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Precious Gem Twin Sisters
Ch 4 - Rough Diamond

OK, this is much darker and more extreme than my usual stuff, but it came from some random muse that struck me. I actually finished this before I finished chapter 3. So only continue if you enjoy forced sex. And enjoy!

After my wild night with the twin sisters Ruby and Diamond, I needed a couple days to recover. Crowning Ruby 'Queen of Sensuality' and then giving Diamond her 'Queen of Raw Sexuality' title, each had seemed very pleased. And each had earned those with how they were in bed.

Though after, Diamond still admitted that she liked things rougher. I was shocked and Ruby commented that the only way she could see her sister getting any kinkier would be to get tied up and forced. Diamond smiled at that and agreed. We had all chuckled a bit and fallen asleep shortly after.

But now a couple days later, that brought an idea to my head. Though it was pretty extreme and WAY kinkier than anything I'd ever considered in my life before.

What if I arranged it so I 'raped' Diamond? For some reason this sent my head whirling with ideas about how to do it and not permanently scar her.

I decided to pass it by the person who knew her best, so I called Ruby.

"Are you fucking crazy?" was her first response.

"Maybe, but you heard now she said she liked it really rough and wants to be restrained and forced into sex" I replied.

"How about if you come along to watch" I suggested next.

"Well, maybe. I could secretly watch and make sure that she's not freaking out too bad, as I know when real fear sets in and she loses control"

We talked a bit more and agreed on some real kinky fun we would have with her identical twin sister. It would take place at her sister's house one day after the kids were off to daycare and Ruby would get us both inside. We got everything we needed that day and set our plan in motion for the following day.

That morning, we sat in my car in a nearby parking lot watching for her to leave with the kids. Once we saw Diamond drive by, we got out and walked over to her place and Ruby let us in through the back door.

I hid in the front closet and Ruby went into the kitchen to wait. I had all black on, including gloves and a ski mask in case she managed to get a peek at me before she was blindfolded, though I didn't bother with underwear and just wore track pants and long sleeved shirt.

We had decided to tape the entire event, and Ruby perched the video camera so it would catch the initial 'attack'.

It only took about 15 minutes more and we heard Diamond pull up. Ruby hit 'Record' on the camera and fled back to the kitchen. I was quite nervous and excited at the same time. I heard her keys in the lock and the front door opened. I could see through the slats in the closet door as she came in and went to the table across the hall from where I was, putting down her purse and keys.

That was when I sprung out of my hiding place and came at her from behind. The suddenness of the noise and then my arms wrapping around her both surprised and scared her. I covered her mouth with one hand, and the other grabbed harshly at her breasts and I picked her tiny frame off the floor.

Diamond struggled and screamed, but I had a firm hold on her. Disguising my voice I said into her ear "Oh yes sweetie, I love how you fight back, but you aren't going to escape. We're going to have lots of fun today!" I punctuated this statement with a cruel squeeze of her tit in my one hand. This set off more flailing of limbs and muted screams, as my hand over her mouth muffled most of the sound.

I laid her down on the floor face down so I could use the bulk of my body and weight to help hold her down. I moved my hand from her mouth momentarily and grabbed the gag I had in one pocket and quickly stuffed it into her mouth and then tied it behind her head. I then did the same with a blindfold. All the while she was fighting against me, but something told me she could have fought harder.

I then grabbed her arms and tied them behind her back above the elbows and then at her wrists, pretty much immobilizing her arms. Then I turned my attention to her kicking legs. She actually got a couple of good shots in at me before I had those tied up too. Finally Diamond was tied up and laying the floor, still feebly resisting and straining against the ropes.

Ruby came out of her hiding place and turned off the camera. I picked Diamond up and carried her to a chair in the kitchen.

I placed a piece of paper in front her of and then told her I was going to pull down the blindfold for her to read something, and that she had to memorize it and then I'd blindfold her again and she was to say it out loud. If she didn't then she would pay dearly and painfully for disobeying. She was shaking a bit, but nodded her agreement.

Ruby stood carefully out of view as I took hold of a big handful of Diamond's hair and pulled down the blindfold and then shoved her head where she could read what was there. After a minute she began to speak it back, but I pulled on her hair hard and told her to shut up and wait till she was blindfolded again. She cried out and said she was sorry and just whimpered.

So I put the blindfold back on her eyes, and then Ruby came back with the camera and stood right in front of her sister and began taping right after I said "Now repeat it" and pulled her hair hard and then let go and backed away out of frame.

Diamond was hesitant at first and then started "What you are about to see is purely consensual, so don't be too shocked and enjoy" Ruby taped for a few extra seconds and then turned off the camera.

I moved in and told her she was a good little slut, and that I was going to enjoy using her all day. She started to protest and asked me to let her go, but I told her to shut up and slapped her. I then put a hood over her head that had just a hole cut out for her mouth.

I then picked up her petite frame and carried her to the living room and tossed her roughly on the couch. Ruby was filming this, though mostly focusing in on Diamond and keeping me out of the frame as much as she could.

I let out a low menacing laugh and said "OK little whore, now the fun begins"

Diamond squirmed a bit, but couldn't do much. I came over and I took a pair of scissors to her oversized sweatshirt that she was wearing. I had to cut it all sorts of ways until it was all off. All the while she was whimpering and twitching, and I would make sure my hands were groping her frequently and telling her how much I liked her sexy body and I was going to enjoy taking her.

She still had on a tank top underneath and her pants and socks. I yanked off her socks. Her nipples were rock hard and poking through her tank top, and I twisted each of them several times, laughing as she winced and cried out.

Then I had an idea, and I pulled my pants down, releasing my semi-hard cock. Moving forward, I reached down and gave her tit a hard squeeze and as she opened her mouth to cry out, I stuffed my cock between her lips. I then grabbed her head and pulled her mouth further onto my cock.

"If you bite me, I'll cut off your fucking tits bitch, so make me feel good" I warned her.

She hesitated for a moment and then she reluctantly began to suck on me, so I started to slowly fuck her mouth.

"That's a good little cock-sucking whore. Swallow it all" I told her as I began pull her down farther on my shaft.

On one stroke of my cock in her mouth, she gagged and flinched and I felt her teeth brush my shaft. I reached out and slapped one of her tits hard and she squealed loudly around my cock in her mouth and I told her "Be careful slut! Remember, no biting or teeth. You are my cock-bitch"

I kept this up for several minutes and then I put both hands on the back of her head and pulled her hard until my entire 7" cock was in her throat. Diamond made gurgling noises as she had trouble with it, but it felt fantastic to feel her deep throating me.

Then I pulled back and I reached down and tore her tank top right off. I dived into her tits with my mouth, sucking them hard and playing with them roughly with my hands. She actually let out a moan at his point, and as I looked over at Ruby, she smiled and gave me a 'thumbs up' as she could see her sister's body beginning to move in pleasure to her rough assault.

I then let my hands begin to roam over her ass and pussy and legs, though she was still wearing her pants and panties. I smacked her ass hard several times and told her how nice it was, and I hope she liked having her ass fucked, cause it was going to take at least one load today, if not more. She just was whimpering and moaning at this point.

I then took the scissors to her pants and cut them away, leaving her sexy thong in place. Then I told her I needed something to remember her by, so I sat her up on the couch and I took out my digital camera and said "Smile!" and took a bunch of pictures. The hood was over her face, so she couldn't really smile, but she sure wasn't trying to turn away either.

Then I stood her up and I took a few more pictures. The scissors came out again, and two quick snips on either side of her panties and I pulled them off. I noticed that they were quite damp too.

I said then "Oh, I think someone is excited by all this" and I laughed menacingly again. I took a few more pictures of her fully nude body now. Then I walked up and shoved my hand roughly between her legs, jamming two fingers into her wet pussy, and I pumped them in and out of her several times. Diamond began to pant and moan as I did this, clearly getting off on it all.

As I continued fingering her, my other hand was grabbing at her ass, smacking it and her legs, and playing with her tits. Her pussy was getting quite wet, and I told her "You little slut, you actually like this!"

Diamond actually nodded and said "Yes, please use me"

That got me even more vigorously molesting her body as she stood their shaking and moaning. At one point she lost her balance and I had to catch her to stop her from falling over and smashing her head into a nearby table.

"Time to get a bit more comfortable" I told her and I picked her up and threw her tied body over my shoulder. I carried her to her bedroom and tossed her on the bed. Then I attached some straps to each corner of her bed. I put her face down on the bed and held her down with my weight again and started to untie her legs. She didn't fight or struggle until she felt the first cuff go around her ankle. Then she squealed and started twisting and kicking, and it took me nearly a fully minute to get her other leg under control and her other ankle secured. The way the straps worked, it left her spread wide. Then I repeated the process with her arms.

Ruby had been taping us this entire time, and by now she was turned on herself and had her free hand under her skirt and rubbing herself as she looked on. I stopped and took some more photos of her naked body tied and spread face down on the bed.

I started searching through her drawers and eventually found her sex toy stash. "Oh boy, guess what I found you horny girl! All your toys. I'll have to see how you like each of them"

I returned to her and roughly began to finger fuck her pussy again. I worked a second finger in and was pumping fast, making her moan and her hips began to rock in rhythm. Then I pulled one finger out, keeping the other in her pussy, and I put it at the opening of her ass. She felt it rubbing there and let out some more moans. I began to push, and my finger slid right it without much resistance at all. Then with a finger in each hole, I resumed my in and out pumping. Diamond was starting to enjoy it more than I did doing it to her. Then I shoved a second finger into each of her holes and she just moaned and kept on rocking her hips back and forth, encouraging my probing fingers.

Now it was time for toys, before she reached orgasm. I pulled my fingers out and grabbed a simple cock shaped dildo and stuffed it into her pussy about half way. She let out a little yelp, but as I started to move it in and out, she definitely was enjoying the feeling. After a few minutes, I pulled it out and then positioned it at her ass and pushed hard until it was buried in her all the way in her back door.

I left that there and reached for a vibrator, which I turned on and began teasing her pussy with. She was humping herself on the bed, trying to get more action from the toys. I laughed out loud and gave her ass a good smack, ensuring I hit the dildo that was poking out, making her jump a little. I then grabbed the dildo in her ass and began to work it in and out slowly as I pushed the vibrator just inside her pussy. Diamond was going wild with all these pleasures assaulting her senses.

Just as she sounded like she was going to get off, I withdrew both toys, which made her groan in frustration. I gave her ass a few smacks with the dildo that had just come out of there. Then I reached for her thickest toy and said out loud "My, this is a big toy you have. Has it ever been in your ass?"

She began to struggle a bit now and cried out "No! Not that one, it's too big for my butt"

I laughed and told her "I'm not so sure if it's too big, but we're going to find out."

Diamond really began to squirm as she felt the tip of it being dragged over her back, working slowly down towards her little butt. I spread her ass with one hand and spit on her hole. Then I placed the thick dick shaped dildo at her opening and began to push. Diamond cried out as the fat head began to force itself into her. I let off pressure a bit for a moment, and then began to push again even harder. All of a sudden the head just popped into her ass. She let out a piercing scream and then went limp and just shivered and whimpered.

"MMMMMmmmm, I knew you would like it!" I taunted her

"take it out please, it's too much" she whispered.

"Not yet slut, first we have to work half of it into you"

"Nooooooo, please nooooo." she cried as I began to push again, shoving the thick dildo slowly deeper. I pumped it back and forth a bit more every few strokes as her ass accepted more and more. Once when she cried out, I took the opportunity to shove my cock into her mouth again to muffle her objections.

I jammed that dildo, which must have been almost as thick as my wrist bit by bit into her, till 5 or 6 inches were inside. Finally I had mercy and pulled it out, and the head came out with a bit of a 'pop' sound. I looked at her distended hole, and then began to slowly close.

"Time for something else in your ass" I said as I pulled my cock out of her mouth. Diamond just lay there unresponsive until she felt my cock start to poke at her back door. I pushed into her with ease and was soon fucking her with long strokes. She was just grunting in time with my thrusts, hardly moving. I decided I wanted her a bit more lively, so I reached around and viciously pinched her nipples making her shout and twist in her bonds. After that she began to push back a bit with each stroke.

I then grabbed the vibrator I'd used on her pussy earlier and I turned it on 'high' and pushed it into her pussy. It seems that all that anal abuse had also been exciting her, as the vibrator slid in quite easily due to how wet she was. Feeling the vibrations along with my hard cock pounding her ass, she began to gasp and moan and really get into being used.

I fucked her ass like that for quite awhile. Sweat began pouring off my face and body and onto her. Then Diamond began to let out a wail as her orgasm that I had denied her a few time before started to flower within her. She got louder and louder, punctuating her scream with still louder grunts as I rammed home in her ass over and over. Then I felt her ass clamp down on my cock like a vice grip as her orgasm reached back there, and I couldn't resist and I shouted and let loose with my own load that had been building in my balls all morning and previous day.

I kept fucking that now super tight ass through our shared orgasms, with my cum lubricating her ass which compensated a bit for how tight she had gotten. I decided to just keep fucking her and found that all the excitement kept me from going soft. After a few more minutes of fucking her, I pulled out of her slippery sloppy ass, and stuffed my cock in her mouth telling her to lick it clean, which she did eagerly.

Then I got back on the bed between her legs and pulled the vibrator our of her pussy and immediately shoved it up her ass. I loosed the cuffs on her ankles and pulled her legs up and put her in a doggy style position and shoved my cock up her pussy and started fucking her deep and hard. As I did that I played with the vibrator a bit, changing it's speed and pushing it in and our a bit. After another 15 minutes of fucking, Diamond had another bed-shaking orgasm and then I let loose with my second load deep in her pussy this time.

As I pulled out of her, I grabbed the cock shaped dildo that I had used on her ass at first and jammed it into her pussy, so both her holes were still filled, with my cum trapped inside by the two toys. I then grabbed a length of rope I had kept nearby and I began wrapping it around her hips and then between her legs several times such that it would hold those toys firmly in her. Diamond just lay twitching and moaning as I did this.

I got up and took a few more pictures of this sight, and then leaned close and said "I'm glad I had so much fun today. I'll have to come back and do you again someday. But for now, nighty night" and I put an ether soaked cloth over her mouth. She struggled a bit, but soon she slipped unconscious.

Ruby had stopped taping and helped me clean up and untie her sister. and we laid her out on her bed, with the toys still inside, tied in. We cleaned up the rest of the house, and then we watched the tape ourselves on the TV. It got us both so hot that we fucked right there in the living room until we both had fantastic orgasms (ok, she had 4, I only had 1).

Then we left the tape on the bedside table with a note saying:
"Don't call the cops, or we'll sell this to 50 different websites within the hour. We've let you a copy for posterity" We had also taped a bit at the end where we revealed ourselves and how we hope she enjoyed her mock 'rape'.

A few hours later, I got a call from Diamond. I wasn't sure what she was going to say when I answered.


"You fucking asshole. Well actually you fucked my asshole raw! I can barely walk and I missed a few appointments today and it cost me a thousand bucks. But thank you for the best orgasm of my entire life. So, how can we get back at Ruby for this?"

I laughed and we talked over some plans for her sister.

She also said before we hung up that she looked forward to her next 'intruder' and maybe it would be a small gang of thieves. Oh what a teaser she is!

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