If you are offended by underaged stories then don't read this. Otherwise I hope you like it.
How Bobby Became Gay

Chapter 1
In An Alley

Bobby walked down the street. His mother had sent him for groceries and he was on his way back when suddenly Rick and some other boys grabbed him and drug him into an alley. Bobby was only 6 and Rick and his boys were in high school so the little boy had no chance of fighting back. When they got him into the alley Rick shoved him against a wall and grinned into his face.
“Got any money for us creep?”
Eyes wide with fright Bobby numbly shook his head.
Rick grinned evilly, “Well that’s too bad ‘cause we don’t like our time wasted do we boys?”
His gang all shook their heads and grinned. One stepped forward and took the bag of groceries from Bobby.
“If you don’t have any money then I guess you’ll have to pay us another way.”
Bobby looked confused, “What way?”
Rick kept smiling as he said, “Know what a hooker is Bobby?”
Bobby nodded, “A girl who gets paid for sex right?”
Rick smiled encouragingly, “That’s right Bobby. Guess what? You’re going to be our hooker!”
Bobby looked confused again, “You’re going to pay me for sex? But I’m not a girl.”
“Haha. Your payment will be that we let you go and we don’t care if you’re a girl or not.”
Rick pulled down his jeans to reveal his cock. Bobby’s eyes went wide. He had never seen another boys cock. It was bigger than his. Rick pushed him to his knees.
“Lick it whore!”
Bobby looked scared, “But boys aren’t supposed to do that to other boys!”
Rick looked angry, “Lick it or I’ll shove it in your mouth!”
Scared, Bobby nervously stuck out his tongue and licked the tip. It was a little salty and it got even bigger.
“That’s good Bobby, do it again.”
Bobby leaned in and gave it a bigger lick.
“Keep going…..”
Bobby began to lick Rick’s cock all over. Shame filled him as the older boy began to groan and thrust his t boner out at him. Bobby felt embarrassed and scared that someone was going to see them. He didn’t want to be gay. He’d heard his dad talk about fags and how they were evil. But it looked like he had no choice. Suddenly Rick gripped his head and shoved his cock into Bobby’s surprised mouth. Slick with saliva it slipped easily in an out of the frightened boy’s mouth. At first Bobby was scared. Then, for a reason he didn’t know, Bobby began to suck on it.
Rick smirked down at him, “So you like it huh fag boy? Oh yes! Keep doing that It feels really good!”
Bobby sucked and swirled his tongue around the hard cock. He didn’t know why but suddenly he wanted to please the older boy, to make him happy. He slurped and sucked as much of Rick’s member into him as possible. Suddenly Rick pulled out.
“Since you like that so much I think I’ll make a real fag out of you. Stand up.”
Bobby stood up.
“Take off your shorts.”
Bobby got nervous again. He didn’t want to be naked in front of all these boys.
“Sam, hold him,” Rick ordered one of his boys.
Sam held Bobby against the wall as Rick unsnapped the little boy’s jean shorts and pulled them and his underwear off. Bobby stood shamefaced and bare assed in the alley as a gang of older boys looked at him hungrily.
“Ok Bobby, turn around and bend over.”
“Do it!” Rick glared at him.
Obedient, Bobby turned to face the wall and bent slightly at the waist giving them a good view of his six year old ass. His cheeks were small, soft, and white, though they were tinged with a bit of pink at the moment. Rick went through the sack of groceries that had been set aside.
“We need something that will lube him up a bit. This vegetable oil will work and what’s this! Carrots! Perfect!”
Rick poured some oil into his hands and began to massage Bobby’s ass cheeks. He slicked them up real good and then slipped into the little boy’s crack and probed at his little asshole. Bobby yelped as the tip of Rick’s index finger slipped into his rectum. Despite Bobby’s wriggling and yelping, Rick slid the rest of his finger in and wiggled it. He then slid it out, scooped up some more oil and pushed it back in. He repeated this several times until Bobby’s ass hole was completely opened up and lubed with cooking oil. Then he grabbed a large carrot and shoved it in until there was only a little of the tip showing. He than stepped back and let one of his gang take a picture of little six year old Bobby leaning against the building with his naked butt sticking out and a carrot sticking out of his ass. They took several pictures, of Bobby’s gritting teeth, of his oily little ass, and of his tiny rock hard peepee. When they were done Rick took hold of the carrot and started to pump it in and out of Bobby’s ass. Bobby yelled in pain but he also gripped the carrot hard and moved his hips with the thrusts.
“You like this don’t you Bobby?” Rick growled into his ear, “You like being a hooker, a boy whore, and somebody’s little bitch. You’re a faggot aren’t you creep?”
Bobby shamed himself by nodding and pushing harder against the carrot. He cried in disappointment when Rick pulled the carrot out. But not for long as the older boy replaced it with his cock and began to ass rape Bobby. He turned the six year old around so he could bend over and suck Sam’s hard cock as he pumped the little boy from behind. One of the other boys came over, got down and began sucking on Bobby’s tiny cock as well. The rest of the gang just got out their cocks and masturbated to the scene. Bobby was the first to cum. He squirted into the older boy’s mouth crying out in ecstasy at the same time. Then Rick pulled out and came all over the little boys back. Then Sam pulled out and sprayed Bobby’s face with cum. Then Rick pushed him to the ground as the rest of the boys came over and showered him with teenage cum. They ran off laughing leaving him crying, soggy, and ashamed.

To be cont….

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Fantastic. Keep it up.

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2011-10-04 01:02:52
uuum it was pretty good except it was to short i wouldnt rate it 84 percent maby 62 or 65

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to the 13yr old boy wanting to be ass fucked reply to my comment then we can get intouch


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Niiice I just love the story. :)


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Yah I didn't think about it till a few chapters in. I should have made him older. There's alot of things in this series that aren't very realistic. Just let your imagination compensate for the less realistic stuff.

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