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Hey, my name is Cooper and these are acounts from my teenage years growing up with my two sisters,casey and brooke, at the time of this lustfilled incidet i was 15, going into my sophomore year in high school, casey had just turned 13 and was going to be in the 8th grade, and my oldest sister booke was 16 and a year ahead of myself.At 15 i had reall started to mature, i had brown hair with blue eyes at the time and was pretty athletic. and wasnt a slouch with the ladies either. Brooke was a gorgeous blonde, she was about 5'10 hd green eyes, about a 32 c cup and a fantastic ass. casey had brown hair like myself andbrown eyes, she was starting to mature physicaly. She already had an ass like her sisters and an extreamly pretty face. My friends always wanted to stay at my house becase of my two gorgeous sistrs, and i always took alot of shit from them. Evrytime one of m bddies would look at them lustfuly i would start to turn green and become really jealous. up until this time in my life i hadnt ever really thought about either of my isters in a sexual way, but latley everytime i jerked off it was to one of mysisters. Mainly case, i felt so mischivious doing it. It was a big turn on for me. Well as it turns out one afternoon i returned fro my summer league lacrosse camp and no one was home. i hadnt been with a girl for a week or two and needed some realese. I went into bookes room and took some pictures off her table of her and her friends in their underwear and i took a pair of her panties with me into the bathroom. I comenced my rounteen and really sarted going at it. I was about to explode when my sister brooke walked in (as it turns out i didnt lock the door) she saw me sitting their with my dick in one hand and pictures of her in the other. She didnt scream like i expected her too, she just stoodtheir, then turned aroud and walked down the hall to her room. I didnt finish the job and left the bathroom in a hurry and went into my room where i could think about what happened. Iwas scared that she would tell mom and dad so i decided the best thing i could do was just give her, her stuff back and appologize in the morning, so that night i crawled into bed and watched leno. I fell asleep and then awoke to the feeling of hot breath on my thingh. I really wasnt sure if it was a dream or not andif it was i didnt want to wake up because the kisseig plantd on my legs were getting closer and closer to my now engorged member.
I heard a voice say now in my ear "coop at first when isaw you tonight with all mypersonal stuff i was pissed, but then i thought about it and i became really wet."
I was flabergated and had no idea what to say or do, i just laid their and studdered. Brooke then proceeded to kiss me pastionatly on the lips and started to lick my neck. I was becoming more comfortable whith the situation so i finaly spoke "you know brookie i've wanted t do this for the longest time"
she smiled and sweetly said "me too, i've fingred myself god knows how mny times thinking about you"
While we said thing my hand had found her breats and was rubbing her right nipple when she let out a sligt moan. Icouldfeel that she wasnt wearing and panties and the wetness from her cunt was all along my leg, where she had been rubbing it trying to get herself off. I reached down with my had and placed it on her bush. eing careful not o touch her clit because i could tell if i did sh would cum. Her breathing became heavier ad she moaned everytime i teased her. By now she had her hand fulling gripping my cock and was thrusting it upand down, but that wasnt enough for me at all i had to be in her. But i thought to myself she wasnt ready yet. so i asked her forcefully "let me eat you out baby" she sighed and said "ok" so when i got down between her supple legs i could smell her sweet aroma, i leaned in with my long and started to lp ather juicy cunt. her moans transformed into screams of extacy. "yes, yes, lick my cunny, come on coop, lick me" I was now playing with her clit and bitting it and i could tell she was about to reach climax when i stopped. she just looked at me and then said "fine if your not going to eat me then fuck my brais out baby" this is what i had been waiting to her

Without hesitation i pulled her hips up to mine and started to rub te tip of my johnson on her pussy. she was screaming at me to put it in so finaly, inch by inch, i was in my big sister. she screamed in pleasure as we rocked back and forth "ugh, ugh ugh!" was all the sound i could make as i could feel my balls tighten and i told her i wa about to cum. Brooke said "take it ot and cum on my tits" With that i let loose a torentof jizz on my big sisters tits, covering then and her face she screamed and climaxed when she felt my hot spunk all over her.
about this time is when we realized that out litte sister casey had been standing at the door watching us the whole time. Pleasureing herself. i was freaked out but then brooke just called her over. Casey came over to the bed kind of scaed yet xtreamly hot as i could tell. Brooke said "casey take off your clothes righ now, your gonna learn hw to take a big cock into your little cunny." She jut complied silently and took off her panties and t-shirt. Right then i started to get hard again because my ultimate fantasy was cumming true, iwas going to fuck te shit out of myttle sister and take her virginity. But the brooke came out of left field and said, "just watch how well your brother fucks me then youcan try" damnit i thought i have to wait. Oh well i started to push m cock back into brooke when she stopped me and said, "not their babe i wantyou to fuck the shit out of my tight ass"
with that she rolled over and positioned her finly manicured back door right at my crotch. I wipped some of the cum off her chest to use it as a lube, and pushed the head of my cock into mysisters asshole. she screamed out in pain and pleasure and i had neverfelt anything that tight around my dick before. after a minute or two of gettin situated i was all the way in "wel are you going to fuck my brains out or not?" she asked i was so ot already i was about o burst. so i started sliding in and out ofher ass, arder and harder i was fucking her and i quickly felt then need to cum again i yelled out " im goona ccccuuuuuummmm" and brooke said "i want to feel it up my ass leave it in their pleeeaaassssee" so i shot my load deep into my sisters bowls, god it felt good.
i rolled off then bed then went and sat in a chair to catch my breath, whie we had fucked my little sister had oviously gotton herself off bcause she was panting and playing with her small tits. Brooke again spoke "see case thats how you want to be fucked, fast and hard" casey just nodded while brooke puther head between caseys leggs and started to lick her young pussy. i could clearly tell that casey had never felt anything like that before because she culdnt even finish a sentence "fuck, god, fuck, ugh ugh, hard" was all i could make out. soon she screamed as an orgasm crashed upon her fit teen body. Brooke looked at me and smiled, she then proceeded to say "shes reayand all yours" withthose words my cock stood stright up and i was getting that really again where i need to cum. SO casey positioned herself on my bed andspread her legs wide. I walked over andput my cock rightat her tight enterence. Brooke took her legs and put them over her head so that it could be a better fit. i slowly pushed into my little sisters pussy and then i felt some resistance. but pushed a little harder and could hear a tear. csey screamed out in pain and a little tear ran down her cute cheek. i finaly was all the way in and could she was starting to feel pleasure. i worked myself in and out going very slowly till she started to moan. i pickd up the pace casey kept saying "fuck me, fuck me so hard" and when i was about to cum she screamed "iiimmm cumming, oh god im going to cummm, cum in my pussy nowww" with that i shot the bigges load of my life into my 13 year old sisters tight pussy. I then pulled out of her and we all feel asleep on my bed.

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hA HA lol funny

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2013-09-14 04:52:39
My sister is 15 and sexy as fuck and my 22 I use the check her out after the shawer and the one day she asked to see my cock then I said take your pants off and let me fuck you hard and she screamed it was so hot lol

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2013-05-27 22:38:40
i need to go to somebody house to get fucked

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how do u cum for the frist a 15 i frist cum at 12

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2012-03-17 14:06:05
DELETE DELETE DELETE do us all a favor and delete all of your stories and go back to school and learn this time. the spelling was shitty that combined with no real paragraphs makes a totally unreadable story. negative 100

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