Hi. My name is Josh. My story is about the summer my sister
Anna and I shared when I was eighteen. She was twenty at
the time. My story begins about three weeks into our summer break.
I had just broken up with my girlfriend Jill. We had been
dating all year and I thought it would last forever. She
needed to spend time with others and wanted to see others
this summer. No of her reasons were very good. Well, we
separated. I was devastated. I didn't understand what went
wrong. For about a week, I ran through everything in my
mind to try and figure out "why?" It was driving me mad.
My sister tried to help. We talked about girls and relation-
ships. She tried to help me make some sense of the breakup.
Eventually, we both decided that it was best to let go and
move on. Maybe later in life these things will make sense.
To help me take my mind off of things, she offered to take
me mountain biking up in the hills near our house. She told
me put on a pair of swim trunks because there is a creek where
we were going that we could swim in. We went and got changed
and came back down to the kitchen to packed our gear and a
lunch. After getting everything together, we headed out that morning.
We rode along side streets to get to one of the bike trails.
She had been on this trail before and lead the way into the
woods. Anna's very athletic and riding this trail was not
much of a challenge for her. For me, it was a little bit of
a workout, any bike riding I do is on paved streets.
Feeling sorry for me, she decided to go off the trail where
the terrain is more level. She said, "We can take this route.
It'll take us a little longer." "Thanks" I said.
The path she was taking us was less grueling and I was able
to keep up with her. After about twenty minutes, we arrived
at our picnic spot. We parked our bikes under a tree and
started to unpack our gear and lunch. We had packed a
refreshing fruit salad, sandwiches and drinks. I was looking forward to that!
Anna had brought along a large blanket to spread out on the
grass. She laid the blanket out in the open sun. "I want
to work on my tan" she said. Sounds good to me. What do I care?
As I brought our lunch over to the blanket, Anna set out the
radio and suntan lotion. As we both knelt down on the blanket
and before starting in on our lunch, we both began to take
off our T-shirts and shorts. My sister's body was really
toned. She looked really good. I unpacked the lunch as she
worked on putting suntan lotion on her. I watched her oil
her body as I ate my sandwich. Her body was glistening in
the sun. The crotch of my trunks was getting kind of tight
as my cock started to stiffened.
"Will you put lotion on my back?" she asked while handing
the body of lotion to me. "Sure."
She turned her back to me and pulled her ponytail to the side.
What I hadn't noticed earlier was that she was wearing a thong
bikini!! Wow what a sight. I thought that I could only see
that kind of stuff in Sports Illustrated. "You're wearing a
thong!" I said. "I never seen you wear those before."
"Relax. I just bought it last week. I want to have as little
tan lines as possible. What do you think? Do I look okay in it?"
"Heck yeah!! You do!! Man I can't believe my sister is wearing a thong bikini."
"Stop ogling and put the lotion on my back."
I took the bottle in hand and squirted lotion onto her back.
I spread the lotion over her. It's funny. I've done a
billion times before, but this time I seemed to be getting
horny from looking at Anna. Any guy would, but I shouldn't
because she's my sister. Her skin is soft and warm.
"You done?" "Yeah, sorry"
She laid on her stomach and untied her top letting the strings
fall to the sides. I could see the side f her breast, firm
and round. I kept staring at her while I picked up my sandwich
and returned to eating. "Stop staring at me," she yelled.
I finished my sandwich, put lotion on myself and laid down next to her.
"Did you ever have sex with her?" she asked out of the blue.
"What do you mean?" I asked stupidly.
"Sex? Did you and Jill ever do it?

"Well, not really." "What do you mean not really?"
"Well, I've never had intercourse with her. But she did
give me a handjob once in the theater." "Tell me about it"
"Well, we went out one Friday night to the movies. I don't
remember which movie."
"I don't really care about the movie."
"I had been asking her to give me a blowjob. She didn't
want to do it, but agreed to give me a handjob in the
theater. We sat in the back of the theater and off to
one side. As the movie got started she pulled my shorts
down a bit and pulled my dick out. She started stroking
it. It took me a while to get hard because I was so
nervous about getting caught. But she kept working at
it until that thought left my mind. I began to slouch
in my chair as I got more and more excited. She was pretty good at it."
"Did you cum?"
"Yeah. She stroked me until I came. My cum kinda
went all over the place. Some on my stomach, some
on my shorts and some on her hand. Luckily, we had
napkins. She helped me clean up the mess. She licked
off the cum that was on her hand. That was a sight!"
"So, you liked that, huh? Why didn't she want to give you a blowjob?
"I dunno."
My cock was hard from thinking about that night. Not
realizing it, but my trunks was sticking up like a tent.
Anna noticed.
"I see you have a hard-on from telling your story."
Anna rolled over to prop herself up onto her elbows.
She left her top on the blanket, exposing her breasts
to me. Her breasts were nice and round. Two little
triangles of untanned skin existed. Her breasts were
glistening from the oil and sweat. She reached over
with one hand and placed it on my hard-on.
"Do you want me to relieve that and show you what a blowjob is like?"
My mouth was agape as she rubbed my cock through my
trunks. "You're what..??" I asked.
"Let me show you what a good handjob and blowjob are."
I didn't know how to respond. Anna's hand slipped
inside my pants. Skin on skin. Her fingers lightly
stroked the underside of my cock. Then reached down
further, stroking and squeezing my balls. Grabbing a
hold of my hard-on, she stroked it for a bit before
pulling her hand out.
"Let's pull your pants off."
As I reached down to pull my pants off, Anna was
reaching for the lotion. She poured lotion into
her hand and rubbed her hands together. She got
up and knelt between my legs. With hands all greased
up, she went back to work on my cock, one hand
stroking and the other squeezing my balls. Her
technique was wonderful. Of course, at that time
I only had one other to compare to. Watching my
beautiful sister giving me a handjob was too much.
I almost came until she stopped. I looked down to
see why she had stopped.
Anna was scooting back away from me. Then bent over
and took me into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and
wet. I should have blown my load right then and there.
She was deliberately slow in her sucking, stopping at
the head to tongue it. I watched the top of her head
bob up and down. Her thonged ass was sticking up in the air. What a sight!
She pulled her head back so that I could see my cock
in her mouth. She would look up to see my reaction.
She licked the length of my shaft from tip to the balls.
She would stop and work on my balls, occasionally taking
both balls into her mouth while her hand stroked my dick.
Anna could tell that I was about to cum. I couldn't
control my heavy breathing. She quickened her stroking and sucking.
"I'm gonna cum," I said through my clenched teeth.
"I want you to watch me as you cum," Anna said.
I obeyed and looked down at her, her thonged ass up
in the air, head tilted back for me to see. With my
cock in her mouth I could see and feel her tongue
frantically working to make me cum. Her hand stroking
faster and faster to bring me to orgasm. She took my
cock out of her mouth and placed it on her tongue as she
stroked me. In the seconds following, my cum started
shooting out. The first streamed out onto her tongue.
Because her stroking was so furious, the next struck
her on the cheek and chin. This ran down her face.
More and more of my cum shot out uncontrollably. I
could see the cum filling her mouth. There was so
much that some of it, it began to drip from her tongue
onto her chin.
Anna took my cock back into her mouth to catch the rest
of my cum. I could tell that there was so much that she
couldn't keep it all in her mouth. Cum was leaking
past her lips. I could see her trying to swallow as much
cum as she could, but there was still some that leaked
out onto her lips and hand. As I came down, she licked
up the cum off of her hand and me.
"Oh Anna, that was great!!" as I panted to catch my breath.
"We're not done. Next you're gonna return the favor....."

That summer Anna taught me a lot. That was the beginning
of regular trips we made to that creek. We're both out of college
now and share an apartment. When one of us needs relief, we
take care of each other.

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2014-10-05 19:39:39
Amazing story but could use more detail like describing your sisters hair

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2012-07-30 19:40:30
god what a shitty story sounds like it was written by an illiterate nonenglish speaking ass. this needs to be deleted now.

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2010-03-31 14:55:24
Does it really happens that someone fucks his sister?


2007-09-08 09:30:56
That was a good story but too short. You could slow it down, give us more detail and give us a pt 2. 8/10


2007-06-30 03:57:26
typing errors. stories to short. what did you do to her? you never mentioned it

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