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Hi This Is A Fiction Story about Three Guys and 1 sleepover(One is 13 the others are 14)

It was just like any other Friday just me, Matt, and Dom in 9th period. It was the last day of school and everybody was waiting for the bell. Finally when the bell rang everyone threw there papers in the air and ran out the room. Matt, Dom, and I ran out the school door and down to the road to my house. We got to my house and had chips and soda then went down to the basement. We Played Call Of Duty and Halo 3 for like 5 hours then we got bored. I asked Matt and Dom if they wanted to spend the night. They all called their parents and all of them say yes.
It was about Nine at night and we went on the computr. We watched videos on you tube then got the idea to look at some porn. We went to and watched gay porn for like an hour.(All Three of Us were gay or Bi) We all had hardons when suddenly Dom unbuttons his jeans and starts rubbing his crotch. Eventually me and Matt followed suit. Then dom asked if he could masturbate and we said we didn’t care. After 5 minutes all of us were jacking off. Dom said he had to go to the bathroom. Me and Matt Guessed he wanted to get it out in private. Me and Matt both came and buttoned up our jeans. We watched movies until we herd my parents go to bed.
Me and Matt were on the Pullout bed and dom was on the mattress. We talked until 1 then I got an idea. Why don’t all of us give each other blowjobs. Evry one agreed Dom jumped up onto the bed and removed his jeans revealing a sexy pair of red boxer briefs with a 6 inch hardon, Matt removed his pants revealing stwie boxers with a 5 ½ inch hard on. Then I removed my jeans and revealed my blue boxer briefs and a 6 inch hard on. I sarted by grabing matts dick through his boxers. He let out a light moan. Dom grabbed my pacage and played with my cock. then dom removed his boxers and I sucked his dick he let out moans of passion then I felt the most pleasurable thing ever Matt started suckin my cock like a lollipop it was like a hot and steamy sauna on my dick. Then matt gabbed his own dick and started to move up and down his shaft. Aftre five minutes of deep throating dom. Dom released his cum all over my face and in my mouth it tasted like a milky salty mixture. I sucked up all his come. Then I felt my climax coming and blew up in matts mouth me and hime swapped my cum in both our mouths. I swallowed all of it since matt didn’t like the taste. We just sat there for an hour waiting for round 2.
Finally we were ready for round 2 but to our dismay matt had fallen asleep. Me and Dom went down onto his mattress and began making out. I grabeed his nice butt and moved 1 finger around his crack. He jumped I asked him if he wanted to have real sex. He thought about it for a second then agreed. He removed my Boxers and made out with me then he followed by removing his boxers. He Laid on his back and lifted up his legs. I got on my knees and spat in my hand. I rubed iton my dick and around and inside his virgin as hole. I got my head in and I asked him if he was alright he said he was fine so I got my hole dick in his as and he tightednd up like a pump. I moved in and out he let out loud moans of pain and pleasure. O ryan fuc me oh ryan fuck meeee harder oh god I’m your bitch. This went on for five minutes until I felt my cock tense up and I came in his as. He let out screams I coverd his mouth to lesen the sound. I pulled out and he turned me around on my back and quickly shoved his dick in my as. He pulled out and then back in I screamed “Oh Dom fuck me bitch oh fuck yeah” it was thye greatest feeling ever. Aftre awhile I grbed my dick and started jacking while down picked up his pace. Dom was moving really fast now and he said he was about to come before I could say don’t do it im my he came in as. I hurt like the mother dickens. He pulled out and we went into the bathroom to clean off. I got in the shower first then dom followed. I asked him to wash me first. He started at my ankles and washed up my legs then he got to my hole and cleaned that out. My butt tensed up so much he couldn’t even get his finger in so he reached around and rub my crotch area.He finished and I cleaned him. We just stayed in the shower and made out then we got out dried off and made our way back to our beds. I cuddled matt next to me and dom went on the other side. We all fell asleep. I woke up to Dom on top of me and matt’s hand on my side with a morning boner. It was about eleven o clock we all went upstars and ate breakfast. Around 12 matt and Dom left my house. I went back down to my basement and went on the computer i played world of warcraft then watched videos on youtube. Then i got a call from dom. He asked if i wanted to have phone sex. I areed. He started moaning into the phone and i evntually did too. I got a major hard on and began rubbing my cock. Dom began saying oh yeah ryan fuck me oh fuck yaeh oh great. I felt my climax coming. a few seconds later i came all over my self and so did dom. I hung up the phone and took a shower.

I will contiue this in a part 2 please comment

Anonymous readerReport

2015-11-24 15:52:13
I feel you about the straight friend I want to do stuff with

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-03 07:08:13
To the person below me. Leave Texas, we do not want you here.

anonymous readerReport

2012-03-20 23:20:14
Good story but the grammar ruined it

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-23 03:42:14
To be honest, it's exaggeratingly BORING. Please work out your grammar, the parallelism and the flow events. It wasn't near to subtle so it didn't turn me on much. Any GOOD stories of any category normally turn me on, if, and only if, the story is properly paced. To sum it up: clean up this horrid you have made.

anonymous readerReport

2011-05-21 19:12:03
I am Bi and I have a straight friend that I really want to do this stuff with. He doesn't know that I am not straight. Ugh

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