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A funeral fuck
Dad told mom of the agreement I was going to get three women pregnant in a porn film. Moms at first had concerns but after the details were revealed by dad; she relaxed and surprisingly gave her approval. It was on the day that I was to get the three Well’s women pregnant that mom received some urgent news that her brother (Uncle Frank) had died of a brain aneurism. The doctors told the shocked family that it could happen to anyone. I didn’t even know Uncle Frank since mom was shunned by her parents for after getting pregnant with me.

Mom cried that day on my shoulder as I called dad to give him the news the porn shoot would have to be postponed. After talking to mom, dad immediately had his pilot fly out to Salt Mountain to assist mom in going to the funeral since her relatives lived halfway across the country.

Mom never had much contact with her parents since moving out, but I on the other hand was always invited to family reunions since I was deemed innocent of mom’s decisions. Mom told me she was “burying the hatchet” with grandma and grandpa in order to go to her brother’s funeral. It was decided that mom, aunt B, and I would attend and give our condolences to Uncle Frank’s family.

Three days later in the church while attending Uncle Frank’s funeral, mom asked me to avoid trouble (presumably with her parents) and lead the way up some semi-hidden stairs to a balcony at the back of the church. At the top of the balcony mom told me this was a room known as the “crying room.” I asked her why and she pointed out that there was a Plexiglas window in front of our view and noted the balcony was where the parishioners took their crying children so other members of the congregation would not be disturbed. I looked around noticing there were speakers on the walls so we could hear the proceedings down below and reveled at the fact we could scream and nobody could hear us through the thick plastic window.

I don’t think anyone noticed our arrival to the church since we were the only ones sitting in the balcony. Mom decided to sit in the last pew up in the balcony to hide our attendance. Behind me was a stain glass window that painted the interior of the huge structure with different colors of light. Looking out the window I could clearly see the hearse arrive with Uncle Frank’s casket below. Ushered to the front of the church, mom witnessed Uncle Frank’s casket for the first time and broke down crying again.

I remembered mom telling me she had two brothers and three sisters, all I have never met but talked to on the phone. Mother’s siblings supported her coming out of the closet and telling her parents she was in love with another woman. Grandma was the one that mom told me never understood her decision.

While I was recollecting on the past, mom was still in tears talking about her memories with her brother. Hysterically she began to mumble her memories of Uncle Frank out loud. What she told aunt B and I should have been a shocking moment, but somehow I had become accustomed to it in my unusual family.

Mom told us that Uncle Frank and Uncle Bill was the first one she had sex with. She sat with her head down in tears recalling the incident while we were kneeling in the pew supposedly praying.

“They held me down and fucked me against my will the first time” mom cried aloud.

“I liked it! I liked every moment of it.”

“I couldn’t get enough after that. I became their slut and let them and their friends do what they wanted with my body” mom said in a hushed tone.

“I wanted it to continue but daddy found out they were taking naughty pictures of me and that’s when he asked them to leave. It was my entire fault!” mom said getting loud again.

Aunt B and I were unsuccessfully trying to calm mom with backrubs when I noticed mom was squeezing her legs together and rubbing them back and forth while kneeling. I looked behind mom and noticed Aunt B rubbing mom’s ass through her skirt. Mom was wearing an all black skirt with thigh high’s and a really nice suit jacket which framed her hourglass figure perfectly. Mom’s rumbling about her incestuous brothers all stopped along with her tears when I noticed Aunt B had the zipper to mom’s skirt undone and her hand in the waistband of the garment trying to pull it down. Mom had her head down praying with her hands folded when I made the decision to help my aunt ease mom’s suffering. Grabbing the opposite waistband of mom’s skirt, my aunt and I tugged the black knee high skirt over mom’s buttocks and down to her knees. Mom didn’t even move an inch when I grabbed her panties and sent them south to join her skirt. Except for mom’s garter belt holding up her thigh high stockings and the high heel shoes, she kneeled completely naked from the waist down.

Mom was in the middle of my aunt and me when she finally came to and looked down acknowledging her pussy and ass were exposed in church. Looking straight on as nothing was happening mother removed her suit jacket and revealed the rest of her blouse covered tits. I was in the process of unbuttoning mom’s blouse when she stopped me for fear of being caught. Holding my hands clear of her chest I noticed mom’s eyes shut in ecstasy as I caught a glimpse of Aunt B fingering mom’s pussy. With her breathing getting faster I took the opportunity and redoubled my efforts to remove mom’s blouse. With almost no resistance I unbuttoned mom’s shirt while she stated that “we are so… bad to do this in the Lords house”.

Laying low to the ground so she wouldn’t be discovered while still in a kneeling position, mom somehow took her bra off and handed it to me while keeping her blouse on. I looked as if praying kneading mom’s tits just below the back of the pew sitting directly in front of us. I noticed mom was losing control as she asked me to remove my pants so she could suck my dick. I quickly obliged after realizing my aunt was also naked from the waist down and quickly progressing towards removing her blouse.

Worried that we would be discovered I surveyed a new spot in the balcony that could conceal all three of us since the pew we were kneeling in wasn’t tall enough to hide everything especially the girl’s tits. With my cock sprung free with mom’s help, I leaned back from the pew in front of me and let mom wrap her lips around my hard member giving me a blow job to remember. It was then that the congregation in the church went to a sitting position. Worried about being discovered I offered the suggestion we relocate to the stairwell leading up to the balcony where we wouldn’t be seen.

Mom stopped sucking my cock lashing back at my concerns.

“You and your aunt started this young man and you better finish it right here right now!”

Mom continued “Besides Father Beckman is the only one who could see us without turning around and I personally know he’s blind as a bat. My sister (you’re aunt) fucked him in the Rectory and told me so.”

I sat in a stunned silence realizing Aunt B was completely naked and frigging her pussy while liying down in the pew. Her nudity covered by the pew directly in front of her. Mom got bolder and yelled out loud.

“I can’t take it anymore! Let’s fuck!”

Mom took off her blouse exposing her huge melons and sat directly in my lap facing the front of the church. Aunt B slid over taking mom’s previous position and holding my rock hard cock, directed into the hole I had come out of about 14 years ago. Mom didn’t waste time bouncing on my pecker and I knew if anyone looked to the back of the church they would clearly get an eyeful of our incestuous act. If people looking back couldn’t see mom’s pussy they would surely see her tits.

“OOOOO God help me this feels so fucking great!” mom yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Look ma and dad I’m fucking my 14 year old son” mom yelled looking upon the back of her parent’s head seated way down below in the front pew.

Mom stood up from squatting over my cock and bent over the pew in front of us signaling for me to re-enter her very wet cunt. Aunt B not wanting to be left out bent over next to mom and gave up to me and offering of her sexual services. Dislodging from mom’s hairy pussy I slammed my member into my aunt in one stroke and heard her use the Lord’s name in sexual bliss.

“God yeees! I love it when you stick it my hairy pussy and fuck me like that. Stick you’re cum inside my fuck hole.”

I was going like a jackhammer trying to get everybody off before we were caught. All of a sudden mom and my aunt lay upon one another in the pew and started kissing each other. With mom on top and Aunt B on the bottom I began alternating between their pussies with my cock while listening about how good a man Uncle Frank was.

Feeling the cum starting to journey out of my prick, I ordered mom and Aunt B to play with their pussies and splay their hairy folds so I could shower both fuck holes with sperm. I heard my mom in a muffled tone encourage me in my diabolical incestuous plan while lip locked with my aunt.

“God yes honey! Shoot your cum on mommy’s and your aunt’s cunt and knock us both up!”

I was jacking off right there in church directing my sperm filled cock as close to the two hairy mounds as possible. Being the one on top of Aunt B, mom was somehow able to snake her hand in between their cunts and with two fingers splay her womanly folds apart. Aunt B followed by spreading her legs as far apart as possible and snaking her hand somehow behind her ass and unfolding the petals of skin surrounding her baby making hole. Seeing both cunts opened I yelled out in orgasm.

“This ones for you Uncle Frank!!”

I stuck the head of my cock just inside mom and gave her the first few blasts of my cum. Quickly I redirected the last of my baby batter in my aunts love tunnel yelling as both ladies encouraged me to make them pregnant.

After a few minutes of relaxation all three of us got dressed and left the church stopping at a fast food restaurant to replenish our fluids. They buried Uncle Frank that day along with a lot of mom’s memories of their sexual encounters. But if someone was to ask mother, the best memory of Uncle Frank was at his funeral getting fucked by her two closest lovers.

Eating sandwiches in a restaurant after the funeral, I asked mom and aunt B a lot of questions about pregnancy since I was planning on knocking up three women. Mom thought the whole idea was naughty and she pondered the thought of guiding my cock in three unprotected cunts. Mom asked me how my sex drive was since pregnant women were frequently horny. I smiled and replied that if I couldn’t handle the sex then I knew of two women who could help me out with their strap-on’s. My aunt and mother smiled at me together while mom said in a hushed voice.

“In that case then, I’m really looking forward to teaching my son how to knock girls up.”

Aunt B looked at mom and then at me in a smiling reply “Ditto on that.”

Confused at mom’s last comment about being “taught” I cautiously looked around the restaurant and then lifted mom’s black skirt just enough to reveal her panties were absent and my white spunk was oozing from her freshly fucked slit. Gazing between mom’s legs I made the comment.

“From the looks of that white stuff coming out of that bush between those legs you won’t need to teach me too much.”

Mom smiled and pulled her skirt up higher while spreading her legs as far as she could and guided my hand to her belly just above her mound and looked directly in my eyes.

“Look grasshopper, when you finish the job and knock up mommy and your aunty, then I guess we will talk about your penis graduating from a boy to a man; until then you are officially a student at the University of Mom’s Hairy Cunt with a beaver for your mascot.”

Assertively mom continued.

“When your aunt and I get done teaching you everything about pussy you can call yourself Professor Stud or anything else for all I care, but for right now you’re in (Eating mommy’s pussy 101) class and here is you’re pop quiz.”

Mom took the back of my head and forced me under the table in the restaurant with the table cloth covering her dignity. I did as instructed and gave mom’s pussy a tongue lashing re-doubling my efforts when the waitress came to take our order. It was funny hearing mom order an Ice TTTeeeeaaaa. After about fifteen minutes mom had an orgasm right there in the restaurant. Granting me time to eat, I finished out the day giving aunt B my oral skills in dad’s private jet on the way back home. I couldn’t help the lingering thoughts of giving my fuck pole a workout in a pregnant cunt and sucking lactating tits, especially if it was my mom’s and aunt’s.

To Be Continued….

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