two very hot lesbains have a hot time
by:priscilla and robert

jazmine: a 5ft 5in blonde girl, 36c tits, firm ass and very preppy
holly: a 5ft 6in brunette girl, 40c tits, frim ass and very playful

Our story starts in downtown tucson, Jazmine and Holly are waiting for there bus to go somewhere more privite. Their bus stops and they get on and head to a open seat in the back of the bus..
Well on the bus Jazmines hand starts to wander up Holly's leg slowly.While Jazmines hand wanders Holly spreads her legs just a bit to let her know she was willing.
Jazmine leans over and gently kisses her lips softly. Her tongue finding Holly's. Thier tonuges play with each other in Holly's mouth and then to Jazmines as Jazmines hand finds it way up her skirt
and againest her panties that covered her pussy. gently rubbing. She feels her panties slowly gettting wet as Holly's hand finds it way to Jazmine's pussy. She starts rubbing it through her pants
as they continue to make out. The bus is almost at thier stop.
The bus stops and they get their hands off eachother long enough to get off the bus and inside the quiet house that is the place they'd be for hours.
They get inside the house and imediately start ripping their clothes off. Noticing that holly was wearing a thong under her skirt Jazmines picks her up by her ass and squeezes. "ah" holly sighs softly.
Jazmines puts holly down and holly starts rubbing Jazmines pussy thorough her pants. She moans softly "mmm". She lifts up Holly once again and holly wraps her legs aroung her.
jazmines starts undoing hollys bra. Letting it fall to the floor. Holly pushes her self of jazmine and starts removing her panties as well .Holly gets on her knees and removes
jazmines underwear slipping her finger in jazmines pussy and then pulling it out. They begain rubbing each other passionately. Jazmine slids a finger into Hollys pussy and starts fingering her holly moans a silent "ah" and lowers her self on the bed. She moans again " ah".

Jazmine moan telling holly that she will always love her as she enters a second finger into her pussy, and then a third before holly couldn't take it anymore and shouts" i want your pussy in my mouth now."
Jazmine lays down as told as holly gets in position. She starts licking slowly at first and then pogressing faster and faster. Jazmine moan "ah Mmm" as she feels her lovers
lips againest her pussy. As holly licks and sucks a bit faster jazmine starts to moan " oh holly more holly more aha ah." Jazmine tells holly to get on top of her cause she wanted to lick her pussy too. They position into 69 style. Tasting eachothers delicious juice running out of their pussies and on to there tongue.They continue like that till they couldn't stand anymore. "Get the strap on" holly wispers "and put it on and fuck me". So jazmine finds the strap on that was under the bed and puts it on. Jazmine moves into position so that the head of the strap on is touching hollys pussy. Jazmine slid only the head of it in very slowly . Teasing her a bit. Hollys hips push againest jazmine begging her to continue so in one push jazmine thrust all the way inside her. She thrusts inside her hard and fast both of them moaning loudly "ah ah harder faster ah more more ah ah mmmm" as they approach their orgasms.
Finally jazmine screams "oh holly i love you" just as she cummed along with holly making her scream too "aaaaaaahhhhhh" thier combined juices leaking out of them as jazmine slowly pulled the strap on out. They went back in to 69 position immedently so they can clean eachother up.

They were both very horny so jazmine tells holly to turn around and bend over. She does as told and jazmine slowly get on her knees behind her and gets ready to fuck her ass.This time she doesnt tease her but she lubes up and in one hard thrust slides it all the way in making holly send out a loud scream " aaaahhhh" her hands on hollys tits for support and balence she begins
thrusting hard and fast. Holly screams in pleasure as she fuck her " ah mmm ah mmm harder fuck that ass ah ah." Hollys fingers starts digging into the bed beneath them wit every thrust of the strap on and every squeeze of her hands. She keeps moaning for more "more more harder harder more" as her thrust increase in speed. Hollys ass was so tight around the strap on that is was making jazmine approch
her second orgasm. She asked holly " are you close to orgasming" as she thrust as hard and fast as the strap on could take always coming close to sliding out befoe pounding in all the way.
She moans "YYYYYEEEEESSSSS"just before jazmine moans to say " oh holly i am cumming ah" and the strap on slams into holly almost making her almost fall over.
Holly screams "aaaahhhahh mmmm" and pushes hard againest the strap on as she cums again their mixed cum over flowing out of them and onto the floor. both out of breath lay down with jazmine on top of holly and with the strap on still in
hollys ass as they fall alsleep.

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