted it into her pussy. we both leaned back on our elbows and started to rock ourselves moving the dildo back and forth within our pussy’s.

The sensation felt really good but what really turned me on was the fact that I was helping to get her off. We had experimented with the dildo’s that I had bought before. But this was the first time that we both were going to be able to get off together. It felt so good and she had me ready to convulse in orgasm at any moment. I could tell that she also was getting close. Seeing her so turned on made me orgasm. I yelled out as a shot my squirting orgasm around the dildo and soaked the floor and got some on Mallory. My orgasm set Mallory off into her own orgasm.

“ Stand up and wait here.” I said to her.

I got up and went over to my coat pocket. I had bought for us something yesterday and I was waiting for the right time to give it to her. I couldn’t help to feel that tonight was the right time. I took out a small box and went over to her. I opened up the box to reveal two platinum band rings inside that had the word “ Forever” on them. She started crying as I took out her ring.

“ I know that we can’t legally get married, but I love you and want you with me for life. So to show you how much I love you I bought us these rings.” I said as I to started crying. “Will you accept it.” I said as I put it on her finger.

“ Of course I will.” she said as she grabbed the other ring out of the box. “ I love you as well and want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my best friend.” Mallory then slid my ring on my finger.

We both knew that this was not the same as being married, but the commitment was the same to us. It was an intimate gesture that wasn’t for anyone else but us. We spent the rest of the night talking about what we wanted with our futures. I wanted to be a Lawyer and Mallory wanted to be an Optometrist. We might someday adopt a child or two but not until we were done with college. We both wanted nice cars and we both wanted really nice furniture for our house. We went to sleep that night holding each other tightly.

I woke up the next morning at about 7:00. I woke up to the realization that this was not a dream. I was in awe as I awoke looking at my new bedroom. It was at least 2 times bigger than my old room.

I then walked my new house, taking in it’s size. The house was 2 story’s high, with a basement that could be finished to make more rooms. The downstairs had a living room, a den, a dining room, a nice kitchen, a laundry room, a bathroom, and 3 closets. The upstairs had 3 regular bedrooms with walk in closets, another full bathroom, Master Bedroom, and Master Bathroom with 2 walk in closets. I always knew the place was big, but I don't think that it sank in till that moment just how big it was. I was about to be 14 with a house that most would kill for. I was extremely happy.

Me and Mallory got up that day and unpacked the last 8- 10 boxes and got everything looking really nice. We then decided to go out for dinner. We got dressed up as slutty as possible and went out to the nicest restaurant in our town. It was on the other side of town so about 5 minutes drive away LOL…. It was far from being like the restaurants in other towns, but it was decent. We ordered 3 different seafood platters and a basket of fries. I had never drank before but I would have ordered a nice bottle of champagne if they would have sold it to me. I wanted to party tonight but at almost 14 how much partying can you do in a small town that wouldn’t allow young girls into the 2 clubs we had.

We ate and as we left we noticed 2 guys outside of the restaurant checking us out.

“ Hey do you want to break your new house in.” Mallory said as she smiled at me.

Mallory and me stood out there waiting for them to approach us but they seemed a little to timid. They were both in their 20’s and both were cute.

“ Hell they aren’t coming over here, so lets go over to them.” Mallory said as she grabbed my hand and stared us walking up to them.

“ Hey guy’s this is Jenny and my name is Mallory. We saw you checking us out and just wondered if you were wanting to hang out tonight.?”

“ My name is Jeb and this is my brother Shawn. You two look very cute but also very young. How old are you two?”

“ Old enough to know how to use this.” I said as I took a step towards him and took his dick into my hand through his pants. “ That is all you need to know, now do you want to come back to my place or not?”

“ What do you think Shawn?” Jeb asked.

“ I think that this may be to good to pass up. Are you two sure that noone is going to come in like daddy or momma?” Shawn asked.

“ No it is….. I started to say, but then Mallory intervened.

“ Her dad and mom are out of town till tomorrow.” Mallory said as she looked at me with a agree with me look on her face.

“ Yea their out of town.” I said looking back at Shawn.

They agreed to follow us back to my house. We got inside and Mallory went over and turned on my stereo and then went to get the lubricant as we both wanted anal tonight. We had the guys sit down on the couch and we both straddled them. I had taken Shawn and Mallory had Jeb.

“ Here’s the deal. Me and Jenny are mostly lesbians, but tonight we want some cool guys to just fuck us and leave without wanting a relationship. We don’t really want to know you, we just want some dick . I am 16 and Jenny is 14, we have both had multiple sex partners and we are both on birth control and we won’t tell anyone. If that okay with you both, then we will have some fun?”

They both said okay and Me and Mallory both lifted up our top over our heads and showed our braless tits. We then leaned over and kissed our new men. Shawn was a great kisser and really liked to use his hands. As we kissed he massaged my back. and it felt really nice. I could feel his dick stiffen under my ass and I loved the feeling. I felt Mallory sit up on Jeb, I thought that now would be a good time to give her a passionate kiss in front of our male friends. I reached out for her and she leaned towards me, we locked lips as we heard the guys comment on how sexy it was to watch us kiss. I decided to turn it up a little, so I reached for Mallory’s tit and started to massage her nipple. We broke from our kiss and we went back to our guys. I could feel that Shawn’s dick my now really hard and I could tell that it was big.

I started unbuttoning his shirt to expose his very built chest. He wasn’t super muscle, but he had a very nice outlined chest with a defined six pack, he was in great shape. I pulled his shirt off of him and I caught a glimpse of Mallory’s guy. She had just lifted his polo shirt over his head to expose his chest as well. Jeb also had a great muscular figure, but he was a little larger build than Shawn, not that I was complaining I thought Shawn was super cute.

I moved up and took hold of Shawn’s head and guided it to my tits. He wasted no time in taking one into his mouth as he massaged the other one. It felt really nice and I could feel my pussy tingling as I was getting turned on. I then felt his hand move under my skirt and started rubbing my pussy through my panties. I looked over to see that Mallory had taken to the floor in front of Jeb. I was hot and I also was ready to suck my man. I got off of Shawn’s lap and got onto floor. I undone his jeans and in one pull I took his pants and his boxers. The sight of his massive cock stopped me in my tracks. He wasn’t as thick as Mr. Thick from the strip club, but he was thick and at least 9 inches long. Mallory also stopped and admired it for a few seconds.

I just had to suck it. I took hold of it and guided to my small mouth. I then took as much as I could take down my throat, but I only managed about a third. I sucked his nice dick for a few minutes before I felt Mallory’s hand on my back.

“ Lets do the swap thing.” She said.

I knew exactly what she meant and so we swapped guys and continues to suck them. Both of them really liked getting sucked and they were coaxing us to take more and more into our mouths. Mallory seemed to be doing better with Shawn as she was taking about half of his huge cock down her throat. Mallory then got up into Shawn’s lap and started to lower herself on his massive dick. Mallory moaned as he penetrated her pussy. She then started moving up and down on his shaft. Seeing her do this made me really turned on and I went to really sucking on Jeb’s dick. I sucked him for a few minutes before I wanted my pussy ate.

I stood up and stood on the couch and stuck my pussy into his face. He started licking my hard cock and I was felling good. I then felt Mallory’s hand on my ass. I turned to her.

“ Will you lick my ass hole while I slowly ride him, then let Jeb fuck my ass and Shawn fucks my pussy, while I eat your pussy.” Mallory asked. Shawn and Jeb really seemed to like the idea and so I got off the couch and got onto the floor behind Mallory. I then got between her butt checks and spread her butt checks. I was having a hard time licking her ass so she slowed down really slow. I licked her tight brown hole I could feel it contracting as I licked it. After about five minutes I waived at Jeb to come up behind her. I took the lube and lubed her ass and then I lubed his dick. I got up and stood up on the couch with one leg beside Shawn and the other one resting on his shoulder. Mallory then started to eat me.

Jeb grabbed Mallory’s waist and stared pushing his cock into her ass. I could tell that it was painful for Mallory, but I also knew that this was a fantasy of hers. Jeb pushed a little harder and the head of his dick went into her. Mallory’s face was one of pain. Jeb pushed deeper and Mallory streamed in pain. Jeb asked if she was okay but Mallory just told at him to fuck her. Jeb then started moving in and out of her ass. Mallory was in pain but she was wanting it. She begged for Jeb to fuck her harder and faster. After a few minutes Mallory went to licking my pussy and Shawn started moving under her fucking her pussy as much as he could. Mallory was in total ecstasy on she dove hard for my pussy, but in the end it was to hard for her to move forward and back and eat me. So I just learned over and kissed her.

Mallory was moaning heavily and I knew that she was about to cum. She screamed “ Oh Fuck …..Yes… I ‘ m gonna cummmmm….” With that she creamed Shawn’s cock .

“ Fuck Mallory you have to try that it was great.” She said as Jeb pulled out of her and she got off of Shawn barely able to walk as she wobbled over to the chair.

I was ready. I moved over to Shawn and mounted his cock . I sat down on his dick but could only get about half of it into my young pussy. He was big and I could feel my pussy stretching to accommodate his thick cock . I starting moving up and down on his cock and it felt so good. I was too turned on though and I had my first orgasm with-in 2 minutes of him fucking my pussy. That orgasm didn’t seem to calm my fire though. I needed more, I needed a dick in my ass.

Jeb then came up behind me and I knew that pain was coming. Jeb lubed up my ass hole and put more on his hard pole and then started to press it hard into my ass. His head slipped in, it really did hurt but I just cringed up for a few seconds and let it pass some. After I said okay he pushed it in harder and pulled my hips, driving 6 inches of his dick into my ass before he bottomed my ass out. He then started going in and out of me and after about 2 minutes the pain stopped and a good sensation took its place. Shawn then started going in and out of me as well. I once again had an orgasm and this time I flooded Shawn with my orgasm as Jeb kept fucking my ass.

I felt Shawn’s cock starting to jerk inside of me and I knew that he was about to load my wet stretched pussy with a load of cum. I was so turned on and I was getting hot as hell again. “ Oh Jenny I love your tight young pussy he said as unloaded his warm cum into my pussy. The feeling of him feeling me up with cum was making me about to orgasm yet again. Jeb was now about to cum himself and he also filled my ass with his hot cum he removed his dick and I was about to cum again. I got off of his dick and moved up onto his torso and rubbed my clit. I soaked Shawn’s torso with his own cum and my squirting orgasm .

We all laughed as we looked at the mess that I left on Shawn’s torso. I grabbed him by the hand and we went to the upstairs master bath shower. We both got into the shower and washed off.

“ I had a lot of fun.” Shawn said.

“ Me to, we will probably do it again down the road. But not to soon. This is just an every now and then thing for us.” I said.

When We got back to the living room, Jeb had gotten back dressed again and were chatting. Shawn also got back dressed. Me and Mallory just stayed naked since they were leaving anyway. They left us their numbers and thanked us for the great time and left.

“ Do you think we broke it in good enough.” Mallory asked me.

“ No way, this is just the beginning.” I said.

We kissed each other and then sat on the couch.

“ Oh shit.” I said. “ The couch is soaked in cum.”

“ Lets go and buy a leather one tomorrow, we can clean it when we get it wet easily.” Mallory said.

I woke up the next morning about 8:30 to Mallory waking me up. “ Wake up sleepy head, I have you some breakfast.”

She had woke up and fixed me some food that Jennifer had bought for me. She ate with me as I ate and when I was done I went to pee and came back to the bed.

“ Jenny, I have made a decision. I am not going to give Dad the opportunity to say no. I want for us to go to my house today and I am going to tell my dad and get my stuff.” Mallory said.

“ What if he say’s no?” I asked.

“ Then I will threaten to quit our monthly meeting at the club and you can threaten to quit with me. Dad made over 500,000 last year off of us, if he wants for that to continue he is going to agree to what we want. I don’t want to get him mad at me, but nothing s going to keep us apart anymore. I don’t care what else happens I wan to move in today.” Mallory said.

Me and Mallory got into the shower and got ready. We arrived at her dad’s place at about 10:00am. We went in and found her dad asleep with one of the dancers from the club. They were uncovered and asleep. The girl was the really cute girl from the club that danced for me the first time that I went, the one that had the long blond hair. Her name was Rachael. Running out of her hairless pussy was cum. Mallory’s dad had fucked her hard and creamed inside of her before they had passed out from drinking the open bottle of Crown Royal on the nightstand.

The sight of the cum was a real turn on for me. I wanted it. I took off my shoes and my shirt and bra and climbed between her legs. Rachael started to stir but she didn’t open her eyes. She spread her legs giving me access to lick her pussy. I licked that cum right off of her and swallowed it all. I then took my tongue and scooped it out of her pussy. I saw Mallory take off her top and started sucking her dad’s soft cock.

The stripper opened her eyes to seeing me eat her pussy. She was a little surprised but she didn’t stop me. John ( Mallory’s Dad) had also awoke to see Mallory sucking his dick. I kept licking the beautiful blond while she started to squirm on the bed. I could tell that she was getting turned on by my tongue licking her. I heard John moan loudly into Mallory’s pussy and he gave Mallory a mouthful of his cum. Mallory swallow it all like a champion. I then saw her get off her dad. I moved up on Rachael and straddled her head and let her lick my wet pussy. I then saw Mallory get between her legs and she started to lick her pussy. I then went off and had my orgasm, I don’t think that Rachael knew what to think as I splashed it all over her.

I got off and watched as Mallory moved into a 69 position with Rachael. They both ate each other to an orgasm that happened almost simultaneously. Mallory and Rachael them went and got into the shower as me and her Dad talked. We mostly talked about the situation at the club.

“ I am getting worried about our meetings with the guy’s at the club. I was informed by a friend of mine that works for the Police Department said that they have gotten a tip about illegal sexual activity happening at the club. I don’t know if this is about you and Mallory or about some of the girls going further with the guys than is legal. Either way, I am to scared to let you guy’s meet at the club with the guy’s anymore. So I have leased a building that is 2 miles from my house on the way to the club. I know the guy and he asked me to lease it out for him and keep a watch on it because he is moving to France to take a position with a big company. So I am going to take it.” He continued.

“ We have to be very careful from here on out or we will all get into serious trouble. I can’t ever go back to the leased building again. If I do and they follow me then they will investigate what happens at that building. They will then try to catch us in the act. I can’t even hire the person to renovate the building because it could become apparent that I am involved in that building. What are your thoughts?” He said.

“ I think I have a solution to the entire problem. Me and Mallory will take over the operation and leave you out totally, besides you finding us the men that want us of course. You give us the money and the keys and we will find someone to renovate it.” I said. “ However for this to really work Mallory has to move out from your house.”

“ Why is that?” John said.

“ You don’t think that they would follow her as well?” I said. “ If she is connected to you, and they think this involves us, they will follow where she goes as well. Before they start staking out your house, Mallory has to totally move out.”

“ But where would she move to. I just can’t kick her out.” John said.

“ Jennifer sold me her old house and I moved in yesterday. I now have my own place right across the street from my Dad and Jennifer. John, I love Mallory with all of my heart. I want her with me forever, we are in love with each other.” I said.

“ I am happy for you both. I love you both so much. I will go and get you the keys and the money” He said. “ Do you think that Mallory could take her stuff with ya’ll today?

“ Her Blazers seats let down so I don’t see why not. We don’t need furniture.” I said.

John agreed that it was the best solution to the problem, and so he agreed to let her move in with me as long as she went to school and promised to finish. I assured him that we both would finish and hopefully go to college as well. Something that we thought would turn ugly had just turned in our favor without a fight.

Mallory and Rachael came out of the bathroom and got dressed. Rachael said goodbye and then left.

“ Dad we really need to talk to you.” Mallory said. “ I want to move in with Jenny. I really love her and we want to ……”

“ Okay, but get everything out today.” John interrupted.

“ What? I can really move in with her.” Mallory said.

John then told Mallory everything and she understood the reason why he had agreed so fast. Mallory and I then backed the Blazer up to the house and loaded it with the stuff that she wanted to take with her. We crammed it full but managed to get it all. We then helped John to clean the room up really clean and empty to make it look like a guest bedroom.

We then went back inside to collect what we needed. John opened his hidden safe and gave us $50,000 for the inside renovation.

“ This is all I can spare to do this, it is a 32x 74 building. Mallory you know where the empty gas store is down off of Lexington, It is the building right behind it. It used to be Old Joe’s Hardware store.” John said as he looked at Mallory.

“ Ya I know where it is at.” Mallory said.

“ That is our new spot, it is kind of secluded behind the old gas store. Don’t do anything to the outside, it needs to look empty. Cover all of the windows with black plastic. The floor is good just need to clean it and maybe lay down carpet in half of it, with some good thick throw rugs for play sex. It needs a stage with a pole, maybe 3-4 couch’s and some light furniture. Some lighting like in the club, a good jukebox with a sound setup. What ever you two want to put in it, just make it look nice and professional. The owner of the building has left us with Utilities in his name. I will just pay that bill monthly.” John said.

John then turned back around and gave Mallory her money from the safe. She had accumulated over $70,000.

“ We won’t be able to see each other much. You two will have to collect the money and we will set up a way for me to get my part. By the way, you two will now be getting $10,000 each, so just send me $25,000 monthly. Your next meeting is in 3 weeks on Saturday at 1pm, so the place has to be presentable before then.” He said as he stood up and came and hugged us both.

“ I love you Mallory, and I love you Jenny. Please take care of each other and remember to just love each other and handle business.” He said.

We both left. I could tell that this was bitter sweet for Mallory as well. Mallory was free to be with me, but the cost was that she couldn’t see her dad to much for while. I knew that until I turned 18 this would probably not be over and their relationship would not be normal.

We went by the building on the way home. It was cleaned out pretty well except for some old counters. It needed a good cleaning as John had said, but we were there long enough to figure out what we wanted to do with the place.

What concerned me the most was now to get this place ready without many people knowing what we were going to use if for. I decided that maybe we didn’t need to let to many people know, thus we needed to do some of the work ourselves.

I woke up the next morning to a brainstorm. Daddy…… Dad could about built anything. He shouldn’t have any problems building a stage and doing some lighting. I was also sure that me and Mallory could lay the carpet and buy and lay down the rugs. We could also paint the place with Jason’s help. I didn’t know what we would do about the sound though but that wasn’t as important to me right now. I talked it over with Mallory and we decided to go and talk to Dad about it.

“Dad we need your help. We have a building that we leased for our new play- business place. We need help in building a stage and with installing some new lights. This is a job that we someone else in paying for so we can pay you for doing the job. Can you help us this week? I asked.

“ Today is probably best for me. I have to go back to work tomorrow. After today it will be Friday before I can go and look at it again.” Dad said.

We both said okay and Dad, Jennifer, Jason, and the baby loaded up in Jennifer’s mini-van and they followed us back out to the place. I showed dad where I wanted the stage and what we wanted to do with the looks of the place.

“ For what you want it will need to be a smooth stage. I suggest building it and then overlaying it will hardwood flooring, then varnish and wax it. It will probably take a good 2 days just to build it, then it will take another to varnish it, and another to wax it. So about 4 days for the stage and another 1-2 for your lighting.” Dad said. “ It is going to be rough girls but I will help you do it. It will probably cost you about $ 3000.00 though for the materials.” Dad said.

“ That would be good” Mallory said as she reached into her pocket “ How is $6000.00 total. for you to build it.”

Dad agreed to build it and said that he would work on it and get it done by end of the week. Dad measured what he would need and then left. Me and Mallory then left as well. We went home to unpack Mallory’s stuff out of her car.

“ Can I put this money in the safe.” She said. “ It isn’t just my money anymore.” She then leaned over and kissed me. It was amazingly true. We were now one and I had gotten what I really wanted. I got my house and my best friend. I was now content even if it all ended today……...

Please be sure to watch for the next part called “Young Adult Passion”. This series will focus on the 15 - 18 years. I hope you enjoy…………...

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2013-10-24 00:11:27
yO1Jwh Hey, thanks for the blog.Much thanks again.

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2009-08-29 01:40:02
Good story but unthru no yuong girl can get a house, not along a sexclub, unless your eighteen or older, and to have your father let you fuck you,and with every tom dick and harry, is unreal for a yuong slut like you hun.


2009-08-10 09:32:13
"$1800 a time": a fool and his money are soon parted. History tells of many dads selling their children for money. In London not so long ago one dad charged men £1 a time to sit either side of his 8 -years- old daughter in cinema back row while they felt her cunt and she wanked them off simultaneously.

By the time that girl had teached 12 years she had been used on a daily basis for every sexual purpose (in London, Paris, & Berlin) and dad was very rich from the takings. By age 15 she had become grossly wanton & would grope ANYONE within reach, either in public or in private. Age 16 she entered a mental institution. Photographic records are in official files. True. Millions of similar cases exist. All over the world. The sad flip side of Sex.

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to the person below it is the law now much like other laws involving what minners can or can't do, such as buy booze, smokes, or even see an r rated movie could very well be overlooked by a clerk, so if that was the only flaw in the story well maybe it could be true but it is not, the story is so obvouisly fake only a complete moran would believe it could be true i would easier believe aliens abducted you because i have no way of knowing if there real or not but expierance and commen sence prevents even a slight possibalaty of this story being true

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6:51:07 no you dont in fact i rented myown hotel room at 17 in florida to see my dad and no it wasnt under my moms name my mom picked one out that i didnt like so i rented my own and while my mom was stuck at work after an ice storm hit and shut off the power i took emergence funds for my own room and food at the age of 15 so up yours

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