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You open my door; I’m sitting on the foot of my bed watching T.V. I look over not knowing what to expect. My eyes start at your feet with your 3 inch black open toed heels, following your legs up to the curves in your hips. I stop. I realize that I didn’t see any shorts or pants, but I’m looking at pair of black lace panties with a pink bowties on the sides. I take a deep breath and resume the journey upward. Before I know it, I’m at your breasts. Again a black lace bra that just doesn’t seem to cover enough, you breasts look like they are trying their best to escape. My eyes jump to your face, framed with your hair which is slightly curled and hanging down to the side. I freeze. It can’t be you, you’re not here. You’re states away.

Noting my shock you take only a few steps up to me and before you can stop my hands go straight to your hips as I stand up. My confused look says it all. You give me an ever so light kiss on the lips and begin to pull back, before you can fully disconnect I go in for a second much longer kiss. My tongue parts your lips slightly as our embrace intensifies. We fall back to my bed; I’m on my back with you slowly crawling over me to resume the deep kissing we had, my hands lightly caressing your shoulders then your back, moving toward your butt. As soon my left hand reaches your butt I take one big squeeze and with that squeeze pull you forward for a tighter kiss. My right hand at the same time is adventuring under your panties to just get a quick grasp before both of my hands go up to your bra and unclasp it.

You sit up and remove your bra entirely. Still straddling me my hands go up begin to fondle your breasts. I make sure to never touch your nipples, making a point to prolong your anticipation. All of a sudden without warning I roll you over onto your back and begin to lightly kiss you on your neck then move down to your cleavage, still actively playing with your breasts. I move to your left breast, kissing and sucking all over it, slowly making my way to your nipple. Before you know it I’m sucking and playing with your nipple with my teeth. My left hand is doing the same to your other breast, causing your breathing to intensify.
My mouth moves downward towards your navel but I don’t stop, the anticipation is building. You start to arch your back as I near your panties. All of sudden you feel me at your thighs, kissing and licking the inside of them going down towards your knees and farther. At the same time I’m peeling back your panties. Now they are all the way off.

Before I continue I remove my shirt. I being to lower myself but you sit up and begin to unfasten the belt to my jeans, without patience you pull both my jeans and my boxers down. My semi hard penis stands out to you. You reach out and grasp it as I step out of my jeans, both of us exposed. You immediately start to move your hand back and forth. I’m in ecstasy, thinking that this sensation as met its limit you take my now hard dick into your mouth, moving your tongue around the head going back and forth. You reach out with your free and start to fondle my balls. Lightly rolling them around, I begin to lightly groan in anticipation, noting that you have almost gotten me off that quickly, I push you back and crawl up to you so we are eye to eye. I’m to your side in a passion kiss as my right hand works its way between your thighs.
I light caress the lips of your pussy, noting how wet it is. I move up and start playing with your clit. I start out slow but pick up the pace after just a few minutes. Before you know my middle finger seeps into your vagina, all the time my thumb keeps working your clit. You’re getting close, you can feel it. Your body begins to shiver. All of a sudden I go and lightly bite your nipple. Your body locks up. You can’t move. My hand is still vigorously at work, keeping the intense feeling going. You begin to think that this will never end. My hand slows down and eventually stops. You’re breathing so hard. I get up and go to grab a condom, giving you this chance to catch your breath.

I come back to the bed, kneeling between your legs, positioning myself to go inside your hot wet pussy. As I lower myself you hold your breath in anticipation, inch by inch I go deeper. I stop moving, I’m all the way in. I just stay in that position staring into your eyes. I back out slowly just an inch then move back in. Repeating this motion while slowly taking more out and putting more back in. I begin a rhythm that is matched by the gyration of your hips. Ever so slowly, you begin to moan. The rhythm picks up so fast that I’m almost slamming into you. All of a sudden, you go over the edge and scream in an orgasm. I don’t stop, my quick pace keeps going. You have a second orgasm, your body is shaking. You don’t know what to do.

I stop moving and pull out. Turning you around on the edge of the bed I stand right behind you. Allowing myself to into your already moist pussy, I slowly build back up to the original pace that we had going. Your arms get tired and you lean forward to the bed, your ass still in the air inviting me to keep going. My pace begin slows to a stop. I pull out and take off the condom, while you turn around and sit in front of me. You take my still hard dick into your mouth, vigorously sucking on it trying to get me off.

I lean you back, stopping you from your energetic blow job, and I crawl up between your legs kissing each thigh as I progress forward. My lips touch your pussy. An electric chill runs down your spine. I begin playing with your clit the same way I was earlier on your nipple. Taking it into my mouth, licking at it, while at the same time one hand plays with your breast, tweaking your nipple and my other hand is deep into your pussy. I’m so busy lapping up any juices that flow from you I forget to slow down. An earth rocking orgasm hits you; locking your legs around my head, not knowing what to do I just keep on going. Eating you out ‘till your orgasm subsides. I sit up, trying to catch my breath.

We both look down and realize I’m still hard. I decide that I need another condom, but you stop me and just say “Keep going, don’t worry about. I don’t want this to stop for even a moment.” So I lower myself back onto you and starting slow, wanting to absorb every sensation. Without missing a beat I lay my chest to yours and my head next to yours. Still pumping away you start to kiss and lick my neck. Sucking on it, I moan in agreement. My balls tighten; I know I’m almost there. You sense it in my breathing and my more rugged motions. I try and pull out but you wrap your legs around me holding me there. I can’t take it; I blow my load deep inside you. The sensation of my hot semen deep within your vaginal walls is more than you can take causing you to climax with me.

We lay there for a moment, trying to gather our senses. Too tired to get up, we both fall asleep right there in each other’s arms. My dick is still inside you, beginning to soften. Not even an hour later I’m woken up to you with your mouth locked around my shaft, sucking away. I couldn’t believe it, after all that I was still able to get hard. You again begin to fondle my balls, and move your tongue around the head of my dick, every now and then stopping to lick up the underside of my penis. I my balls begin to tighten again, I turn you over so that I am straddling your chest. All I can think to myself is almost there. I run my hand along my dick, trying to jerk myself onto your chest. Thinking that I’m almost there, you surprise me one more time by leaning your head forward and starting to lick the underside of my ball sack. That’s all I can take and I blow my second load of the night all over your face, stream after stream come out. I fall over onto the bed, too weak to hold myself up. I hand you the shirt that I had had on before you walked in, and you wipe your face clean. Cuddling up next to me and right before I fall asleep I ask myself what tomorrow will be like.
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