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College Student returns home and the trouble begins
Welcome Home Lei

by James T. Monk III

Lei bent over, pulling up her black nylon stockings. Standing in front of the full length mirror, she paused long enough to admire herself. She chuckled at her outfit. Lace black bra, matching black G-string panties. High stiletto heels. Hanging over on the wardrobe, was her dress for the night. A Navy Blue business suit coat, and matching short skirt, with a white, sheer thru blouse, that she will button to the top.

Lei was going to turn heads on this hot summer night.

She had been away from home now for almost 6 months. College. Now in her junior year. She missed home and then some. Her mother and father, and her younger brother. How much had she herself changed? For certain, she was more mature. She had gained a few pounds. Her hair was, perhaps a bit longer. But anyone who knew Lei Katherine McNulty would recognize her. She was still, drop dead gorgeous.

Long blonde hair, striking blue eyes, and perfect skin. At 5’8” she weighed 125lbs.
She had a figure that most playmates and professional strippers would die for. 36c 24 36. With a muscle tone, that defies logic. Her bronze tanned skin, contrasted beautifully with her golden blonde hair. She is stunningly radiant, whenever she enters a room.

She exercises regularly, and has a rigid program that has been instilled in her since she was a young child. Her childhood dreams of being a ballerina are all but a distant dream today. Her large firm breasts and voluptuous body put an end to that goal. There are not many ballerinas with a body like Lei’s.

She was studying to be a Doctor. Had been for the last two years. Just liker her parents. Her father Francis, is a skilled surgeon, and her Mother Lisa is a well respected psychologist. Lei was following in her parents footsteps.

This visit home was coinciding with a family reunion.

She is going to see her grandfather “Gumpy” for the first time in many months. Her grandmother had long since passed away, and Gumpy was now living at a long term adult assisted living facility. She was both happy and sad to be seeing Gumpy. She was wondering, as she was getting ready for the Family Reunion party, at the local Lakefront Restaurant, if Gumpy would even recognize her.

She was hoping he would.

Her younger brother Brady was excited to see his big sis home. They have had a close relationship since she was 16. And Brady was happy to see his big sister. Especially since she was looking hotter than ever. They both kissed on the cheek and embraced when they saw each other. Lei pushed him away when he playfully reached for her firm ass.
He pouted, but Lei put her finger to his mouth as if to say…not now. Brady smiled and grabbed his cock in his jeans and shook it before his parents walked into the room.
Brady has had a thing for big sis since he was old enough to know better.

Back then, her budding breasts were always on his mind, and at times, in his mouth. He would pester her on the lake, where they spent their summer vacations. They both loved water skiing. He was always helping her with her Skis, and grabbing her firm hard breasts and her ass, when no one was looking. And after a hot day on the lake, they would toast marshmallow by the fire. As their parents would retire early to bed, Brady would come on to his sister. Nuzzling her neck and reaching down her t-shirt to fondle her breasts. Lei would fight him off as best she could, but eventually she would give in.

It was always innocent enough in those early days.

She eventually would let him suckle her milky white mounds and nibble those taut pink nipples. He would get so hard, that he would beg for her to finish him off. Lei would sometimes, use her hand on his hard cock to bring him to climax, but there were times, when she would put her hot wet mouth on his throbbing cock and suck him until he exploded all over her face and neck.

She would usually rush off to clean herself before her parents awakened.

It was their dirty family secret that was not so secret. Brady’s friends and Lei’s friends knew something was up with the two of them. They were just too kissy and huggy towards one another. They were too sheltered to see it any other way. To them, it was all just innocent brother and sister fun. Yet, somewhere along the way, Brady became jealous of Lei’s boyfriends. The thought of any other boy kissing and fondling her breasts were too much for the young 18yr old. He would get so angry. Thinking about those college boys kissing her and sucking on her perfect tits. It drove him crazy.

But today, he was happy. Lei was home, and she was alone.

Off they all went to the lakefront Restaurant hall where the family reunion was taking place. It was all small talk in the vehicle as the four of them reminisced about the old days of them driving to the Lake. Brady kept nudging Lei about certain times and dates that Mother and father brought up. Those dates meant something completely different to Brady and Lei. Brady was smirking and giggling like a juvenile, and Lei just sighed and shook her head.

There was a warning about Gumpy though. Apparently Gumpy was failing due to Alzheimer’s. He was forgetting everyone and everything. But Lei was convinced that he would remember her. How could Gumpy forget his “Princess?”

When they pulled up to the Restaurant and stepped out of the vehicle Brady couldn’t resist goosing Lei as she stepped out ahead of him. Lei looked back with a stern look. “You stop that! We are not kids anymore!” “Sorry sis, I’m really sorry. I just missed you so much.” Brady said with a sheepish look on his face. Lei felt bad and leaned over to kiss his forehead, “It’s OK lil bro, it’s OK, I still love you” she cooed as she placed a kiss on his forehead. Brady looked up and with a devilish smile grabbed her tits and twisted one of her nipples. “OUCH! Why you little bastard!” she yelled as Brady ran off to join his parents walking up the front stairs.

By the time she regained her composure and reached her parents, there on the top of the stairs, seated in a wheelchair, was her grandfather. “Gumpy!” she squealed as she rushed forward. Hugging and kissing the startled old man. “Oh Gumpy I missed you so much.”
The old man looked bewildered but went along with the kisses and hugs from this beautiful young woman. “Yes, nice to see you too.” He said as he reached up to hold her closer. As she bent over to kiss the top of his bald head Gumpy reached up and fondled her breasts. Lei jumped back. No one seemed to notice. She looked around and embarrassingly fixed her blouse which was popped open.

“Nice one Gumpy!” Brady yelled over to Lei and Gumpy. Lei gave Brady a cold hard stare. But Brady only smiled and grabbed his cock. Lei could not believe how this day was starting out. “That boy!” Lei stammered off saying. Lei offered to wheel Gumpy into the main dining hall. Little did she know that he had an assistant from the Nursing home with him. A large ex-football player named Norman. He was a bald, 40yr old black man who has been working at the Nursing home for the past 10 years. Tall and very large, Norman made it clear that Gumpy was under his watch.

“You can wheel him round this party, but he my man. I in charge of him. OK?” he said to Lei. “Sure, that’s not a problem. I’m just so missing him so, that I want to see if he recognizes me.” Lei replied. “He don know anyone no more.” Norman said. “But you can try.” And with that, Lei pushed the wheelchair around saying hello to everyone.

Truth be told, no one paid any attention to Gumpy. But all eyes were on Lei. Her tight fitting business suit, had all the men goggling their eyes out of their heads. Uncles, cousins, and just friends, could not take their eyes off of her. She was the hottest thing they had ever seen. They all fantasized about her. All of them.

Lei was as pleasant as could be. Speaking with all of her relatives and friends about her college career, she really impressed the gathering. She was really enjoying herself. She danced with all of her relatives. And she even danced with Brady. Though not a slow one. She only danced the slow ones, with her dad and uncles. She even danced with Gumpy. He got out of his wheelchair and held onto Lei. He was obviously smitten with her. It was apparent that Gumpy had no idea who Lei was. To him, she was a hot looking woman who slow danced with him. Lei could feel the bulge, in his loose fitting trousers, against her leg, when he moved closer to him. She was embarrassed, but did not let anyone else know what was happening.

Except Norman knew, and she thought Brady knew as well.

At one point during the party, Gumpy became unruly, and it was decided that he should go back to the Nursing home. Lei offered to help assist Norman, and before they left, Lei’s parents insisted that Brady help too. Lei was somewhat miffed at Brady joining them. But, she allowed Brady to assist her and Norman, as they loaded him in the van. Lei sat in the back with Gumpy, and Brady sat up front, while Norman drove.

As they drove off, Gumpy started to get loud. “Fuck them assholes! They took my money! They took my money!” he yelled. “He say shit like that all the time. Don’t pay any attention to that.” Norman turned back to tell Lei. “There, there, Gumpy…no one has your money…we all love you.” Lei spoke softly, trying to calm him down. “Who the hell are you?” Gumpy asked Lei, as they drove down the dusty lakeside road.

Lei was shocked. Gumpy had never spoken to her like that. Tears welled up in her eyes. “Gumpy it’s me, your little Princess.” The old man looked at the young woman with a scorned look. “Princess? What the fuck are you talking about?” he blurted out. Brady burst out laughing and Norman just shook his head, turned up the radio and drove.

Lei reached over and caressed his hand trying to calm him. Gumpy stared at Lei with a lecherous look. For the first time that day, Lei felt uncomfortable with Gumpy. She held his hand when suddenly he grabbed her wrists and pulled her closer. With her face inches from Gumpy’s, he opened his mouth and engulfed her nose and mouth. The muffled screams went unheard, due to the loud rap music that Norman was playing.

Then Gumpy reached into Lei’s blouse and grabbed her tits. She really struggled and kept an irritating moaning. The men up front could not hear any of it. She could see Brady rocking to the Rap music and Norman had dark sunglasses on. Gumpy really had a good hold of her tits and was not letting go. And he was still sucking her face into his wide open mouth. Finally Lei pushed him off of her. No one noticed. Then Gumpy undid his seatbelt and stood up in front of Lei. Before she could react, he had his pants down, and pulled his cock out! Lei was horrified to see her grandfather’s cock bobbing in her face. And she was startled by the sheer size of his member. It was almost fake looking. Like a long white dildo. His uncut cock had thick veins bulging along the shaft and when he pulled back his foreskin, it’s head glistened with it’s swollen gland.

But she was even more horrified, when he started to jam it into mouth!

She kept quiet as to not to cause a scene, and she reached up and grabbed his waist and tried to guide him back to his seat. But Gumpy was determined to get his cock sucked and he got right back up. Thrusting forward, he landed in her face and chest. He reached behind her head and pulled her head forward. He was hurting Lei. She tried pushing him away but it was no use. He was overpowering her. She punched and kicked at him
But still, he held on. Grinding his remarkably big cock and groin into her face.

“GUMPY STOP IT NOW!!!!” Lei finally screamed.

Startled, Norman hit the brakes and the van started skidding. First to the left, and then to the right. Norman tried to control the skid as best he could. Skidding towards the left shoulder, he skidded over an embankment, and down into a wet swampy area where the van finally came to a stop. But not before sinking up to the tops of the wheel wells.
“Oh that’s fucking great!” Norman yelled. “Lei what the hell happened?” Brady asked looking back at Lei and Gumpy who was hanging onto Lei’s neck for support. “And why is Gumpy not in his seat?” “Are you kidding me? Did neither one of you see what was happening back here?” Lei asked incredulously. “I mean he was trying…to…oh never mind!” she blurted back at them, as she shoved Gumpy off her lap.

“The fucking van is sinking we need to get out!” Norman yelled. “Go out the back! It’s still dry back there.” Everyone moved to the rear doors and Norman opened it and they jumped out onto the soggy ground. Norman helped Gumpy get down and had him sit on the embankment. He reached in a grabbed the wheelchair. “Old man you need to sit in this chair and NOT get out! You understand me?” Norman scowled. “Yes sir!” Gumpy shot back with a sharp hand salute. Norman shook his head and muttered under his breath. “I’m gonna lose my job over this crazy old cracker!”

“So where are we?” Brady asked. “We’re on the main Route 25…” Norman said. “I think there’s an Open House back about 100 yards.” “Open House?” Brady asked. “Yea Open House…you know people selling their house, have an Open House!” Norman said.
“How far is it?” Lei asked. “Right down the street about 300-350 yards. We can all walk to it easily.” Norman replied. And with that, they all got back onto the dirt road and started walking back. There was no cell service at the lake, so they needed a land line to call for help.

Sure enough, about 335 yards up the road was indeed an Open House.

Lei and Brady instantly recognized the listing agent’s name Karey Butman. A family friend for many years. Karey was the mother of their childhood friends James and Heather. “Look Lei, its Karey!” Brady said as they walked past the realtor’s sign. “Oh it will be good to see her. I haven’t seen Karey since I left for school.” Lei answered.
Walking up to the front steps, they could see that there was only one vehicle, Karey’s BMW. “Guess the Open House is not very busy” Lei commented.

Brady knocked on the door and gently pushed it open. “Hello?” “Hi I’m in the kitchen come on in.” Karey’s friendly voice answered. “Oh my God, Brady and Lei! What are you doing here?” Karey exclaimed as she ran to embrace them both. “Don’t ask” Brady grumbled. “Oh it’s soooo good to see you Karey.” Lei gushed as she hugged her childhood friend’s mother. “How long has it been?” Karey asked… “At least 6 months.”

Karey looked great for her age. She was Beautiful with medium length light brown hair, green eyes; she still had the perfect body for a 40yr old woman. 5’5” with 34c breasts, 33 waist and 35 hips. She couldn’t have weighed more than 110lbs; she looked stunning in her black pant suit and white blouse and high heels. “So don’t tell me you’re looking to buy a home Lei?” “No, we broke down up the road. Gumpy is outside with his assistant. We just need to use the telephone.” “Gumpy is here? Why don’t leave him out there, let’s get him in here.” Karey said as she walked to the front door.

“Why if it isn’t Gumpy McNulty! You just get yourself in here you sweet lil thing.” Karey said as she walked down the stairs. She extended her hand to Norman “Good afternoon sir, my name is Karey Butman, what do you say we get ole Gumpy up these stairs and into this cool air conditioned home.” “Yes mam, pleased to meet you as well, my name Norman, I’s helping this here man Mr. McNulty. It’s my job.” “And I bet you’re very good at it Norman.” Karey answered with a big bright smile. Karey reached out to hug the old man, and in an instant he reached up and grabbed both of her tits. “My you are a frisky one Gumpy!” Karey exclaimed as she tried to pry his hands off her perfect tits. “Lemme suck your tits you whore!” Gumpy blurted out.
“Oh my…good lord…I-I-…now Gumpy McNulty you behave yourself.” Karey said as she fixed her wrinkled blouse. Norman came over to assist the realtor.

“Dam you old man, you best be stopping this shit.” Norman whispered in Gumpy’s ear.

The old man looked perturbed at Norman and just scowled and folded his arms. “You’re an asshole” he yelled at Norman. But the big Blackman shook his head and lifted him up, wheelchair and all, and carried him into the house. Karey followed fixing her blouse as she did. The old man looked back at Karey and stuck his tongue out in a rude gesture. “I want to lick your pussy.” He snarled. “Now now Gumpy we’ll have none of that.” Karey replied as she walked into the front room.

Brady and Lei could see that something was up. “Everything OK Karey?” Lei asked. “Everything is just fine.” Karey replied. “Just fine and dandy” as she gave Gumpy a very displeasing look. “So who wants something to drink?” Karey asked. “I do!” Brady yelled.
“Brady we just need to borrow a telephone. We’re not going to have Karey fix us something.” Lei interrupted. “Oh nonsense. Let me get the lad something to drink.” Karey said as she gave Brady a cute wink. “Anyone else?” Karey asked.

“Yes give me your pussy!” Gumpy yelled!

“Gumpy you stop that! Oh I’m so sorry Karey, so sorry. He’s been slipping these last few months and, oh I’m so sorry.” Lei said as she walked over to Gumpy shaking her finger at him. Gumpy grabbed her finger and sucked on it. “Gumpy!!!! Stop!” Lei screamed. “Oh it’s quite alright Lei. I’ve been talking with your parents and I knew about his condition. It’s OK really.” Karey reassured Lei. “Ok?” Lei shook her head yes.
“Good, now let me get some cold drinks for everyone.”

Karey returned in a jiffy with a tray full of ice cold drinks for everyone. She bent over to serve Brady his cold Coke, and when she did, Gumpy goosed her. “OH!” she screamed as she went forward spilling the drink on Brady. Gumpy had a hold of Karey’s crotch and was not letting go. Norman stood up and pried his hand off of Karey’s stinging crotch.
Brady was all wet, Lei was upset, as was Karey, and Norman? He was really miffed.
“Here let me help you with that wet shirt Brady” Karey said trying to act as if everything was OK. She led Brady down the hall and into what looked like a boy’s bedroom. “The owner has a son about your age and size. I’m sure he has something here for you to wear.” They could hear the others down the hall still scolding Gumpy.

“Now you just take that shirt off young man.” Brady stood up and pulled his shirt off revealing a well developed upper body. “My my, it looks like you’ve been working out.”
“Yes mam…we work out pretty good for basketball.” Brady sheepishly replied.
Karey’s hand accidentally rubbed against one of Brady’s nipples and it became erect.
Karey stopped and stared. She had been a widow now for 2 years, and had not been with another man. Brady saw her look, and rubbed his own nipple. He stuck his finger in his mouth and then rubbed his nipple for Karey to see. “Oh my Brady…” she said, as she leaned forward, and then, without any sound reason, other than her natural sexual instincts, she opened her mouth, and licked his nipple with her hot wet mouth. Brady closed his eyes and moaned. Then he reached into her blouse to fondle her nipple. Karey’s knees got weak. Brady’s cock got hard, and he rubbed it up against Karey.

Her head was swirling as she tried to regain her senses.

“I want to fuck you.” The 18yr old whispered in her ear. “I want you to suck my cock.” Karey was lost and confused. “No no no…this is wrong Brady.” I’ve known you since you were a baby. “I don’t care…I’ve always wanted to fuck you.” He said, as he pulled his hard cock out of his pants. His cock was a good 9” and it was thick, and had a banana like curve, that pointed straight up. He was stroking it and jerking it, really hard and fast as he walked towards the flustered, family friend. Karey stared in disbelief, with her eyes wide open staring at the massive cock, her mouth opened as if to say something. But no words came out, only a hot breathing sound.

“Come on Karey…you know you want to suck it.” He was squeezing his cock so hard that a drop of pre-cum oozed out of his swollen cockhead. Brady wiped his finger with it and rubbed it on Karey’s lips. Her tongue instantly tasting his cum. She was getting weaker. She looked down at the beautiful cock staring back up at her. She let Brady push her down to her knees.

“That’s it Karey…oh yea…” Brady moaned as Karey slipped down his trousers. His cock was level with her mouth. It was bobbing in her face. She reached for it, stroking the shaft and cupping his balls. She looked up at Brady as her tongue encircled the swollen cockhead, stopping at the open hole. She probed the tip of her tongue into the hole to taste more of his precum. Brady was moaning louder and started to thrust his hips forward. He smiled down at Karey. “That’s it baby…suck it good for me…God you’re so fucking hot.” Karey was just about to open her mouth to take in his cock…

That’s when they heard the noise. A loud crash followed by yelling. Loud yelling.

Before Karey and Brady could compose themselves, the door burst open. There standing in the doorway, was a tall Blackman with a handgun pointed at both Karey and Brady. “Mother fuckers don’t you dare move, or I’ll bust a cap off in your ass! Put your mother fucking hands up NOW!” The menacing intruder yelled. Brady and Karey instinctively did as they were told. “Now get out of this room and join your friends.” The man ordered.

“Can I get dressed first?” Brady asked. The man slapped Brady across his face “Hell no bitch! You get your skinny lil white ass down the hall.” Karey was shaking as she and Brady entered the living room. There were four other men, all with guns, pointing at Lei, Norman, and Gumpy. This appeared to be a Home invasion. Only Gumpy seemed to not care about these dire circumstances.

“These motherfuckers were about to fuck each other when I busted in on em.” The man told his gang members. “No we were not…I can explain” Karey started to say. “Shut the fuck up bitch! I’ll tell you when to talk!” The tall Blackman said as he grabbed Karey’s hair and shoved her down on the floor.

The leader of the gang was a tall Blackman about 230lbs with tattoos all over his arms and neck. He had a skull cap on and he was wearing a black tank top and baggy basketball shorts, with expensive basketball shoes. His name was Damian. The others had similar clothes. There was a short black guy with a goatee, named Buster, there were two other tall black basketball player looking type,s who looked like twins, named C1 and C2. And there was one older looking, white bald man, with earrings, with a big stomach calling himself Evil. And he looked, like he just got out of prison.

The leader Damian spoke up. “Show us where the money and jewels are, and nobody will get hurt.” All heads turned to Karey. “I don’t know sir…I mean. I would assume the jewels are in the master bedroom. But money? Safes? I have no idea.” Damian walked over to where Karey was sitting on the rug. “So that’s how it’s gonna be huh? I’m gonna have to play ruff wid you all. To get someone to tell us where all the money at huh?” Karey was scared for herself and her friends. “Sir, I’m telling you, I have no idea where the money is. I swear. Please don’t hurt these people. They do not live here. Please just let them go.” “FUCK YOU BITCH!” Damian screamed. Everyone froze.

Then he walked over to where Lei was sitting and stood over her menacingly. Lei was visibly shaking in front of everyone. Damian looked down at her. “Stand up bitch!”
Lei leapt to her feet. Tears streaming down her face. Damian cocked his head and stared at her face. He rubbed his callous fingers over her eyes, nose and lips. Lei trembled. He pushed one of his rough fingers into her mouth and rubbed her teeth. Then he pulled it out and sucked his finger. The others laughed. Then he looked down at her chest that was breathing heavily and looked back at his friends and smiled. They all howled.

He reached inside of her white blouse and caressed the tops of her white breasts. Lei put her hands up to stop him, and as she did, she was met with a lightening fast slap across the top of her head. He hit her so hard, she flew back. But Damian was able to catch her before she fell. “Don’t do that again, or the next one be worse for you. Understand?” Lei cried and said “Yes sir”. The black intruder laughed,
“Yes sir? What is this sum kind of Mother fucking Gomer Pyle?” All his friends laughed. Then he gave a suedo salute to mock her. “Yes sir mother fucker!” he laughed as he saluted her again.

Then he suddenly reached inside her blouse, and with one fast move, grabbed her black lace bra, and ripped it off her. Buttons started popping everywhere.
Her bra in tattered pieces and her blouse ripped open, Lei’s beautiful perfect breasts were exposed for all to see. “Dam these are some fine ass titties. Look at these boys!” The other intruders stepped forward to get a better look. Lei was about to put her hands up to cover herself when Damian raised his hand. She quickly put her hands down by her side. “That’s it bitch. You learning.” He looked into her eyes as he bent forward. Closer to her taut, hard nipple, his face went. He opened his mouth and staring into Lei’s eyes, he put his lips around one of her nipples.

“Oh no…sir please…don’t do this…sir..please…” she pleaded. But the intruder encircled her nipple with his tongue, and then engulfed as much of her tit as possible. He made a loud pop with his mouth when he released the swollen breast. “Shit yeah, that shit is good!” the man said with a sneering smile. Damian had one gold tooth in his mouth. And it made him look even more dangerous. Then he twisted her nipple so hard that Lei screamed. He reached down under her skirt and grabbed her crotch and gave it a good squeeze too. Lei bent over trying to cover herself and was once again met by a severe blow to the side of her head. This time she did go down.

“Alright that’s enough of that.” Karey said as she stood up to face the intruder.

The man swung around and met Karey with a blow to her head and sent her flying.
“Anybody else want to play hero?” He looked at Brady and Norman who sat still with their heads down. “I didn’t think so.” Damian said. He reached over and picked Lei back up to her feet. He spun her around so he could see all of her. “Dam you are one sexy looking bitch.” He tugged at her short black skirt. Then he lifted it up to expose Lei’s ass. Her black g-string panties, and her black garter belt now seemed inappropriately the wrong choice for her to wear today. The black nylons, with the black line up the back of her legs, and her high black stiletto heels, made her look more like a hooker, than a pre-med college student. Damian rubbed his scratchy beard and rubbed his cock in his baggy shorts. “Dam you are one fine bitch.” Damian said again as he grabbed her ass cheeks.

“Buster check this shit out.” Damian said to his partner. Buster came over and with his hand on his chin nodded to Damian. “Yea she a fine looking bitch alright boss. Nice tight ass, nice titties. How bout her pussy?” he asked, as he pulled away Lei’s G-string to expose her trimmed blonde pussy. “Yea she is fine through and through”. “I see you blonde all over bitch!” Damian laughed. “Yes sir…” Lei cried. “All over.”

Then Damian unzipped her black skirt and pulled it down. “Step out bitch.” Lei stepped out of her skirt. She looked so hot. Standing there with just her suit jacket on. Her bare breasts sticking out. In her garter and G-string with her black stockings and high heels.
“Bend over bitch and grab hold of your ankles” Damian ordered.
“What? Grab my ankles?...Why…oh God…why..?” Damian got mad and got up in her face. “Just do it bitch!” he yelled. Lei shook with fear, as she bent over and grabbed her ankles as best she could. Which was pretty dam good, seeing how she spent years in ballet and could touch her toes if she wanted to. There was a collective gasp as she bent over and placed both of her hands around her ankles. She was as sexy looking as any porn star, playmate, or stripper that any of them had ever seen. Damian spun her around so her ass was facing everyone. Then he got down on his knees and stuck his tongue out and started to lick her ass cheeks. He slapped them and pulled them as he licked his raspy scratchy tongue all over her white ass. Lei cried softly. He caressed her inner thighs, and made her open them just enough, so he could rub outside of her pussy. Buster came over and reached under to fondle her breasts. He tweaked her nipples and made her wince. “That hurt bitch?” he asked. “Yes.” She quickly answered. “Good” he said back as he pinched her nipples harder. “Ow ow ow…” Lei cried.

By now, both Buster and Damian had rock hard cocks in their shorts. Truth be told, most of the men had hardons. Seeing this hot looking blonde bent over exposing her beautiful body had all the men at attention. “Let’s show her how we do it Buster!” Damian said. “Ok boss..Let’s get it on.” Buster said pulling his shorts down to free his thick black cock. Lei was more than nervous as she heard Buster pull his shorts off and move closer to her. Then Damian pulled down his shorts and revealed a thick but long massive cock with a cock ring in his balls. Damian started to jerk his cock to get it even harder and he walked up to Lei’s perfect ass. Buster was on one ass cheek and Damian on the other. They both started to rub her ass crack and pussy as they jerked their cocks. Damian pulled on her long hair to get her to turn her head around so she could see what was happening. Both men moved closer to her head.

Damian rubbed his big cock on Lei’s lips as Buster rubbed his cock on her face and neck. Lei started to weep softly. Buster grabbed her tits and squeezed them as he worked his cock all over her head and neck. Damian was now sliding his cock up into Lei’s nose and eyes. She winced as he became more and more aggressive. The room was silent except for the grunting and groaning from Damian and Buster. The two twins were grabbing their cocks in their shorts. The swollen cockheads of Damian and Buster looked like they were going to explode. The dark purple head of Damian’s cock looked demonic. With his shaven balls and cock ring Damian jammed his large tool into Lei’s face.

“Stick your tongue out bitch!” Damian demanded. Lei reluctantly did as she was ordered. “Lick my cock with that thing.” He grunted. Lei licked Damian’s cock with little light licking. Damian shoved his cock into her mouth then pulled it back out. “Oh hell yeah, that’s nice bitch…that’s some good shit.”

Meanwhile Buster worked his way down Lei’s chest, sucking and licking and rubbing his cock all over her tits and belly. He got under Lei and reached up and pulled her down on top of him. Buster was lying down on his back and Lei was on his belly. “Whoa Buster…slow it down brother…lemme get into position here.” Damian said. Lei was struggling now. “Please sir…please don’t do this…please” Buster had her nipples in his mouth and the sound of him sucking her pink hard nipples was filling the room.
Lei’s ass was up in the air moving back and forth. She was trying desperately to avoid Buster’s cock, that was trying to find it’s way into her pussy.
Every time he lined up his cock with her pussy she would shift so he could not enter her. “Dam this bitch playing hard to get” Buster snorted. Finally Damian grabbed her ass and held it steady, while Buster jammed his big thick cock right up to the hilt. “OHHHH Aww Noooo “ Lei screamed as Buster’s cock found it’s mark. Buster grabbed her ass and held it steady as he rammed hic cock in and out of her golden pussy. Damian moved up behind Lei and spit in his hand. He rubbed the spittle on top his cock’s head and without any warning or preparation he lined the head up at Lei’s virgin asshole and shoved it in as hard and as fast as he could into Lei’s sweet ass. “Oh MY GOD NOOOOOO OH OH OH IT HURTS NOOOOO!!!!” She screamed.

“Shut the fuck up bitch!” Damian yelled and slapped her ass. Lei was hanging her head down with her long flowing hair cascading all over Buster’s big black body. She looked so sexy and hot that everyone was getting aroused at the sight. “Oh God…”she breathed in a hot sultry voice. Damian kept his fast pace up, fucking her virgin ass like she’d been taking cocks up her ass all of her life. Her tits were being bitten and licked by Buster as her nipples got twisted and turned. Damian slapped her ass until it turned red and slammed his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. 10 minutes into the fucking the pace was quickening. Neither man slowed down. It was a hard fast paced workout. Lei’s body shook with each thrust into her pussy and ass. It was like she was being fucked by two machines. Two black machines. There was a pitched climax building. The men were nearing the end. You could see it in their eyes.

“You ready Buster?” Damian grunted. “Yea I’m about to shoot boss!”

A few strokes later Buster shot his first load deep into Lei’s pussy. As he did, Damian grabbed her hips and screamed “Here comes my black cum you fucking whore bitch!” and then he shot his hot sticky load deep into Lei’s bowels. Both men shot gob after gob of hot black cum into Lei’s cunt and ass. They both seemed to cum forever. Finally Damian collapsed onto Lei’s back, as Buster shoved Lei higher off the ground with his final burst. Both of her holes were filled with cum. The white gooey cum dripped out of her ass and her pussy. Lei hung her head down and tried to catch her breath.
The twins walked over with hardons and groped at her tits. Buster pulled his still hard cock out of her pussy and slid out from underneath her. Damian pulled his still hard cock out of her ass and rubbed the cum on her ass cheeks.

“Now what we gonna do boss?” Buster asked Damian.

“Lets fuck the whores!” old man Gumpy yelled! “Say what? Old man you aint fucking no one with that old shriveled up dick!” The gangster shot back laughing. “Fuck you, I’m fucking her if you’re done!” Gumpy said as he stood up from the wheel chair pulling his cock out. “Holy shit! Check that out!” one of the twins yelled. Gumpy had his cock in his hand alright but it was no shriveled dick. It was long thick and hard. “Well I’ll be dammed.” The leader said. “That motherfucker got himself a motherfuckin Viagra hardon!” Everyone laughed. Even Brady smiled and Norman too.

“Well oldman which one of these bitches you wanna fuck?” the intruder asked Gumpy.

“That Irish whore!” he screamed, pointing at Lei! “NOOOOO! Gumpy No, it’s me Lei! your little princess!” “Princess? Don’t listen to her, she’s a whore. An Irish whore!” Gumpy yelled. The intruders all laughed again.
“Well let’s get it on bitch!” Damian said, as he pulled Lei to her feet and held her hands behind her back. “Old man wants a good fuck. But I think you better suck his dick first.” “No no nooooo!” Lei screamed. “He’s my Gumpy!” “He your what? Now what the fuck is a gummy?” “No not a Gummy, my Gumpy!” Lei said, but as she did, the black intruder shoved Lei down to her knees and she suddenly found herself, face to face, with Gumpy’s huge throbbing cock. “Open up whore!” Gumpy yelled as he shoved his cock into Lei’s open mouth.

“Oh hell yeah, look at that old man go!” one of the intruders yelled. And it was true. Old man Gumpy grabbed a hold of Lei’s ears and started to slam his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Lei was gagging almost immediately, but the intruders held her in place.
“Fucking Irish whore!” he grunted as he slammed his cock over and over again into Lei’s mouth. Gumpy let go of one of her ears, and reached under Lei’s ripped blouse to grab her tits. Lei moaned and tried to scream, but her voice box was being muffled by Gumpy’s massive cock. Gumpy squeezed and twisted her nipples causing Lei intense pain. He pulled and twisted her tits, and let go of her other ear to grab her long golden hair. Then, he really started to grind his hips into her face and throat.

Meanwhile Brady was still hard. Watching all the action, and the recent encounter with Mrs. Butman had him still horny. The leader noticed that Brady was trying to hide his erection. “Hey you, get over here.” The black gang leader yelled. “Me?” Brady asked.
“Yea you. Get your skinny little ass over here.” Brady got up and scuffled over to where the black gang leader was standing. His pants were still down around his ankles. “You still wanna fuck that bitch I caught you wid?” Brady looked startled, but horny. He smiled a little at the intruder, and then looked down at his cock and over at Karey.

Damian reached down and picked up Karey by her hair. “Bitch this fool wants to fuck you. I say we let him.” “Oh please sir, no no noooo.” Karey pleaded. Brady grabbed his hard cock and started to stroke it again. “Come on Karey…let’s finish this thing once and for all!” Brady said as he stood in front of his best friend’s mother. “I’m 18…I’m not a kid anymore. Your husband is dead. You need this as much as I do.” Karey just stood there. Shaking her head. Brady looked at the gang leader. “Fuck that bitch boy!”

And with that order, Brady attacked Karey full force. He pulled her blouse open and started pawing at her bra. Karey went from fighting, to giving in, within seconds.
Brady had her bra off and was sucking on her tits while groping at her crotch. He put both his hands on her shoulders and shoved her to her knees. Karey was kneeling before this man child, and she was hot with passion.

“Give me that cock Brady!” She blurted out.

Lei hearing this, gave out a muffled cry.

Brady shoved his large thick cock into Karey’s hot wet mouth and started pumping. He held onto Karey’s head as he shoved his thick cock down her throat. The sounds of both women having their throats fucked, was filling the room.
The gagging and groaning was getting louder. Soon the other men wanted some too. Including Norman. Damian looked over at Norman and motioned him to join Brady. “Go on brother, tap that ass if you want.” Norman took one look at Karey’s hot ass in that pantsuit, and jumped to his feet. He pulled out his cock and almost everyone gasped. This thing was a good 12” long and at least 5” wide round. “Oh bitch you in trouble now. This brother got a dick like you read about!” Karey’s eyes widened when she saw Norman go by her and get behind her.

Norman lifted Karey off from her kneeling position and got her on all fours.
He pulled down her pants and was surprised to see the sexy black panties she had on. He pulled them aside rubbed his fat fingers in her crotch and was surprised again to feel her pussy so wet. He rubbed some of her own pussy juice on hic cock and then he shoved it all the way in! Karey tried to scream but her mouth was full of cock. Norman grunted and groaned as he reached under to play with Karey’s tits. “This is one hot bitch!” Norman yelled out. Norman started grinding into Karey’s hot pussy as Brady was stuffing her mouth full of hot cock and she started cumming for the first time in years.

Now Evil, the older white bald mal,e who was with the Home Intruders, walked up behind Lei and got on his knees. He pulled her G-string panties aside, and he started to lick her cum filled pussy and ass. Lei felt the slippery tongue and started to buck her ass to shake him loose. “Yeah bitch you getting tongue lapped!” the gang leader yelled at her face. Gumpy was fucking her face harder and harder and the other old man was licking her pussy and her asshole.

Brady was pumping his cock and balls into Karey’s face and he was enjoying the strange pained and excited look on her face. He grabbed her tits and he stuck his fingers in her ears and up her nose. He slapped her across the face when she wouldn’t look at him. He was having his way with her. At one point, he wanted to switch with Norman who was destroying Karey’s cunt. Karey was doing all she could to keep from fainting. Norman was like a mad bull. Driving his huge cock deep into Karey’s cunt. He was lifting her off the floor with each thrust. It was like watching a bull mate with a lamb. Norman was a big powerful man, and his cock was like a python with venom.

Brady finally motioned to Norman to switch. Pulling out of Karey’s mouth, she caught her breath. And hung her head down. Norman pulled his huge cock out of her pussy and Karey collapsed. Walking up to Kareys head, Norman lifted her back up onto to her knees steadying her. Brady got behind his childhood wet dream mom and shoved his cock into her hot, wet, stretched out, pussy. Karey could barely feel Brady’s dick in her pussy. She looked back over her shoulder to see if he was actually in her cunt. Norman slapped her face and turned her to face his huge fuck stick.
“Take a deep breath baby, you’re going under for a while.” Norman sneered as he placed the huge swollen cockhead on Karey’s hot looking lips. She licked the head once and then he shoved it down her throat. Her eyes bugged wide as Norman commenced to face fuck her into oblivion.

At that point, Karey thought she was going to suffocate and die.

Meanwhile Lei was getting the full Gumpy treatment. He was spitting at her face as he fucked her pretty mouth. The other ex-con was eating her ass directly now. He had both his hands spreading her ass cheeks as he stuck his fat swollen tongue into her cum wet ass hole. Lei was done trying to buck him off now. She was giving in to being the trapped prey. She was just limp as the two men fucked and licked her tender young body. Gumpy was calling her a whore over and over again. Slapping her face, pulling her tits and twisting her nipples. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Gumpy was getting ready to unload his balls into Lei’s hot wet mouth.

“Get ready you bloody Irish whore…I’m gonna cum down your stinking throat whore!”

And with that, the first burst of cum came shooting out of Gumpy huge cock. It went straight down Lei’s throat. Her eyes bugged wide open. Gumpy slapped Lei’s face and shot his second load into her throat. He pulled her tit s harder. Then he pulled his still spurting cock out of her pretty mouth ad let the next spurt hit her in the eyes. Some of the cum landed on her golden hair. He shoved his cockhead up her nostril and shot more cum up her nose. Lei was trying to both breathe and dodge the cum. She was not doing well of either. The last spittle of cum came out of Gumpy’s cock and he wiped it on her cheek.

Then he sat back and farted and called her a whore.

The ex-con stopped eating Lei’s ass long enough to watch Gumpy’s cum blasting display. He was hard as a rock himself. So he got up and ran to Lei’s face and started to pump his fat cock into her tired and sore mouth. The two twin basketball players had huge erections. One of them came up and slipped under Lei and worked his cock into her pussy. Lei was in shock but not fighting. She could feel another man’s cock fucking her pussy but she could not stop it. The other twin came up to Lei’s ass and placed his cock at the puckered entrance. The young woman suddenly realized what was about to happen again and she tried to get loose. But the constant sucking of her ass by the convict, and the serious ass fucking by Damian, had her ass too greased up to stop this from happening. And in he went. Right to the hilt of his cock and balls.

It was not too big though…just a small 8” cock.

This morning when she woke up, Lei had a virgin ass. Lei’s virgin ass was virgin no more. Lei stopped fighting again. She let them fuck her mouth, pussy and ass. And she began to move her hips as if she…liked it.

Because she did. Lei was broken. She was a whore. She had taken two cocks up her ass. Two Black cocks. She must be a whore. She smiled as the three fucked her.

Karey was witness to all of this. But she was having her own problems. Norman was performing throat surgery on her larynx and Brady was fucking her pussy. Except Brady seeing his sister get her ass fucked had other plans for Karey. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and rubbed some of her pussy juice all over her asshole. Karey realizing what was about to happen tried to get up.
Norman simply slapped her back down with one big slap on her back. Brady got up behind Karey Butman and put his slippery cockhead at her sphincter and slowly but surely shoved it in her ass. Karey was not a virgin of ass fucking, but it had been sometime. Brady to his credit, was a gentleman about this procedure.

He reached under Karey’s belly and felt her tits and nipples. He cooed into her ear… “Take it easy baby…that’s it…this won’t hurt…you got it…that’s it baby…good girl…see? That wasn’t so bad…oh yea baby, that feels so good…your tight ass wrapped around my cock…oh yea that’s it so hot…oh your so fucking hot Karey…I’ve always wanted to fuck you! Now look at us.” Karey looked back as best she could, with that huge black cock hitting the back of her tonsils, and tried to smile.

Brady gave her tit a pinch, and he winked.

Then he came inside her ass with such fury that she cried. Load after load Brady shot up her hot ass. As she was crying, Norman grabbed her hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his huge cum load all over Karey’s face, neck, hair and tits. He slapped her face with that cock, and let her suck every last drop out of it. Then Karey collapsed.

Lei was still into having all her holes fucked, when she got hit with her first ever multiple orgasm. They came like a sleet storm. Pelting her pussy and other sensitive nerve endings. She came over and over and over again. When the men fucking her realized what was happening, they all came in her at the same time. Lei was like a living fireworks display. Orgasms galore. In her ass, in her pussy, in her mouth.

By the time night fall came, everyone had their way with the two women. The intruders finally left sometime before Midnight. They had taken no money or jewels. But they had taken more than money and jewels. They had taken Lei’s virgin ass and Karey’s long drought was over. The women thanked the men before they left, and Karey gave them all her card. “You never know if you might need a new crib” she said as they left.

Lei woke up at midnight with a pain in her ass and her mouth. She was on her tummy with her ass in the air. Her mouth was being filled by a large cock. It was Gumpy. He was sleeping, but fucking her mouth. She was having a hard time breathing, but she gently cupped his balls and squeezed them. Gumpy moaned and then shot his load into her throat. She swallowed every drop and Gumpy’s cock slipped out of her sweet mouth.
She wiped the cum from her lips and looked over her shoulder. She could make out the intruder in her ass by the moonlight. It was Brady. He pumped her ass ever so gently. When he was ready to cum, he reached under and caressed her tits and nipples and whispered into her ear… “Welcome home Lei”…then he shot his hot cum up her ass.

The End

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This was a shit story learn how to make a better story instead of trying to cram a bunch of different stories into one

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black man. black men. Two words, and as a reminder, we only capitalize proper nouns and the first word of every sentence.

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