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Chapter 1
Saved by the bell… or not!!

Oh man… just one more minute to winter break, Says Kyle to himself. If only I could fast forward through the driving home and the traffic jam in the parking lot and then get home… Man, I could really use a cup of hot chocolate.

Kyle is an average 16 year old boy: loves the ladies, picks his friends carefully, and is addicted to myspace, but isn’t everyone? As Kyle is standing by the door, his Phone rings…damn it’s not supposed to be on during school and of course the teacher, not being able to hear the class bell ring can suddenly hear again, and takes away his phone.

“This will make your first time…you are lucky, because if it had been your 4th you would have had to-“


“Go and wait for your parents to get it… instead you have to make a trip up to the VP’s office to go and get it” sneers the teacher. “ANDREW!!”

A junior in the back of the room jumps, “y-yes sir?” feebly asks the terrified pupil.

“Take this directly to the VP’s office, and don’t give it back to Kyle.” says the teacher.

“Yes sir right away”, says the student not even looking at the handsome upper classmen.

“Wait I have a better idea, this time I will let you off with a warning this time Kyle, but seeing as how you are a shinning star in this class and that Andrew here is lagging behind I figured you two could work together to get up his grade. Now here this you MUST do better on the next class or I will kick you out of the class…BOTH of you, and seeing as how Kyle you need this to graduate… I don’t think you want that now do you?” sneered the teacher.

If only I had time to argue… DAMN I have to go…. Ok Mr. Werra it won’t happen again and I guess I can tutor him…” Kyle says cursing himself for it.

Andrew looks up at him and really looks at him this time opens his mouth to talk, but closes it again and blushes. Instead he looks at the ground and says, “Gee…thanks I guess…”

“Well, Andrew lets go we can start at my house use YOUR cell phone and let your parents know what is going on. I don’t want them mad at me for driving you to my house”

“Ok, Kyle I’ll call them thanks again by the way”, says Andrew as he walks out side into the chilly winter weather.

Well, Kyle you better get going right?” says Mr. Werra.

“Yes sir, have a good holiday” says Kyle.

I hope your house gets TP’ed and egged you ass.

Chapter 2

The drive and the house“

Well my parents say that it is ok as long I come home in one piece”, says the Junior with a smile

God I love his smile…wait did I really just think that. Kyle actually takes a good look at Andrew. He is hot!!-wait did I just think that? Well he does have a nice face…good shade of green eyes…what am I saying… he’s a guy, now he’s my problem. Man I gotta get home.

“Ok Andrew lets go. Do you need a ride?” asks Kyle.

“That would be quite helpful seeing as how I don’t know where you live or how far away it is to have to walk there.” Says Andrew

Smart ass…

“Ok then smart ass, get in the car.” Retorts Kyle.

“With pleasure...How far away is your house Kyle?”

“Well be there in ten minutes. That ok with the prince?”

“Sound good to me.”

As they head to Kyle’s house, Kyle’s mind wanders.

Man what are we going to work on first? Well Chemistry is hard for people who don’t understand it. Soooo… we’ll start with the basics. Well, I guess-

Andrew stretches and “accidentally” feels up Kyle.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” Screams Kyle, “You don’t just touch a guy like that you Faggot!!”

Oh no… I’m getting a boner from him…I wonder what he’s like nak- NO, I WILL not think like that!! Think of something else…focus on the road…focus on the roa-.

“Sorry Kyle I promise it won’t happen again…” says Andrew degradedly.

“Finally, we’re here. I know it’s not a castle, but-“

“Holy shit you have an indoor pool, 12 plasma TVs, and a 12 car garage?! What do your parents do for a living?!”

“They are stock brokers…neither of them are home until late tonight, so you won’t be able to meet them” Says Kyle.

They get in the house and it is even more extravagant inside. 14 bathrooms, 18 rooms, an office, a ¼ of a golf course, and a FULLY EQUIPPED GAME ROOM, and all of this was just what was in side!!

“What does the backyard look like?”

“Maybe you will find out later, I want you out of here as soon as possible, so let’s get going we will use my 2nd study room. Go up the stairs take a right the 4th door on your LEFT. Make sure that you DON’T go right. Got it?” warns Kyle.


“I have 6, one for each subject.”

“Wow…are your parents bleeding money?!”

“Nope, just filthy rich.”

“Hey, Kyle, could I have 150.00?”

“Not for nothing Andrew…nothing is free.”

If only he knew what I wanted for 150.00. Kyle thinks while smiling.

“Now let’s get going on that Chemistry.”
Chapter 3

“its not delivery…Its Digorno’s”

Kyle opens the door into the study to find Andrew already waiting in there. He is looking at all of the trophies on the wall.

“Wow… you sure do, do a lot of stuff… man, your parents must be proud…”

“They haven’t been to a single event where I got the trophies, they think that they can make it up with gifts, but they can’t…” whispers Kyle, voice nearly cracking… almost in tears.

“Oh…sorry, I know how it is… my mom died 2 years ago in a drunk driving accident…it hurts bad, at least you still have both of your parents…”

We really better get started on that Chemistry if we are to pass the class thinks Kyle. Then just to let Andrew know he says it again, but this time out loud.

At that they look at each other for the second time. Three seconds later Andrew blushes and looks away noticing that he is staring at Kyle, but without knowing the other is staring at him too.

They then sit down to discuss how matter is particulate


Six hours later…

They both come out of the room to find it totally dark outside. They look at the clock 9:00PM!!

“Fuck I gotta get home!!” screams Andrew.

“well call your parents first to tell them that you are alright, and see if you can spend the night. That way we can get more work done…my parents wouldn’t mind. They probably wouldn’t notice even if you were to intro-“


“Whoa!! Was that you STOMACH?!” laughs Kyle.

Andrew reddens, “yes” he mumbles, “I guess I’m kinda hungry”

“kinda?! That sounded like a fully grown Bengal Tiger!!” says Kyle still chuckling, “well then lets go feed your face.”

Kyle is laughing inwardly the whole time, but two steps from the bottom he slips, and falls the rest of the way down the stairs. “AAAHHHHHHH!!...thank god for carpeting…so what do you want to eat Mr. Pussycat?” chuckles Kyle at his own joke.

“What do you got? Pizza is preferable, but hamburgers will do.”

Kyle goes into the kitchen and comes out with a perfectly baked thick crust pepperoni and cheese pizza. Absolutely delectable. He brings it out to the table, and starts to serve it, when Andrew blurts

“Fuck I gotta call my parents!! Can I barrow the phone… thanks” Andrew goes into the other room, while Kyle finishes cutting the pizza. Andrew comes back in and says, “my dad says I can stay, but I can’t do anything stupid…”

“Well then you’re gonna have to leave…I’m just kidding” as Andrew gets up to leave. They dine on their pizza.

“Man Kyle that was wonderful pizza how did you get it so quickly?”

Kyle then utters the famous words he’d been waiting a long time to night to say, “its not delivery…its Digorno’s.” Kyle starts cracking up, “Fuck that’s only funny when im tired, so lets hit the sack and go to bed. What do you say to that?”

“Well then lets go, where will I be sleeping?”

“you will be in my room, I have three queen-sized beds in there, don’t worry we won’t be spoonin’ tonight” Kyle chuckles at his own joke, “well I’m gonna take a shower now, I’ll be back”

i have ten more chapters to this story... i know this story is no fun... but you do need background


2009-01-30 19:50:16
thanks you guys!!! i have ten chapters so i figured it would be easier split it up a little... i will have 4-7 out shortly

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2009-01-29 08:33:02
Rather well written compared to most of what I've seen on here lately. Good job, keep it going.

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2009-01-28 14:11:46
i liked it...


2009-01-25 23:30:06
I like where this is going, but I'm not a fan of abridged storylines. There's really no need to split it up if you've already written it. Saves me the trouble of taking my hand off my cock to click around for part 2.

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2009-01-18 21:33:19
i thought these where sex stories maybe i am mistaken

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